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    I've been just lurking around since last year, but I decided to (finally) take part in here

    I'm an Indonesian, but I've had this account since 2011 before IP block hits NA server. I moved to INA server after that, but stopped after few months playing.
    When I decided to play Elsword again back in 2016, I found out that my NA account still exists(and INA account is probably MIA?) so I've been playing in Solace ever since then(with few hiatuses in between)~

    I'm an AeS main, EM is my very first character and I'm especially fond of her thanks to that.Plus she's cute and now she's also a beauty thanks to 3rd job
    Although not all path and characters I also play others like Eve and Lu/Ciel, but currently I'm having the most fun with all Laby's paths, especially her 3rd path. Gotta patta everything in sight hehe
    I mostly spend my time in Add's Dungeon or soloing in dungeons(except Elrianode City of course), or simply standing in Charming Geyser.
    I don't PvP since I suck at it and doing PvP in NA server from Indonesia is basically asking my opponent to say gibberish stuffs at me for lagging

    Outside Elsword, other stuffs I do are mostly drawing depending on my mood(or when I don't get artist block...). Maybe I'll appear in art section someday~
    Others are watching videos in YouTube, or play mobile games.

    Hope we can get along here and in game, if we're blessed the chance to meet up
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    Hello fellow AeS brethren, and welcome to the forums~

    There is a very important question that we would like every person in Introduce Yourself to answer: pineapple on pizza y/n?

    Hope you enjoy your stay and see you around!


    • Arvisna-solace-
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      Thank you for the welcome (´▽`)
      While I do like pineapple, pineapple on pizza is...well...I'll gladly pass :>

    • Peper0chan
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      I see u r a man of culture
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    Hi and Welcome to the forum!

    Credit goes to all the artist rows and the old signature shops from the new and old forum!


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      Haiyo and welcome to the forums!

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