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Not super new but I've never used the forums before :9

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    Not super new but I've never used the forums before :9

    Hello Elsword community, I'm Ken. I started playing a little while ago trying to find an MMO I would actually enjoy. I'm disabled so I'm not so great at games with complex controls since it's hard to move my hands sometimes. I really loved the simplicity of the controls and how newbie friendly the game was so I played for 3 days straight, got half way to level cap, and then my laptop's hard drive died :P I have a new PC now and I'm excited to play more. Nice to meet you, I hope we can play together sometime. I'm very casual (mostly because of the physical limitations I mentioned earlier), but once I've gotten to or near level cap I'd love to play more seriously. Happy z key tapping :3c
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    Hello, hello~

    Unfortunately, the forums are due to be shut down soon . I recommend joining the discord to ensure you can stay in contact with people: (if the link expires, you can probably just google "elsword discord." They really ought to put an easy link up on their homepage!)


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