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    (GA/DayB) Ace In The Hole Discussion

    What do you think of Ace in the Hole? Do you like it, or do you even use it?

    I don't really see a lot of Daybreakers in PvE, so I'm not sure if it's common to see it used.

    My opinion:
    I don't use it myself, because SPOILERit takes too long to shoot all three shots and doesn't do enough damage to make up for the slow execution and MP cost. It also just feels clunky (or just weird) to use since you have to fully stop your movement for a really long time. Siege Mode is different to me because you can walk or jump out of it at any point by pressing arrow keys (you can even do that accidentally), I'm pretty sure Ace is not like that.

    I've tried to use it in dungeons before, but it never really felt good to use because of the slowness and weirdness like I described. Usually mobs can be defeated more quickly with other skills (or at least it feels quicker). Although I might see it differently from others because I usually am very stingy with or don't use MP potions; when I boss I usually go something like:

    Gungnir >> XX for MP >> Aero Tornado >> XX for MP >> Crazy Shot >> XX for MP >> Aero Strafe or Phoenix Strike >> XX for MP >> Gungnir (is probably off cooldown now, if not before) and repeat

    So I'm not often in a situation where all main damage skills are on cooldown and my MP is full. Maybe I would use Ace if all the skills above were on cooldown and I had full MP, but because of my playstyle and lack of pot usage that rarely happens.

    Essentially I'm rarely in situations where I can use Ace, and even when I decide to try Ace and put it in my skill bar, it doesn't get used at all. Therefore I stopped putting it in my skill bar.

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    I use Ace a fair amount in PvE, although I run attack speed bottoms (11% with my current enhancement) and have around 27% attack speed socketed.

    Ace actually does a good amount of damage. On average assuming you land all arrows and three explosions you're doing around 11-12k% (not including any of her passives). This amount increases the larger the enemy is. It also has a pretty low cooldown thanks to her Grand Arrows and Rapid Archer passives. You can use Ace for bossing but I find it's only worth using when other stuff is on cooldown or the enemy is large enough to get hit by multiple explosions.

    Ace is primarily a clearing skill and that's where I use it the most. Even in Varnimyr it can clear or mostly clear large chunks of a room. Her Grand Arrow passive increases its size and when combined with its Giant trait and a Giant pot you cover a ton of area. The mp refund on Ace is also pretty nice, pretty much completely refunding the skill if there are enough enemies.

    You can move out of Ace like you can with siege. You'll recover some mp for each arrow you didn't fire (50mp per arrow up to 150mp) but since the damage is back loaded into the final arrow it's generally not worth canceling.

    I can understand not liking Ace very much. It is an awkward skill that's kinda counter-intuitive to the flow of the game, but that doesn't make it a bad skill. Personally, even with my speeds (since its cast time is affected by attack speed), I wish it was faster (and had i-frames reeeee), but it does do its current job decently enough. It's one of her main clearing tools (the other being Phoenix) so we don't really have a choice since there isn't really anything else to replace it with (outside of a small handful of skills most of her skills sadly really bad).

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      What you take depends on the dungeon you're running. There may be only one section in the entire dungeon where you use it, but one section is still one section where it sees use. I used to dislike Ace and Siege but they're just objectively very good in certain scenarios and I've learnt to pick them up over time where applicable. I have 10 different setups that I use for different dungeons. Don't write it off just yet as you might fall victim to personal bias.

      As a side note, spending 300MP on Phoenix Strike for bossing is very, very inefficient usage of your MP. I would suggest not doing that.
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        I have Reversed trait on Phoenix Strike so I only spend 180MP. But now that I look at the damage percent (3473%) I see it gets outdamaged by just 2 Siege Mode X's. Thanks for telling me, I probably wouldn't have thought about it myself.
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      I never been a fan of Ace and instead I use Aero/Crazy shot/gungnir/strafe for bossing. I have gigantic phoenix on my trans slot, and if I need to clear further I shoot a guide arrow.

      However, Ace is going to have a heavy trait soon and so I will probably use it. Not sure what to take out as a replacement. Suggestions welcomed.


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        Personally I don't run Guide Arrow in PvE unless I'm running a dungeon I'm really over geared for. The damage on guide arrow is ok on a single target but is too spread out to be useful against multiple enemies unless they're really weak. I'd recommend replacing guide arrow since she has other skills that can fill the damage and clearing roles better.

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        Funnily enough I find that I have space for both Mod Wind Blast and Guided Arrow for 12-4 along with a Strength ring. If it gets the job done, it gets the job done.

        If I were you I'd drop either Strafe or Guided Arrow depending on the dungeon. If you're not geared enough to be killing stuff with Guided Arrow you might as well bring Ace. Strafe is a Strength skill meaning that it has no synergy with how a GA tends to build, which is Brave (and very rarely flex). After taking into account Chronicle and Ring, Strafe will be the weakest skill being used with the intention of bossing, and doesn't see use for clear whatsoever. Ace can be used for both clearing and bossing quite comfortably.

        For things that don't die in 5 seconds like Drabaki and Varnimyr raids, Strafe would be okay as it *is* a pretty hard hitting button to press after all. Drop Guided Arrow for Ace especially for Drabaki because Drabaki is really, really fat and Ace likes fat enemies. I personally don't like using skills that plonk me in the middle of the air because I can't chain into something else from there. Too vulnerable.
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