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[Winners Announced] Take a Sip and Make a Fish Dish! (Food and Drink Contest)

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    Elrios Fish Fillet
    How to refreshen your soul?
    Eat this dish.

    Ingredients :
    - Burning carp
    - Stella mix powder
    - Whole grain flour
    - Cure tomato


    They say that the Burning Carp is good for your skin..
    (Well, It lives in the hot spring. XD)
    I love Tomato, so I didn't hesitate to put it in my dish.
    Fresh tomato is really good and tasty :3
    And they say, Cure Tomato is good the soul~


    * DRINK *

    Snowy Apple Juice

    Ingredients :
    - Snow fruit -
    - Organic Apple -
    - Aqua -

    Sunny day
    Fishing all day
    Feel the heat?
    Looking for something other than water?

    The sweetness of the apple
    The soft, cold taste of the Snow fruit

    Drink this and;
    You will feel the coolness that you're looking for.
    You will feel the winter in the summmer.
    The background says it all.

    I just hope that the fruit of Snow fruit is the red one. XD
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      Look at my amazing writing skill~

      Ingredients :

      Sweet Star Potato
      Burning Carp
      Ruve Herb
      Peek-a-Boo Onion
      Strange Vegetable
      Stella 's Power Mix


      First, chop your onions and potatoes, cut open your fish, and mix Stella's power mix into the fish~
      (Remeber to chop your onions really small, but you don't have to do that to the potatoes.)
      Ok, now we gonna start the fire and actually start cooking ~
      Throw your chopped up onion in the frying pan, fry it a bit.
      Throw some Ruve Herb so it will taste awesome and have multiple favors.
      Put your fish into the pan and be careful not to burn it...

      Take your fish out after cooking both sides, and add in the chopped potato.
      Lastly, put in your STRANGE vegetable and fry it for only a few minutes.

      Now you have finished the dish!


      I will do the drink soon I think


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        I finally made it! Here is my drink ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧


        Is there anything more beautiful than a day full of fish?

        Every fisherman's ideal drink, it is said that when it is consumed the fish come in droves.

        Bite Success Rate Increase +15% (30 min)

        Ingredients: (๑•̀ㅁ•́ฅ✧

        ✿3 Elrios Minnow
        ✿2 Aqua
        ✿Star Fruit Leaf

        How to prepare:

        ✿Grind the Elrios Minnow with Star Fruit leaf until it is all mixed up.
        ✿Make tea with the resulting.

        *Its appearance is pleasant but not its taste so be careful


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          Food: Fresh handmade pasta salad, with golden lobster and lizard bass tartare
          This dish is inspired by a local fish bar in Italy near the sea. They do gourmet dishes with simple but high quality ingredients, like sandwiches, pokes, salads, tacos, and they're well known because mostly they use local raw fish. Since it's a small fish bar, people usually order to take away, then walk to the shore and eat there. I imagined this dish to be eaten like that, seated near the hot springs, sharing food together.
          Also, a "pasta salad" is simple pasta (spaghetti in this case) but left to cool down before serving and cooked without any sauce, because it's too hot in summer!
          fish dish.png Ingredients:
          water and whole grain flour for pasta;
          golden lobster and lizard bass;
          yggdrasil leaves and snow fruit for flavouring;
          Pasta: Use water and whole grain flour togheter to make the dough, let it rest for half an hour, then make it in the shape of spaghetti. When you're done, take a pot, fill it with water and wait until the water boils, then put the spaghetti in the boiling water and let them cook for about 10 minutes. When you're done, put them in a plate and let them cool down.

          Tartare: take the golden lobster and the lizard bass from the freezer, remove the scales until you have pure flesh. Wash them and cut them in small/medium pieces or in shape of cubes, then flavour them with yggdrasil leaves and mix them togheter.

          Put the tartare in the spaghetti plate, take some snow fruit pieces and mix everything togheter like a salad.

          Serve it in a take-away box or a plate!

          Drink: The nasod geyser
          This drink is made for refreshing while taking a bath in the charming geyser. While the volcano water may be warm, the ice crystalline makes it fresh and shiny. It's flavoured by the star fruits and its leaves, that makes it sweet tasted and scented. The purple powder makes the bubble coloured!


          nasod turtle, for the shell;
          volcanic bedrock water, purple fragment powder, star fruit for the drink;
          ice crystalline for the refreshing flavour;
          star fruit leaf as decoration.

          I tried my best to write in correct english cwc
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            Lizard Bass Tacos

            Description: Tacos with a nice blend of chopped Lizard Bass and Peek-a-Boo onions with Cure Tomato sauce. Once you have a bite of these tacos, you can guarantee that it will leave an aftertaste that you won't forget!

            • Lizard Bass
            • Tacos
            • Cure Tomato
            • Peek-a-Boo Onion
            Heavenly Peach Juice

            Description: Juice with the delightful combination of Heavenly Melon, Peachy Lychees, Star Fruit, and Volcanic Bedrock Water. The taste will leave you speechless and wanting more.

            • Heavenly Melon
            • Peachy Lychee
            • Star Fruit
            • Volcanic Bedrock Water
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              Category: Food

              Strange Creamy Lobster Sandwich


              It may look strange- but it is strangely delicious! These freshly cooked, fatty lobster meat covers almost the whole bread making it hard to resist. The smell of the cooked lobster will pull you in every way you can't resist. The bread is toasted in a very professional way making the bread very crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It goes completely well with the lobster meat that is incredibly juicy and has a very rich taste. It still has a hint of color gold on the meat and makes it look very fancy. It takes you to the sea with every bite that you take. It is mixed with star fruits that complements the seafood flavor with its sweetness and also adds extra creaminess to the drizzled onion sauce on the meat. It is also topped with fresh yggdrasil leaves which will make you recover strength and say that the dish is perfectly- heavenly balanced and delicious. It is not too salty nor sweet, just the right flavor for everyone. It is topped with a strange flower that adds a bit of sweetness and sourness to the meat. With Golden Lobster being the main ingredient, it makes this dish very expensive throughout all Elrios' restaurants.

              - Golden Lobster
              - Peek-a-boo Onion
              - Whole Grain Flour
              - Star Fruit
              - Strange Flower
              - Yggdrasil Leaf
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                ooh this looks fun !


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                  SPOILER sushirolls.png

                  Varnimyr-style Golden Lobster Sushi Rolls
                  Category: Food

                  Description Who knew one of the 3 greatest Elrios delicacy can be served in such a simple yet elegant way?~ These beautiful golden lobster meat are lightly torched and has Elrios Minnow roe on top of it that gives a little crunch and a nice flavor to it. The rice is mixed with a little bit of lobster broth then wrapped in a flame grass leaf~ The leaf also serves as a topping! Careful with every bite though because it is 'hella spicy! Its served with a little sauce on the side thats made with various ingredients from Varnimyr. The sauce gives the sushi roll a different salty taste~

                  Ingredients Golden Lobster, Flame Grass Leaf, Elrios Minnow, Elder Wheat

                  Drink is a work in progress~!
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                    Sweet Nasod Pastel Smoothie
                    Category: Drink
                    This smoothie shines like a hologram. The glass perfectly fits the way that it glows and you wouldn't imagine that it is an actual drink. It has a gradient pastel colored that it got from the Nasod Turtle. The smoothie is mainly made of Nasod turtle and some sweeteners to cancel out the turtle's weird flavor. Some say that it kind of tastes like a strawberry milkshake but it doesn't exactly taste that good but it is good enough to be a refreshing drink since its main purpose is to give the consumer a huge amount of beauty nutrients. Colored apple syrup is poured on top of it that gives the refreshing drink a chunk of bitter sweetness, and a few small lychees sprinkled on top that pops when bitten.

                    Nasod Turtle
                    Peachy Lychee
                    Stella's Powder Mix
                    Organic Apple
                    Magical Crystal


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                      THE BURNING CARP COMBO MEAL

                      Steamed Burning Hedgy Bun


                      A freshly steamed, soft and bouncy bun served to the El Search Party! Too cute to eat, isn't it?!
                      But no worries! No hedgies were harmed during the preparation of this very simple dish.
                      It tastes sweet and the carp always tastes like it's burning.

                      Ingredients: Burning Carp, Elder Wheat, Honey (for the sauce!), Strange Flower

                      Sailor's Melon Tea


                      A drink fit for a sailor! Looks cold and refreshing but slimy close-up. It doesn't have a strong smell,
                      and tastes just like sweet fish broth. It is also very simple to make! Just squeeze the Heavenly
                      Melon to get its juice, and mix it with El tree fruit and Tangy Soda to get that carbonated drink
                      and counter that fishy scent and taste! Next, Pour it on top of the Burning Carp's fluids but don't
                      mix it so you get that double color look! Put on some Ice Crystalline and voila~

                      Ingredients: Burning Carp, El Tree Fruit, Ice Crystalline, Tangy Soda, Heavenly Melon
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                        Type: Food

                        "Do not see it ,just eat it", yes this is the real name of my food

                        -Lizard bass
                        -Slime resin
                        -Bulky Carrot
                        -Cactus steam
                        -Crumbly meat

                        It's so simple but as i dont cook this type food

                        Just cut everything and put it in the aqua with slime resin and expect it to boil all
                        Then when you are boiling you turn off the fire and you are ready to take

                        dont be afraid of it if the fish head turns around, doesnt will greet you or probably yes

                        If you all day fishing and you get sick, the moment you eat it, the sick escape when this know you gonna eat "dont see it ,just eat it"
                        SPOILER 20190710_200423.jpg

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                        Drawing once a day is better than nothing
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                          IGN: Radylia (Gaia)
                          Category: Drink

                          FISH - A - TONIC
                          SPOILER toni1.png

                          Elrios Minnow
                          Ruve Herb
                          Snow Fruit


                          "Introducing Fish-a-tonic, a drink specially made to soothe out any feeling of distress.
                          It is known to heal any kind of ailment or gives you a fast recovery instead. It is
                          usually drinked cold, but drinking it warm will make the tonic's healing more effective.
                          It has a very bitter taste that is not to be taken lightly. Only drink for medical purposes,
                          or not, if you take a liking to its weird taste."


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                            Locked for judging.


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                              There were so many fabulous dishes and beverages made with everyones' fishing hauls!
                              All the entries looked absolutely mouth-watering, but without further ado, here are the winners:

                              Category: Food





                              Category: Drinks





                              Congratulations to all the winners!

                              "I'm going to spend my life proving my love and the Pythagorean Theorem."
                              Code of Conduct || Readyyy! || i7 || BPro || etc


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