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Hi. I'm Raid

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    Hi. I'm Raid


    my name's Raid. IG i name all my characters RaidLP with a number, for example RaidLP404, but please just call me Raid. Well i'll just go through [GM] Rushs Questions
    Buuuuut I'm sorry if i make any stupid mistakes in grammar or vocabular. That's normal for me.

    How long have you been playing Elsword?

    5 1/2 years. Most of the time i was playing Elsword EU or the 'Server i am not supposed to name'
    (on the Elsword EU Forum your post gets cencored when you name the bad private Server) :/

    What Character are you currently playing in Elsword and why do you like that character?

    I play EtW at the moment. I wanted to have a good character as a startup. But normally my Mains are the Adds and FP because they're fun to play for me.

    Do You like Pineapple on Pizza? ( This one is really important )

    ? What the...? What happens if i choose the wrong one? xD
    Oh well... Pizza is one of my favourite foods (do i get banned now?)

    What hobbies do you have outside of Elsword? (Are you an Artist? Or perhaps... a Karate Champion?!?)

    What outside?
    ok jk. I like to draw pictures. Normally i draw the Elsword characters in their Class Pose.
    I also love to swim with a girlfriend. (not love yet, don't worry)

    Do You have any questions for the community that we can help you with?

    Not yet, maybe later.

    So is that it? I'm really bad at smalltalk, sorry for that
    So that's me. See ya

    (can someone count my grammar / vocabulary mistakes? xD)

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    Hi and Welcome.

    Credit goes to all the artist rows and the old signature shops from the new and old forum!


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