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    ~ Credits for Gluecklich for the banner! ~

    Ever wanna know what this guild is made of, how it had been for years and how it flourished its members?

    History as Blitzkreig

    SPOILERThe Guild was established Dec. 26, 2013 under the 1st Guild Master (this is way back PH server) called Cieolux. Formerly at that time, blitz will not last longer due to lack of activeness, and almost member that time are having random affairs from outside the game. Lux was merely starting to have second thoughts of why did he just made this guild, is it not really worth having to manage a guild this time. Lux friend Emi doesn't want to disband this guild and take control of it to test if this guild can last longer and longer that Lux ever expected. Emi add more people and hired two people, Pixie, and Alixi. They we're couple irl (PH). They helped Emi get more people around and help the newbies to become more comportable inside the guild. More people we're added up until the guild become stable. Lux was surprised about it and let it lived prolong. Now the guild's condition right now (INT - Present time) is still growing steady and becoming more active. I plan not to disband this for the legacy not just me but the previous people who let it live longer and stronger even without popularity!

    Lets build a wonderful Era for this time, downside or not, let's continue it. Hope you will become a part of this until the end.

    Guild Master Timeline:

    December 2013 - March 2014
    The Founder and creator of Blitzkreig. (ever wondering why its wrong spelling though) He was the 1st person that was planning to make Blitzkreigs more attractive and fast learner. However most of the member be got we're all inactive and sometimes not fond of joining here. He was almost close to disbanding this guild but passes it to his friend instead. Nicknamed Lux, his abilities in playing Els are really high and has been really good in both Dungeon and PvP.

    Emi / 0thinus
    March 2014 - June 2014
    Emi leads the guild to prevent it from deleting the guild and continues it by looking more exceptional members that will help this guild making it alive again. Abilities is really fond in Dungeons and slightly PvP, and good in helping others to make the guild more stable, friendly, His busyness was the cause of his problem to become inactive and passes it to someone who can really manage this guild more capable in not letting it back to being inactive. Passes to Pixie then Chix but ended up sending to me as the last one.

    June 2014 - June 2014
    (5 mins. GM)
    If you ever wondering why I still add this, well it was really fun isn't it! 1st ever shortest founder of Blitz with a record of 5min. to manage the guild then sended back to Emi, the reason was she wasn't fit to handle it and she's not good at managing it at sky rocket.
    June 2014 - June 2014
    (1 day GM)
    Just one day, Emi tries to send it to chix if he can really manage it but failed due to overlaughing and keeps making all members "Officer" instantly. That's some worst case. However it was really funny.

    iEu / Euchil
    June 2014 - May 31, 2017
    This was the time Euchil was granted Guild Master to recontinue it after they leave it all and Emi saw that Euchil have potential to handle it at sky rocket. He lead this guild to continue it fully. His sole goal for this guild is to make it more better and better without marking some negative influences to some others outside of guild and to lead the people here a normal, and "mental" life.
    May 2017 - May 2018
    The Special Guild Assistant of Euchil.
    For some reason he left the guild leadership to Momo for just a mean time, Momo will be the current Guild master while Euchil went busy fishing Money in the Outside World. Momo will make sure you are a good human, she will surely punish you if you've done something wrong and make sure you give "her" a cake "in a cup".

    May 2018 - August 2018
    The former guild master of Ascendancy, when Moeka had left due to several reasons, were glad enough to lead a good, and an amazing guild, and had to forfeit the role due to real life situations and occurances.

    Current Era as Ascendancy

    On the start of a New Era, the Guild Master decided to change the name of the guild, which is now it's called "Ascendancy".
    It was changed last December 9, 2017. As of 6:57 PM. GMT+8. Hoping this a good start for us.

    Ascendancy is a Level 20 Guild on Gaia, INT server. The Guild is mostly for PVE purpose only, and we're accepting anyone!
    Newbie, main-character, sub-character, anyone else can join!
    It's more fun this way!~

    [Old Thread Here!]

    - Nein, before you think of anything; we don't have any heavy guild requirements.
    We only require you to speak in English whenever you're on guild chat, discord- anything that requires interacting with the guild!
    We want to understand you as much as possible, and we want you to interact to us- so we want you to use English, a language everyone else can use!

    - If anything else, we want a pleasing personality!

    - Respecting each other is a must. That's a basic rule. Failure of showing respect to members, especially admins will get you a warning.
    If you failed to show your feedback with the said warning as well, you will be expelled without mercy.

    - As said in the requirements, you must SPEAK ENGLISH in Guild Chat and in anything that involves interacting with guildmates.
    If you need to talk using another language, please do so on party, whisper.

    - Whenever interacting with other people, other guilds; please remember to show respect to them. It's not only guildmates that you need to respect.
    You also have to respect other players. Failure of doing the said rule results in an automatic expulsion.

    When you get into Ascendancy, you'll be a Member rank first. If you would be active for 2-3 days, you will get the Veteran rank.
    After that, if you have greatly contributed to the guild, we will give you the Officer rank.

    Lastly, if you have caught the attention of our Guild Master with your loyalty, contribution, activeness and trust, you can earn the Administrator rank.
    The Guild Master will first ask you if you want to take it or not. Don't be afraid, you can accept it or decline it. It's all your choice.

    - Being inactive for 10 days will result to you getting kicked out of the guild. However, if you have tried to interact to us, or told us the reason why you would be inactive, we will give you an exception. Please don't be afraid to approach one of the admins for this. We won't bite.

    If you wish to rejoin again when you have been kicked/inactive, please send the admins/guildmaster a message on the forums, discord or whisper them in-game.

    - Only the members of the guild can join the Facebook Group and the Discord Server.
    Please respect our privacy.

    - Enjoy the guild! You can interact with the fun people here that will let you enjoy the game more.
    We don't really bite. We bite our husbandos/waifus instead.

    - We all are greedy, but please put it in place.
    Ask the admins, officers first before taking out/depositing something from the guild storage.

    When taking out something, be sure to deposit something in equivalent to the taken amount.

    Failure of obeying this will put you unto initiate rank for 7 Days, and explusion if you continue to do it when your rank has been given back.


    If you wish to join via forums, please entertain us with your answers using this format!

    You can apply via the guild boards in-game, but it's a bonus if you whisper the admins. They would ask you a few questions, but no worries, it isn't that hard.
    We don't ask Maths.

    Character / Class:
    Timezone (This is very important, so please answer this):
    Why do you want to join on Ascendancy?
    What makes you think that Ascendancy is good for you?
    Are you willing enough to contribute on the guild? Like helping others to those in need?
    About on guild storage, will you ask to the GM first, before you take something from it?

    Have your forum application stuck for a day? Want to apply in-game?
    Please whisper/message these admins/officers as we can help you get our answer fast.

    - ReizeiShiori
    - Redescend
    - Tokeijikake
    - Wainer/Wainker
    - EveBSeraph/Chunghie
    - Varzathe

    As mentioned earlier, our social media groups are only accessible to our members.
    Links will be provided to you if you are! Don't hesitate to message the admins/officers for the links.

    Ascendancy is not only just your simple guild, it's a guild filled with people with each of their uniqueness.
    Thank you for reading, viewing our forum thread post! We will be waiting for your application, if you want to join us.

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    (This one is outdated, but hey, at least it's fancy?)

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      Taken at March 10, 2018, 6:30PM GMT+8. Moekaa thanks all the members for the cooperation of everyone that made the photo a success.


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        New thread, new life. Good luck to all of you. Best wishes to this guild.


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              Mochi bumperino~ >w<)/


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                Aim Higher, aim more joy
                IMG_20180416_065416.jpg ​​​​​​​


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                  bump bump bump


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                      For anyone who wish to join, please read the rules and follow this format :

                      Character / Class:
                      Timezone (This is very important, so please answer this):
                      Why do you want to join on Ascendancy?
                      What makes you think that Ascendancy is good for you?
                      Are you willing enough to contribute on the guild? Like helping others to those in need?
                      About on guild storage, will you ask to the GM first, before you take something from it?

                      Thanks for your attention

                      Now Guild is getting more interesting day by day


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                        Bumpity Bump bump o 3o)/


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                          200w_d.gif Bump


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                            IGN: CrashTurtle

                            Character / Class: Elesis/Crimson Avenger

                            Timezone: GMT+8:00

                            Why do you want to join on Ascendancy?
                            I've always been the lone wolf type in mmo games so I very rarely join guilds and such. I kinda wanna mix it up a little especially here in elsword because of the guild skills and such. Also i'm a shy guy so yeh socializing isn't my forte ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
                            And so I browsed the forum looking for active guild adverts and chanced upon the new thread and decided to post an app here
                            also im lonely and i want friends to play with ono

                            What makes you think that Ascendancy is good for you?
                            Here are a some reasons why I think this guild is good for me:
                            1. I'm a PvE player and this is a PvE focused guild. That's pretty self explanatory I guess. owo
                            2. This guild likes to use the english language, and guilds like that are very much appreciated
                            3. I think that this is a guild with lots of experienced players considering that this is an old guild. I just entered the (very) early parts of the late game grind and hopefully I can learn from these people
                            4. You guys seem pretty chill and fun and aren't we all just looking for some good fun?

                            Are you willing enough to contribute on the guild? Like helping others to those in need?
                            Of course. I'll try my best to reach out to other people to the best of my abilities.

                            About on guild storage, will you ask to the GM first, before you take something from it?
                            Of course. I'll ask the GM first for permission. Stealing is bad. That's why it's illegal irl. Also I believe that goods should be obtained via hard work or an exchange of stuff w/ equal value.
                            also i'd feel bad if i ever break rules b/c of all the guilt and i'll feel like poo afterwards :L

                            That is all and thank you for taking your time reading this. I do hope you consider my request! owo
                            I apologize if this was a bit of a lengthy read lmao. i tend to make things over the top ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
                            also first app in new thread yey

                            EDIT: A few words inserted


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                              Thank you for applying! I'll rely the message to other admins and see if we can accept you!

                            • Stellio-gaia-
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                              Hi there. We decided to accept your application! Please apply on the guild ad board, we'll put up an ad for you!
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                            Bump Bump up


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