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Old player, Returning for fun

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    Old player, Returning for fun

    Hello, my name is Ricky, im an old Elsword player (around 2014-2016) and returning to this game again. i was a player back when Elsword was available in SEA region (which now merged into INT server now)

    i return to this game after some of my friends recommend me to play MMORPG together with them and one of the game recommended is Elsword.

    i love doing Dungeon solo but when things get too hard, i gladly enjoy playing dungeon together with others no matter how the character is (low damage, low HP, etc)

    right now im looking for open guild but im looking forward to the game itself.
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    Hi, welcome back. tbh start a guild may not easy, wish you good luck.
    It's better check the Game Guide to know more what you really need to know since you have been offline for years.


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      Hi and Welcome back!

      Credit goes to all the artist rows and the old signature shops from the new and old forum!


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