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    Snow Serenity

    Hello and welcome to my personal thread made by yours truly HarunaMinase formerly known as PrismHeart

    I am here today to recruit players to my guild (I'm the only member at the moment) in the hope that you (the one reading this right now) would consider joining my guild.

    About the Guild

    The Guild has been around for more than a year and still counting you must wondering why i am the only one member in it right now? well due to "personal" reasons it ended up to the way it is. anyways enough of that i am here to provide you (the reader) some information regarding the guild.

    First off the guild is supposedly specialize in PVE Content meaning i should be posting Guild ads in dungeon category but with so many Guilds that are better than mine (well duh) i pick social category instead. The current state of my guild is not yet on par with the other guilds (competitively) maybe in the near future perhaps for now the guild is now in casual mode.


    Like i said the Guild main focus is on PVE (could be PVP but i suck and don't really wanna bother with it for now).

    RULES & REQUIREMENTS to join the Guild

    Respect Them and they will do so to you :
    self explanatory

    Be friendly towards the other member(s) (in the near future) : i mean that's how you are able to befriend people right? RIGHT?!

    Speak/Type in English

    In chat/guild i can't stress enough how important it is when it comes conversing with other people i know some of you would like to speak in your own native language but if you really wanna do it then by all means go ahead but do it somewhere else such as whisper/couple/party message you should probably know what i mean by this.

    Once you have follow the rules and understand the requirements then you can join into my guild!

    Contact Info:

    you can contact me via Discord : Celica Sylph#3004


    add me in game HarunaMinase if i'm online

    I also have a Guild Discord but it's WIP(Work in Progress)a bit plain and all but if you wanna join regardless of that then let me know i'll invite you.

    And that is all from me i look forward to you soon! (Hopefully) *fingers-crossed*

    P.S :

    Please let me know about your time-zone as well (Mine is GMT+8) so we can (hopefully) adjust the time if we want to party together n Drabaki (unfortunately i cannot access Varnimyr dungeons at the moment)and other future party dungeons as well.

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    magical bumperino i'm not dead yet!


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      can i join? haha


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