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[Winners Announced]Choose Your Path: ~Trick or Treat~

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    [Winners Announced]Choose Your Path: ~Trick or Treat~

    It's Trick-or-Treating time, and to avoid scaring people with large numbers, the El Search Party have decided to split into pairs to go around to different sections of town to collect as much candy as they can.

    Elsword and Aisha were sorted together, but it turns out that they are assigned to the farthest outskirts of Feita... The ominous dark cloud continuing to be seen from far away.

    After a long and grueling walk to the area, they arrive at the first choice of three old and rickety houses. Elsword and Aisha looks at all three houses and begins to walk towards...

    • One entry per player maximum
    • All entries must abide to the Forum Code of Conduct
    • There will be no editing allowed – once your vote is placed – it is final
    • Any entries that are found to not follow the rules will be disqualified
    How it works:
    • For three (3) Weeks; there will be a new portion to the “Choose Your Path” Event - This will be shown in a new thread.
    • There will be 3 Options to select from – and selecting the correct option will spell success or doom for your character
    • If you do lose on a round; feel free to continue participating and follow the adventure! You have a resurrection stone after all!
    Minimum two (2) correct answers: 150 K-Ching

    All Correct Answers: 300 K-Ching
    The Crimson Red House
    The Midnight Blue House
    The Eerie Black House

    The poll is expired.

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    After some investigations, Elsword and Aisha can hear some kind of threatening growling coming from the Crimson Red house...
    They try the Eerie Black house, but before they could approach the door, a shrill scream from within it almost causes Elsword to jump out of his skin.

    There is no noise from the Midnight Blue house, so they decide that it is the safest.

    Congratulations to those who voted for the Midnight Blue house, you have your first correct answer! A scoreboard for who has gotten what correct answer will be posted up later today.
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