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[ABIS] AI: Somnium Files -- Fan Guild

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    [ABIS] AI: Somnium Files -- Fan Guild


    .:Welcome To
    The Advanced Brain Investigation Squad:.
    Good evening, good morning and hello! We have created a guild on Elsword that you may enjoy!!
    A fan made Guild has been born for those who fans of the upcoming game: AI-Somnium Files!
    (Made by:
    Spike Chunsoft)
    (COMING SOON: September 17-20, 2019)
    [UPDATE: May be actually released on the 24th]

    This newly made guild's forum post was made for my friend AIBall--the Founder of the guild. As for me, I'm an admin of the group known as ABISBoss. Due to being the Boss, I decided to create this post since I have the power to.

    I'm not really the's just coincidence really...^^''

    The name is actually is based on the character Boss--A member of ABIS, which is the group that can use a special machine to see the dreams of the person within it!

    Enough about me though...

    As big fans of the newborn game, we hope to spread the news about the game and therefore creating the guild and now, this forum to advertise the guild. A place that would be more aimed to be a Social type of group BUT....we also plan to help others as well as getting the game attention!

    Which means that we plan to collect as much for guild members as possible including:
    • Prizes and guild skills.
    • Harvesting food
    • Guild chest availability
    • Members to carry for
    • And much more!

    We also want this guild to go far in the future and be one of the best--full of lovable and helpful people who will spread the soft and comfy positive energies to each other and, not just helping them out by carrying them through Dungeons! We plan for the guild and server to be a place for anyone to come and stay as if it were their own a digital world. Even if they don't know much about AI, or if want to play the game but can't!
    ~Guild Rules~
    RULE 01: No bigotry/no slurs
    RULE 02: No naughty stuff
    RULE 03: Respect
    RULE 05: Don't give into Naix's temptation

    Do NOT fight and/or argue.
    Be KIND and Help each other as we go through battles and mysteries!

    Use the chest freely but, not too freely! What I mean about this is that you should only take things you NEED.
    Like what my mother use to always tell me when I was a kid: "Only get things you need, not want."
    If you want to store anything, you can do so!





    Thank you all for taking your time reading this. Again, we'd appreciate you joining the guild! We would be SO HAPPY! To see you there!
    If you don't you'll....
    ....make us so aggro!


    Don't ever mention the Naix....

    Unless it is for detective reasons.

    Forum, Edited Images, Screenshots Taken By: ABISBoss and AIBall
    All original art from the game, screenshots and emojis' characters are by: KoG/GKoG Games.
    AI: Somnium Files Logo by
    : Spike Chunsoft
    Attached Files
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    i absolutely loved the game, but i don't have any mule characters that I'm playing on currently to help you guys level this guild

    good luck tho!!


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