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    Guild Spotlight

    Hello ELPeeps!

    With the new revamp, it's about time we relaunched this ;]

    We'll randomly pick one off the list of Guilds and feature once a week every Friday as part of a Facebook Live Video or promotion on our SNS Channels. Be creative as you want to be with your answers.

    This is specifically for Recruiting guilds only though!

    If you have signed up in the past and have already been spotlighted, feel free to join the list again!
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________
    Sign up here and leave the following information using this template:

    Guild Name
    Guild Leader
    Current Number of Guild Members
    Guild Server

    - When did you start your guild and how was it form?
    For older guilds: How were you able to keep your guild active for so long?

    - What can you say about the personality of the members of your guild?

    - Are you guys PvP or PvE oriented?

    - Do you guys do any special events in your guild? If so what?

    - What are your goals and values in your guild?

    Here is a Google Form Version:
    If you filled out a google form, there is no need to post the form again. But you can if you want ;]

    Do let me know if you like posting or using the google form more!
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