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Aisha Void Princess LF> Mentor (more dets inside)

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    Aisha Void Princess LF> Mentor (more dets inside)

    Hi! I'm a new player (started a few days ago as of this post) and am looking for an Aisha mentor of the same class!

    I'm active everyday usually around 1 to 3 EST and would like someone that's preferably in the same timezone but others are welcome!

    I'm a bit of a derp RN so someone that's patient and super friendly would be great!

    If you'd like to talk more you can PM me!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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    Hai this is few months late but im capped Ozzy and im bored asf. If you wanna be my pupil im free cus quarantine o3o. add AznArtist.


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