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How Laby Befriended Everyone (Writing and Art Contest)

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    How Laby Befriended Everyone (Writing and Art Contest)

    As the newest member of the El Search Party, Laby learned about the party members and all the people that they've met along their journey. Having lived her life in a forest with few companions, it's time for her to break out of her shell and get to know others. Tell us a story about Laby and her encounters with one or more new people for a chance to win some K-Ching!

    • Create an artwork or write a story about how Laby interacts with a character or NPC.
    • For writing, the word minimum is 100 and the word maximum is 1000.
    • Please limit stories to be within the Elsword universe or related content such as Velder Academy.
    • Everything in your entry must be 100% your own work. There will be checking for art stealing and if you are found doing so, you will not only be disqualified from this contest but you may be banned from future contests.
    • You are allowed to use WIPs that you have started before the contest period long as they are not serving any other purpose (for example, commissions). Please ask via this thread or PM a moderator if you would like to get clarification on your specific case.
    • You are NOT allowed to use works that you have completed before the commencement of this contest, regardless of their purpose.
    • Entering on multiple accounts is not permitted. If you are found doing so all of your entries will be disqualified.
    • All content depicted must be officially announced information on NA/INT.
    • All entries must abide to the forum Code of Conduct.
    5 winners will receive 600KC!

    Deadline: February 13th 11:59PM PST
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    SPOILER 20190212_221659.jpg

    It's not the best, but I drew up a quick Pesop and Laby!!! I think that Laby would get along with him because Laby is moreso like a child and would represent Pesop's daughter*. If she was ever to be in Lanox, maybe his inner father would come out and he'd develop a fondness for her. :'v

    *Pesop's story includes how he lost both his daughter and face when he tries to bring back his wife with forbidden alchemy. sadness
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      Preparing for Finals didn't leave me with much room to draw as I intended so I tried to write something small..

      Laby: Radiant Soul

      “How much longer will this take? Laby is bored!” The child kicked her legs restlessly, already bored of having to stay still for so long.

      “Just a little more, Laby, don’t move so much!” Aisha’s peppy voice only made Laby pout, wishing she was doing something fun! Laby didn’t really get how playing with her hair could be so entertaining, especially since the magician had been tugging and braiding it for years!! (Not literally, but it felt that way!)

      “Laby is bored, Laby wants to play! I thought you said that you and Laby would have a lot of fun today!”

      “We are, I promise!” Aisha finished working on the braids, taking a step back to admire her work… and then smiled wide, clapping her hands once. “We’re done!”

      “Huh?! Really?” Laby jumped on her feet before Aisha could change her mind. “What did you do? Laby wants to see! Nisha, how does Laby look?!” She turned over to her dear friend and watched the mirror float around her, wobbling a bit as it judged her appearance. Laby smiled wide in excitement when the mirror gave her a nod, that meant she looked good!

      Aisha smiled, still not fully used to the interactions between this child and that mirror, and very curious about the magic that made it move like that… but, it made Laby happy, and that was enough for her. With a flick of her wrist, she summoned her magical wand and drew a circle in the air, leaving a trace of sparkly stardust that took the form of a simple mirror.

      “Laby, you can look at yourself here!”

      Laby turned her head towards the magician, gasped and then ran towards the mirror, admiring it with awe for a second.

      “Aisha is so cool! Look, Nisha, it’s one like you!”

      Aisha couldn’t help the little smile of pride that took over after hearing that compliment. Of course, this was nothing for a talented magician like herself, capable of manipulating time and space at her will!

      “Thank you, Laby… but, look at yourself! I hope you like it!”

      Laby peeked at her own reflection and gasped, once again, when she saw the final product of the magician’s efforts. Her hair, once long and a little messy, was now tied with two big pigtails to the sides of her head, allowing the ends to curl inwards without tangling like before. Laby smiles and laughed, giving little twirls around as she admired her reflection.

      “Laby looks so cute and cool! Looks, Nisha, now Laby won’t be scolded anymore-- Oh!” She stopped on her small dance and then looked at Aisha… who was simply smiling and waiting.

      Laby looked at the mirror, then at Aisha.

      The mirror. Aisha…

      And then it clicked.

      “Oh!! Ooooh! Laby looks like you! Laby has pigtails like Aisha! Does that mean Laby is also a musician?!”

      “Magician…” Aisha laughed softly, approached Laby and peeked in the mirror as well so Laby could see their reflections together. “Isn’t it cute? We’re like twinsies now!”

      “Yaaay! We’re twinsies!!” Laby cheered… and then stopped. “What is a twinsie?”

      Aisha stared at Laby for a silent moment.. and then laughed again, amused by how many times she had to explain words and things to the child.

      “A twinsie is someone that matches your looks! Like… a twin sister, someone that looks a lot like you”

      “Ooh… OH! Does that mean you’re Laby’s sister?!”

      “Well… not technically--”

      “Laby has never had a sister before!” Laby turned to her friend, looking excited to the point that her eyes were almost sparkling! “Nisha, Laby has a sister now! Maybe Nisha can be a sister, too, because Nisha looks like Laby!”

      The mirror simple nodded and floated around the excited child, who started to dance around again, repeating the word “sisters!” over and over.

      Aisha made an attempt to stop her but, seeing her so happy and excited made her desist, after all… what was so bad about having a “little sister”? She had never had anything like that, maybe it was a good moment to start! She approached Laby again and touched her shoulder to stop her for a moment, took out her phone and put up the selfie camera mode.

      “Let’s take a photo so we’ll always remember the day when we became sisters!”

      Laby smiled wide and nodded, scooting closer to her new “sister” along with Nisha, who also wanted to be in the picture.

      “At the count of three say cheese!”

      “Okay! Nisha, get ready!”

      “One… two… three!”

      With a chorus of cheese, Aisha snapped the selfie, a photo she would probably keep for a long while to remember that day. She showed Laby the photo and then pocketed her phone back so they could-- finally -- go play and do something fun together!

      Laby learned all about sisters that day and promised to always remember it in her heart, the day that she earned two lovely sisters that she would love forever!

      The end.

      just in case I'll leave the link to google docs here cuz... I had problems while trying to paste the text here, some parts randomly disappearing when i saved so... just in case I missed something

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        Yes, this is permitted.

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        I want to ask if it's okay to use the second path laby as well
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        You are only permitted to use the second path as long as it has been officially announced before the contest due date is up, and you must also check that your entry only includes information that has been revealed to NA (eg if skill names have not been revealed in NA you cannot feature them in your entry).
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        Question, does the story have to take place within the canon Elsword universe or may it be AU?
        did i save hoya or did hoya save me


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          Good question. We are looking for a potential interaction that happens in the Elsword universe; fictional, non-canon events are fine, as well as a reasonable stretch such as the Velder Academy. We are not looking for any AU that's as wild as anime crossovers or a spontaneous vampire AU. Feel free to ask for more clarification. xD
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        Interesting, interesting. Reserved!


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          Man I only see Laby beating up people because they caused trouble for papa Bellondie


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            could i make an artwork of laby befriending an npc in velder academy?


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              Yes, that's fine.
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            reserved! /10ch


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              Just to reiterate, Radiant Soul is now announced in NA, so we will allow her to be in your stories. Looking forward to them!


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                im just gonna yeet this here aaaa the quality slowly gets worse LOL

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                  Reserved ^^


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                    It seems interesting... but I'm still a bit lost, i would be glad if you could help me e.e

                    1 - It's okay for players of INT server to participate right? (you said about stuff in the NA server and I'm new here, so...)
                    2 - I can write using any jobs officially realesed, but I don't have to stick to history-canon jobs right?
                    3 - How/Where do I submit the story? Is it here in this topic (under spoiler tag) or some other way?


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                      1. Yes, INT players can participate. The NA part is in regards to what you can write about: you cannot write about information that has only been revealed to KR.
                      2. Yes.
                      3. Here in this thread, preferably using spoiler tags.
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                    finished! Rose is Prime Operator, and Laby was supposed to be Radiant Soul, but she could be base too tbh

                    Word Count: 829

                    SPOILERLaby couldn’t tear her eyes away from the blonde woman. She knew that this must be the newest person to join the El Search Party. She radiated elegance, her long hair, sleek dress, and sparkling accessories only amping it up. She matched Elsword’s previous description of her to a T.

                    “Pretty…” Laby absentmindedly mumbled, a slip of the tongue.

                    Her gaze moved down to what the pretty woman (her name, she couldn’t remember her name!) was working on. It seemed to be some kind of box? Laby shuffled closer, curious to find out why this glamorous model was observing a box of all things.

                    Laby started to strain herself, stretching more to the right in an attempt to see the box more clearly. If the woman just moved her hand—!

                    “It’s a little rude to stare.”

                    Laby froze in the ridiculous position she was stuck in, only her head snapping to look at the woman. She was too focused on trying to see the black box that she didn’t even notice the nameless woman notice her!

                    “Sorry!! Laby’s fault…” Laby started, her voice high, body still frozen like a ballerina, “Laby was just curious on why Pretty Lady was playing with a box!”

                    The woman raised an eyebrow, looking at her quizzically. Her mouth twitched though, as if wanting to smile, “You’re Laby, I assume? Elsword told us about you.”

                    Laby nodded quickly, moving her body to stand more comfortably while also silently thanking the El Masters that Elsword made sure everyone knew about her first, “Yes! What’s Pretty Lady’s name?”

                    “Hmm,” The woman put her hand on her chin, thinking, “if I told you, you wouldn’t call me Pretty Lady anymore, would you?”

                    Before Laby could answer, a yellow ball with a face popped out from behind Pretty Lady.

                    “Ugh, don’t feed into this super idiot’s ego.” A robotic voice emitted from the ball, and it was glaring at the woman, “Her name’s Anna Testarossa, but just call her Rose.”

                    Laby’s mouth was hung open, eyes wide in shock. “You talk!?”

                    The ball looked at her now, tilting it’s face, “Yes, of course. Why wouldn’t I talk?”

                    Pretty Lady—Rose—seemed irked, and grabbed the ball to pull it closer to her, “This annoying and rude,” She shook the ball in her hands, a forced smile plastered on her face, “sphere here is called Zero. He’s basically a robot.”

                    “A robot?! I monitor you! I direct the entire imperial defense forces! I—”

                    “Hush up. You’re just a navigator.”

                    The conversation and Zero flailing around helplessly in Rose’s arms made Laby giggle. With a broad grin she walked close to Rose and stuck her hand out, “Laby is glad to meet you both!”

                    Rose let Zero go (him grumbling about how she ‘squeezed him too hard’ and the ‘damage and repairs’), and shook Laby’s hand back, a sincere smile forming on her features, “How charming~ It’s nice to meet you too, Laby.”

                    Laby gave a small nod, before realization struck her face, “Oh! That’s right! Laby wanted to know why you were working on that black box!”

                    Rose seemed surprised, but recomposed. She moved a little out of the way to show the black box that was situated on top of a table, which wasn’t actually a box at all when Laby looked closer. It had two red eyes, arms, legs, and a weird stick thing on its head. It also had a big winding key in its back.

                    Its head moved, and looked straight at Laby, making a quiet ‘beep?’ noise.

                    “This is one of my wonderful children,” Rose visibly brightened, “Land Runner was the first bot I created.”

                    Laby moved her hand, and started to pat the robot’s head. It booped in response.

                    Rose continued, explaining, “I wanted to try to make some improvements since I’ve gained a lot of knowledge since I first created him, but honestly?” She paused, and patted the robot’s head alongside Laby, “I’m not sure I can do it. My child is unique in his own way.”

                    Laby hummed in response, entranced by the cute bot. She picked up Land Runner and sat on the ground, crossing her legs and plopping the robot in her lap. Rose soon followed suit, but sat more comfortably to accommodate for her dress.

                    The bot continued to make beeping noises, making Laby laugh, and Rose looked with fondness.

                    “Would you like to see my other children?” She suggested, a spark of excitement in her eyes.

                    Without missing a beat, Laby nearly shouted, “Yes!! Laby thinks Rose’s child is cute, and wants to play with more of them!”

                    Rose’s face lit up, looking like a child being told they could have candy. “Perfect! Here let me show you my newest model…!”

                    Zero, who was a little ways away, was still checking his ‘damage’ when he heard the familiar phrase of Rose, and a loud, robotic groan sounded from him.

                    This will be a long day.
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                      Write your entry directly into this thread (though you can write it up on a separate platform and then copy-paste it here when you are done). To avoid stretching the page out too much, we ask that you use spoiler tags (to do this, use [spoiler]your text here[/spoiler]).
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