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    IGN: Eliasorien

    Time Zone: JST

    If you are in a situation where you are unhappy, but you can't easily escape from it without changing a big aspect of your life, how do you go about tackling this issue, generally. No need for any personal examples or specifics.

    I would first reflect on what my current situation is, what the problem is and any possible ways I could do to change this, like if I had said something wrong to someone and I felt guilty about this, I would make sure to first apologize to the person and then second see what I could have done differently so that a situation like this doesn't happen again.

    Why specifically [Histoire]?:

    I happened across someone in PvP and thought they were very nice, and I can't remember exactly but I believe I used to be in the guild a long time ago, just back then I used to be very shy and ended up leaving when I quit Elsword for a long time (I plan to be back for a long time though just my situation wasn't the greatest back then). This wasn't on my Luciel though (Eliasorien) and I really can't remember if I was back then or not, sorry


    I don't know if this counts as a recommendation because they didn't exactly recruit (they did help me by telling me you guys were recruiting when I asked and guided me to this forum), but Saerans

    If you were to join, would you like to join the discord?

    Yes please~!
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      Originally posted by Soleian-solace- View Post
      IGN: Eliasorien
      Thank you for your application. Upon review, we've decided to accept your application Soleian-solace- . Welcome to Histoire! Please PM me about a time when I or another admin can get you into the guild.

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