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Patch Notes 10/11/2018

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    Patch Notes 10/11/2018

    • Balance Patch
    • Halloween Event – Ghost School
    • 2018 Harmony Festival
    • Celebration Event for Update of Velder Academy Concert
    Cash Items
    • Costume Suit
      • Miho & Shiho & Naho Costume Suit (2018-10-11 After Maintenance ~ 2018-11-07 23:59)
      • Hoya Costume Suit (2018-10-11 After Maintenance ~ 2018-11-07 23:59)
      • Sly Fox-Mask 3 Kinds (2018-10-11 After Maintenance ~ 2018-11-07 23:59)
      • Cute Baby-Mask 4 kinds (2018-10-11 After Maintenance ~ 2018-11-07 23:59)
      • Star Witch's Broomstick (2018-10-11 After Maintenance ~ 2018-10-31 23:59)
      • Blossom Bird (2018-10-03 ~ 2018-10-30 23:59)
      • Velder Rock ‘N’ Roll (2018-09-19 After Maintenance ~2018-10-16 23:59)
      • Rook Eye (2018-09-13 After Maintenance ~ 2018-11-15 23:59)
      • Harmony Festival Special Selective Cube (2018-09-19- After Maintenance ~ 2018-10-10 23:59)
      • Velder Academy Concert Ticket (2018-09-19 After Maintenance)
      • Mellow – Pink (2018-09-19 After Maintenance ~ 2018-10-16 23:59)
      • Rook (2018-08-30 A.O. ~ 2018-11-15 MA)
      • Milky Way Party 4 Kinds (2018-09-19- After Maintenance ~)
      • Ice Burner (Chess-Arena) Trial Package (Limitation: Once during event period) (2018-08-22 After Maintenance ~ 2018-11-13 23:59)
      • Blossom Bird Premium Package – Evening/Garden (2018-10-03 ~ 2018-10-30 23:59)
      • Blossom Bird Package – Evening/Garden (2018-10-03 ~ 2018-10-30 23:59)
    • Ice Burner
      • Ice Burner (Chess-Arena) (2018-08-22 After Maintenance ~2018-11-13 23:59)
      • Harmony Festival Special Selective Cube (2018-09-22 After Maintenance ~2018-10-11 23:59)

    • Improved Auto-Equip, Mystic Enchant Function
      • ‘Equip Button’ and ‘Auto-Equip function’ for the Magic Stone/Mystic Stone will be merged as a single button.
      • ‘Apply/Cancel’ function for the Mystic enchant will be added. After the maintenance, users can apply the options that they want, to their weapons by clicking the ‘Apply’ button.
        • (Closing the Mystic Enchant window without clicking the ‘Apply’ button, results in no-replication, so it is needed to check cautiously before closing the window)
    • Elrianode, Vanimyr: Added Achievements
      • The achievements for the Elrianode and Vanimyr will be added.
    Name of Achievements Type Score Clear Condition Rewards
    I AM THE LIVING LEGEND OF ELRIANODE Adventure 50 Collect Elrianode 12 Titles -
    That Was Fun... Let's Never Do That Again Adventure 50 Collect Vanimyr 13 Titles -
    I Should Have Known Item 10 Use Mystic Stones 100 times Giant Common Mystic Stone 1ea
    It's Hard to Get a Drop, Even Harder to Get the Wanted Effects Item 30 Use Mystic Stones 500 times Giant Refined Mystic Stone 1ea
    If You're Going to Pity Me, Just Give Me More Stones Item 50 Use Mystic Stones 1000 times Giant Shining Mystic Stone 1ea
    • Elrianode, Vanimyr: Added Achievements, Foods/Drinks
      • [Added Drop Ingredients] * The ingredients below can be dropped in the normal dungeon of all areas.
    Elrianode Vanimyr
    Ingredients for food Strange Vegetable Flame Grass
    Ingredients for drinks Strange Flower Flame Grass Leaf
    • [Added Foods/Drinks Recipe] * Can be made through the Elrianode’s alchemy tablet machine NPC
    • Improvements: Dungeon, Field
    • [Dark Elves' Outpost]
    1. Trap’s debuff duration time will be reduced.
    2. Lowered the chance of the Sentinel Guardian’s deploying “Traps of Ruin”.
    3. Sentinel Guardian’s “Traps of Ruin” explosion damage has been reduced.
    4. Removed hit-stun for Sentinel Guardian’s “Axis Release” attack.
    • [Forsaken Spirit Asylum]
    1. Njord is no longer invincible when executing “Rush attack”.
    2. Njord’s invincibility states been reworked.
    3. Njord’s and Mople’s HP has been slightly reduced.
    4. Mople’s attack cooldown time has been increased.
    5. HP value that affects the change with the boss’ protection has been adjusted.
    6. Some of the Nephilim’s Attacks has been changed.
    • [Vanimyr Raid]
    1. Fixed an issue where characters are eliminated instantly when trapped in a ‘Thorn Prison’.
    • [Vanimyr Raid – Never-Ending Darkness]
    1. Fixed an issue that shows inconsistent location of the Phase 3 Boss for each member of the Raid party.
    • [Vanimyr Raid – Crimson Cradle of Flames]
    1. Fixed the issue wherein the “Flames of Combustion/Retribution” debuff is not removed when moving from Phase 2 to Phase 3 of the raid.

    [Other Changes]
    • Skin Splitter in the Debrian Laboratory for Story Mode/Normal mode is now affected by debuffs.
    • Treasure Box encounter rate for the Treasure Hunters has been adjusted.
    • Difficulty level for Title unlock and acquisition for “Entrance to the Demon Realm” and “Sentinel Unit” has been lowered.
    • Pet names and Pet dialogues are no longer shown while Varnimyr Raid Dungeons.

    [Bug fixes]
    • Fixed an issue wherein some Custom Motion can’t be used for some time when the user enters the Item Mall while a Custom Motion is active.
    • Fixed some in-game hints that are not properly shown while playing Varnimyr Boss Raid dungeons when the user turns off the skill effects option for other characters.
    • Fixed the Elysion Village Alchemist showing the Lanox Village Alchemist’s crafting list.
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    Gonna be real with you. Most people don't feel good after a grind like the post-drop rate nerf void weapon was. And that was a grind that had two tongue-in-cheek achievements with it about the sour taste it left in your mouth.

    Looking at all these Varnimyr achievements makes even socketing decent stuff (and the titles) look like a void weapon tier grind. These grinds need to stop, especially when we don't have the playerbase of KR to support grinding many end-game dungeons in the first place. The less players can find rewards from the end-game with a reasonable amount of effort (right now, it's not), the more players are going to be left behind when the next region comes out.

    The majority of the playerbase seems like it's incapable of even running 12-4 without at least a couple people with +11 void weapons, and yet +11s are still notoriously difficult to obtain, void is still not fun to get, and elrianode armor while not as bad, can still be pretty rough. Combine that with a small player base, and new players will be turned away the further into the game they get because not only is there hardly enough players to carry them, but there's hardly enough active players available to carry in the first place.

    The QoL changes we've been getting have been fantastic, but I can't imagine the huge grind and paywall behind getting even close to the meta would do anything but cause a higher player turnover rate. And with these new achievements, it feels like KoG is trying to get us to embrace that grind instead of toning it down like they probably should.


    • HikaruKazami-solace-
      Editing a comment
      Agree, but no only the grind, but also the RNG and Pay to Win features, scare the new players realy quick, more over that now are a lot of free to play options that dont had a Pay to Win model, more like pay to look fancy, so the game will have trouble to apeal new player, like the years, the player base is getting smaller in a slow but steady pace
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    The Halloween Ghost suit is stupid AF, and I love it!

    Glad we finally got more stuff to drop in Elrianode and Varnimyr. The potions definitely aren't award winning, but it's good to get some more stuff on my MP bar. Late game stuff not dropping craftable consumables kind of had me worried for the long run since I wasn't exactly seeing a net gain in my MP pot count outside of events.

    Though we do need to get Varnimyr toned down and more accessible at least by the time area 13 comes around. It's a pretty demanding roadblock for the majority of the install base.


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      Eh, can anyone confirm that the medal from the event are stackable or not? Planning to use them efficiently.


      • Armageddon97-gaia-
        Armageddon97-gaia- commented
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        The medals are not stackable, i think <(")
        Just tried to "slightly-opened" the box to see if the medals stack or not, and i don't see any lines saying that they're stackable
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      There is a bug with Mad Paradox his "Awakened will: Diabolical Esper" passive isn't working. The additional critical is fine, I don't know about the critical damage but the Additional Maximize is not working. I'm at 90% max and see no change.


      • Armageddon97-gaia-
        Armageddon97-gaia- commented
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        You mean it doesn't has any change in dungeon/any other place, or just doesn't visually increase in stat window? :-/
        Wait, have the flat bonus stats from passives ever been added into the stat window? :v Because my luciel's awakened will also doesn't show in stat window, but it still work properly (as it was always shown as a buff for some reason :v )

      • SubbedZero-solace-
        SubbedZero-solace- commented
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        As it doesn't have any change anywhere. Doesn't change in stat window (Which would be really nice) nor does it change in actual dungeons/ any other place. The problem with the maximize not doing anything got fixed in 2016 maybe they messed it up again and repeated the same mistake.
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      Are the new costume and mount permanent?


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        Is that treasure box encounter rate an increase or decrease? Also, can anyone confirm whether or not the drop rate medal stacks? (there is no indication that it does, but there is no indication that it doesn't)
        Last edited by MSNeptune-solace-; 10-11-2018, 12:30 PM. Reason: grammar lol


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          Hi All,

          I'll be checking with the other GMs to get an answer about if the EXP/Drop Medals stack and will let you guys know
          Signature by (And Massive Thanks to) stelar


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