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Prime Operator Armor guide

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    Prime Operator Armor guide

    Hi just finished levelling up to primeoperator using the fast level up and im still somewhat new to this endgame stuff. I got free +9 elrianode armor and a +9 void weapon but i feel like i jsut dont do dmg for some reason and my combat power is low according to my friend. Also whats a good skill build with their enhancements and stuff
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    There are a few things that you can do to improve your damage (CP and damage do not necessarily come hand in hand, there are some things that boost your damage and give you barely any CP or even decrease your CP whereas there are other things that will boost your CP by heaps but will give you barely any damage).

    The first thing you should aim to do is to get energy disks onto your Void weapon, you can get these disks by running the Add dungeon and crafting the disks from the Alchemist. For PvE, the most important disks are Red 5, Blue 3, Yellow 4 and Yellow 5 (Yellow 3 is super good too but it doesn't give any CP so I'd put this a little lower on the priority list). You have to socket them in order (eg you have to fill in the first 4 red slots before filling in the 5th with Red 5), you can always buy some common mystic stones from the board to use as cheap fillers.
    For your Elrianode equipment, there are some ways in which you can improve it. The most ideal effects should already be on the gloves that you have been given for Proficiency, Transformation and Balance, but you'll have to socket in Destruction tears in order for the set effect of the Elrianode equipment to kick in (it must be completely socketed with one colour of tears for it to count). Destruction tears don't increase CP but will increase your damage. As you are PO, I'd aim for Battleroid, Mech Drop and Frisbee work well as fillers until you get Battleroid. For the rest of your tears, increasing the values for your Proficiency tears will increase your damage and CP, prioritise the gloves first, then bottom/top. For shoes, the most ideal shoe Proficiency effect is Bravery CDR, but if you just want CP then ignore defence is a really good option (while it gives a lot of CP it barely gives any damage).

    Aim for 90% Critical and 90% Maximise, including passives/buffs/systems. Check your passives to see if you get any free Critical/Maximise from them. I also recommend 20% attack speed. If you can't get this high number yet, you're okay as long as Critical and Maximise stay around the same (eg 50/50 instead of 60/40).

    A solid budget end-game set of accessories are Ignia 3/3, DoSI 3/3 (support unit, face bottom, wings), and Corrupted Elrianode 3/3 (weapon guard, circlet, mask). DoSI will take some time to grind out so I recommend doing it daily as you have restricted amounts of daily entries. The rest of your slots should be Magic Necklace (or Velder Necklace/Extreme Necklace of Magic, if you can afford it), Ring of Fury, and a Bravery skill ring. While you have the MR accessories, keep the 4/4 on for that, and then switch to the aforementioned accessories once it expires.

    Not much you can do here yet, but once you can access Varnimyr, I recommend getting Key to Victory. It's a solid title that gives an okay amount of damage for just 50 runs of 12-3.

    Keep in mind that your jump event ones will expire, the main ways you can get a costume for free is to either grind out event dungeons and build towards one (takes a super long time though) or buy some from the ED shop in the IM. The most important part of costumes is the extra socket space that they provide so don't worry too much if you're not getting an IB set.

    I'm not well-versed in PO and my knowledge on her may be outdated so hopefully another person can address the skill build part.
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