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Zeh Kitty Has Returned :3

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    Zeh Kitty Has Returned :3


    It's been a long time, but I'm back.
    Who am I, you might be asking? Well, I go by a few names on this game: Kishi, Arctic, and Kitty.
    I came back to NA Elsword a week or two ago after a very long break from the game (we're talkin' a few years). I've kept up-to-date with Elsword's updates, so it's not like I am coming back without any knowledge as to what's goin' on, but.. I can definitely say that a lot has changed.

    Before I go on and say anymore, I'll take a quick break to answer some questions from the Welcome to the Elsword Official Forums thread by GM Rush:
    1. How long have you been playing Elsword? Honestly, since late 2012. Wayyyy back before 3rd paths and Ara were released. I remember watchin' Youtube and constantly seeing an ad for the game. Thought to myself, "An anime MMORPG... This looks fun." And here I am now, 8 years later.
    2. What Character are you currently playing in Elsword and why do you like that character? Multiple... So, let's start with the ones I've played most recently. I have been playing on my Shakti, the character I made after coming back to the game, with my boyfriend (he made a Knight Emperor). I decided on playing Shakti as my 'returning-to-Elsword' character because I wanted a character who could reflect a bit of my personality as well as match well with a Knight Emperor. I love cats (as implied by the IGN lol), so I wanted to make a female character who had cat-like traits as well as a character who used physical attacks to match with the Knight Emperor my boyfriend was making. Other characters I love playing are: Daybreaker (the first character I ever made on the game; I made her because she reminded me of my favorite anime ship at the time), Fatal Phantom (gotta love that Assassin's Creed reference), Rune Master (hardcore fangirled over Rune Slayer when I first started playing), and Doom Bringer (inspired by my boyfriend's Doom Bringer when Add first came out).
    3. Do You like Pineapple on Pizza? ( This one is really important ) I don't, but my hubby does. I don't judge him for it though.
    4. What hobbies do you have outside of Elsword? (Are you an Artist? Or perhaps... a Karate Champion?!?) I love playing video games, watching anime, reading/writing books, cooking, bowling, and dancing. I used to do Tae Kwon Do, but I had to stop doing it in order to focus on school.
    5. Do You have any questions for the community that we can help you with? Probably..? Hmm... Well, this is a forum related question: Is it possible to change your forum name/picture? I know you can change the avatar picture to other icons of the character, but if I wanted to swap my forum name/picture to my Daybreaker, would that be possible to do?
    Now that those questions have been answered, let's get back to the introduction.
    Like I've stated in my answers to those questions, I've played this game for a long time, and there are multiple characters I adore playing.
    However, I'd like to go deeper into that story.

    I started playing Elsword, as previously stated, in 2012 when I found an Elsword ad on Youtube. When I first started downloading the game, I looked at the website -- specifically the page that listed the characters and classes -- and got to thinkin' about who to make first. At the time, there were 2 paths for Elsword through Chung, so I was limited to 12 classes. In the end, I chose to make a Rena, specifically a Grand Archer. She reminded me of a ship I loved from an anime called Tokyo Mew Mew. So, I named her after the ship name -- Kishigo.

    After I made the character, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't even know how to start my job change quests! Then, I started making friends. Those friends invited me to their guild and taught me how to do things in the game, like job changing, creating combos, spring stepping, and more. I instantly fell in love with the game and the guild I joined.

    All good things come to an end though.
    The guild master stopped playing a year after I joined, so the guild got disbanded. I made my own guild, RoyalNinjas, and invited the friends I had from the old guild.
    But managing a guild is easier said than done. It wasn't long until most of them stopped playing the game, too. One of my friends at the time asked if I wanted to have one of my alts join her guild, so I did for a while.

    It was there that I met my boyfriend of 6 years. Long story short, he helped me get out of a toxic relationship, and we kinda just clicked. He helped me to bring my guild back to life, and we got it to lv15. We eventually took a break from the game ourselves, which lead to RoyalNinjas dying. Now, after years of being off of the game, we're trying to slowly revive it while getting back into the game itself.

    Phew. Now that was a lot of information.
    Anyways, I hope to make many new friends (and maybe even reunite with some old ones!) as I reboot my Elsword journey.
    And hey. Maybe along the way I'll discover more reasons to rekindle my love for this nostalgic game.
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    Hey there, and welcome back to the game.

    Reading your story makes me feel a little bit of nostalgia, pertaining to my own old stories as well, in which some were good and some were bad. x'D
    I do hope you get the chance to reunite with your old friends on your quest to find them!

    And have fun with your boyfriend in making new memories on Els. (:


    • ShadowPsycho-solace-
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      I'm the boyfriend she speaks of and we will thanks for wishing us on new memories~

    • Valenscia-solace-
      Valenscia-solace- commented
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      ShadowPsycho-solace- Oo

      ‘Tis nice to put a face to the name. xD
      A welcome back for you as well. You two seem so lovey dovey~ it’s cute!
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    Thank you! We will be sure to do so! :3


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      Hi and Welcome back!

      Credit goes to all the artist rows and the old signature shops from the new and old forum!


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        that was a very long and cute post honey I remember when I got CO Cuddles to join our very first elsword wedding that was wild haha


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          Originally posted by RLM2-solace- View Post
          Hi and Welcome back!
          Thank you qwq


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            Originally posted by ShadowPsycho-solace- View Post
            that was a very long and cute post honey I remember when I got CO Cuddles to join our very first elsword wedding that was wild haha
            Lol yeah o//w//o


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