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Something i been wondering about Black Massacre

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    Something i been wondering about Black Massacre

    i was asking around about the passives shes got and i was wondering does she need a lot of crit still with all the crit passives she has. i would like an explanation, it would help me a lot. if she does need a lot of crit how much crit and maxi do i need for pve i been wondering this for about a week and still confused it might be my brain failing on me or im just stupid XD
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    You don't need much crit when you carry chain powder
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      You'd probably get more specific feedback if you posted in the Rose section :eyes:
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        I've moved this thread to the Rose subsection as it's more appropriate there.

        As for your question (after looking at passives and consulting with others), you gain (at max stacks) 60% Critical rate when you hit targets that are bleeding, so assuming that you're against targets that can be debuffed (pretty much most if not all end-game mobs and bosses can be debuffed), you're good to go as long as you can get those stacks up. With this, you'd still need to build around 90+% Maximise but you can settle for 40% Critical at minimum if you wanted to.

        Only things I can think of at the moment that can't be debuffed are Awakened Maya, Dekal and Herbaon, so it should be okay the vast majority of the time.
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          No we don't need alot of crit but its a massive boost in CP so we get it anyways


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            oh ok i get it so we dont really need that much crit but we only need it for cp boost got it
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          what about for pvp how much do we need?


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            I run about 50% crit in pvp


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              You mostly get critical for CP here, but you know that. People have already come to help. : x


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