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[ Cafe ] ♥ "Food Is The Ingredient That Binds Us Together" ♥

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    [ Cafe ] ♥ "Food Is The Ingredient That Binds Us Together" ♥


    Haii~! Hello~! Hola~! Heyo~!
    Welcome To The [Cafe] Guild Thread.
    Need Help In Dungeons? Dont Worry, We Can Help You
    Need Farm Buddies? No Worries, We Have Farmers Here
    Need Help In Fashion? No Problem, Fashionistas Are Here Too
    And Many Others~

    We Are An International PvE And Social Oriented Guild.
    We Do SD's, Heroic, Guild Dungeons, Henir, Snakey-Chan (Drabaki ), And Many Others.
    We Also Love To Chill And Talk About Fun Thingies.
    So If You Need Help With Something, Dont Hesitate To Ask Us.
    There Are Times Where Other Admins Are Afk So Better Message Them Through Our Discord Server.

    If You Want To Join, You Can Apply In The Guild Ad At Myu.
    If The Guild Ad Isnt There, You Can Fill Up The Application Form Below Or
    Message One Of The Guild Staff Below.

    Date Of Establishment: 10- 01- 2019
    Current Guild Level: 18
    Guild Members: 200+/300

    We Currently Have 2 Guild Skill Pages At The Moment.
    1st Guild Skill Page For Grinding/Farming While The 2nd One Is For Power.
    Gnosis Blessing Is Always Active.

    1. Guild Skill Page 1 ( For Farming/Grinding )

    2. Guild Skill Page 2 ( For Normal Dungeons )

    3. Guild Skill Page 3 ( For Raiding )

    A. IN-GAME

    ~ Basically The Guild Master ~

    ~ Given To Those Who Played A Big Part In The Guild's Needs ~
    ~ Also Given To Those Trustworthy And Helpful Members ~

    ~ Given To Those Who Stayed In The Guild For Like 2 Weeks And Above ~
    ~ Also Given To Those Who Made A Contribution To The Guild Atleast ~

    ~ Automatically Given Once You Reach Lv.99 ~

    ~ Given To Those Who Are Still lv.98 And Below ~

    ~ Given To Those Rulebreaker Members Temporarily ~


    ~ Given To The One Who Have The Owner Role In-game ~

    ~ Given To Those Who Have The Manager Role In-game ~

    ~ Given To Those Who Have The Chef Role In-game ~

    ~ Given To Those Who Have The Server Role In-game ~

    ~ Not Used At The Moment ~

    Fallen Angel
    ~ Given To Those Who Have The Initiate Role In-game ~

    1. Behaviour - Please Remain Polite And Friendly When Interacting With Other Members.
    Repeated And Unwanted Actions To Annoy Another User Is Strictly Forbidden.

    2. Inactivity - You Will Be Kicked In The Guild Once You’re Inactive For 10 Days.
    However, You Can Write Your Reason In The Absence Channel And You Will Be Excused.

    3. Language - Yes, We Are An International Guild But Kindly Use English When Interacting With Other Members.
    However, We Have The Other Languages Channel Where You Can Speak Any Language You Want.

    4. Bullying/Discrimination - Anyone Caught Bullying Or Discriminating Other Members Will Be Warned And
    If Done Twice, You Will Be Automatically Kicked From The Guild.

    5. Guild Bank - You Can Take Anything You Want From The Guild Bank But
    Remember That You Can Take Up To 100 Pieces Of Items, Potions, Etc. Only. Approach One Admin If
    Think You Will Need More.

    6. Alts - You Can Have Up To 4 Maximum Characters In The Guild And 5 For The Officers And Admins
    As Long As You’re Active With Them.

    7. Scamming/Hacking - Anyone Caught Scamming Or Hacking From Other Members Or
    Other Players Will Be Automatically Kicked From The Guild.

    8. Fighting - Fighting Isnt Allowed Here In The Guild. If You Have Problems With Other Member,
    Confront Him/Her Instead And Fix It By Not Affecting The Guild.

    [ Guild Master ]

    " Haiii Future Guildies! My Name Is Allysa Kate But You Can Call Me Airy.
    I Main Code Sariel And You Can Reach Out To Me In-game With My IGN, Airylle, Bashers, And Lavery.
    I Love Listening To Taylor Swift's Songs, Watching K Drama And Many More.
    I Usually Spend Time Chilling In Sparring, Or Guild Base.
    If You Ever Need Help With Something, Feel Free To Ask Me And I Will Try My Best To Help You."

    [ Administrator ]

    " Hello there. I'm IA from Cafe.
    I am one of the admin in the guild, currently active on elsword with the name DaPro (Mad Paradox) and yes it's my main.
    I would like to help you, so dont worry to contact me in game or discord and i will do my best to help you.
    That's all, can't wait to see you have fun in our guild, thanks ."

    [ Administrator ]

    " Greetings!
    My in-game name is Florasce (you may call me Flora, Lora, or Flo) and my discord username is Schmerlock.
    You can reach out to me if you need some help and I will be glad to assist you with what I could (or refuse politely, hehe).
    I have a broad range of interests, so feel free to contact me via discord to discuss anything you want,
    be it related or unrelated to Elsword (inappropriate topics aside).
    Looking forward to having you as my new friend in the future~ "

    [ Administrator ]

    " Hey, nice to meet you! I am PowerArrows, an awkward one, from Cafe.
    You can call me by any of those two words, preferably Arrows. I like music, gaming, anime, etc.
    I am not online for too long sometimes(or just stay afk) because of tasks outside Elsword.
    If you need me to help in dungeons, I would try my best to be of help(I am still trying to get strong Q~Q),
    but Master Airylle and the other admins are very strong.
    It would be best to ask them for help with dungeons of high difficulty.
    Enjoy your stay in Cafe and be kind. ^~^ "

    [ Administrator ]

    " Hello everyone! Am one of the managers in the guild [Cafe], the name is Laze.
    I still dunno why am become an admin eventhough i never requested to be one.....
    Our boss is the one you-know-who made me like this.My main character is Eve Code Sariel with IGN JustLaze.
    The name is just the way i use Eve. Just spam the hell out the laze thing.
    Am always onl in Elsword almost everyday (Especially because of the darm corona thing).
    You can ask me for help anytime except Raid cause am too weak. Better ask our superior @IA.
    Also, pls just call me Laze. DONT CALL ME MISTER BECAUSE AM STILL YOUNG!! "

    [ McSoap ]
    [ Administrator ]

    " Hello everyone! I'm one of the admin in [Cafe] now, I main MaP and my IGN is McSoap,
    but i kinda regret it using that name tho... I hope i can help you all and
    call me in game or in discord if you need something
    Tell me if I made something wrong or something that break the guild rules and
    i'm not talkactive in discord but i'll try to be more active now
    I go online almost everyday so you will often seeing me and ty~ "

    [ Administrator ]

    " Hello, I'm Dibiss from [Cafe]. I main Lu/ciel (Innocent) with a side of Eve (Code: Ultimate).
    You can find me in-game or on the guild discord server every day.
    I love doing things together as a guild, be it farming, daily quests or raid.
    Don't hesitate to invite me or ask for help with anything.
    Hope we can play together in the future! "

    [ Administrator ]

    " Hello everyone! I'm the new admin in [Cafe] now, I main Cent and my IGN is CQViD,
    Keep 1 meter distance or Koros Thanks~ "

    [ Administrator ]

    " Heya there guys I'm Silvy from Cafe.
    One of your Manager in the guild and as you can I'm alive and kicking,
    oh by the way i main Rena with the name of SilverGospel (DayBreaker).
    If you need support or info (Elsword related ONLY) just contact me in game or in discord,
    i do raid also mainly as a support for now 1 day my DPS time will come.
    That's for now guys, have fun playing the game and don't get frustrated at all. "

    [ Administrator ]

    " Hello everyone~
    I'm the new manager Renon from Cafe, Currently maining Lu/Ciel ( Catastrophe ).
    My IGN is ReChela and my discord name is Renon, you can call me either Ren or Chel.
    If you need help something in-game, feel free to ask me ( if i'm not afk ).
    Hope you enjoy our "Cafe" Thanks~

    [ Administrator ]

    - Lockdown Problems -
    - Will Update Soon -


    The Forum Will Be Checked Daily So It Wont Take Days Before We'll Accept Your Application.
    No Certain Requirements Needed. Just Be Friendly And Kind Then You're Good.
    We'll Be Very Glad To Have You If Ever You Join.
    See Ya~
    Here's The Application Format:


    IGN ( In-game Name ):
    What Do You Do In-game:
    Why Did You Choose This Guild:
    About Yourself:


    Jk, We're Not Closed Yet xD
    Thats It For Our Guild Thread.
    Thanks For Reading ♥

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    nice guild ad you have there


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      Originally posted by Lorycel-gaia- View Post
      nice guild ad you have there
      Thanks xD ~
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      • SeiMin-gaia-
        SeiMin-gaia- commented
        Editing a comment
        Srry, i'm kinda new at this and i wanted to join but... What does IGN mean? x'd
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      Srry, i'm kinda new at this and i wanted to join but... What does IGN mean? x'd


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        Originally posted by SeiMin-gaia- View Post
        Srry, i'm kinda new at this and i wanted to join but... What does IGN mean? x'd
        Ohh Haii... I See You're In The Guild Now... Sowwy For The Late Reply... And IGN Means In-game Name ( Updated It Already )... Thanks ^-^


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