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[Winners Announced]Happy Father's Day Event! Let's Honor Elrios' Dads!

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    [Winners Announced]Happy Father's Day Event! Let's Honor Elrios' Dads!

    To all the mentors and father figures to us, let us celebrate the occasion by taking a moment to remember and appreciate them. In Elrios, we have many memorable characters that paved the way for us and others to become strong members of the El Search Party - and here's an opportunity to show them a message of appreciation and perhaps be rewarded a little for it.

    • Write a letter addressing a fatherly figure from Elsword! Choose from the options below:
      • Raven
      • Ciel
      • Lowe
      • Helputt
      • Sebastian
      • Sdeing
      • Gaia
      • Denif
      • Adrian
    • You can either choose to write the letter from your own perspective, or you can write from the perspective of an in-game character, this is up to you.
    • The minimum word count is 50, the maximum word count is 500.
    • Troll/low-effort entries will be disqualified.
    • All entries must abide to the forum Code of Conduct.
    • Any entries that do not follow the rules will be disqualified

    We will select the 5 most heartfelt Father's Day Entry to win 600KC!!

    Deadline: June 30th 11:59PM PT

    With many touching stories and memories of the past in your letters, they were great reads but we could only pick 5 winners.
    Congratulations to the following players!

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    Mistook this for an ingame event since it was shown on front page. Oh well.


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      Same, I don't remember forum contests being put on the front page, I guess they're starting a new trend to bring more people into the forums?
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    Seems fun, I didn't know Ciel is a fatherly figure though lol


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      i guess it's because he's old and helps lu, who looks like a child and can't really live without him uwu
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    I chose to write to Gaia from Laby's prospective

    SPOILERDear Blondie,

    Hi Blondie!! Long time since Laby seen you! Nisha told Laby today was a special thing called Father's Day! She told Laby to write a letter to her dad but Laby doesn't know what that is hehe...So Laby asked your friend Denif! He said it was a man who raises you and teaches you to be a good person. Laby doesn't remember having a dad but she has you! You were Laby's first friend outside of the scary darkness. You taught her how to be a hero and protect people just like you! Everything was really dark when Laby woke up it was scary and lonely Laby lost her best friend and met Nisha but it was still dark and scary...Then she met you! You helped Laby come home to everyone else and make friends so Laby wanted to tell you about them! Lulu is really silly. she says I'm an adorable little girl and asks me to come with her. When she visits home she likes the light Nisha gives her, and Ciel gets really red when Lulu and Laby eat his cookies and cakes! He says we are cute and his face is just red cause he's sick so Laby makes him ice cream with Lulu and it makes him super happy! Ellie likes to take me shopping but she puts this heavy thing called armor on me! She says as the red knight it's her duty to make sure Laby have strong armor in battle! But Laby just laughs cause she says duty, hehe~! Princey is really nice too! He says it's scary how much Laby can eat when she's so little! He gives Laby gifts lots of times like yummy chocolates and pretty pink flowers! Lulu laughs and says he has a crush on Laby but that's scary! Why would he wanna crush Laby?! Nisha is really happy now too! She says Laby has lots of happiness from her now and that Laby should keep making friends! Nisha is really bright too now, but sometimes she makes it hard to watch movies it's too bright, hehe~! So see Blondie? Laby made lots of friends here!
    She hopes she can come visit you soon and bring you lots of yummy foods! To thank you for being a good dad to Laby! Laby hopes it's okay she calls you that but Lulu and Ellie wanna go watch a movie. Bye bye Blondie!!

    ~~~ Love,
    Laby and Nisha
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      Yep, just post it here! Ideally we'd prefer it copied and pasted here in [spoiler] tags.

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      Okeydokey there's my entry!
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    I want my type-void I've already sent so many tickets and they keep messing with me today


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      My hero Gaia
      When I was sad and desolate in the forest because of the loss of Nisha, I was wandering through the forest until I met you. I do not know if it was destiny or something else but when I saw you I knew I would not be alone anymore, when I saw you in Elrianode I was very happy to see you happy next to denif and ventus.
      Maybe you are not my father but I see you as one, that is why I am writing this letter to you on Father's Day to show you my gratitude to you, for all the values, knowledge and patience given during our adventure.

      Happy Father's Day wishes you laby
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        Dear Helputt,

        Some say a father is assumed to be full of wisdom and intellect, but when it comes to being a father figure, I guess the intellect wasn't there when you put Chung in the world but, as of Father's Day, we should be thankful to the parents that have given birth to some of the characters in game. Let's bring up facts: you created one of the most terrified characters when it comes to the arena meta game, inspired females to play a character which gave birth to traps and I guess that's basically it. I mean, he's not a HUGE mistake, but he's your boy and within my opinion, I think you should spend time with him today (probably not since you're just too busy being a useless SD boss due to elrianode gear).

        Fine a meaning in your life,


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          might be interesting to do because i want to save kching for fashionsword

          Support? IM Costume Rotate | ❤ @Aishmael


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            Dear Raven

            Maybe this letter annoys you a little, but I will say this. Happy Father's Day!
            To be honest, when I was little I didn't really know what father was like. because I was fostered by my older sister. and yes, even though in the end she also left me because she had to carry out the task she was given. then what is father like? maybe it's a figure who can help and protect you when you need help. giving you a lessons that you need to know, and off course someone who gives you spirits when you're down.
            And that figure, I found it in you. thank you for everything you've given me and all the lessons you gave me.

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              Aww, forgot that I made a reserving post.

              Originally posted by BrandonStark-solace- View Post
              Dear El Master Denif,

              We the people of Senace are forever indebted to your deliverances of the our ancestors, saving and preserving the El Shard which would later become known as the Water El, instructed and organized us when we were just a tired, poor and starving huddled masses of a few survivors after the explosion which split the continent asunder.

              Sir, only with your help were we given a chance to survive and rebuilding civilization, even though we have to admit what we have now is merely a shadow on the glory of mankind’s former society...

              You may not have known it, but after your disappearance we have idolized you and you have gone down history of Senace as the Father of the Nation. We can’t be more happy to learn that you’re still alive, and if you can, please visit us, we want to express our gratitude, veneration and love for you. We wish you a happy father day.

              From: sons and daughters of Senace.
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              "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


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                oops wrong one


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                  To Ciel,

                  Happy Fathers Day to you . while i know this letter might upset you since u're still pretty young , i appreciate everything that you've done for Lu .
                  i hope you can keep supporting her in the future , till she's become my bride (LOL jk dont kill me please , 'Father')

                  i'm not good with words , so i'll just say this
                  truly , thanks for everything

                  Sincerely ,
                  The Player


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                    its been 20 years, where's the milk and why is the walmart line so long???????????


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                      Love, Raven's forgotten son -plzdontdiemeitsjoke-
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                    To my father Helputt,
                    It's been a long time since I took the time to speak to you. Though it is in letter form. I wanted to say thank you for all the love you have showered me in when no one else would. I wasn't as strong as the other boys when I was young. I didn't look like the other boys. I was always sickly. Despite all that was said about me, you were proud to have me as your son, even though there was a high chance I wouldn't become like you when I got older. You even gave your soul for me... I have become way stronger then before! Though I still look like a girl in some ways... But that's fine! I know you would still cherish me. I know you have been turned into a demon and there is no way you would return to normal. But I know that deep within you still feel the same. Happy Father's Day!

                    Love, Chung.


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                      To Ciel:

                      Happy Father's Day to you! I'm not trying to imply anything, really; but to me, you seem pretty fatherly. People will say fathers are wise and a source of protection, but really that's all you really need. Sometimes, we need a strength beside us in battle or can make smart decisions on the spot. Sometimes, we need to say thank you to the people who spend their time with us. So, thank you.
                      It's a little weird receiving this letter, isn't it? You have a lot of your life left, but you've spent some of it meeting the El Search Party and defending Lu, even as she stands side-by-side with you in combat. Truly, that's a quality a father should have; a quality that you have. Never lose it, and please, always stay as Lu's knight.
                      Thank you for everything you've done, Ciel. For the El Search Party, for us, for Lu.



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