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Best Class for raid party

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    Best Class for raid party

    Im a returnee player. I start 20k cp Dec 2019 and Reach 420k last week. im using minerva. my 1st character. i applied many party but They don't accept it and I saw some lessthan 400k cp in that party.

    What the best rose class For raid party?
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    The others who are less than 400k in the party are usually brought along as either uncleared members or buffers.

    Minerva has some pretty handy support options, but unless you are a support class (none of the Rose classes are considered support enough), uncleared for the week or have sizeable amounts of damage, it might be difficult to find a party. If you're looking to get into a party via the damage route, I'd recommend either TB or PO.
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      If you really want to get into raids as rose I would probably advise you to go TB and increase your CP to more than a million
      even though that involves buying the most expensive tears on board and enhancing to +11 both highly unlikely things most people will do.

      otherwise the only option you have is to try and get into groups early on party list when your fresh, since once there are more than four in a party for raid they wont let anyone else in, who isn't support or extreme damage.

      Those are your Two options push your gear to the extreme to do some damage or stalk party list for hours hoping to catch a party early who is kind enough to let you in no matter what class you play as long as your 0% on raid.
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