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    milkntea header.png
    [MilkNTea] is a lv 19 guild created by a group of friends that were able to start this guild thanks to our GM. We are pve/social oriented and have the guild open to anyone \o/

    Guild Skills:

    farming page.PNG
    Comrades Cheer 5/5
    Alchemy Specialist 5/5
    Trace of Treasure 5/5
    Critical Counter 5/5 (might soon replace for Light Steps)
    Powerful Physique 4/5

    Guild Master/Admins:

    About Us and our plans going forward:
    GM Andy got an old guild and renamed it to what it is now. We are now [MilkNTea] and aim to make this guild thrive as an active family. Our main goals at the moment are to: achieve Level 20 and acquire a 2nd guild skill page. Along the way we'd love to open our doors and meet many active guildies to join our small family. We offer a discord to socialize in and exchange ideas/talk about both elsword and other games. One idea we have for events is to hang out in rabbit and watch any type of media (anime/ general movies/etc.) or maybe set up a cards against humanity event in the future. A future goal we have our eyes set on is to one day have a [MilkNTea] guild raid.

    Guild Flag:
    Our flag was voted on with a small poll around the time we were bringing this guild back up on it's feet. Mellow has sort of become our guild icon since then as we are working on Mellow emotes and keep Mellow as our guild discord icon.


    Class, Level:
    What you like to do on Elsword:
    Do you have a Discord account:
    Why this guild: (optional)
    Anything else you'd like us to know: (optional)

    gm andy.PNG
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    162/200 erp, lazy grind |s>et3 eve 4/4
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    saving this just in case
    162/200 erp, lazy grind |s>et3 eve 4/4


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      lgn: PacisCantio
      Class, Level: Bluhen, 99
      What you like to do on Elsword: PVE oriented dungeons, drabaki, etc.
      Do you have a Discord account: Yes, IBsdon'tworkinFGO[Carna]#0525
      Why this guild: (optional) I need a new guild since my last one is inactive for now.
      Anything else you'd like us to know: (optional) I usually play a lot of games at once, so if there's a time I'm inactive, please remind me --sweats.


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        Im interested too as my guild is pretty dead. But can i ask is it possible for my main and one alt to join tgt?

        If so here is both character details

        IGN/Class/Level- Main: JRuneMaster Lv99 Rune Master, JFatalPhanto Lv99 Fatal Phantom
        What You Normally Do In-Game Right Now. Doing heroic dungeon grind and some dungeon quest clearing from elysion onwards.
        Your Goals Aim to finished resonance and reach a decent BP for all content.
        Anything else you want to tell us (optional) From Singapore, so timing might quite a different.


        • EdensExile-solace-
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          Editing a comment
          one alt and one main is fine!

          im sure lots of the guildies would enjoy heroic grind o7
          ill be on in about an hour or so and for (hopefully) the rest of the day, or at least another admin will be on to invite you later today

        • JRuneMaster-solace-
          Editing a comment
          Thanks. Let me know if anyone is online to invite me. Actually in case im not online. I applied through the guild advertisement too. You can accept from there
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        wow its been a while
        need to seriously update the main post

        bump bump~~

        due to popular demand i am back
        162/200 erp, lazy grind |s>et3 eve 4/4


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          lgn: serverthian
          Class, Level: Lu/Ciel lvl 9
          What you like to do on Elsword: im mostly a pve player
          Do you have a Discord account: yes Angry Sand Boi#9433


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            Hi! I'm new to the world of Elsword (hope that is okay)
            I'm active every day. I do pve and any dailies i have available and play Void Princess. Most of my info is my forum profile.
            I have a discord for chatting and use it frequently.
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              Class,Level:Trancendent BH but soon it will be FL, Level is 99
              What I like to do on Elsword is:PvPing but cuz my CP is low Mostly PvE
              I have a discord: TheKiller#1555
              My goal is to be strong enough to PvP and not get ♥♥♥♥ on :P
              I live in Turkey so when it's 1 am PST it's 12:00 AM here and it's a bit annoying tbh
              Hope I can join


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                MilkNTea guild is not very active without former Guild Master Andy around.


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                  Try to join Saber guild, that guild is more active than weeks


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