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    Joy Division

    JoyDivision was founded in December 2018 as a PvE guild with a strong focus on raid.

    We're always striving to improve ourselves and our guild, both upfront and behind the scenes!
    Join us while we do dailies, including Henir, SDs, Heroics, DraBaki/Crimson raids, and Expeditions.​​​​​​​


    We're looking for active, fun, and talkative players who can help us achieve our goals.
    To promote activity, we do expect you to aggressively strive to cap your character as soon as possible. We'll help!

    We also accept alts!
    It's not uncommon for users to have multiple alts so long as they are all active.

    Guild Rules
    Be active
    The inactivity limit is seven days, but you can be kicked at five if we need space.

    Keep Drama to a Minimum
    If you have issues with a member in the guild (or Discord), contact an admin. That's what we're here for!

    Be Respectful
    Treat every member with respect and dignity. Yes, we horse around a lot and poke fun at each other, but when someone says stop, you stop.

    Contribute to your new guild, be it in the form of donating materials, organizing parties for dailies, or helping out other guildies!
    Begging is not acceptable and after the first offense will be met with Strikes (Discord) and Initiate ranking

    Guild Bank

    The guild bank is for everyone. Please keep junk out!
    Do not take things to sell for personal profit!
    Do not take more than your share! If you withdraw too much, you will be demoted to Initiate and asked to return the excess. If you fail to comply, or don't pay in ED the total value of what you took, you will be kicked from the guild.


    Main or Alt:

    Contact GM or ADM, or register with Myu

    GM: DianeNguyen
    ADM: RimuruTensei


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    It's seem you make new thread :

    You can try to copy this detail for english version and phase at the same thread (2nd page) on your [BR] JoyDivision new thread as link above.

    As this thread maybe can be closed so you keep on using on one thread (Did sent a flag to note Mod for them to decide). You can made "edit" if you wish to update some detail you need at anytime.
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      Hello, as Chungie said, please keep in mind that making duplicate threads is not allowed, even if the languages are different. Please condense it down to a single thread and you can include information in both languages in the same thread. If you wish to edit the contents of your thread you can use the edit function (on the bottom right of the post), and if you would like to make a change to the title of the thread, please use the flag function (also on the bottom right of the post) and tell us that you want to change your thread title and give us a new thread title to change it to.

      I will be locking this thread for duplicate, but you can still copy and paste the information from this thread onto the other one.
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