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    Best Rose class until now

    I'm currently in Minerva and thinking of switching class. I've been playing this class for so long, the reboot patch destroys my game style by getting rid of her mp and attack boost stack, making it more difficult to play. From my point of view, she's not that good at all in Rigomor. I usually got killed many times. All of my attacks can't even connect as well. Any alternative class?
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    rigomor kind of puts me in the same boat, with all the changes from the reboot, having to use pots all the time so i can use the newest skill (penetrating bullet which does not curve round corners)repeatedly.

    The class i guess currently has the most ease in rigomor is prime operator, out of all the rose classes since she has the most homing capability to actually hit nearby enemies.

    Although mainly i think piloting on each dungeon has a lot to do with how good each class is since minerva if you gather the enemies to one spot can kill them all at once. she just isn't good at speeding through these dungeons in rigomor and i am guessing they expect more erp and stats in mp cost plus the eroding energy force skill to be the standard for mana efficient play now.

    whatever way you look at it try gathering and using more potions in rigomor, its the only way to avoid dying in those dungeons for me.
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      Moved to the Rose subsection as it is more appropriate there.
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        After reboot, all of her classes were butchered. Even with 1.6m CP on my Rose I'm still subpar in rigo/raid. Just in reality gotta hope that Masterclass fixes Rose. To be a pro MN, most say you'll need about 250~300 ERP. For skill cooldown+asd+A/A and mp cost. TB is pretty decent. PO is alright if you know how to use her. She just has ALOT of setup time which hurts DPS in raid for example. BLM, kinda useless since bleed effect really doesn't effect most of the new end game stuff so meh.
        KoG doesn't know what to do with her and Rose players get hate from the community and the dev's themselves. Masterclass will most likely be a blessing for everyone but Rose in reality.


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          They all suk


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