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    Welcome to [DesiredSerenity]
    About [DesiredSerenity]

    We are a guild with a PvE focus. We welcome anyone! so plz Join! Alts Welcomed!
    • You will be considered inactive after 14 days (I wont Kick but I will if space is needed or longer inactivity). If you are consistently inactive do tell at #afk in Discord with IGNs and reason if you dont want that public that's ok.
    • Any suspicion of scamming and upon confirmation of offenses, you will be kicked. (In case u get scammed make sure to take a picture/video of the trade so we can alert others on the game about the scammer)

    Discord Rules
    • Don't be disrespectful, there is a limit
    • Don't spam (unless your playing with a bot in Bot Stuff)
    • Don't start drama, you're allowed to rant but dont cause to much trouble for others
    • Don't ask for a higher role you will get it eventually.
    • Any Elsword related questions go to #help-and-questions You can Suggest things on #suggestions anything Emojis, New Channels, Roles Etc. of Course to make it fair we will have a vote on it.
    • Don't withdraw everything at once take only what you need
    • If you're taking something from storage make sure to also store something
    • In case there's a costume in the storage only take it if its for your current character in the guild.
    Guild Storage
    • Orbs pouches
    • Secret Dungeon materials
    • Henir materials and Heroic gear
    • Alchemist Elixirs and Blacksmith Mithrill stones
    • Magic Amulets (of any level)
    • Guild coins
    • El shards
    • Magic stones (advanced or normal)
    • Secret dungeon entry permits and Hero dungeon invitation
    • Blessed enhancement stones
    • Boss drop weapons
    • Guild harvest/ food

    Initiate - When you Just Joined.
    Memes - You're given this role after.
    Migra - You'll receive this role after a Month
    Veggies - You've been in the Guild the longest.
    OwO_Gang- Only to people who are trusted by the GM, committed to and able to look out for the guild. You will not receive this rank if you ask for it.

    Meet The Guild Master
    Meet The Admins


    In Game Name:
    Play During..? (Weekends, Twice a week, Day, Night...Ect):

    Discord Tag:
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    bump .................


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      Hi Avrage o/


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        Originally posted by ImmortalSage-solace- View Post
        Hi Avrage o/
        lol Hi Sage Im so late xD


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          In Game Name: LordOafish and OneLastStar
          Level: 99, 51
          Class: Centurion, Optimus
          Play During..? (Weekends, Twice a week, Day, Night...Ect): Whenever I can

          Discord Tag: (You can PM me your tag) Going to end up being Generator Rex#0001 for now
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          • AvrageThany-solace-
            Editing a comment
            I have put up a guild ad plz join through there '^ '7 or pm me on forums when you will be on
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          Bump for DesiredSerenity!


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            IGN: Sojjiro
            Level: 93
            Tell us about yourself: been playing for about 5 years now, returning player, 2nd time returning, this is my 2nd level 90, my other character is a lvl 90 elsword, this toon is Rose, going for PvE with her and PvP with Elsword
            Reason(s) for wanting to join: my old guild died during my hiatus, need another active guild to pve/pvp with, pretty active, i play at least 20 hours a week
            Comments/concerns: Just looking for cool peeps to play with and help me figure out what to do end game, still new to that part of the game tbh


            • AvrageThany-solace-
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              ill make a Guild ad incase Im not on im getting on RN tho

            • AvrageThany-solace-
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              do you have a discord?
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            Oh my goodness! You can actually do all of that as a forum? Haha! Nice job!
            I want to try something like that for my guild...but maybe an another day. Me and my brother got busy. X'D


            • AvrageThany-solace-
              Editing a comment
              Good luck lmao o:
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            Hi again! I'm just curious but, if I wanted to put up a picture on my forum. (I still plan on making the thread to advertise my guild lol)
            Should the picture (like your "join us" picture) should be a certain size?

   I have to do that Guild Spotlight thing first?


            • AvrageThany-solace-
              Editing a comment
              im not sure and no o:
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            Wanna Be Admin for a Trash Guild
            Join us to become a top notch admin for this guild

            DM me on Discord Thany#7571
            Fill this form vvv

            Application for Admin


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