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Returning Player. Not sure if anyone remembers me but I really miss this community

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    Returning Player. Not sure if anyone remembers me but I really miss this community

    I stopped playing about 2 years ago due to personal problems. I was listening to the soundtrack from elrianode and elysion and was feeling a bit nostalgic. I cried a bit too. I forgot about beautiful the soundtrack from this game was. I'm busy with a lot of work that I never had a chance to play this game again. I'm just really upset I'm not a part of this community anymore or I feel forgotten. I'm not even sure if anyone remembers me but I do see a lot of familiar users.
    I'm kinda scared to come back to this game mainly because there is about 2 years worth of content that I'm not familiar with or the fact that my gear is completely out dated. Either that or this game is completely p2w and I'm already struggling with overworking myself a lot.

    I just really miss everyone from this community. The whole community changed and I feel alone in this game which terrifies me for some reason since the friends I had have all quit or forgotten about me.
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    Don't worry too much on your outdated gear. They're pretty generous with the your-grind-starter-gear so you'll get get to the end game grind quickly (just don't get burnt out like I did 'cause of the RNG. Honestly, I've stopped playing for a bit 'til they give us the +9 void ammy quest (just dropping by from time to time to get my ♥♥♥ whooped in PvP and hand Pepsi man's his as a show of frustration).

    Oh and welcome back to the game.......if you have the time now.


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