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[Winners Announced]The Great Fish-a-thon! Show Off Your Fishing Outfit!

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    [Winners Announced]The Great Fish-a-thon! Show Off Your Fishing Outfit!

    In the Great Fish-a-thon, we have all kinds of people from Elrios participating in our Fishing events, but they need to look the part! From fishermen with our "Dad's sense of fashion" to professional fisherman with water-proof coats - We want to see your Fishing Outfits that you've taken to the Fish-a-thon!

    • Using the Item Mall or Magic Wardrobe preview function is not allowed.
    • No entry may be entered more than once, and no entering multiple characters from a single person (if entering as Luciel, you must only use either Lu or Ciel, you cannot use both).
    • All entries must abide to the forum Code of Conduct. Please review it before making your entry.
    • No editing of any kind is allowed in your entry. Cropping is not considered an edit.

    What to put in your post:
    • Create a screenshot of a costume you would wear on a fishing trip
    • To enter, post the screenshot here. Please keep all information to a single post
    • You can post up to 3 screenshots in your entry.
    • All costumes must be clearly visible (i.e, no effects covering it up).
    • Please include a list of all costume pieces used.
    • Include a short phrase/paragraph describing the ideas behind the chosen outfits. Any entry that does not include this will be disqualified.

    Costume Limitations
    • You cannot enter an outfit that has already won or placed in a previous fashion-related contest (LotM or any other official forum contest), or an outfit that was designed for you as another contest's reward (such as the Extreme Makeover contests).
    • Costume suits that cover the whole body or outfits (for a single person) made of 4 or more pieces from the same costume set is not allowed. Since this contest is about creativity, you cannot win on a costume set that is made for you.
    • Event/promotional costumes, accessories and timed items are allowed.

    • To remove the UI while you're making the screenshot, press the Delete button to do so.
    • Think of everything that would make you win in a normal fashion contest... now flip it completely! That's exactly what we'll be looking for in this contest.
    • Strike a pose! Presentation will be accounted for in your entry. We want you to still be able to show off your outfit in the best way possible.

    1st Place: 3000 KC
    2nd Place: 2000 KC
    3rd Place: 1000 KC
    Honorable Mentions: 500 KC

    The number of prizes given will depend on the amount of participants.

    Important: If you wish for your prize to be sent to an account other than the other registered with your forum account, you must include an IGN + Server in your entry. Otherwise, the prize will be sent to whatever account is tied to your forum account.

    Deadline: 3rd July | 11:59 PM PT

    Originally posted by ohhnoes View Post
    The results are in! We've heard your many fishing tales and have been swayed by plenty, but most importantly we've been taken by your sense in fishing fashion!
    Now, a big congratulations to the following players.

    1st Place

    2nd Place

    3rd Place

    Honorable Mention
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    A sunny day is perfect for going fishing, then everyone invited me to go fishing.
    when I was about to go fishing, I asked Oberon one of my nasod assistants.
    "What clothes are suitable for going fishing?" and he suggested this outfit!
    but there seems to be something wrong with this outfit.
    well whatever, as long as the clothes are comfortable to wear and Cute too.

    "It seems like no one has come yet"
    SC_L.190619.1_2_ 2019-07-03 10-37-05-588.png

    "Maybe i should wait for them here"
    SC_L.190619.1_2_ 2019-07-03 10-37-32-314.png

    "Ah~ i feel sleepy right now"
    SC_L.190619.1_2_ 2019-07-03 10-38-38-691.png

    Item Used:

    Black Bat Double Drone
    Eternal Love Hair - Blue
    Eve Matching Top with Developers
    [Cobo] Velder Academy Unifrom Bottom Piece - Trouble Maker
    [Cobo] Velder Academy Unifrom Gloves - Trouble Maker
    Velder Academy Knights Shoes
    Miho's Fox Ears
    Master's Corolla
    Blush (Shy)
    Evil Tracer - Maya Trace
    Corrupted Dimension Master Eye
    Warrior's Chronicle
    Adventure Bag
    Ieru Eyes
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      ah~ i see. . okay then xD

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      Hello, please note:
      Costume suits that cover the whole body or outfits (for a single person) made of 4 or more pieces from the same costume set is not allowed. Since this contest is about creativity, you cannot win on a costume set that is made for you.

      Please change your entry to comply with this rule in order to qualify!

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      Ah sorry. im forget about that. :x Gotta fix it right now!
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    I am just wondering are costumes like the bad guy/girl set allowed and stuff you get from event dungeons like the costume suit you got from that fox bandit dungeon way back are allowed as well?
    I don't have very many costumes so I don't know if I can enter because I don't know if I have anything that is allowed.


    • ohhnoes
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      Yes, anything that you own is allowed, no matter how old the items are
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    It's time to go fishing! I've got my beach shorts on since it will be hot and sunny! Speaking of sunny.. Don't forget to bring your hat and sunglasses! It'll be hot and you don't want the sun to blind your eyes! I'll be wearing my trainee shirt since I'm used to wearing it on hot days! I've got my fingerless gloves on, It helps me have a good grip on my fishing rod, but it also doesn't let my hand get too heated! For shoes... I just bring sneakers, nothing too fancy! I've brought my friend Servius with me! Servius helps me keep an eye on the water in case there's a fish nearby! Oh..? What's this? Is this one of Theodore's birds?! I guess I'll keep an eye on him until I'm done fishing! Good thing I brought this huge water bottle! There are 3 of us that need to stay hydrated!

    unknown.png fishcontest1.png fishcontest2.png

    Items used:
    SPOILER- Chung's ELSTAR Another Hair - Rhythmical
    - Chung's ELSTAR Trainee Top Piece - Original
    - Chung Shy Beach Boy Look Bottom Piece (Blue)
    - 2014 Chung Costume Contest Winner Gloves
    - Chung's 2017 Winter Casual Shoes - Peach Beige
    - Chung's ELSTAR Trainee Cannon - Original
    - Theodore's Cute Bird
    - Black Stylish Sunglasses
    - White Dragon: Servius' Will (Chung)


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      A bright day out, why not join my pet, Ame, and I for some fishing adventures! With the weather hot today, a breezy outfit consist of a summer tank top with a cardigan to fend off potential chilly breeze from the waters as well as swimsuit underneath, and a simple pair of orange shoes to assemble the look together! To top it all off, a straw hat to fight against the harsh and intense sun's gaze, some cutesy sunglasses, and a cross bag to carry my baits and candies for both my pet and I to enjoy while fishing. Eye on the prize Ame, and patience is key! Oh, are you tired already? Here have another candy and rest up. Remember to take breaks here and there everyone and happy fishing, Elrios~!

      SC_L.190619.1_2_ 2019-06-20 13-05-51-337.pngSC_L.190619.1_2_ 2019-06-20 13-09-07-563.png SC_L.190619.1_2_ 2019-06-20 13-02-04-763.png

      Items used:
      Ara's Velder High Swim Team Hair
      Ara's Summer Romantic Summer Top Piece - Orange Soda
      Ara's Natural White Swimwear Bottom Piece
      Ara's Animation Gloves (Ver. The El Lady)
      Ara's Summer Getaway Shoes (A)
      Ara's Romantic Summer Straw Hat - Oatmeal
      Heart Tinted Sunglasses - Pink
      Blue Splash
      Seraphim's Blessing - Command (Holy)
      Sunny Side Mobile
      Vintage Leather Cross Bag
      Pet: Candy Devil (Ame)
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        Reserved Dx


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          Reserved to look mediocre


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            Little Lu is ready to fish!
            Are the pictures too big? I'm not trying to make em too big u x u

            I was trying to make a cute, casual look that Lu would probably end up wearing if the group was to actually go fishing, while adding some of my flair because it's my Lu. I figured Lu would go for something cute and casual, which I thought that the Summer Casual Top from the ED Shop would look just right~.

            "Ciel, it's time to relax and try out this new fishing thing I heard of. Bake some cookies while I look for this lobster!"

            LuSSContest01.png LuSSContest02.png LuSSContest03.png
            Items Used:
            SPOILERLu's Luxury Wedding Claw - Sapphire
            Lu's ELSTAR Trainee Hair - Original
            [Cobo] Lu's Summer Casual Top Piece (White)
            Lu's B1A4 Sweet Girl Bottom Piece
            Lu's B1A4 Sweet Girl Gloves
            Lu's ELS Casual Shoes
            Miho's Fox Ears
            Hamel Officer Gold Sunglasses (Lu)
            Seraphim's Blessing - Command (Holy)
            Tenacious Warrior's Chronicle (Lu)
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              Sponsored by the COBO transportation services I decided to take a fishing trip also this cat decided to tag along. My travel agent suggested going to Spirit Falls for it's clear waters and diverse wildlife.So here I am looking for a good fishing spot...guess this will do. This vacation is definitely worth it so far i'll have to make sure to reel in a fish for the cat as well.
              SC_L.190619.1_2_ 2019-06-22 11-20-07-636.png SC_L.190619.1_2_ 2019-06-22 11-19-32-799.png SC_L.190619.1_2_ 2019-06-22 11-20-38-580.png
              Items Used:SPOILERAdvanced Hidden Flare Blade
              Raven's School Swimwear Hair (A)
              Raven's Netherworld Top Piece - White
              Royal Servant - Abyss Crow bottom piece
              Elpheus Gloves
              Dark Feather Shoes
              Cat in the hat - Calico Cat
              Modern Glasses
              Shining Feather Scarf
              Star Academy Force
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                Make an entry to ~ owo


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                  Kinda flushed from the sun even with the hat on Even if you dress light and airy, it's still too warm.
                  Lilypads are a little dangerous but you gotta do what you gotta do to reach the best fishing spots.
                  Something odd is in the water though, but can't tell what...

                  SC_L.190619.1_2_ 2019-06-22 23-21-27-978.png

                  Items Used:
                  Dusk Sovereign Hair
                  Romantic Summer Alt. Top
                  [COBO] Velder Academy Uniform- Troublemaker Bottom
                  2017 Winter Casual- Popping Soda Gloves
                  Hamel High Swim Team Shoes
                  Salvatore Solace Shades
                  Black Mass Earring
                  Romantic Summer Hat
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                  I'm just here to shoot things.


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                    Fishing 1.png
                    Fishing 3.png
                    Fishing 2.png
                    But the costume pieces i use were as follows

                    Hair: ELS Spring Rain (Red)
                    Top Piece: ELS Spring Rain (White)
                    Bottom: ELS Spring Rain (White)
                    Gloves: ELSTAR TrinityACE technical
                    Shoes: ELS Spring Rain (White)
                    Weapon: ELS Spring Rain (White)

                    So this outfit is literally what I wore when me and my father went out fishing. I wore a rain coat and everything and i just so happened to have the costume in the game so i was like hey lemme use this! The story behind it goes while we were out fishing I caught a big one (With my Silver Shooter Pistols) My father helped me reel it in and while we were reeling it in it somehow shook the boat over me and my father fell in the water. I got my rain coat soaked and yeah it was bad but overall it was a fun trip I would totally do it again.

                    P.S. I didn't really have a gun it was a reference to FP.


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                      Hello, please note:
                      Costume suits that cover the whole body or outfits (for a single person) made of 4 or more pieces from the same costume set is not allowed. Since this contest is about creativity, you cannot win on a costume set that is made for you.

                      Please change your entry to comply with this rule in order to qualify!
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                    I feel like an absolute meme and absolute unit at the same time

                    Dad's gotta be stylish and COOL too!

                    SC_L.190619.1_2_ 2019-06-21 00-17-39-667.png

                    Items used:
                    Ain's ELSTAR Maze Hair - Divine
                    Red Rock Chief's Top
                    Wild Tracker Bottom
                    - no gloves -
                    Ain's Blossom Bird Shoes

                    Black STYLISH Sunglasses
                    Glimmering Blush

                    "Son, what did one pizza slice say to another?"
                    "Dad no"
                    "You wanna pizza me? Ha HA!"

                    I asked for dad jokes and I was hit by like 30 rapid fire and NONE OF THEM WERE RELATED TO FISH I hate


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                      The best way to fish is in comfort clothes! All skin out! Enjoy the tan and fishing ride.

                      Outfit Wear:
                      Elstair Trainee Hair
                      Els Beach Wear v2 top
                      Raven Dreamy Robe shorts
                      Els Beach Wear gloves
                      Els Beach Wear shoes

                      Els Beach Wear Wpn
                      Natural Sunglasses
                      Dream Step - Water Bubble
                      Dream Command - Water Bubble

                      El Turbine Mech's Ring
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                        Reserve Here I Guess


                        /* */