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Just got back into Elsword, is Minerva any good?

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    Just got back into Elsword, is Minerva any good?

    Hi everyone. I just got back into Elsword and I was really interested in playing Minerva. I used to play this game quite a lot and I have an ES with about 800k cp. I was just wondering if Minerva is any good in PVE. I just really like her playstyle. I do remember playing her for awhile before quitting her because she got hit with some big nerfs, but I was wondering it's been awhile since I've last played. The main issue would be having to build up another character since my ES has a +11 void and I don't know if I'm willing to go through that hell again. I could sell some IB's but I would still have trouble getting back to where my ES was.
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    If you like to play MN I'd say to invest regardless of how good she is. She's gotten some power back ever since those nerfs but unfortunately she's not in a super strong spot at the moment.
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      i wouldn't say that she's bad but she's not that good,she kinda normal ? i guess she got good clearing but lack of bossing and burst but if you want you can try her she's fun to play
      this is my thought feel free to correct me if im wrong


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        I used to play this class, after the reboot things goes down the hill after Kog messed up all her skills ruining my playstyle.

        Her mp stack regen from grenades is gone forcing you to rely on potions. Physical/Magical attack stack mechanic has been changed, your gonna have to load and waste up all your grenades to activates its effect. You’ll be often to rely on aerial attacks to get the burst damage. Her Penetrating Bullet is her best skill in the reboot as it not only can clear mobs but it refunds your mp as well depending on how many monsters got struck by this skill, remember to put this in trans slot for better spamming.

        All in all, she’s not that good and you’re less luckily to survive on demon realm dungeons. If you’re looking for good Rose class pick Prime Operator instead.


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          Minerva is the best rose in PvE, however need highest ERP to work correctly.


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