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EL-STAR Debut! - It's... trinityACE!!

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    EL-STAR Debut! - It's... trinityACE!!

    It's time for the El-Star Debut for trinityACE!!

    And there are celebrations all-around!

    To Celebrate their Debut, trinityACE wants YOU to design their Album Cover!
    So if you have the creative talent and the know-how, submit your Album Covers here. And you might be able to score some huge prizes

    But that's not all! TrinityACE also wants to reward their most die-hard supporters!
    Show us your support for trinityACE and bring the band together!
    Take a picture of the trinityACE band members together and we'll reward the coolest one with prizes!

    Don't know much about the El-Star Update?
    Visit the El-Star Web-page here and learn about all the up and coming bands.

    See you at the Debut Stage!

    Signature by (And Massive Thanks to) stelar
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    Ooo~~ this seems fun hek hek-- might enter if I find the will to hjdlfgjdfkg


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      I would really like to join ^^

      (I accidentally spelled wrong what I wanted to say, so I correct it)

      i will work on the illustration tomorrow
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        Interesting... Goodluck!


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          Wish I had any creative skills, I'd love to participate.


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            > imma take part!


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