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    Looking for a pupil

    Hello! I'm 0sha, and I am looking for a Pupil!

    I'm mainly looking for Ains, since it I'm an Ain main myself and I wan to hop in on the EXP buff to help pupils
    Is it called a EXP Buff? Whatever I'm calling it an EXP buff sue me

    I will take anyone or any class, but again I am personally am looking for Ains
    More precisely 2nd job path Ains (Lofty: Anpassen / Erbluhen Emotion),
    but I will take 1st and 3rd path Ains just as quick (Lofty: Executor / Arme Thaumaturgy or Lofty: Wanderer / Apostasia).

    Some info about me:
    I started Elsword at around July 2018, which means I am fairly new.

    I'm trying to get better at my PvP, but as of right now I'm a PvE main.

    I learned how to play with only some help.

    I've stopped playing multiple games because of how fun Elsword is.

    My timezone is EST.

    Here is what I can offer:

    Carry you through dungeons
    (Any dungeons you need, including Secret/Heroic/etc.)

    Teach you the game
    (As best as I can because again I myself am fairly new)

    Help you in general
    (To an extent)

    What you need to know as the Pupil

    You must be able to understand English enough to let me know what you are saying

    You don't need Discord, but it is highly preferable for communication purposes

    •I am a PvE main, not PvP (unless something calls for arena specifically)

    •I will always try to help you, so PLEASE ask questions! I will answer them the best I can.

    I am available at the times below (EST Timezone):

    1. Weekday Mornings - 7:50am to 8:30/8:45am
    *2. Weekday Evenings - 3:30pm to 8:30pm
    **3. Weekends - 3:00/5:00pm to 9:00pm

    •Do not get impatient with me if I do not answer your question immediately.
    I have a very tight schedule so I will get to you as soon as I can, even if it's the day after

    •Have common courtesy

    •And tell me what your timezone is and what times you are usually on

    How to contact me

    •First, message me here on the post or privately (preferably on this post)
    •Once we agree to do the mentor-ship, We can start a pm in discord (If you have discord)
    •Everything else we go by ear

    I'm not sure how to end this, so have a good day/night!

    *My father has a rule as to where I have to get off as long as I am on (for example on from 3:30 till 4:30, I can't get back on until 5:30), so I will tell you that days schedule so you roughly know when I am on/off
    **I'm not sure when I will finish my daily chores, but I do commonly get done in the 3pm - 5pm area

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    My gosh, this is so professional!

    Wishing you all the best <3


    • SaberPadoru-solace-
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      He has so much free time, I'm jealous... u_u

    • 0sha-solace-
      0sha-solace- commented
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      Thank you @ZlayerZ! I did put a good amount of effort into this

      And @SaberPadoru, I made this over a span of a week at minimum; possibly more but I forget precisely. I actually have a pretty tight schedule with my father ^^`
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    Hi I'm not sure if this thread is active anymore but if it is;

    I'm a returning player and i was thinking of getting a mentor to show me the ropes, I have general experience in the game but I'm a rena main so I'm not very familiar with ain's combat system. I have a lvl 50 Erbluhen Emotion and have pretty much forgot everything about his combat system and how to use him since i last played.

    I would greatly appreciate if you could be my mentor and help me out, thank you c:


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