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NI Mod Skills comparison?

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    NI Mod Skills comparison?

    Does anyone know the full detailed difference between IC - Incinerator and its [Force] counterpart? I have both skills but I dont know which is better for what scenario.
    If possible, could someone do the same for Giga Prominance and its [Force] variant too?
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    I am unfortunately not well versed in Nova Imperator to answer that question - However, I will be shifting this post to the Raven Sub-Forums where you may find someone that does
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      To save you some time. All NI mods are pretty trash. I haven't tried the Ignition Crow mod but from what I've seen and heard it's lackluster in both pve and pvp. I have used the giga prominence mod before and it was also bad, dealing lower damage and it's range just not feeling right as compared to the original. Giga prominence mod might be better for smaller single target mobs though I have not tested it well enough to guarantee. Skyress might know a little more than me so ask her maybe.


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        Originally posted by TundeTear-solace- View Post
        Skyress might know a little more than me so ask her maybe.
        Using my MOD Mindreading powers™ and specifically sending 23 pigeons to Skyress's location to confirm the information, this is what Skyress said:
        "Vanilla is better because mod has less damage and less range."


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        • Skyress
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          Just to further clarify, this is for [Mod] IC-I. [Mod] GP does less damage than the vanilla version also because the geysers generally do less damage (the video in Elwiki for [Mod] GP also includes a damage comparison at the end).
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        Force IC-I and Force Giga are worse than their vanilla versions.
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          Thanks for the replies!

          After doing a little experimenting myself, I noticed that sometimes [Force] IC-I does more damage on a single target (Giant Training Monkey in Free Training room) than unmodded but vise-versa when used on a group of targets but then other times unmodded is superior throughout so I'm really confused. @~@

          Here's what I mean; I know the video is terrible quality but you can clearly see the unmodded IC-I dealing more damage on the singular target.
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            If you're testing damage between two skills, you need to basically have no stats that might make numbers inconsistent (Main offenders being Maximize and Critical Chance). Basically strip off your gear, costumes, and titles to have more accurate results.
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