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Furious Blade or Nova Imperator

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    Furious Blade or Nova Imperator

    I would like to know whos better overall in pve and pvp.
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    I don't PvP, so I can't answer that. Maybe LastGlint-solace- can help. Anyway, comparing between the two in PvE:

    + FB:
    _ Pros: faster clearing speed, more effective when fighting small bosses, useful buffs such as Bloody Accel regenerating your HP when attacking, Armor Crash reducing enemy's phys defense, Giga Drive - Limiter reducing cd of all Actives to just 1 second so long as the buff is in in effect.
    _ Cons: more mana hungry, having little in terms of i-frames.

    + NI:
    _ Pros: less mana hungry, more effective when fighting against larger bosses, having skills with lengthy i-frames duration, skills having longer range so you can attack your targets from a distance away.
    _ Cons: slower clearing speed, constantly in low HP so it may be risky and having to rely on i-frames to survive.


    • 9mmandKnife-solace-
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      okay thank you!

    • Skyress
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      To add on, having to rely on i-frames to survive applies to any and every class, especially at end-game when things can hit fairly hard. I think a better way of phrasing it is that NI gets punished harder for taking hits since he's closer to death than FB, but ultimately you'll have to learn to never get hit anyway since this will maximise your damage as well as increase your survivability (time spent getting hit is time you could have spent dealing damage).
      Another thing I'd like to add is that in raids, NI having a lot of i-frames is a strength, but in my opinion, it's also his biggest weakness as a bossing class. Post-nerf FB has tremendous amounts of power (enough that he is one of the top physical DPS classes in the game) partially due to his very fast casting speeds. NI has a lot of power especially against large targets, but when it comes to speed clearing things, he just can't stand up to a good amount of the cast due to his cast speeds being slow.
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