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Creating A Spring Masterpiece (GFX Contest)

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    Creating A Spring Masterpiece (GFX Contest)

    The snow melts and the spring comes, and nature truly comes to the fore! Landscapes are painted with color from blooming flowers and green is to be seen everywhere, even the Phorus are coming out to enjoy some sunlight. We want you to be able to create a masterpiece of nature using your GFX skills, in the format of a wallpaper!

    • Submit your entry here in this thread.
    • Your entry has to be Elsword-related in some way. Whether this means that you feature a particular dungeon or a particular character from Elsword, this is completely up to you.
    • There is no strict size limit, however, please make it reasonably sized. This may sound vague, but we will let you know if it is too big/small
    • Including your own illustrations is permitted in your entry, but your entry must have an image editing component
    • Use of official art is allowed. Other than your own art and/or official art, no other art is permitted.
    • Use of screenshots is also permitted.
    • Entering with multiple accounts is not permitted. If you are found doing so, all of your entries will be disqualified and you may be banned from entering in future contests.
    • All entries must abide to the forum Code of Conduct
    • Any entries that do not follow the rules will be disqualified
    1st Place: 3500KC
    2nd Place: 2000KC
    3rd Place: 1000KC
    If you win 1st Place, your wallpaper could get featured on Elsword Social Media!
    Important: If you want your prize to go to an account other than the one registered with the forums you MUST include an IGN + Server in your entry. Otherwise, we will just distribute the prize to whatever account is tied to the forums.

    Deadline: 8th May 11:59PM PDT
    Code of Conduct
    My Nova Imperator PvE Guide
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    Would like to try o/


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      kind of want to try so reserve reserve~
      also! quick question:
      when it says that you're allowed to use your own images as long as you include some form of image editing, does that mean you are allowed to combine a mix of your own artwork/illustrations and gfx? sorry if that sounded wordy and confusing, not sure how to word it-
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      • Skyress
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        Yes, you are allowed to combine your own artwork/illustrations with GFX.

      • 4UwUs-solace-
        4UwUs-solace- commented
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        gotcha, thank you!!
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      Reserve. . maybe!


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        Reserved, just in case.

        I have a question tho, by image editing components, does the usage sprites fx, doing lighting composition, or overlay effects counts? or is it a completely different thing? .-.


        • LuminErel-gaia-
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          Ahh, so it's like El Doodle, but the usage of official art is allowed and it's in the form of a wallpaper? .-.

        • Skyress
          Skyress commented
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          Yes. /10chara

        • LuminErel-gaia-
          LuminErel-gaia- commented
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          Alright thanks!
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        Are we allowed to draw and colour in the official Elsword Art style or it has to be original art style? Thank you!
        Last edited by Erzylette-solace-; 04-18-2019, 09:25 PM.


        • Skyress
          Skyress commented
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          While trying to replicate the style is permitted, please do not trace.

        • Erzylette-solace-
          Erzylette-solace- commented
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          Alright then, Thank you!!
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        Suggestion: in most if not all mmo gfx contests I've been in, there's usually a link to some sort of official fankit. (Though I know most will just look around in eliwki) am sadden there was none posted. Last time I check this server don't have a good fankit. (Ended dling from the FR server )


        • ohhnoes
          ohhnoes commented
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          In past contests we were able to provide official renders for references in contests so this is very much something we may be able to do! We will look in to the possibility of preparing a download package next time (or this time, if we have it).

        • Skyress
          Skyress commented
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          There was a link to an imgur album that had a compilation of high resolution official art of the 3rd job characters that was put up for ElDoodle a while ago, would this help?
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