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    busco maestro

    necesito ayuda para ser mas fuerte
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    1- deberías escribir en ingles, es una de las normas del foro (You should write in English, as that's a forum's rule)
    2- cual es tu horario de juego, tu mentor necesita poder conectarse cuando tú lo hagas para poder ayudarte (what's your game schedule, your mentor needs to be online at same time as You in order to help you )
    3- supongo que el que se muestra es tu personaje, podrías confirmarlo? (I suppose the character that shows up as your forum ID is the one You need help with, can You confirm that?)


    • Nivery-gaia-
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      si lo es,recién enpieso y necesito ayuda

    • SaberPadoru-solace-
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      iniciaste otro post en ingles, asi que creo que deberias pedir que te cierren este. Tengo la duda de como quedaste en el servidor Gaia si hablas español, lo normal sería que estuvieras en NA (Solace) como yo... (You started another post in English, so I think you should ask the admins to close this one. I don't know how you end up in the Gaia server; since you speak Spanish, it would be normal for you to be in NA [Solace] like me...)

      Por cierto, veo que tienes guild... nadie de tu guild puede ayudarte? (By the way, I see you are already on a guild... none of your guild mates can help you or be your master?)
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    • Peper0chan
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      Hey SaberPadoru, it's fine if they write in Portuguese here since there isn't a Getting Started section in the BR section. Therefore this thread is fine as is.

      Hope that clears things up. I'll be locking the other thread.
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    y como me paso (and how I happen)


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