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Requesting for Prime Operator guide

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    Requesting for Prime Operator guide

    Guys help, I've switched Minerva to Prime Operator yesterday. Any new updated guides and gameplay tips to play her on pve?
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    Not that i know of, I just read the latest guide available here and improvise myself after reboot (+lurking on discord, reddit, youtube, etc).
    PO doesn't get any major changes, Battleroid is still our bread and butter in transcendence slot, yesterday I tried [Mod]Battleroid and It's kinda worth I guess, a bit slower homing missile in exchange of +6MP/s.
    You can swap [Mod]Mecha Drop for new skill Magnetic Generator on the other trans. slot, that skill hurts on big bosses.

    The rest of her skill in my slot is :
    Q=Gale, W=Sparrow, E=Frisbee, R=[Mod]Mecha, T=Magnetic Generator
    A=Limit Over, S=Focused Strike, D=[Mod]Ex=S Viper, C=Corone, F=BattleRoid

    You can swap sparrow or viper for something else, those 2 are mostly just for MP regen stuff.
    Magnetic guard lost its damage buff and has slower casting speed than focused strike.

    Usually my left hand always busy switching between frisbee and corona, for G-stack buff and to reduce Battleroid's CD by 1s for each switch. According to the guide, you can quickly switch between 3-4 G-skill per second to reduce even more CD on Battleroid. But for my lazy left hand, 2 are enough.
    The double frisbee trick in the guide is quite good to "freeze" the enemy.


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