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It's Time to to Celebrate the Community Fish-a-thon!

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    It's Time to to Celebrate the Community Fish-a-thon!

    Let's Celebrate The Start of Summer!

    Summer has arrived! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the El Search Party are out and ready to catch some Fish! But... while waiting for the fish to bite - it's time to celebrate with some activities!

    Time to Show Off Those Fishing Outfits!
    Whether it's your Dad's Old Fishing outfit or the newest Bucket Hat - We want to see what your choice of comfort to take to the pier! Of course, the best outfits will be rewarded with the Catch of the Day (in the form of K-Ching)!
    Ready to show off your outfit? The Great Fish-a-thon Fashion Show-Off is ready!

    Recipes to be Shared!
    Of course, we have to plan what we're going to do with all those fish (and shellfish) caught! So share your favorite Elrios Seafood Recipes -- even if its a dish you haven't cooked... I'm sure your creative skills will be able to put together a dish (or drink) that can astound! The best dishes (that the El Search Gang will cook up and judge) will be rewarded with the finest of prizes!
    Contribute to the Elrios Fish Cookbook Here!

    Still Wet Between the Ears? Never Fear!
    Your Fishing Rod and Bait not quite prepared? Never Fear! There's still plenty of time in Summer - Visit to see all the new features to arrive in Elsword!

    Happy Fishing!
    Signature by (And Massive Thanks to) stelar
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