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✭ Looking for pupils ✭ Helping mentors get achievement points too ✭

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    ✭ Looking for pupils ✭ Helping mentors get achievement points too ✭

    Hello! My name is Neko! Are you looking for a mentor? Or maybe even a pupil?
    I can help you with both ♫

    ❅ I can get you to level 70 within a week
    ❅ If I get any drops from dungeons you can ask me for it!
    ❅ I can provide free consumables, free elixirs and free Mithril gemstones and sculptures
    ❅ Once you reach level 70 we continue on to do the Transcendence quests or skill quests or whatever quests you have next!
    ❅ I am able to help (with no buff) until you reach Solace's fortress. Its gonna take too long if you go without buff so it'd be better to go with buff then.

    ❅ I can provide help with special dungeons like Heroic dungeons, Henir time and space as well as Secret dungeons (I can provide entry tickets since I have enough)
    ❅ Also I have a discord channel to make staying in contact and stuff easier
    ❅ You can ask me for help in the future with anything ^^

    ❅ I can also help with video editing

    Here are the characters I can mentor
    ❋ All Ains
    ❋ All Adds (preferably Mad Paradox)
    ❋ All Chungs (preferably Fatal Phantom)

    My maxed leveled and 3rd job mentors
    I refuse to mentor with characters that aren't third job yet.
    Don't ask abt some of the names. I'm very bad at naming my characters

    Helping mentors get achievements
    ❀ I have a couple throw away accounts that I can go on to help mentors get the achievements. I have done this to help friends before. But you should know that the bond may get broken due to inactivity if you don't tell me ahead of time when to be on.
    ❀ This service IS FREE so pls don't message me saying you are willing to pay. I'm doing this because I like helping others. I don't wish to take payment.
    ❀ I'm totally ok with any requirements like joining your guild or being friends with you. I'm only just helping you get your achievement points anyways. So characters on my alt accounts don't matter as much as characters on my main account. I always end up sending all the ED on my alt account chars to my main account ones anyways

    Helping pupils get achievements
    ♣ This is for pupils looking for mentors for achievement purposes only.
    ♣ Please know if you do that I may use a lower level character (lvl 90-95)


    Time zone
    ✷ I believe it is important to know time zones so then we will know when each other are online
    ✷ Mine is Pacific daylight time
    ✷ This time zone may be inconvenient for some so I don't suggest asking me to be your mentor if this time is inconvenient ><

    ⌘ Monday ~ Thursday: Unsure
    ⌘ Friday: Anytime after 4:30pm ~ 6:30pm and 7:30pm ~ 8:00pm (pls be aware I may miss the bus xD)
    ⌘ Weekends: Usually after 2pm

    SPOILERFoot note: My friend is a better Chung mentor than I am. So if you want Chung mentor ask BearisTrash before asking me. I'm quite bad at playing Chung. I specialize in Ains and Adds xD
    Heres their page
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    Hi, do you think you could mentor my Chung please? I don't really know how to use him. Thanks ^o^


    • N3koAin-solace-
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      Ofc! Tho.... I'm not rly good at him myself haha... I can help with the FP/DC path. If you are going for any of the other 2 I do know how to play em just not very good at em (I may kno someone who can mentor TT/CenT)
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    Hi, I have 1 MP and I need some help in using him. Could you help me??? >^<"


    • SeraphimBeat-gaia-
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      Hewwo, sorry for the bad news but since Neko is from the Solace server and you're from Gaia you wont be able to play with each other let alone do mentor stuffs...

      Oh and since you already have a Lvl. 99 vharacter you can't be a pupil anymore. You can ask other MPs for tips though..?
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