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    Hello everyone!

    I'm not sure if doing an introduction was something you HAVE to do or not, so I decided to make one. However, due to my veryyy limited range of hobbies about Elsword, I won't be very active on the forum.
    I've been playing Elsword since about 2012, but did a looot of breaks. I had a hard time catching up when I came back by Laby's release, since I never knew much about Eltears. However, now it is (mostly) completely fine. The main chars I play are my 3 Labys, but my RaS is my main one.

    I'm not a very good player when it comes to informations and all, and not really talkative, but I love talking about small part of the lore! Laby's very own is something I really like to talk about, and as of Rigomor, the trio Nichel, Haivan and Winster is also something I love to talk about. this is why, i hope haivan becomes playable next, as he's the most interesting to me

    Thank you!
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    Welcome to the forums! ovo/


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      Welcome back, just go to check all guides here :

      Winster is my favorite NPC now, he's awesome.


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        Hi and Welcome!

        Credit goes to all the artist rows and the old signature shops from the new and old forum!


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          Thank you everyone!

          Originally posted by Chunghie-gaia- View Post
          Welcome back, just go to check all guides here :

          Winster is my favorite NPC now, he's awesome.

          I get what you mean! He was also a very interesting character. I really hope we see them soon, as I don't really want to see their side of the story suddenly cut off to introduce another region... it would just be a weird pacing.


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            The sad part is, Winster (maybe) will died because he looks like have to control the machine ( I saw the story pic from KR player) and I'm really disappointed to see Haivan/Haiban became a traitor.

            I like Winster because he's good Commander with wise/warm heart and it's feel good to call him Grandpa~
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            Berthe took him with him to spite Haivan I feel, but also because he legit does have engineer skills... but Winster is still very weak against Berthe, so it wouldn't surprise me if he does die From overworking or exhaustion, or to protect Haivan if Berthe get wind that the latter will try to betray him back once their interests don't align.

            It also disappoints me, since I really really want to play as him just to see his own story, but it gives him lots of dimension. I like Haivan for his overall grey morality, I don't see a lot of characters like that so it was an obvious love at first sight! ^^
            Also because he got bag of sass it's just really funny to see his interactions with the El Search Party lmao
            Surprisingly, Winster actually got more fanarts than Haivan (though it's made specifically by one entire twitter account... and I don't really want to see them again), so he's really a loveable grandpa. I want to see more interaction with him, specifically him being a father to either Nichel or Haivan~
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