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Raraxia's Prime Operator PVE Guide (Forum Edition)

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    Raraxia's Prime Operator PVE Guide (Forum Edition)



    Prime Operator is a summoner-type class who specializes in damage over time and ranged attacks. She is a buff reliant class who uses magical attacks. She is also a great proc class due to her multi-hit attacks.

    Infamous...for Lag

    A word of warning: she is usually bashed for FPS drops when in parties. She may also lag your game if your computer is potato tier, so be sure to test for frame drops beforehand. You need a minimum of 2.4Ghz in a processor in order to not lag or be lagged by this class. Keep in mind that you can still lower your game resolution (thanks to ChaoticKi for the testing).

    This guide was made mainly from my own experience and play style. Take my recommendations with a grain of salt.

    Table of Contents
    (Use ctrl+f to help navigate the guide)

    (1.0) Guns
    (1.1) Rose's ECP
    (1.2) Overstrike
    (1.3) Combos

    (2.0) Passives + Buffs
    (2.1) Base Rose
    (2.2) Metal Heart
    (2.3) Optimus
    (2.4) Transcendence
    (2.5) Prime Operator
    (2.6) Force Skills

    (3.0) General Skill Recommendations
    (3.1) Dimension of Sinister Intent
    (3.2) Stacking G-Skills

    (4.0) El Resonance Points
    (4.1) Combat Power
    (4.2) Tl;dr
    (4.3) Frequently Asked Questions
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    (1.0) Guns

    Rose has 4 weapons she is able to switch between using the ‘v’ key. These are the revolvers, muskets, auto-guns, and hand cannons. PrO’s default weapon are the auto-guns, but she is flexible enough to rely on the other guns depending on your build and skill.

    From Elwiki:
    • Revolvers: Basic weapons of Rose. Fires quick singular shots at set intervals. Critical activation chance is high and critical damage is increased by 25%. The weapon is mid-range.
    • Musket: Similar to revolvers but does more damage, fires slower, has the longest range, and will penetrate through all enemies within range.
    • Auto-guns: Firearm which fires quick multiple shots which burns 2 mp each at set intervals but damage is the lowest and range is about the same as hand cannons.
    • Hand cannons: Firearm which deals the highest damage and is also the slowest but range of the blast is a bit lower than revolvers.

    You can lock up to 2 of the 4 guns by right clicking on the weapon icon in your character (‘u’) ui. This is extremely useful for quick switching as the guns will switch in a clockwise direction each time you press the ‘v’ key.

    Ability to switch guns mid-combo: while firing after the first shot, hold the ‘v’ key and one of the directional keys to switch. This does take some practice for timing and coordination. Example: You shoot with muskets, hold ‘v’ and then the down arrow key while firing and rose will switch to cannons for the next shot.

    For PrO, i recommend locking hand cannons and muskets as they are slow. Of course, PrO is a highly flexible class and you can experiment with weapon switching and customize your playstyle.

    (1.1) Rose’s ECP (Energy of Colorless Point) System
    more information on her ecp system here:

    Underneath PrO’s MP bar is her ECP bar. The bar will gradually refill itself (5 points per second) but when the gauge has been used up, the bar turns red and Rose enters overstrike mode. However, ECP recovers faster in overstrike mode. Once the gauge is full again, Rose is out of overstrike and you will need to deplete ECP again to enter overstrike.

    (1.2) Overstrike (OS)

    In overstrike, you get a 30% damage boost in heavy (‘x’) combos and skill damage, and a 15% critical damage boost. ECP skills cannot be used (said skills will explicitly say you cannot use them during overstrike in your tool tip). After some testing, we’ve come to the conclusion that rose requires 96+ ECP to enter OS. Her OS bar has around 90-95 ECP total (factoring in the 5 ECP/sec regen).

    Note: Even if you find skills that total 96 ECP, you may not achieve OS because the animation frames are too long or your attack speed is too low. For example, critical needle sobat costs 36 ECP but has too long of an animation to be combined with other 30+30 ECP skills.

    How to get into OS efficiently
    • Using certain skills
    • Using her heavy (‘x’) combos
    • Fast attack speed
    Best ways for PrO to get into OS


    1. Focus Strike + Limit Over + Magnetic Guard (totals 100 ECP)

    2. Rising Shot + Limit Over + Magnetic Guard + G Skill (totals 110 ECP) - for lower levels

    3. Land Runner + KS-83 + Focus Strike + Robot Detonation (totals 100 ECP) - for PVP mainly

    Note: Her xxxxX loop consumes roughly ⅓ of her ECP bar.

    PrO Tip: always get into OS before doing any summons. Your summons will retain the OS dmg boost for their entire duration.

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      (1.3) Combos

      Heavy Attack - ‘x’ key
      Rose uses her guns. ECP and overstrike affects combos using the heavy attack.

      Light Attack - ‘z’ key
      Rose’s honestly kind of lackluster in comparison. Only useful for PVP.

      Double jump - ^^
      Rose is able to double jump by somersaulting in the air. Very useful for agile movement.


      Recommended / Interesting combos

      PrO is not a combo reliant character, especially in PVE. I have decided to list a few combos that I think should be noted but there are more in the elwiki if you are curious to know. Most of these combos have her auto-guns in use. Results may differ if another gun is active. Super armor is in red.

      Base slide (>>z) - Rose slides forward on the ground with her leg forward like she’s trying to touch base before she gets tagged out in baseball. Meh combo. Mostly used for moving faster across a map.

      Side switch (>>x) - Great for getting behind the enemy and evading attacks.

      Leg-nado (knocked down -> x/z) - Rose will get back up by kicking her legs around first. This does stun the enemy. If you don’t want to be immediately attacked or caught, use x or z. If you want to evade quickly, use the arrow keys when knocked down.

      Shoot ‘em (x7) - Continual shooting, fires 3 shots from each auto-gun 7 times. Each bullet burns 2mp but this is pretty negligible since PrO feeds like crazy. Easy way to proc and gain mp.

      Backwards derp dive (>>^x(xxx)Zz) - Optimus jumps up and fires 1-4 times and then stomps down backward while in stoic, before shooting at the enemy again.
      Note: you can also hold down on the 3rd x and it will do another x on its own.

      Backwards derp dive 2.0 (>>^x(xx)Zxxx) - PrO does the same derp dive but add three extra shots at the end.

      Backstep (xxVX) - while shooting, Metal Heart will jump back in stoic and then shoot again. She does have an active skill where she does a backstep on command. Not a very useful combo, situational at best.

      Gatling rush (>>xzx) - PrO does the side switch followed by base slide and then shoots.

      Switch and Stoic (>>xxX(>/<)) - Metal Heart does the side switch and then fire additional shots. If you hold the facing arrow key while shooting, she will be able to move in stoic while shooting. If you hold the opposite arrow key, she will stay in stoic firing without moving from her position. Note: auto-guns will automatically be in use.

      Meh combos

      Any combo that knocks down or launches mobs are bad, unless it's a requirement for something (cough11-6cough). Otherwise, avoid doing these. It’s ok to stop the combo before the launch/knockdown though. The KD/launch key has been capitalized. Super armor is in red.

      Kung-fu kicks (zzzZ) - launches on the 4th ‘z’

      Triple kick (>>zzZ) - launches on the 3rd ‘z’

      Barrage blitz (zzzxX~x) - on the 2nd ‘x’ Rose gains super armor while shooting rapidly, on the last ‘x’ she sprays her bullets outwards. Not a recommended combo since you become immobile while shooting.

      Grenade throw (>>zX) - Adding on to the base slide, Rose switches sides and throws a grenade. On impact, the grenade will cause knock down.
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        (2.0) Passives + Buffs

        Because PrO is a buff-management heavy class, the passives and buffs have their own section so it’s easier to keep track of.
        I highlighted the passives you should pay attention to in red. Buffs are in pink.
        For more information on skills, please visit

        Lv. 15 Mechanic Mastery When knocked down, there’s a chance to summon a little robot called RX-78. This passive also strengths certain skills such as: RX-78 Land Runner, Gale Force, EZ-8 Countdown, Ex-S Viper, Sparrow Factory, G-0 Battleroid, and Armored Tempest.

        Lv. 35 G-Extension
        Basically, it’s a max 5 stacks buff that increases your attack power and decreases your G skill cooldowns. In order to stack, you must transform (press once) on a G skill. Each G skill (i.e. the G core) is on standby for 30 seconds before you have to transform it again, but you only have 10 seconds for each stack. This becomes 20 seconds with the lv. 99 G-Upgrade passive. Recommended that you have 2-3 G skills on your skill bar in order to stack G-Extension.

        Note: You cannot stack when you activate (press twice) on a G skill, so make sure you stack beforehand (you can bypass this with the frisbee stack).

        Note 2: You only have to spend 15 ECP (20 ECP with G-Upgrade passive) to get into G Core, after that you can stack without using ECP, but there is a 1 second cooldown between each skill stack.

        Note: the buff values are different according to your level. At level 99 you get:
        All speeds +6%
        Auto-gun range +20%
        Auto-gun mp recovery +20%
        Auto-gun’s last hit ECP consumption +60%
        Auto-gun attacks chance to ricochet bullets +25%
        Attack power +6% each stack (+30% max)
        G Skill cooldown time -1 sec each stack (-5 secs max)
        Lv. 35 (Haste) Magnetic Guard (ECP) Cost: 30 ECP
        Cooldown: 10 seconds (8 s w/ Haste)
        Duration: 20 seconds (24 s w/ Killing Blow)
        Trait: Haste would be useful for getting into OS faster and more frequently

        This gives you defence, damage reduction and magical attack power increase. Summoning it while near an enemy would also damage the enemy.

        Lv. 40 (Killing Blow (1)) Limit Over
        Always have this buff active. Not only does it enhance your G skills, it also contributes to getting into OS and increases damage.

        Cost: 30 ECP
        Cooldown: 25 seconds
        Duration: 30 seconds (39 s w/ Killing Blow)

        Lv. 60 Mecha Generator
        Remember the skills buffed by mech mastery? Now they also contribute to mp gain. RX-78 Land Runner, Gale Force, EZ-8 Countdown, Ex-S Viper, Sparrow Factory, G-0 Battleroid, Ex-C Viper, and Armored Tempest. At level 99, each skill gives you 6mp/second (1mp/sec in PVP) while summoned. And you also get max mp +125.

        PrO Tip: Gale Force refunds more mp than you used thanks to this passive.
        160 mp (light traited) to summon = gain 6mp/sec x 60 secs = 360 mp; you get a free 200 mp.

        Lv. 60 G-Mastery
        Duration: 15 seconds

        A continuation from the G-Extension passive. Activates at 5-stacks only. Allows you to spam more skills.

        At level 99, this passive gives you:
        Skill cost consumption -20%
        Skill cooldown -20%
        (hyperactive and marriage skill excluded)

        Lv. 70 Awakened Will: Optimus
        Passive buff to your normals and certain skills.

        Auto-guns pierces +1
        RX-78 Land Runner, Gale Force, EZ-8 Countdown, G-0 Battleroid +20% attack speed
        G skills +20% critical rate/critical dmg/maximize

        Lv. 80 Awakened One
        Standard passive every character gets at level 80.

        Physical/magical attack +10%
        Physical/magical defence +10%
        Base hp +10%

        Lv. 90 Sub Mech Revolution
        Modifies certain skills.

        KS-83: requires more left/right spam to shake off and explosion dmg ignores defense.
        Ex-S Viper: ignores guard and have 50% chance to summon Ex-SS Viper.
        Sparrow factory: ignores guard and have a 50% chance to critically hit
        Magnetic guard: when enemy hits, the guard produces a shockwave 305%.
        Magnetism field: recovers 5mp per magical projectile reflected.

        Read more here:

        Lv. 99 Mecha Control
        OS is increased by 10 seconds

        Using RX-78 Land Runner, Gale Force, EZ-8 Countdown, Ex-S Viper, Sparrow Factory, G-0 Battleroid, and Armored Tempest during OS will add +1 second to OS.

        Auto-guns +10% damage

        Auto-guns +10% Stigma chance (basically focused strike. This also works on mini-bosses, but not on bosses. Thanks Empyreon for the heads up.)

        Enhances Focused Strike (increases Stigma duration by 2 seconds and gives Stigma defence reduction 100% [25% in PVP]

        Lv. 99 G-Upgrade
        G-Extension duration +10 seconds

        Max G-Extension stack chance +50% upon using: G-0 Battleroid, G-1 Corona, G-2 Rolling Thunder, G-3 Raptor, G-4 Frisbee, and G-EX Ancient Buster.
        G-Skill transform standby cost is increased by 5, so now it uses 20 ECP as opposed to the previous 15 ECP.
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          Actives + Special Active Skills

          Notable Skills in red. For more information on skills, please visit

          (2.1) Base Rose

          Lv. 1 (Haste) Backstep (ECP)
          Type: Active
          Cost: 30 ECP (24 ECP with Light trait)
          Cooldown: 5 seconds (4 sec with Haste trait)
          Final enhanced: +5% all speeds for 3 secs
          Trait: Haste for more frequent usage. This skill uses ECP so no need for Light trait because she regenerates ECP quickly and you want to get into OS. This skill is more useful for PVP as it grants invincibility.

          Lv. 1 (Heavy) Barbecue!
          Type: Strength
          Cost: 200 MP
          Cooldown: 13 seconds (19.5 seconds with Heavy trait)
          Final enhanced: burn debuff for 3 secs
          Trait: take Heavy for more attack power, Evil burns MP which isn’t useful for PVE

          Although it’s a physical skill, it’s a decent skill to use for bossing. It also one of PrO’s (few) skills that has i-frames, and can also transition stages if you time it right.

          Lv. 5 (Empowered) Rising Shot (ECP)
          Type: Active
          Cost: 35 ECP
          Cooldown: 6 seconds
          Duration: 15 Seconds (26 seconds with Final Enhanced & if you take Killing Blow)
          Trait: take Empowered for more damage
          The only useful thing about this skill in PVE is you can use the ECP for OS, otherwise not recommended.

          Lv. 10 (Empowered) RX-78 Land Runner
          Type: Tenacity
          Cost: 100 MP
          Cooldown: 6 seconds
          Duration: 10 seconds
          Final enhanced: get an extra land runner
          Trait: Gigantic or Empowered. Take Empowered for more damage.

          Not a useful skill for PVE, I’ve only seen others use it for PVP. But you can stack tenacity with this skill.

          Lv. 15 (Critical) Needle Sobat (ECP)
          Type: Active
          Cost: 30 ECP (35 ECP with Critical trait)
          Cooldown: 5 seconds

          Ditch this skill.

          Lv. 20 (Empowered) M-137 Gatling Gun
          Type: Strength
          Initial Cost: 50 MP
          Cooldown: 19 seconds
          Trait: take Empowered for more damage over Enhanced.

          Lv. 20 M-3 Flamethrower
          Type: Bravery
          Initial Cost: 100 MP
          Cooldown: 22 seconds (33 s w/ Heavy trait)
          Trait: Gigantic or Heavy is up to you

          There are better skills to use in end game, but for its cost, it’s a good skill to use for stacking bravery.


          (2.2) Metal Heart

          Lv. 15 (Powerful) KS-83 (ECP)
          Type: Active
          Cost: 30 ECP
          Cooldown: 6 seconds (7.2 s w/Powerful trait)
          Trait: although taking the Powerful trait increases cooldown by ~2 seconds, the super armor would be helpful in the situations you use this skill. Empowered increases dmg.

          You can throw up to 3 separate active KS-83s. Debuffs an opponent on contact, which applies a tiny shock at set intervals. It is best to strike immediately after the shock.

          PrO Tip: This skill can debuff even debuff-immune bosses and mobs (thanks to ChaoticKi for the info).

          Lv. 15 (Light) Air Mecha: Gale Force
          Type: Strength
          Cost: 200 MP (160 MP w/Light trait)
          Cooldown: 18 seconds
          Duration: 60 seconds
          Trait: take Light over Regenerating (1) because the latter is rng plague.

          Highly recommend this skill. This summon refunds more mp than it uses because of the Mecha Generator passive. Its damage and attack speed is also boosted from her other passives. It will also take damage for you if you angle it between you and an attack. It does have an hp bar and can be destroyed prematurely.

          PrO Tip: Gale Force refunds more mp than you used thanks to the Mecha Generator passive.
          160 mp (Light traited) to summon = gain 6mp/sec x 60 secs = 360 mp; you get a free 200 mp.

          Lv. 25 (Haste) Robot Detonation (ECP)
          Type: Active
          Cost: 30 ECP
          Cooldown: 6 seconds (4.8 s w/Haste)
          Trait: Haste for more spamming. Persistent gives -10 KD which is useless in PVE.

          Hold down the skill and move arrow keys to aim at where you want your summons to kamikaze. This skill works on RX-78 Land Runner, KS-83, Gale Force, Ez-8 Countdown and Armored Tempest. The final enhanced skill has a land runner summoned automatically. This skill is more useful for PVP. With proper timing, you can get this skill to detonate twice, as seen here.

          Directs the RX-78 and 79 to their doom.

          Will explode wherever it is.

          Dives at the targeted place, but will not disappear.

          Will stop counting down and suicides itself on the targeted spot.

          Lv. 25 Ez-8 Countdown
          Type: Tenacity
          Cost: 100 MP (80 MP w/ Final Enhanced)
          Cooldown: 7 seconds (10.5 s w/ Heavy)
          Duration: 3 seconds
          Trait: up to you. Gigantic is good for grouping mobs, Heavy for more attack power.

          It does have an hp bar and can be destroyed prematurely. This skill is more useful for PVP.

          Lv. 30 Ex-S Viper
          Type: Tenacity
          Cost: 100 MP (70 MP w/ Reversed)
          Cooldown: 9 seconds (7.2 s w/ Haste or 11.7 s w/ Reversed)
          Duration: 7.5 seconds
          Trait: whichever works better for your style. I personally went for haste.

          Highly recommend this skill. For a skill that only costs 100mp (70mp if you take the reversed trait), this little guy fires roughly 18 times in a straight line. This skill is also enhanced and refunds mp from her passives. (It does have an hp bar and can be destroyed prematurely, although not always shown.)

          Lv. 30 (Heavy) Sparrow Factory
          Type: Strength
          Cost: 200 MP (160 MP w/Light)
          Cooldown: 14 seconds (17.5 s w/Heavy)
          Duration: 15 seconds
          Trait: Heavy for more attack power, cooldown time becomes 17 secs. Light is also a good choice if you need more mp or skill spam.

          Good damage-over-time skill for mobbing. Sparrows home in on multiple enemies; the range isn’t as big as C:S’s noodles but it’s still a large area. This skill is also enhanced and refunds mp due to her passives. It does have an hp bar and can be destroyed prematurely, although not always shown.

          PrO Tip: place the factory directly above or beneath for faster damage, but preferably out of the line of fire.

          Lv. 35 (Heavy) Mecha Drop
          Type: Bravery
          Cost: 300 MP
          Cooldown: 21 seconds
          Trait: Heavy for more damage. Absorbing is a hit-or-miss depending on the situation. You can put this skill on a trans slot to reduce cooldown.

          Highly recommend this skill. Great mobbing skill because it can curve (some maps) and clear large areas. It hits hard but is not good for single bosses like Cabbage Man (unless it’s physically big and can take more hits, like Bone Dragon). The skill also doesn’t work well in multiple platform areas (like the NPC room in Void) because it explodes with the first platform it makes contact with.

          (2.3) Optimus

          Lv. 35 (Reversed) Battleroid
          Type: Bravery
          Cost: 300 MP (240 MP w/ Reversed)
          Cooldown: 25 seconds (30 s w/Reversed)
          Trait: take Reversed for mp reduction instead of Critical

          Highly recommend this skill. This attack homes, damages, and covers a relatively large area. This skill is a staple and works well for mobbing and bossing. Put on trans slot for shorter cooldown.

          Lv. 45 (Empowered) G-1 Corona (ECP)
          Type: Tenacity
          Cost: 15(20) ECP for standby; 100 MP (80 MP w/Final Enhanced)
          Cooldown: 8 seconds
          Duration: ~10 spheres (13 spheres w/ +35 ECP or 19 spheres w/Limit Over + 35 ECP)
          Trait: Ruthless is only good for PVP, so take Empowered for more damage.

          It’s the strongest tenacity skill. Limit over, G-mastery and OS will help boost those spheres. This is PrO’s best skill in PVP.

          After activating Corona, you can press the skill key 2-3 more times to increase burst speed by 20% after consuming 35 ECP (this will only activate after the 2nd/3rd tap).

          Lv. 45 (Useful) G-4 Frisbee (ECP)
          Type: Strength
          Cost: 15(20) ECP for standby; 200 MP
          Cooldown: 16 seconds
          Duration: 7 seconds
          Trait: Useful will give more damage. Evil burns MP but this is not useful in PVE.

          This skill is good for protecting you in the front and back, and also hitstuns enemies.

          After activating Frisbee, you can press the skill key 2-3 more times to increase damage by 20% after consuming 35 ECP (this will only activate after the 2nd/3rd tap).

          Lv. 50 G-3 Raptor (ECP x 2)
          Type: Active
          Cost: 15(20) ECP for standby; 30 ECP
          Cooldown: 5 seconds (4 s w/Haste)
          Trait: Haste or Persistent

          Don’t use this in PVE, but if you must, then take Haste. This is a catching tool for PVP.

          Lv. 50 (Light) G-2 Rolling Thunder (ECP)
          Type: Strength
          Cost: 15(20) ECP for standby; 150 MP (127.5 MP w/Light or 195 MP w/Critical)
          Cooldown: 21 seconds
          Trait: take Light for mp reduction

          Allows up to 5 shocks. The skill can be charged when on standby (up to 3 charges, 1 charge per second). At max charge you get +30% shock range and +10% damage with this skill. You can use this skill in mid-air. Probably one of PrO’s least popular skill. Never seen anyone use this in PVE. But it is used as a retaliation tool in PVP.

          Lv. 55 (Haste) Magnetism Field (ECP)
          Type: Active
          Cost: 30 ECP
          Cooldown: 15 seconds (12 s w/ Haste)
          Duration: 10 seconds (15 s w/Final Enhanced or 19.5 s w/Final Enhanced & Killing Blow)
          Trait: Haste

          You place this skill and it reflects magical projectiles. It doesn’t work on physical projectiles. You can press the skill key to teleport it to your current position. With Mech Mech Revolution passive, it will refund mp every time it reflects a projectile. Not that useful for PVE as this is more of a situational defence skill.

          Lv. 65 Mecha Volt MX
          Type: Hyperactive
          Cost: 300 MP
          Cooldown: 180 seconds
          Duration: 60 seconds

          Your ultimate robot makes a flashy entrance by killing anything that is some distance in front of you (it’s one of PrO’s few burst skills), and then sticks around to beat up more scrubs. By far one of the best HAs out of all the characters, in my opinion. It does have an hp bar and can be destroyed prematurely.

          (2.4) Transcendence

          Lv. 70 (Empowered) Ex-C Viper
          Type: Tenacity
          Cost: 100 MP (80 MP w/Final Enhanced or 96 MP with Critical)
          Cooldown: 8 seconds
          Trait: take Empowered for more attack power and less MP

          A one-hit skill that is like a one blast Ex-S Viper, pierces through multiple mobs in a linear path. Too bad it doesn't do curved maps. It only shines when you’re geared and need to do a bit of damage to finish off a mob.

          Lv. 80 (Haste) Focus Strike (ECP)
          Type: Active
          Cost: 40 ECP
          Cooldown: 8 seconds (6.4 s w/ Haste trait)
          Duration: 5 seconds (final enhanced skill is 8 s)
          Trait: take Haste for PVE

          Great skill for getting into OS. Also does immediate damage and makes your summons (some of them at least) home in on the marked target. Your mechs will still hit other nearby enemies. Gale Force will still attack the enemy in front of you when you summon it regardless of this skill.

          Lv. 90 (Reversed) G-EX Ancient Buster (ECP)
          Type: Strength
          Cost: 15(20) ECP for standby; 200 MP (240 MP w/ Critical trait or 120 MP w/ Reversed trait)
          Cooldown: 13 seconds (19.5 seconds w/ Reversed trait)
          Trait: take Reversed for mp reduction

          There is a quirk with this skill. After launching Buster, you can immediately change your PrO’s facing direction and the hitbox will change as well.


          Other than that, the vertical hitbox also only really works for bossing or mobs that are placed vertically, and even then, it’s a one-hit skill as opposed to PrO’s damage over time skills. I would recommend this skill to be used with bossing and tanky mobs, or mobs on multiple platforms. This skill will lift smaller mobs, so be sure you can kill them with this skill if you’re going to use it. But, it is possible to stack multiple busters.

          Lv. 95 (Light) Armored Tempest
          Type: Bravery
          Cost: 300 MP (240 MP w/ Light trait)
          Cooldown: 22 seconds (17.6 s w/Haste)
          Duration: ~10 seconds
          Trait: Go Light for less mp. There aren’t many instances where you would continually spam this skill since the summon is immobile once planted, so I would not choose Haste...unless you plan to go for bossing and you combine this skill with Robot Detonation.

          The skill has some useful i-frames if you need them. When enemies are inside, it will stun them continually. The middle section also becomes a physical object that your party members/mobs can run into while you summon it. Do NOT summon it before your party members groups the mobs because this skill will mess them up. The summon is also immobile, so choose wisely the destination before planting it (but can explode elsewhere using Robot Detonation). It does have an hp bar and can be destroyed prematurely.


          (2.5) Prime Operator

          Lv. 99 Satellite Drop
          Type: Hyperactive
          Cost: 300 MP
          Cooldown: 180 seconds

          Great burst skill, it’s flashy and it also power stuns. It hits the area in front of you, so make sure you’re facing the right way when you cast the skill. However, some bosses are immune to power stuns and have the ability to teleport away while you cast the skill, so I would advise using it only when you’re sure the skill will connect.

          Side note: if you’re used to Mecha Volt, you’re probably going to notice that the dynamic camera is turned on for Satellite Drop. This is part of the skill and can’t be removed. This is why being certain of your aim is important.
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          • Class: {{esusrinfo_class328661}}
            Level: {{esusrinfo_level328661}}
            Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild328661}}

            (2.6) Force Skills

            Note: Final Enhanced effects do not carry over to the [mod] versions of your skills.

            [Mod] Ez-8 Countdown

            This makes Ez-8 be planted on where your opponent is, but the range for homing is unfortunately small. It also does not hitstun. But I guess it’s a slight improvement if you need to move fast without thinking too hard.

            [Mod] Ex-S Viper

            Viper now inflicts hitstun. And instead of firing 18 times for 8 seconds, this skill now hits around 5-6 times for 3 seconds. (These numbers are only for the big shots, not the mini-additional vipers from her passive). So that’s a massive trade off. After some testing in free training, it also does less damage than basic Viper, though this may change in the future. Mod Viper is good if you need to quickly burst something.

            [Mod] Mecha Drop

            Sacrifice range for damage. Mod Mecha Drop now covers only 1 screen’s range. The mod allows for more concentrated damage. This is great for bossing.

            [Mod] G-1 Corona

            Corona now fires a single ball and gives 5 seconds of armor break on the target. The range seems to extend to 2 platforms above (will have to be tested), but this can be seen here. This works to lower the defense of tanky enemies if used before spamming heavy damage skills.

            [Mod] G-2 Rolling Thunder

            Instead of sending out horizontal shocks on command, the shocks stay for 3 seconds after using the skill. The shocks induce hitstun, which would be useful for pvp. This is definitely an improvement compared to the basic version.

            [Mod] G-0 Battleroid

            Another summon for our robot overlord. Battleroid becomes the bravery version of Gale Force. Yes, robot detonation works on him now and he acts like Gale Force, in that he will attack but not explode when you use robot detonation. He also counts as a summon for the passive mp gain. Unfortunately, the total damage output is much less than the basic version of the skill. Not recommended for use at this moment in time.

            [Mod] G-3 Raptor

            The skill basically stays the same, except now it causes a debuff on the target resulting in reduced mp gain at the cost of lowered damage. This is still very much a PVP skill.


            (3.0) General Skill Recommendations

            While I could just give you a set of skills to use, PrO has a variety of skills that are useful for certain situations. So depending on what type of dungeon you’re running or what kind of gear you’re using, I will recommend some skills you should use and let you decide which ones to put in your skill slots.

            Focused Strike, Limit Over, Magnetic Guard, and Gale Force as your staple skills
            You can enter into OS easily with the first 3 skills (giving you +30% dmg and +15% crit) while getting some more buffs from the skills. Gale refunds you mp over time.

            Battleroid, [mod] Mecha Drop as field clearing skills
            While the skills are slower than others, the clearing done with these babies are fantastic. Recommended for clearing mobs.

            Frisbee, Buster, Corona, and Barbeque as bossing skills
            Generally good skills for bossing, especially since you can stack multiples of frisbee and buster. Corona is the fastest skill to cast with relatively little mp.

            Sparrow Factory, Armored Tempest, Ex-C Viper, Ex-S Viper as alternate skills
            These skills are more specialized for different scenarios, but are useful nonetheless. Use them to stack, boss rush, or more.

            Outside of these skills, all others are more specialized or situational. I’m not saying those other skills are useless (by all means, try them out and see if it works better with your style), but the above skills mentioned are more useful overall.

            (3.1) Dimension of Sinister Intent

            Having grinded for 5+ accessory pieces (that’s 40x5 = 200+ runs), this is my experience with the dungeon. It’s not quite PVE or PVP. The opponent is an NPC, but with ridiculous attacks, ability to randomly super armor and it can even hyperactive you. Also, it gets more difficult each time you clear stages 1-30.

            HIGHLY recommend Frisbee, Tempest, and KS-83, especially from stages 21-30. These skills can hitstun, debuff, or distract enemies while dealing damage to them. Stacking frisbee works beautifully because the point is to hit them before they can hit you. [Mod] EX-S viper and Sparrow Factory would work for extra damage. Other skills are up to you.

            General advice on running Sinister:
            • Learn the NPC’s skills and how to dodge them
            • Manabreak ASAP if their skills can chunk off your HP and kill you
            • Try to face the NPC’s back instead of their front so they can’t attack or combo you as easily
            • Try not to attack far away from the NPC (i.e. while they’re off screen) as this can activate super armor. They will also roar if you do not attack them.

            (3.2) Stacking G-Skills

            Special thanks to SLAPPYHANDS for the info.

            If you've been playing Prime Operator, you may have realized that her G-skills can't be used simultaneously or back-to-back because you need to transform the skill before using it and then there are cool downs. But guess what? You can bypass this by learning to stack G-Skills.

            In order to do this, you must have at least 2 G-skills that use ECP on your skill bar. I would recommend starting out with Frisbee and Buster. First, transform Frisbee to be on standby. And then quickly use Buster followed by Frisbee. What happens is Buster is transformed and Frisbee is activated, at the same time. What does this mean? It allows you to immediately cast Buster if you wanted to, or swap and cast Frisbee again. You can have multiple stacks of Frisbee by using this method. Similarly, you should be able to stack other G-skills as well although results may vary.
            Here's a demonstration of what it looks like:


            (4.0) El Resonance Points (ERP)

            More information here:

            I recommend MP skill consumption decrease. PrO can be rather mp hungry.

            Places to put in points would be:
            • MP skill consumption decrease
            • Max HP/MP
            • Tenacity /strength/bravery (depending on your skill build)
            • Skill cooldown time
            • EXP/item drop rate (for mules or on a secondary page)
            (4.1) Combat Power

            Go for 80%+ critical and maximize, 20% all speeds, and 20% damage reduction
            Add damage is also useful for PrO since she is a multi-hit class.
            Boss damage, all skill damage, magical attack, attack/attacked, and mp cost reduction are also very valuable to have.

            There will always be new gear, titles, pets, IBs and accessories coming out so it takes time to build up your power.

            How to Build Up Your Stats
            • Socket and wedge your equipment and IB costume (preferably with sage stones)
            • Obtain a useful end game title
            • Enhance your weapon and armor (to +8 or higher)
            • Attribute your weapon and armor (this doesn't contribute to CP but it's still nice to have)
            • Obtain useful accessories
            • Obtain blue el tears for an elrianode set
            • Mystic stone enchant

            (4.2) Tl;dr

            Here’s what you should remember:
            1. Get into OS whenever possible
            2. Stack G-extension/mastery by alternating G skill transforms
            3. Limit over and magnetic guard
            4. Use the frisbee
            5. Win game
            There is no one skill setup, every skill and gun has its uses and you can pick and choose depending on your style and situation.
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              (4.3) Frequently Asked Questions

              How good is she at bossing?
              She's got a fair number of heavy hitting skills coupled with DoT skills that help chunk off the boss's hp. With a strength build, PrO's bossing abilities shine through.

              How good is she at clearing?
              With the help of Battleroid and Mecha Drop, clearing is no sweat for her.

              How good is she with bursting?
              Not very bursty. She's slower than other characters, especially since she needs to set up at the start of a dungeon. She does have some bursty skills but she's more about damage over time.

              How is she with MP management?
              She needs mp cost reduction and a bunch of potions to help keep up. But...she does have a passive that gives her MP regeneration over time, so it's actually not that bad. Her mp regeneration isn't god tier like C:Es but she's decent.

              Is she a squishy character? Can she survive end-game dungeons?
              There are a lot of heavy hitting mobs and bosses in Varnimyr, which frankly requires i-frames. She doesn't have that many i-frames so she might not be as easy as Ara or Eve. If you know what you're doing, you should be able to survive.

              Which SD set should I get for her?
              I recommend the Velder set for its constant proc-ing due to PrO's awesome multi-hits. If you have trouble maintaining mana, try the Alterasia set. Most people recommend the Hamel set as an all-rounder.

              What El Tears should I get for her?
              Since she's a magical attacker, you want blue tears. As for which skills, I would recommend the ones in section 3.0.

              Is she a support class?
              She's not really about buffing other players, but she has skills that can debuff, distract or freeze mobs (such as armored tempest, frisbee, mod corona, KS-83, stigma, etc) which is incredibly helpful.

              What are the pros and cons for playing PrO?
              Hey, she's all PrO you know! I'm just kidding.

              For Pros:
              • Summons. Love to have robots fight for you?
              • As a Rose, she's got access to all 4 guns, giving you more customization in game play
              • Skills are pretty diverse in general, allowing you to swap out skills depending on the situation
              • Her passives are what makes her shine, use them right and you will be rewarded

              For Cons:
              • Long set-up time and slow skills, she's a DoT class
              • Lots of buff management required
              • Multi-hit classes tend to lose damage from the game not registering all the hits at once
              • She can be mana hungry
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                Change Log

                2018-07-29 - Updated PrO guide for forums, added CP section
                2018-07-30 - Updated section 3.2, fixed typos
                2018-08-16 - Updated Force skills, passives, added FAQ
                2018-08-27 - Updated Force skills description

                If you found this guide helpful, leave a like
                Comments and feedback are appreciated!
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                  Really nice, you did a good job with this guide. I just wonder, do you think this stacking G skill might get a fix? It is not a bug but like the spam of G skills is somehwat insane... Also I tried the Ancient Rusher thing, cast then turn camera so hit both sides and when I do it = nu damage, literally the skill just cast without any damage done, sometimes only 1 first hit and nothing for up up part, only happens when I cast it and then turn camera tho, please test it and let me know.


                  • Apsara500-solace-
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                    Editing a comment
                    Sorry I thought was right, I wanted to mean that, facing left, I cast it facing right then when casted I face left = nu damage or only the first hit

                  • Raraxia-solace-
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                    Hmm that's interesting, I'll have to test it out myself and get back to you!

                  • Apsara500-solace-
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                    Never mind, somehow forgot about the recent patch, thought you were referring to being fixed a while ago, I tested yesterday and no more bugs, though seems like you can't face right then face left for more hitbox anymore but not 100% sure about this
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                  Thx a lot~ this quite help me at making pro base erp


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                    Thank you guys for checking out my guide!


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                      I think you forgot the spriggan skill in the base rose. All in all great guide!


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