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MP Efficient Skills for Tempest Burster

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    MP Efficient Skills for Tempest Burster

    What skills do I need to bring on TB for maximum MP efficiency? With her MP recovery passive now only limited to 10 seconds, she now chugs pots pretty hard. I'm the type to use the least amount of potions as possible, that means only three slots: Corrupted MP Potion, MP Potion, and Event Potion. And one slot for HP potions just in case.

    So I'd like to ask, what are skills on TB that have decent MP gain?

    Thank you!
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    The most obvious one to come to mind is FM31 Grenade Launcher, which can just straight up fill your entire bar back up given enough targets, though even on one target it's not terrible.


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      I have that skill on the t-slot, it's so fun to use.
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