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    Valkyrie/Freyja PVP/PVE guide

    Hello everyone. I'm here to offer some guides for all the Valkyrie/Freyja players out there. This is a hybrid guide, but there will be sections that focuses on one more than the other. All of these are my own opinions. If you have any suggestions or differences, don't hesitate in sharing. The ratings may change depending on suggestions/future updates. I will be removing the skill traits once the option to have both traits at once arrives in NA. Well, enough said. Let's get into it.
    Base Rose

    To start out, we have base rose.

    Weapon Switching
    You have a total of 4 different types of weapons. You can lock any of the weapons in your character info by right clicking on the weapon icon. This makes you unable to switch to that weapon and faster switch to other weapons that you want.
    • Revolvers: This is your normal gun. It has the second fastest fire speed, second highest range, and second lowest damage. It has high critical rate.
    • Musket: This is your sniping weapon. It has the longest range, second slowest fire speed, and second highest damage. It has unlimited penetration.
    • Auto-guns: This is your machine gun. It has the fastest fire speed, lowest damage, and lowest range. It burns the enemy's mana by 2 per bullet.
    • Hand cannons: This is your cannon. It has the highest damage, slowest fire speed, and lowest range.
    As a Valkyrie/Freyja, your main weapon is the musket. In fact, that's all you need. With some passives, the musket can deal damage rivaling the hand cannons and gaining fire speed rivaling the revolvers. Some skills allow it to do as much hit as the auto-guns. Therefore, you don't really need any other weapons.

    ECP and Overstrike
    All of Rose's active skills use ECP instead of mp. ECP always stays at 100 maximum and there's no way to change that currently. Some of your basic combos also uses ECP. ECP will automatically recover by 5 per second once you stop using it. Specialization B will increase the rate of recovery.
    Once you consume the entire 100 ECP, you will be in overstrike mode. You won't be able to use any of your active skills. In trade off, your damage will be increased by 30% and critical damage increase by 15%.
    As Valkyrie/Freyja, it's better to get in overstrike a lot for PVE since the damage is great for clearing. However, it's better to get in overstrike less in PVP. Your active skills are very valuable for catching and dodging. Of course, it's still good to use overstrike for more burst potential.

    Backstep(PVP 10/10; PVE 2/10) (Trait: Haste)
    This is the basic of basic skill for Rose. It's a must have skill for every Rose class in PVP. It has invincibility frame, which allows you to dodge most attacks. When it gains the final enhancement, it gets the heavenly step buff, which increases all speeds by 5% for 3 seconds. It shoots 1 time in front of you, which allows you to catch your opponent if hit. However, this skill is not good in PVE. It can help you dodge monster's attacks here and there, but when you can just dodge hits by using invincibility frames from special actives, this isn't really that needed.

    Rising Shot(PVP 0/10; PVE 0/10) (Trait: Killing Blow 1)
    Rising shot is an active that boosts your bullet's damage for a certain amount of time. It sounds nice doesn't it? It's a great skill and would have gotten a rating of 8/10 if we are not Valkyrie/Freyja. We will get a much better skill than this later.

    Needle Sobat(PVP 5/10; PVE 1/10) (Trait: Critical)
    It is a good skill, but it gets outshine by a lot of other skills. It can get ignore defense as well, but Valkyrie/Freyja don't need it.

    M-3 Flamethrower(PVP 0/10; PVE 0/10) (Trait: Heavy)
    This skill only hits in front of you while leaving you stationary. Furthermore, it has a long animation time that will let you get hit before you can counter It's quite useless.

    M-137 Gatling Gun(PVP 0/10; PVE 0/10) (Trait: Empowered)
    It's the same reason as flamethrower.

    Spriggan(PVP 7/10; PVE 2/10) (Trait: Light)
    Now this is an interesting one. In PVP, it can be used to get away faster or get closer to the enemy. It also has a skill delay that last until the end of the skill animation. It costs very little too so you can spam it quite a lot. However, there's a frame between the sliding attack and the shooting in which the enemy can skill delay or super armor out. Be careful of that. In PVE, it's not that useful. It doesn't have good damage and it's range is very small.

    RX-78 Land Runner(PVP 5/10; PVE 1/10) (Trait: Empowered)
    This skill would have been great if it can summon a robot that stays in battle. However, this thing is basically a suicide bomber. Once you summon it, it heads toward the closest target, hug them, then explode. What a passionate hug~. Anyways, the skill can get you out of combos. However, you might as well mana break instead of using this. It's very easy for the enemy to just ignore the robot and dodge out of the way. In PVE, it's damage is bad. It only hits the closest enemy. By the time that this latches on to anything, you probably already cleared the room.

    Barbecue!(PVP 7/10; PVE 7/10) (Trait: Evil for PVP, Heavy for PVE)
    BBQ~BBQ~Who want some BBQ?~ You kick the enemy into the air and burst them with your gatling gun. A lot of people overlook this skill. It does quite a lot of damage. However, it's easy for the enemy to mana break out of it as it feeds a lot of mp. In PVE, it hits multiple monsters, gives a decent amount of awakening charge, and has a decent range. It's better for big bosses to make sure that all attacks hit.
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    Now that we advanced to Valkyrie, we have much more arsenal at our disposal. Valkyrie fights not on land, but in the air.

    Battlefield Angel(Passive)
    This is your only passive as a Valkyrie. It increases the speed in which your musket fires at half the cost of mana. Furthermore, it allows you to air dash up to 4 times in PVE and 3 times in PVP. It's not an exaggeration to say this passive is what makes Valkyrie/Freyja Valkyrie/Freyja.

    Servo Nitro(PVP 10/10; PVE 10/10)(Trait:Killing Blow 1)
    Whether it's PVP or PVE, this skill is undeniably good. Not only does it provide 2 extra air dashes(1 in PVP), it also increases movement speed, mana gain, add damage, and critical rate while in the air. For PVP, the extra mobility allows for easier dodging and catching. For PVE, the damage increase allows for faster clearing of monsters. Since this a buff skill, you can activate it and not worry about it for the rest of the duration.

    G-35L Flash Grenade(PVP 9/10; PVE 5/10)(Trait:Persistent)
    Here comes the bombs. Valkyrie fights in the air, so of course she would need skills that are usable in the air. Remember how Servo Nitro increases damage in the air? Yes, that applies to skills as well. Flash Grenade will stun any enemy hit by 3 seconds per bomb thrown as well as damage over time for 5 seconds. Later on, you will be able to load more bombs. However, for Valkyrie, she can only throw 1 bomb at once. In PVP, the bomb will automatically aim at the enemy up to a certain range. This is great for dealing extra damage or even catching them. It can also be used to help your teammate as you can just open fire from the air. Do be careful with the fact that enemies with wind resist will have less stun time. In PVE, this skill doesn't do that much damage. However, it's use in PVE comes from a passive much later on.

    Viper Shot(PVP 10/10;PVE 5/10)(Trait:Empowered for PVP, Critical for PVE)
    Ahh, viper shot~ This skill is amazing in PVP for catching. It switches to musket and shoots once in front of you. The bullet auto locks onto the closest enemy, but the range that it hits is pretty much anything on your screen. Its animation speed is extremely fast as well, so you can instantly follow up after the skill. This skill can only be used on the ground, but its ability in allowing for a catch from a safe distance more than compensate for that. As for PVE, it's usable for entering overstrike, but there's much better skills for that. However, its damage and the fact that it only hits 1 enemy makes it slightly inferior to Spiral Shot.

    Crossmore(PVP 9/10; PVE 8/10)(Trait:Gigantic for PVP, Empowered for PVE)
    Crossmore is one of your few burst skills. It activates extremely fast and can be used in air. It's the best to use this skill at a close range, as it's damage decreases extremely fast the further away the enemy is. In PVP, having the gigantic trait allows for higher chance of hitting the enemy. In PVE, having empowered is better for higher damage. This skill would have been rated higher if not for all the bugs it has. Not only does its damage drops way too fast over time, it sometimes won't even activate. If you try to air dash right after you activate the skill, it sometimes can activate at the position where you air dashed to or even just not activate at all. However, this doesn't happen that often, so you can't really predict it and abuse it. When it do happen though, you would probably cry.

    Lightweight Mine(PVP 6/10;PVE 0/10)(Trait:Light)
    Lightweight Mine, as its name suggests, is a mine. You can put up to 5 mines per use of the skill. It's useless in PVE, since by the time the monsters walk into the mine, you might as well have already killed it. In PVP, you can use it to prevent the enemy from going to a certain area. However, it's not worth the cost of the skill. If the enemy just avoids all the mines, then it's just a waste of mana. You could use it during combos for the leg wound debuff, but you might as well use the mana for some other skills with more damage.

    Freezing Bullet(PVP 7/10;PVE 1/10)(Trait:Light)
    Who remembers Rising Shot? This skill does the same, just instead of damage buff, this skill gives your bullet the ability to inflict ice debuff. Enemies hit by the bullet will get damage over time and attack speed reduction for 6.5 seconds. This could be good for PVP, but there's a much better bullet later on. In PVE, the attack speed debuff is not useful and the damage over time is very little. However, it's a good alternative for those that wants a variety and are bored of blazing bullet.

    G-18C Freezing Grenade(PVP 8/10; PVE 7/10)(Trait:Light for PVP, Killing Blow 1 for PVE)
    This skill is similar to Flash Grenade. You can throw bombs from the land or air that freeze the enemy in place. You can throw up to 6 bombs per use of the skill. Enemies with high water resist can get knocked down from getting hit by the first bomb, which could result in you missing the rest of your bombs. In PVE, some bosses won't get frozen at all. However, it's great for enemies that do, since this can act like a water orb.

    EMP Storm(PVP 8/10; PVE 10/10)(Trait:Light for PVP, Heavy for PVE)
    This skill is an area clear skill. It summons down a huge generator in the direction you are facing. Once you activated this skill, you can move right after the generator is summoned. This allows much more utility for the skill. You can use the skill and continue to shoot the enemy while they are caught in it. It's range is nothing to laugh as well. The initial electric field can hit enemies 3 platforms above, while the follow up shock has a black hole effect which drags the enemies in. The last blast has a high burst of damage as well. In PVP, this skill is better for team fights to help your teammate. In PVE, this is an amazing skill for area clearing, gathering the monsters, or even holding the boss in place while everyone open fires.
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    With Freyja, we have more tools for sky control.
    Arsenal Reinforcement(Passive)
    As the name implies, this passive buffs your bullet effects and grenades even further. All the bullet effect skills gain extra duration in both buffs and debuffs as well as increase in mp gain. Your grenades also uses less mp to cast, and you load 1 less grenade in the air. This allows Freyja to gain mp all she wants. She's one of the characters that would be fine without a magic necklace due to this.

    Key of Proof(Passive)
    You get an increase in damage while your skills costs less in the air. This makes all the air skills all the better. It's that simple. Just stay in the air to attack.
    Quarter Master(Passive)
    Another buff to your grenade skills. Grenades have less cooldown and can load extra bombs. This passive allows for Flash Grenade to be able to load up as well, which means you can finally load up all 3 type of grenade at once.

    Spiral Shot(PVP 8/10; PVE 6/10)(Trait:Heavy for PVP, Critical for PVE)
    This skill is an interesting one. It already partially ignores defense, so you don't need to take the critical trait. It can be activated in the air as well, which increases its damage even more. It goes through all the enemies in a line. In PVP, it's good for damage. In PVE, this skill could miss a lot due to curve maps or monsters not lining in a straight line. You could combo it with EMP Shock to maximize its value.

    Phantom Chaser(PVP 10/10; PVE 3/10)(Trait:Powerful)
    This skill is one of your few super armor skills. By few I mean this is one of the two. You dash forward into the enemy in order to catch them. It has a slight homing onto the closest enemy in front of you and can be used in the air. It's an amazing skill to close the distance between you and the enemy. You can even follow up with a Crossmore afterwards since you will be in point blank range. In PVE, the damage is horrible. Even with empowered trait, it still does little damage.

    Blazing Bullet(PVP 10/10; PVE 10/10)(Trait:Powerful for PVP, Killing Blow 1 for PVE)
    Take it! Love it! This is the last and arguably the best bullet skill for Freyja. It changes your bullet into multi hits. It has splash damage, which means hitting multiple enemies close together increase the damage even further. This skill can essentially double your bullet damages. Not to mention the multi hit property helps with your mana gain. By the time the enemy gains 100 mp, you would have at least 200 mp. This skill only costs ECP as well. Also, this is your second super armor skill. In PVP, you can use it as super armor or just simple buff. In PVE, use it to gain mana for burst skills or just spam your bullets for damage.

    G-96 Pressure Grenade(PVP 9/10; PVE 8/10)(Trait:Light)
    This is your last and safest grenade skill. Why's that? Flash Grenade and Freezing Grenade can easily be countered by the enemy if they have high elemental resist. High light resist allows the enemy to escape Flash Grenade instantly, which water resist puts the enemy into knockdown from Freezing Grenade way too fast. Pressure Grenade, however, does normal hit stun and inflicts burn debuff. It's damage is great as well. For PVP, you can use it during combo or out of combo. In PVE, it does a lot of damage, but the range isn't as good.

    Photon Bomb(PVP 8/10; PVE 9/10)(Trait:Light)
    Photon Bomb is a great skill when it comes to area control. It shoots a bomb diagonally and creates an electric field. Anything that touches that field would constantly get hit stunned. The initial bomb also has a 3 second stun. The vertical range of the initial bomb is very big, and the horizontal range of the field is bigger than the skill animation. This skill is great for locking enemies in PVP and PVE. This skill would have gotten a better rating if not because of the electric field's range. It may have good horizontal range, but it almost have no vertical range. Enemies that are even slightly floating in the air would not get hit by the field. Other than that, this skill has both the damage and utility.

    C4 Remote Control(PVP 5/10; PVE 2/10)(Trait:Light)
    There's a few problems with this skill. This skill takes too long to set up for maximum value. It's damage isn't as good to compensate for that either. Furthermore, the hit stun is so short that the enemy sometimes can move before your animation is even finished. Even in PVE, by the time this is set up on one monster, it's most likely already dead.

    Neil Sniping(PVP 8/10; PVE 8/10)(Trait:Gigantic for PVP, Heavy for PVE)
    Do you like Snake's final smash in SSBB? Well, you get that here as well. You get free control of the camera for the duration of this skill while your character is immobilized in super armor. This skill shoots up to 5 times and provides stun debuff per shot. You can use this to catch or just for damage. It's range is great as well.In PVP, the gigantic trait makes every shot's range almost screen wide. In PVE, you can start killing monsters all the way at the end of the map while you are still at the start. The duration of the skill ends either when you cancel it manually or when you shoot all the shots.

    D-Day(PVP 9/10; PVE 10/10)
    This is your hyperactive. When you activate it, you place a beacon with a black hole effect, which drags the enemy in. The massive bombardment of this skill is screen wide. However, there's a problem with it. The skill launches the enemy too high, which makes it miss a lot of the final bombardments. In PVP, it wouldn't be able to do its maximum damage. However, in PVE, that issue is not a heavy problem since a lot of the bosses can't be launched.
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      Transcendent Freyja
      Transcendence gave Freyja a lot of things she needed. Let's see what she got now.

      Awakened WIll: Freyja(Passive)
      Rose has very low defensive capabilities, and Freyja is no exception. This passive gives Servo Nitro the ability to gain 20% damage reduction, which increases your survivability greatly. Furthermore, you will get 5% increase in speed all the time. When you load up a grenade, you can get 5% physical/magical damage increase and +3 natural mp recovery(+0.5 in PVP), up to 3 stacks. This passive gives Freyja damage increase, damage reduction, speed increase, and mp recovery increase. 4 for the price of 1.

      Awakened One(Passive)
      This is the passive that every transcendent class get. You get 10% increase to Physical/Magical attack/defense and base hp. However, do note that Rose currently gets the lowest amount of hp compare to every other character.

      Enhanced Equipment(Passive)
      This passive buffs specific skills. First, it allows you to load up 2 extra flash grenades. Quite straight forward and helpful. Lightweight Mine gets a cooldown reduction of 50%, which doesn't really make the skill useful. Freezing Grenade's freeze duration doubled, which means the enemy would need more water resist to counter it. At the same time, you will be able to freeze monsters longer. G-96 Pressure Grenade's critical rate is increase by 50%. If you already have 50% critical rate, Pressure Grenade almost always crits. Lastly, all bullet skills' duration are increased by 5 seconds. This is more useful in PVP since you would need to reset your bullet duration less now. In PVE, you would probably use your bullet skills a lot for entering overstrike already.

      Phantom Shot(PVP 7/10; PVE 2/10)(Trait:Ruthless for PVP, Absorbing for PVE)
      You fire a bullet straight forward that burns 15 mp. This skill cannot be used in air. However, the mp burn could be useful and the damage is decent. In PVP, Ruthless cancelling mana break is useful if you can time it right. In PVE, this skill is not as good. Spiral Shot is a much better choice due to both defense ignoring and being able to be used in the air. The range and piercing of this skill, however, is useful. You can also use this skill for entering overstrike.

      M18A1 Claymore(PVP 5/10; PVE 1/10)(Trait:Reversed in PVP, Empowered in PVE)
      It's not a claymore yet it is claymore. This skill sets up a mine in front of you and will shoot out a mini crossmore forward. You can detonate it anytime by pressing the skill again and it has a 33% chance of inflicting 5 seconds of bleed. This skill is a hit or miss. Since the mine will not move, the enemy can just dodge it. However, you can use it to block paths like Lightweight Mine. This skill has a lower rating than Lightweight Mine due to it not able to load up more mines. You either hit this one or you miss. In PVE, this gets a rating of 1 because at the very least, you can instantly detonate this skill for it to hit.

      Viper Shower(PVP -/10; PVE 10/10)(Trait:Light for PVP, Enhanced for PVE)
      You want damage? This skill got you. It sends out a bombing squad toward the direction you are facing. In PVE, this skill can melt down monster's health, especially if their sizes are big. Just make sure to stay a distance away from the enemy for maximum value. It can also be used for area clearing. Here comes the weird part of this skill. In PVP, this skill can go both ways. For 1v1, this skill is pretty useless. If you use it when the enemy is far, they will be able to dodge out of the way easily since the skill delay lasts until the first bomb comes out. If you use this skill when the enemy is in front of you, they can skill delay themselves and dodge the entire bombardment. In 2v2 and 3v3, however, this skill is useful. You can use it to help saving your teammates or provide damage support. Therefore, this skill would get a rating of 0 in 1v1 and 6 for 2v2 or 3v3.

      Einherjar(PVP 10/10; PVE 9/10)(Trait:Haste)
      This skill does 1 hit burst. Its damage is great for PVP. You can treat it as an energy spurt for Freyja, except it has a circular range. Speaking of range, this skill can hit enemies 2 platform away in radius. It also gives you the ability to stay in air for as long as the skill lasts. While shooting, there will be extra support fires as well. If all the support fires are shot, the skill's cooldown will be reduced by 2. Having the haste trait means you can basically use this skill again the moment the duration runs out. Of course, the skill can be used in air. With some good setups, this skill can 1 shot most bosses. In PVP, you can also catch off this skill.
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        General Tips
        • Freyja can proc things extremely fast. Anything that says "A certain% of doing this" can proc in 3 seconds or less with Freyja. This is mainly due to Blazing Bullet and it's high hit count. If you loop xx with a decent attack speed, you can do no less than 100 hits in 5 seconds. A 10% proc rate would, theoretically activate 10 times in that 5 seconds.
        • You can charge mana and awaken charge extremely fast thanks to Blazing Bullet's high hit count.
        • As Freyja, you should use any skill that's able to be used in the air in the air. You will get a higher damage and critical rate while using them in the air.
        • You can travel fast with air dash, so use it for dodging attacks.
        • Use the range of your musket to your advantage and stay in a safe distance to attack.
        • None of the skills below are absolutely necessary. They are just skills I would personally use and suggest. You can always change the skills to suit your own playstyle/need. Even a bad skill to other people can be the best skill to some people.

        If you only have A slot:Blazing Bullet;Viper Shot; Servo Nitro;Crossmore(second trans slot skill);Einherjar(trans slot skill)
        If you have B slot as well:Phantom Chaser;G-35L Flash Grenade;G-18C Freezing Grenade;G-96 Pressure Grenade;Backstep

        Bravery Stacking

        If you only have A slot:Blazing Bullet;Viper Shot/Spiral Shot;Viper Shower;Crossmore(remove if you don't have the second trans slot);Einherjar(trans slot skill)
        If you have B slot as well:Servo Nitro;G-18C Freezing Grenade;Photon Bomb;Neil Sniping/Barbecue!;EMP Shock(second trans slot skill)
        *M-3 Flamethrower can be used for more bravery stacking instead of Photon Bomb
        Strength Stacking

        If you only have A slot:Crossmore(second trans slot skill);Freezing Grenade;Viper Shot/Spiral Shot;Blazing Bullet;Viper Shower(trans slot skill)
        If you have B slot as well:G-96 Pressure Grenade;G-18C Freezing Grenade;Photon Bomb;Servo Nitro;Viper Shot/Spiral Shot(whichever you didn't pick) or Barbecue!
        • To start off, use Blazing Bullet, Servo Nitro, Viper Shot/Spiral Shot to get in overstrike. By the time overstrike is done, repeat the process. If you don't have Servo Nitro due to A slot only, then simply use xxx after skills until you are in overstrike.
        • EMP Shock and Viper Shower are going to be your main clearing tools. They are good for spread out enemies and bosses. Using Viper Shower after EMP Shock started to pull the enemies in will help with maximizing Viper Shower's damage.
        • Crossmore can be used for grouped up enemies. Remember, the longer it takes for Crossmore to hit the enemy, the less damage it does.
        • Freezing Grenade is good for stopping minibosses/bosses for your teammates to open fire on them. Be careful that some bosses have high water resist.
        • Photon Bomb should be used on maps without ledges or minibosses/bosses.
        • Neil Sniping has a big range. You can treat it as 5 shots of Einherjar, but less damage. Use this skill when you don't need to go to the end of the room to proceed, or on minibosses/bosses to stun them. Be careful of some monsters with high light resist. Against bosses that requires you to hide to dodge attacks, this skill can provide damage while you are hiding. As Freyja, you don't have homing skills. This skill can be treated as a manual homing skill.
        • The alternative to Neil Sniping is Barbecue! This skill has a decent range, but it's not good for small mob clearing. It's a great skill for minibosses/bosses as it has high damage. It has a decently long skill invincibility frame as well.
        • When you are out of mana and don't have mana potions(rarely happens), you can just use your x attacks to gain back mana. Blazing Bullet x attacks refund mana extremely fast. It has a fast damaging potential as well.
        • Pressure Grenade is mainly used for strength stacking. However, it can be used for damage as well if you are able to land most of the bombs.
        • Loading up bombs will be able to increase your damage. Sometimes, it's good to not use up all the bombs for your other skills to get more damage.
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          Reserved for future 3rd job advancement this winter.
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            updated Freyja. Next is transcendence.


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              Personally I don't like how inconsistent the rating scale is. I think a better system is recommend/not recommend.
              -For flash grenade: It's light resist, not wind resist. Wind resists bleed.
              -Viper shot (critical) is used in PvE to enter OS mode. I wouldn't rate it 0/10.
              -Freezing bullet should get a 0 in PvE
              -Freezing grenade should get KB(1) in PvE
              -Similarly, spiral shot can get critical trait for OS mode.
              -Blazing Bullet costs ECP not ERP. I suggest you discuss about how FR is the proc queen because of this. Also KB(1) for PvE.


              • ProteccMirai-solace-
                Editing a comment
                -Thanks for pointing that out. Changed it to light.
                -Personally, there are much better skills that can replace viper shot in PVE. However, I do see your point there and its usage.Taking that into consideration, I've changed it's rating.
                -Freezing bullet is not as bad for PVE. It's a good alternative for those that doesn't want to use blazing bullet. After all, using only 1 type of bullet can get boring and changing it up once in a while would be nice. Freezing bullet offers that alternative in PVE since mana isn't as big of a problem as in PVP. Of course, if not for that, it would probably have gotten a 0 rating. However, looking back at it, I did give it a little too high of a rating. I've adjusted it a little now.
                -I forgot about the PVE traits for spiral shot, freezing grenade, and blazing bullet. Thanks.
                -The ERP was a typo. Thank you. I will be talking about the proc rate a little later, but thanks for the reminder.

                As for the rating scale, it's just to give people a rough sense of how useful the skills would be. End of the day, some skills would definitely stand out more than others. It's easy to just tell players which skills to use and which skills to not use. I'm open to try out other rating systems, but for now, the current one serves its purpose just fine.
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              - Viper Shot isn't that bad for PvE, it's good for picking off low HP mobs from a distance. I'd say it's preference whether you take it or Spiral Shot for
              PvE -- both are good and have their own usages. Also, for both skills, you definitely want to take Critical in PvE. It's essentially required for your OS set ups.
              - Adding on to what Aqua said already, I'd also say Freezing Grenade's trait could be considered preference on the PvE side. I personally use Light so I can load both it and Pressure Grenade back to back without having to use a potion, but KB1 is also better for support if you'd rather have that.
              - Imo, you really shouldn't use Freezing Bullet in PvE once you get BB. Both give the same amount of MP back, but BB not only procs better but the push from it's explosions is extremely useful for gathering mobs in cases where it wouldn't be worth using EMP Storm. Additionally, it's basically your only other source of awakening charge, EMP being the other.

              Either way, it's nice to see VK/FJ finally get a guide. Hopefully this helps out any FJ players who need that extra advice.
              "I will lead everyone to victory!"

              || Elrianode Armor Guide ||


              • ProteccMirai-solace-
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                I've changed the traits to include PVE as well. I forgot about those. I see the point either using Viper Shot or Spiral Shot in PVE. I've adjusted it after taking that into consideration. In term of Freezing Bullet, it's more for variety. However, my previous rating for it is definitely too high. As such, I've adjusted it.
                I've wanted to do a guide on her for so long, but I was too lazy
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              Added Transcendent. I will add in the tips tomorrow.


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                -Crossmore Why not gigantic for PVE? This is the main tool for the killing trash mobs. With a gigant trait u can kill full pack of mobs in one skill. Skill more often hits when you iframes. Easier to catch the boss. The only place where Emprowed>gigantic It's easy SD bosses
                -Nail sniping for PVE 8/10? You must be joking.. This skill only slows down the dungeon cleaning. 2/10 maximum
                -Viper Shower for PVE Enchanced only if you have a crit below 65-70% otherwise Llight


                • ProteccMirai-solace-
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                  -Problem with crossmore is it's fast damage drop. Even with gigantic, the damage near the end would be extremely low. Plus, in dungeons, it's better to use cross more on group up enemies, minibosses, and bosses. As such, a higher damage would be better. Furthermore, you have EMP Shock, Einherjar, Viper Shower, and Neil Sniping if you want to kill pack of mobs. It may be easier to catch boss, but if you need gigantic to do that, you are already staying too far from the boss. After all, crossmore's potential comes from being close to the enemies.
                  -Neil Sniping gets underestimated by a lot of people. Hitting all 5 hits would give you a higher damage than even Einherjar. In dungeons, it's especially easier to hit enemies. Furthermore, by knowing how to use this skill, it can, in fact, speed up your dungeon clearing, as it can be served as 5 shots of area clearing. Any shots you didn't use can be semi refunded for other skills as well. I gave it a high rating because this skill has a lot of potentials that people haven't tapped into yet.
                  -Indeed. If you already have a high critical rate, light trait would be better. However, end of the day, that only applies depending on your critical rate. Not everyone is able to have sockets however they want. However, I do see your point in this matter. Since the choosing of skills traits would be removed soon, and you will be able to get both traits at once, I'm not going to address this matter. After all, I would be deleting the traits when that happens.
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                I've basically finished the guide as of now. The pvp tutorial video would come either when I make another Freyja or job change my Storm Trooper back to Freyja,whichever comes first.


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                  WaifuMaiden commented
                  Today, 11:28 AM

                  -Problem with crossmore is it's fast damage drop. Even with gigantic, the damage near the end would be extremely low.
                  No one worries about low damage if all mobs are killed in one skill
                  Plus, in dungeons, it's better to use cross more on group up enemies, minibosses, and bosses.
                  I still remember how with +7 and 0 maxi used EMP Crossmore photonb and still had time to shoot while EMP did not explode. Therefore it is possible for poorly equipped emprowed better.

                  Furthermore, you have EMP Shock, Einherjar, Viper Shower, and Neil Sniping if you want to kill pack of mobs

                  Do you plan to use 3 bravery skills? Interesting. Maybe even manage to keep the bravery stack.I never thought about this. But in any case, all these skills are much slower than Crossmore
                  . It may be easier to catch boss, but if you need gigantic to do that, you are already staying too far from the boss. After all, crossmore's potential comes from being close to the enemies.
                  For heroics, survival is more important than maximum damage. And crossmore not do much damage anyway
                  -Neil Sniping gets underestimated by a lot of people. Hitting all 5 hits would give you a higher damage than even Einherjar. In dungeons, it's especially easier to hit enemies. Furthermore, by knowing how to use this skill, it can, in fact, speed up your dungeon clearing, as it can be served as 5 shots of area clearing. Any shots you didn't use can be semi refunded for other skills as well. I gave it a high rating because this skill has a lot of potentials that people haven't tapped into yet.
                  Really want to see this. Just never saw a FJ using a neil sniping in pve

                  replys in bold
                  PS: How to write the reply to the u reply?


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                    On the bottom of the post, click on comment

                  • ProteccMirai-solace-
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                    -Indeed, IF all the mobs die in one skill, no one would worry about low damage. However, more and more dungeons nowadays are getting stronger mobs. Take the heroic dungeons you mentioned for example. A lot of mobs in there wouldn't die to one skill unless you have very high stats. At the same time, if you do have that high of stats, you probably wouldn't need a guide.
                    -Bravery stack is often ignored due to high cooldown and not being able to keep the stack up in time. However, we are getting more and more options of cooldown reduction, to the point which bravery stacking is actually very good.
                    -I've added in options for bravery stacking and strength stacking depending on people's preference. Hope that would help~
                    -If you are worried about survival, then it's quite simple. Learning to dodge and time your attacks would help. In this case, you can air dash right after crossmore's animation finishes, making it simple to dodge attacks and survive.
                    -Personally, I would suggest not looking at only heroics for PVE, but all dungeons as a whole. After all,you can't guarantee people that needs guides only came for heroics. A guide should cover as much possibilities as possibly instead of focusing on one. Of course, you can still use specific dungeons as example, but make sure to keep in mind of the big picture.

                    Thanks for the suggestions >~<
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                  added in options for PVE skills


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                    update: This guide will most likely no longer receive any more updates as I am quitting the game. I might decide to update it if I want to come back to try out the third jobs. However, that chance is quite low. As such, if anyone wants to take over and copy everything in this guide, they are free to do so.


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