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I need help with my guild XD

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    I need help with my guild XD

    I had a pretty active guild lvl 4 in 2016 but i took a break and only returned this year XD but anyways im trying to reboot my guild to get active members and what not but idk i just cant get the active ones who will participate in like gulid expeditions etc so i really need help with this guild thing case i dont wanna disband but if anyone wants to help idk if this might work u can add my discord (mick#1633)
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    With the current guild meta, where literally there's nothing useful on a guild except of the skills, people look for the highest level guilds (20+) for their mains and, for the characters they use not so often, they really don't care about the guild.

    Guild skills affect your CP and give huge benefits for raid. For example, a Lv. 24 guild (like the one I'm in) can give you both buffs "Powerful Physique" and "Hunter's Instict" that are bottom row. A Lv. 10 guild can't do it, not even with the Gnosis Blessing. A Lv. 11 guild can give 1 point on one of them. A Lv. 20 guild can give you both of them with the 5 points.

    So... unless they change the current guild meta, it is not so possible for you to find a lot of people.
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      oof i guess amma disband

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      It's the best option... but better wait for more opinions. It may help you better.
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