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Command and Conquer - Nova Imperator PvE guide

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    Command and Conquer - Nova Imperator PvE guide

    Table of Contents:
    Table of Contents
    - About the Author
    - Introduction
    - Raven background story
    - Changelog
    - Character system: Anger of Raven
    - Commands
    - Skills
    Weapon Taker
    - Character system: Overheat
    - Commands
    - Skills
    Veteran Commander
    - Commands
    - Skills
    Transcendent Veteran Commander
    - Skills
    Nova Imperator
    - Commands
    - Skills
    Gears of war
    _ Skill slots
    _ Secret Dungeon sets
    _ Henir set
    _ Heroic sets
    _ Elrianode sets
    _ Apocalypse Type - Void weapon
    Gears of war (continue)
    _ Accessories
    _ Titles
    _ Elements
    El Resonance system
    Recommended builds
    _ Gears
    Auxiliary resources (consumables, buffs...)
    _ Self-benefiting consumables
    _ Throw consumables
    _ Elixirs
    _ Buffs
    _ Miscellaneous
    Strategies and other information
    _ Strategies
    _ Necessary information
    Tactics when dealing with specific dungeons and/or bosses
    _ Gate of Darkness
    _ Secret dungeons
    _ Heroic dungeons
    _ Henir's Time and Space
    _ Elrianode
    _ Varnimyr
    _ Add's energy fusion theory
    About me:

    Hello, my name is Tyrannicide. I started playing Elsword in 2014. My first character is none other than Raven, he's a Nova Imperator now and he has always been my main since I first created him. This is the character I spent 85-90% of my Elsword playing time to play as, so I'm most effective when playing as this job.


    You're now playing as the Imperial path of 3 Raven jc path.

    Nova Imperator is not as good in swordplay as Furious Blade, and arguably less powerful Nasod Arm than Rage Hearts. On the plus side, he having higher quality sword and more skilled in swordplay than Rage Hearts and more powerful Nasod Arm than Furious Blade. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    As you can see in the example above, Nova Imperator is the more versatile path, employing a more diversified weaponry, striving to achieve the balance between different weapons and combat philosophies, because each having their own merits and limits, compared to the much more specialized (and polarized) Furious Blade and Rage Hearts paths when compared to each other. In other words, not putting all the eggs in the same basket.

    One unique mechanic of this path is the employment of "Overheat" system, which allowing you to increase damage outputs to your attacks and other benefits like temporary buffs etc., but at the expend of your own HP, so it can be considered a double-edged instrument. Many of his passives also involving the Overheat mechanic, alleviating the harm of Overheat and at the same time encouraging you to Overheat to gain extra benefit, beside the normal damage increase.

    Raven background story:

    At his young age, Raven lost his biological father, who was a formidable warrior himself. Subsequently, he was adopted by General Cronwell - one of Velder military's top brass, his unknown original last name was changed to match his new family, and since then he was known as Raven Cronwell.

    General sent Raven to one of the prestiged Velder military academy because Raven determined to follow the same path as his deceased father. There he learned about soldiering and commanding, and outside of his classes, was further mentored by a tactical genius - Owen Felford, his best friend.

    *War flashbacks*

    Later in his life, he found his well-known Crow Mercenary Knights and fought in many wars to protect the nation. The nobles were green with envy because of Raven Cronwell and his group's meritorious achievements over the years, they sought for a way to get rid of him. Raven Cronwell effectively became a victim of his own success, was framed by his "friend" Owen and after a show trial, he was sentenced to death for a crime he never commited.

    Before the date he was due to be executed, he was rescued by his fiancee, together with his comrades. They went into hiding, but Owen hunted for them with overwhelming number. The Crow Mercenary Knights was ambushed and slain to a man. Raven was gravely wounded, his left arm was lost, the only thing left for him was to die.

    Then the Nasods found him, they revived and then modified his body. Raven was reborn to an augmented human, an experiment of King Nasod - test subject 3173 137. He was brainwashed and forced to follow their orders through the implants placed on his body by the designations of the Nasods, working as the mercenary leader of Black Crows - a group of augmented human who was mind-wiped to forget their past selves and followed the Nasods.

    One day Raven - under Nasod's control - intercepted Wally's Airship which was about to invade and loot Altera Island for its rare technologies, got the ill-gained Ruben's El crystal from Lord Wally's hands and sent it to King Nasod. He later was confronted by members of El Search Party, and through combat, they helped him to regain control of himself and escaped the influences of the Nasods.

    Determined to right his past wrongs when under the Nasods, he volunteered to join El gang to help find the missing El shards and defeating the forces of evil. He's very dedicated to atone for the sins of... King Nasod, *sigh*.

    Weapon Taker:

    This path embodying "an old idea made new": improving by building upon the firm foundation already laid down in the past. Raven became mercenary leader in support of El Search Party, similar to how he was used to be mercenary leader under Velder Kingdom and Nasod Kingdom. The Nasod Arm was already good in generating and firing fiery energy-based attacks, he upgraded it in that direction to capitalize on its full potential. He also made a new, modern blade to make it much more effective, not wanting to waste the swordplay skills he had been training himself up until that point and combining with his new combat doctrines in combination with the new Nasod Arm.

    Veteran Commander:

    Some men just want to watch the world burns. Others provide the matches. The Veteran Commander falls under the second category.

    Raven realized the new Nasod Arm when operating having the side effect of generating too many heat, when using it too much in a succession without giving time to dissipate the heat, which in the long turn could prove to be destructive to the arm and his body itself. He further upgrading his equipment to make them more effective and at the same time limiting the side effects from overheated Nasod Arm. He gathered multiple exotic components from various sources to make the most out of his Nasod Arm's strength. After completing upgrading the Nasod Arm and with further training, Raven became the distinguished Veteran Commander.

    Nova Imperator:

    "For the first time in history we have a chance to steal fire from the gods". - Adam Jensen, Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

    Raven intended to push the strength of the Nasod Arm, mechanical and cybernetic implants even further. But his human body wouldn't be able to endure and containing such power. He didn't hesitate to sacrifice organic parts of his bodies to make spaces for further augmentations, so he can truly pushing his power and abilities to another limit. As military leader supporting El Search Party, he determined to never again losing any comrade when he still drew breaths...


    March 18, 2018: created guide.

    March 19, 2018: wrote Abbreviations/Concepts, Anger of Raven and Taker/Mercenary.

    March 21, 2018: done with Overheat mechanic and Weapon Taker section.

    March 28, 2018: done with Veteran Commander section.

    March 30, 2018: done with Transcendent Veteran Commander section.

    April 1, 2018: done with Nova Imperator section.

    April 12, 2018: done with Gears of war and El Resonance Point sections.

    April 16, 2018: done with Recommended builds section.

    April 18, 2018: done with Auxiliary resources (consumables, buffs...) section.

    May 2, 2018: done with Strategies and other information.

    June 13, 2018: done with tactics when dealing with specific dungeons and/or bosses.

    July 3, 2018: added Hellfire and Giga Prominence Force skills, adding Master of Warfare changes after patch. Light fix regarding IC-I skill.

    July 16, 2018: fixing regarding Skill stacking being removed and replaced with All skill damage. Adding consumables. Change skill slot.

    August 5, 2018: done with guide to 3 first dungeons of Varnimyr region.

    November 10, 2018: updating the guide after patches. Changes to Heavy trait of skills, Focus Strength, Flames of Victory and Master of Warfare passives change...

    April 6, 2019: updating Veteran passive, El Resonance system's options, adding consumables.

    September 7, 2019: updating skills, adding newly added skills, tweaking recommended builds (skills section).

    September 13, 2019: Added Mod Igntion Crow: Incinerator and Mod Breaking Fist.

    October 23, 2019: updating Mercenary Behavior, Last Resort and Master of Warfare passives.
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    "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.
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    This is your player character's UI:

    (When the Awakening charge bar is full, it will generate an Awakening bead and depletes the bar to empty).

    Here I will convey the basis of some concepts and abbreviations which I would use on the sections below:

    + HP: Hit points. The red gauge on the top left of the screen indicates the amount of Hit points you're having.

    + MP: Mana points. The blue gauge on the top left of the screen indicates the amount of Mana points you're having.

    + Phys: Physical. A term indicating the type of attack or defense value (Physical Attack and Physical Defense).

    + Mag: Magical. A term indicating the type of attack or defense value (Magical Attack and Magical Defense).

    + Cd: cooldown. When you use a skill, you wouldn't be able to re-use it again for a set period of time. The skill icon on the skill slot would be greyed out and there would be a number countdown, you could only attempt to use the skill after the countdown reached 0 and the skill icon stopped being greyed out.

    + KD or kd: knockdown - the state of when a player character or enemy was off their feet and lying on the ground, unable to attack and invulnerable to any source of damage (the case of player characters) or having high defense which minimizing damage done to them (in case of PvE monsters), until they could stand up again.

    KD is a mechanic to prevent infinite combos and allowing targets being locked in hitstun to be able to escape from being killed by a single infinite combo the moment they were caught and locked into being combo-ed by their enemies.

    => Needless to say, most of the times you should prevent monsters from being knocked down, which would take much longer to kill them, for you and your teammates alike.

    + Hitstun: when you're attacking enemies and they flinched, unable to perform any action thanks to your attacks, and left them open for you to continue attacking them, that was because your attacks inflict hitstuns on the enemies. Super armor/stoic negating histun so long as they were in effect.

    + Super armor/stoic: negating hitsuns so long as the targets still having them, Indicated by a red outline surrounding the character/PvE enemies.

    + MB: Mana Break. Read:

    + Awk: Awaken/Awakening. Press CRTL to awaken when you're having as least an awakening bead. Awakening freeze the characters/mobs for a brief period of time, but not affecting bosses. Awakening usually providing a 20% damage boost to your attacks, along with other benefits depending on the character/class.

    + OH: Overheat.

    + Atk: Attack.

    + Lv: level.

    + Trans: Transcendence.

    + DoT: damage-over-time. A term indicating a status effect, a debuff applied on the target and said target would be damaged over time until the duration of said debuff wore off. DoT bypassing all mundane defense values you have (Physical/magical defenses, Red damage...).

    + DPS: damage-per-second. Indicating the average damage you can deliver to a target in 1 second. The larger the better.

    + I-frames: Invincible-frame. The state in which you're invulnerable to the overwhelming majority number of sources of damage and can't be hit by any attack. Damage-over-time and status effects you was having before entering this state also affecting you so long as their duration hadn't worn off, unfortunately.

    + AoE: Area-of-effect. Indicating the area occupied by an attack which can hit enemies so long as they're inside that area.

    + Hitbox: same as AoE.

    + Buff: the status effect which usually increasing the effectiveness of the ones who having them.

    + Debuff: the status effect which usually decreasing the effectiveness of the ones who having them.

    + Jc: job-change.

    + SA: Special Active.

    + HA: Hyper Active.

    + RoF: Ring of Fury.

    + IC-N: Ignition Crow - Napalm.

    + IC-I: Ignition Crow - Incinerator.

    + PvP: Player versus Player game mode.

    + PvE: Player versus Environment (bots) game mode.

    + Whiffing/whiff (a skill): intentionally casting a skill without hitting any enemies.

    + ASD: all skill damage. A socket option on your gear which increasing damage of all skills generated by you by a certain %.
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    "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


    • Class: {{esusrinfo_class236343}}
      Level: {{esusrinfo_level236343}}
      Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild236343}}

      Character system: Anger of Raven

      "How does it make you feel to be punished by your creatures!... I mean, if you have anything like emotions." -
      Raven to Adam - King Nasod, Altera Core dungeon clear quote.

      This is Raven version of awakening mode. On top of any other additional feature, it providing him with 20% damage increase to his attacks. You have maximum 3 awakening beads, awakening using 1 bead providing a duration of 30 secs, 60 secs with 2 beads, 90 secs with 3 beads.

      This is a feature unique to Raven (kinda, much later after this was released, they copied much of it and gave Eve). It mainly manifests in 2 main forms: Core and third bead's awakening form.

      After having awakened, Raven would summon a Nasod core to assist him in both offense and defense. Core having maximum 3 levels, the higher the level the bigger and more potent it will be. It grows from low to high lv when you attack enemies or being attacked yourself.

      When you hit enemies with your Active/Special Active/Hyper, the Core will automatically rush forward and penetrate all enemies on its path. If it hits anything, it will be reduced to lv 0, and you need to attack stuffs for it to re-appear again. All attacks by Nasod cores ignoring all of enemy's guards and defenses. Especially useful against Solace in 10-7 when he shields himself with Solar Flare, for example.

      Core can also defense you, when you're being attacked from the front and Core is present, it will form a shield which resulted in enemy's incoming attack damage being reduced by 75%, for a while, until Core worn out and disappeared (attacks hitting your back won't activate shield or being affected by shield damage reduction). You will be pinned at the same place until the Core go away, so it can be a huge disadvantage.

      The other aspect of Anger of Raven not involving Core is if you awaken when having the third bead (which looking like a burning flame), you will have an extra aura surround you, which damaging enemies you come close to from time to time, at the same time recovering a juicy amount of 4 MP per enemy hit by the aura. So you should prioritize and capitalize on achieving and maintaining Awakening when having third bead in PvE.

      When your Awakening mode duration ends, if the Core is present then it will refund some HP and MP to your HP/MP bar. Here's the chart:

      Artist: Domouse.
      "Give an obolus to Belisarius" - Justian the Great.

      "[...]In the past, we've had to compensate for weakness, finding quick solutions that only benefit a few. But what if we never need to feel weak or morally conflicted again? [...] For the first time in history, we have a chance to steal fire from the gods. To turn away from it now - to stop pursuing a future in which technology and biology combine, leading to the promise of a Singularity - would mean to deny the very essence of who we are. [...]" - Adam Jensen, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Pro Augmentation ending.


      ZZZZ: Raven slashes 4 times. The last Z knocking down enemies.

      ZZZX: Raven slashes thrice, then makes multiple explosions with his Nasod arm which knocking down enemies.

      ZZXX: Raven slashes twice, then launches the enemies into the air with his Nasod arm.

      XXX: Raven clawing by his Nasod arm twice, then fires a large explosion with his Nasod arm and knocking down enemies.

      >>ZZ: Raven sprints forward while reverse gripping his blade and knocking enemies away, knocking them down.

      >>X: Raven sprints forward and grabs enemies with his Nasod arm, hitting twice and causing heavy hitstun.

      ^Z: Raven jumps up and slashing downward.

      ^X: Raven jumps up and clawing downward with his Nasod arm which knocking down enemies.

      >>^ZZ: Raven sprints forward, then clawing upward with his Nasod arm and then slashing with his sword.

      >>^X: Raven jumps up and fire from his Nasod arm, knocking down enemies.

      (When lying on the ground after being knocked down)Z: Quickly backflipping and slashing enemies.

      (When lying on the ground after being knocked down)X: Slashing enemies in a 180 degree arc and quickly recover.

      + Advanced:

      >>^< or <<^>: high jump.

      ZZ(X)>><>ZZ(X)>><>: Z loop, click the link for more thorough instructions from KirbyBlader:


      Shadow Step:

      Unlocked: Lv1. Cost: 30 MP. Cd: 7 secs. Skill type: Active.
      Final Enhanced Version: Z attack having Super armor on. Adding a X attack which drops 3 napalm grenades.

      _ Haste: Cooldown decreased to 70% (5 sec).
      _ Light: MP usage decreased to 70% (21 MP).
      Recommended trait: either.

      _ Raven charges forward while under invincible frames with high speed and passing through any enemy happen to be on his way.
      _ Can also be used on the air and Raven would charge forward as if on the ground.
      _ While Raven is charging, can press Z at any given time to perform a stab attack but losing invincible frames.
      _ Alternatively, pressing X and Raven will perform a backflip while dropping 3 napalm grenades, the grenades doing damage by themselves if hit any target, or if dropped onto the ground, leaving a spot of fire which dealing damage over time. The grenades and fire on the ground also causing burn status effect.

      _ This is one of staple skills of Raven, and a skill which everyone and their moms would include in their skill slot all the time.
      _ The skill could be used to evade enemies, bypassing their attacks or even bypassing the enemies themselves.
      _ The high speed of the skill could also be used to move quickly from one position to another, like quickly getting ahead of everyone in your party and casting an attack before they do, for example.

      Maximum Cannon:

      Unlocked: Lv1. Cost: 100 MP. Cd: 6 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Tenacity).
      Final Enhanced Version: damage increased by 20%.

      _ Light: MP usage decreased to 80% (80 MP).
      _ Critical: MP usage increased to 120% (120 MP), skill will ignore guard and 50% of enemy's defense (25% in PvP).
      Recommended trait: Light.

      _ Ultimate attack of Sun Guardian of Vongola Famiglia Raven shoots a spherical fireball out of his Nasod arm and maintains it at the same place for a while, dragging enemies hit by the fireball towards him.

      _ The skill damage is one of the weakest of all Raven's skills, so ditch this as soon as you have unlocked stronger skills later on.

      Cannon Blade:

      Unlocked: Lv 5. Cost: 200 MP. Cd: 13 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Strength).
      Final Enhanced Version: damage increased to 120%.

      _ Useful: Max hits increased from 11 to 16, damage of each hit decreased to 80%.
      _ Heavy: Damage increased to 144%, cd increased to 120%.
      Recommended trait: Useful.

      _ Raven shoots a big fireball from his Nasod arm which travelling forward and dragging enemies with it on its way.

      _ The skill damage is good, but needing the targets to be big enough, or the smaller targets to be dragged together with the fireball for it to deliver all of its damage, other wise targets with super armor on for example, wouldn't be able to inflict all of the hit the fireball could potentially deliver.
      _ On the other hand, the fireball attribute of dragging enemies away could be useful in situations when you need to move enemies, like cornering them to a wall, or when dealing with troublesome melee-ing enemies, for example Type-H in certain HP threshold could suddenly using the annoying Storm Blade, so using the skill could push it away from you right before the HP thresholds were reached and you wouldn't be in melee range when it finally using Storm Blade.

      Power Assault:

      Unlocked: lv 10. Cost: 150 MP. Cd: 12 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Strength).
      Final Enhanced Version: damage increased to 120%.

      _ Heavy: Damage increased to 144%, cd increased to 120%.
      _ Light: MP usage decreased to 80% (120 MP).
      Recommended trait: Light.

      _ Raven performs a shoulder charge and launch enemies away, knocking them down.

      _ Decent skill damage. Advised to keep and use until having unlocked better skills.
      _ Your character is a Mag character however, you will have major Mag attack increase after 3rd jc, leaving your character Phys attack stat lower. Advised to take Cannon Blade over this.

      Emergency Boost:

      Unlocked: lv 20. Cost: 50 MP. Cd: 30 secs. Skill type: Active.
      Final Enhanced Version: MP cost decreased by 20%.

      _ Light: MP usage decreased to 80% (40 MP, with Final Enhanced: 32 MP).
      _ Regenerating (1): 50% chance of regaining 100% of MP used for casting this skill.
      Recommended trait: Regenerating (1).

      _ Nasod arm releases propulsion energy which launches Raven a distance away.

      _ Can be used when under attack.
      _ Press directional key (< or >) when using the skill to choose which direction Raven would move toward.
      _ It's main use is in PvP, since in PvE the skill has limited use and most of the times Shadow Step is more useful, having lower cd and cheaper.

      Flame Sword:

      Unlocked: lv 20 + Basic Training Skill Quest. Cost: 30 MP. Cd: 3 secs. Skill type: Active.
      Final Enhanced Version: damage increased to 120%.

      _ Empowered: Damage increased to 120%.
      _ Powerful: The skill having super armor, cd increased to 150%.
      Recommended trait: Empowered.

      _ Raven slashes with a flaming sword, the initial hit inflicting burn status effect on enemies and leaving a cloud of fire which dealing damage to anything in its vicinity over time.

      _ The total skill damage is very large, both the initial hit and the lingering cloud.
      _ The hits from cloud of fire don't inflict hitstun.
      _ Charge awakening gauge very rapidly because of its multi-hit nature from the cloud, against large group of enemies.
      _ Don't take Powerful, it's more of a PvP trait, the increased cd duration would decrease your DPS with this skill. Moreover later on you unlock ability to use this skill on the air, which would be much safer and harder to be cancelled by enemies when you are performing this skill.

      Seven Burst:

      Unlocked: lv 20. Cost: 300 MP. Cd: 20 secs. Special Active (Bravery).
      Final Enhanced Version: damage increased to 120%.

      _ Light: MP usage decreased to 80% (240 MP).
      _ Useful: Max hits increased from 10 to 15, damage of each hit decreased to 70%.
      Recommended trait: Light.

      _ Raven shoots a fireball from his Nasod arm which exploding into a huge explosion.

      _ The skill dealing too little damage for its cost, recommended to never consider taking it.

      Extremely Heavenly Love:

      Unlocked: Becoming a couple/married. Cost: 0 MP. Cd: 300 secs. Skill type: Couple.

      _ Throws a heart which instantly recovering HP and MP to you and your coupled/married partner, moreover MP will be recovered by 10% every second. It recovering 50% HP/MP and MP recovering every sec for 5 secs for couples, and 100% HP/MP and MP recovering every sec for 10 secs.
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      "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


      • Class: {{esusrinfo_class236345}}
        Level: {{esusrinfo_level236345}}
        Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild236345}}

        When your Raven has reached lv 15, you can choose to job change to Weapon Taker path. Press "L" when at Towns to access quest menu and choose the Job change quest which having "Weapon Taker" name in it.

        The quest requiring you to complete 4 stages of quest, in this order:

        1) Talk to Lenphad NPC at Elder region.
        2) Clear Suburbs of Wally's Castle (2-4) dungeon of Elder Region to collect Overheat Mechanism Blueprints item.
        3) Clear Wally's Castle (2-5).
        4) Kill boss of Wally's Castle (2-5) to collect Mechanism Core item.

        After that, return to Elder town region, your Taker will advance to Weapon Taker. Congratulation!

        Alternatively, you can buy Item Mall's job change item which bears uncanny resemblances to a stone tablet with inscriptions on it, called "Weapon Taker's Revelation [sic] ", but I recommend you to do the quest because it's extremely easy.

        Weapon Taker:
        "Untutored courage is useless in the face of educated bullets." - George S. Patton.

        Character system: Overheat

        "Who Dares Wins." - British Army's Special Air Service's motto.

        Overheat is a feature unique to this path of Raven. When triggered, most of the cases it providing him with damage boost and/or improving the effectiveness of his attacks, such as improving the range his attack can reach, or increasing the number of attacks instead of increasing damage can be done by an attack.

        Moreover, triggering Overheat can provide him with a number of status effects (some of them will be unlocked later), one of it includes "Overheat" buff which improving the damage of all of his attacks by an initial amount of 5% and 10 second duration! So on top of any extra damage boost by Overheating skills, you get a damage multiplier in the manner of "Overheat" status effect damage buff too.

        To trigger Overheat, with skills which requiring Overheat, you rapidly pressing the corresponding skill key of the skill slot multiple times in a quick succession until you see . With Commands, specific steps in combos allowing you to activate Overheat, one of the sign you have activated Overheat is when Overheat status effect icon appeared on the top right of the screen.

        But it comes with a cost, however! Overheating your attack will reduce your HP, the amount is equal to 20% of attack's % damage done, reducing straight to your HP value without any modifier, like defense, red dmg... Some passives later on will alleviate the recoil damage from Overheat, like not reducing HP when your HP is under a certain threshold, or reducing Overheat self-damage.

        Also you can't Overheat when your HP is lower or equal to 20%, though later a passive reducing the threshold to be lower or equal to 2% HP.

        Commands with the steps having Overheat will be marked as red and bolded.


        XXX(X): Base XXX combo was altered. Now it makes Raven shoots a warhead, then he will throw himself forward and punch with his Nasod Arm, then he will burts 2 explosions from his Nasod Arm while in super armor, triggering Overheat, the explosions launch and knock down enemies. If you press X repeatedly, he will burst more explosions from his arm while still in super armor, and also burning more HP because all explosions are Overheat command.

        Note: the warhead will pierce all enemies on its way and when explode having a bigger hitbox than when travelling.

        >>^ ZXX: Like base's >>^Z, Raven will then release an explosion on mid air.

        >>ZZZ(Z): Like base's >>ZZ, except that instead of launching enemies away, Raven strikes with his Nasod Arm, then release a rather long stream of fire forward to burn his enemies.

        + Advanced:

        You can loop with his shooting attack, by using input X<>X<>X<>X... will make Raven shoots warheads in a succession.

        >>^ ZXX: this combo when loop fast enough can allow Raven to hover on the air, by keep pressing the direction key as if you're sprinting, then press ZXX again and again. For example hover to the right (starting when standing on the ground: >>^ ZXX >> ZXX >> ZXX >> ZXX...).

        You can stop XXX(X) from launching enemies by using an Active when Raven is bursting explosions from his Nasod Arm, he will cancel that explosive barrage attack and performing the Active attack, thereby cancelling the launch.

        XXX(X) combo's explosions when completed will make Raven kick back a distance after super armor, so it's can be exploited to slide backward, behind the enemies who were behind your back.


        Haze Explosion:

        Unlocked: lv 15. Cost: 30 MP. Cd: 5 secs. Skill type: Active.
        Final Enhanced Version: cd decreased by 1 sec, MP cost decreased by 20%.

        _ Empowered: Damage increased to 130%.
        _ Persistent: Decreasing KD of the targets hit by this skill by 25.
        Recommended trait: Empowered.

        _ Raven blasts a small explosion with his Nasod Arm, releasing a dense black cloud of gunpowder, hence the "Haze" part in the skill's name.
        _ The cloud will linger for about 4 seconds, and applying "Fog" debuff status effect on any enemies who touched it, decreasing their attack and movement speed by a whooping 50%!
        _ The skill can be used on the air when you having a certain passive later, dealing higher damage and faster execution speed on the air.

        _ The skill damage is actually high for its cost, and unlike Flame Sword, you can deliver damage faster than waiting for all the fire cloud from Flame Sword to deliver its total damage.
        _ More importantly, its debuff is extremely useful in PvE against dangerous foes, it makes bosses and monsters alike moving and attacking in slow motion speed, decreasing their damage output so you and your teammates can escape their onslaught easier and dodging their attacks (tho Elysion and Elrianode region having bosses which can't be debuff-ed by anything, so this feature is kinda useless against bosses in these regions).
        _ Note that as useful as this skill's "Slow" debuff can offer, sometimes it can be a disadvantage and hampering when using. The most glaring examples are when using on bosses when they're under special states which decreasing damage done to them by players, for example Joaquin in Velder's Hallucination (6-X), while he was shrouded with a field which decreasing damage done to him and drinking to regenerate his lost HP, using Haze will prolong the duration of that state and he will be hard to be damaged for a longer time while healing more HP in process. So beware of these situations which Haze's "Slow" debuffs can actually harming more than benefiting you (and your party members) and knowing when to avoid using it.
        _ The cloud also hitting rapidly although dealing no damage, but giving you fast awk charge too. Using this and Flame Sword is effective to gain Awk charge faster in a short amount of time.

        Harpoon Spear:

        Unlocked: Lv 15. Cost: 200 MP. Cd: 14 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Strength).
        Final Enhanced Version: Creating additional pillars of fire which having separate hitboxes on the air.

        _ Heavy: Damage increased to 144%, cd increased to 120% (21 sec).
        _ Ruthless: Skill will cancel manabreak, cd increased to 200% (28 secs).
        Recommended trait: Heavy.

        _ Raven shoots a powerful warhead diagonally downward, when hitting the ground it will explode and creating chain explosions which plowing the ground it passed through, dragging enemies together with the chain explosions while dealing damage.
        _ The Final Enhanced Version of this skill making the chain explosions also leaving behind tall pillars of fire which having separate hitboxes with the chain explosions on the ground.
        _ The skill dealing damage when the warhead itself hitting the target, then the initial explosion will deal separate damage and then the rest will be chain explosions damage.
        _ The skill can only be used when Raven is on mid-air.
        _ Chain explosions will stop moving forward when reaching a wall and will deal damage at the same spot.

        _ The skill damage is very high, so I recommend to take this as it's one of the more powerful skills of this path.
        _ Recommended to target enemies when they're near a wall (or you move them/goading them to be near that etc.), the chain explosions will push the enemies to the wall and potentially dealing more damage.
        _ Recommended to aim more accurately so that the warhead will hit enemy, otherwise you will waste a good chunk of damage this skill can deal.

        Mercenary Behavior:

        Unlocked: Lv 15. Skill type: Passive.

        _ Decreasing Overheat damage which affecting you and when your HP is under a certain threshold, Overheat self-damage won't damage you anymore, increase awakening duration stat, increase Magical Attack stat when in awakening mode.
        _At max level it decreases Overheat self-damage by 5% and you will have no Overheat damage when below 40% HP threshold, awakening duration increased by 10% and Magical Attack increased by 6%.

        Ground Impact:

        Unlocked: Lv 25. Cost: 100 MP. Cd: 7 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Tenacity).
        Final Enhanced Version: damage increased to 120%.

        _ Absorbing: MP gain of the skill increased to 130%.
        _ Critical: MP usage increased to 120% (120 MP), skill will ignore guard and 50% of enemy's defense (25% in PvP).
        Recommended trait: Empowered.

        _ Raven smashes the ground under him using his blade, creating a moving wave on the ground which pushing enemies hit by it and at the same time he shoots a warhead.

        _ The skill's damage is only average and it hardly offers any additional utility in PvE, so I see little reason to use this at the first place.

        Revolver Cannon:

        Unlocked: Lv 30. Cost: 150 MP. Cd: 7 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Strength).
        Final Enhanced Version: damage increased to 120%.

        _ Heavy: Damage increased to 144%, cd increased to 120% (21 sec).
        _ Critical: MP usage increased to 130% (195 MP), skill will ignore guard and 50% of enemy's defense (25% in PvP).
        Recommended trait: Heavy.

        _ Raven shoots multiple consecutive warheads, piercing through enemies and dealing heavy damage.
        _ Overheating this skill making raven fire 2 additional shots, these warheads having infinite piercing (but not infinite range), compared to normal shots can only pierce through maximum 2 enemies.

        _ This skill is the most damaging skill in this path of Raven sans HAs, cheap for its cost, reasonable cd, can pierce multiple enemies, easy to use and easy to hit, so it's useful in most situation, recommended to always take.
        _ Because of its high damage, beware for the monstrous Overheat self-damage recoil from this using this skill too.

        Mental Crash:

        Unlocked: Lv 30 + Immediate Training Skill Quest. Cost: 45 MP. Cd: 5 secs. Skill type: Active.
        Final Enhanced Version: damage increased to 120%.

        _ Killing Blow (1): Skill's debuff duration increased to 130% (~3 secs).
        _ Ruthless: Skill will cancel manabreak, cd increased to 200% (10 secs).
        Recommended trait: Killing Blow (1).

        _ Raven strikes with his Nasod Arm, shut down the minds of the targets hit by it and preventing them from gaining MP from being attacked.

        _ The skill dealing average damage, quite lengthy cd, monsters in PvE not affected by its debuff. Ultimately this skill is better suited for PvP mode. Plus the skill is pure damage with low range, compared to Mental Crash, this path offered better choices for Actives with utilities too. I recommend against taking this, because I don't think it's worth a skill slot.

        Hellfire Gatling:

        Unlocked: Lv 35. Cost: 250 MP. Cd: 21 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Bravery).
        Final Enhanced Version: give an increase in Maximization for 3 secs.

        _ Empowered: Damage increased to 120%.
        _ Absorbing: MP gain of the skill increased to 140%.
        Recommended trait: Empowered.

        _ Raven shoots multiple fire blasts from his Nasod arm which covering a large area just in front of him.
        _ Overheating this skill to dish out additional fire blasts which dealing more damage than normal fire blasts too.

        _ The skill damage is quite high and easy to deliver full damage, but its disadvantages include: is a Bravery SA so you can't use this in VC/NI Strength-stacking meta game, MP and awk charge regain from this skill is low as well for its cost, range is short. I don't recommend taking this skill.


        Unlocked: Lv 40. Skill type: Passive.

        _ Decreasing KD value from Raven's commands. When Raven's HP is below 50% threshold, getting increased damage and granting MP every time he awakens. At max lv increasing damage by 30% and granting 30 MP when awaken, deceasing KD rate by 15%. When Raven's HP is increased above the 50% HP threshold from previously lower than that and already having Veteran buff active, the Veteran buff will last 5 more seconds even if Raven's HP bar is already above 50%.

        _ The skill increasing damage by a whooping 30%. You should capitalize on that huge damage boost and surviving at low HP to be able to dish out more damage. Combined with Mercenary Behavior and you won't take Overheat damage below 40% HP threshold, so you can always Overheat for free when low in HP.
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        • Class: {{esusrinfo_class236346}}
          Level: {{esusrinfo_level236346}}
          Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild236346}}

          When your Weapon Taker has reached lv 35, you can job change to Veteran Commander. Go to Altera, open the quest section and choose job change quest having "Veteran Commander" name in it:

          You will go through 5 stages of quests consecutively:

          1) Talk to NPC Adel at Altera town.
          2) Collect 40 drops from Altera region's dungeons. Note that only Nasod monsters drop them, in 4-1 there is only the boss dropping that a single drop, recommend to clear 4-5 instead because it having highest amount of Nasod monsters.
          3) Collect 20 drops from Elite Nasod Guard + 2 Core of Nuclear Flames items in 4-6 dungeon.
          4) Talk to NPC Lento at Feita town.
          5) Collect 12 Dark Steel drops from boss in 5-1 dungeon + 15 Floating Stone drops from golem monsters in Feita region.

          After that, return to Feita region. You will job change to Veteran Commander. Congratulation!

          Alternatively, you can buy the Item Mall's item called "Veteran Commander's insignia " from Item Mall, you will automatically advance to Veteran Commander.

          Veteran Commander:
          "He conquers who endures" - Persisus.


          >>^ XX(X): Base's X changed to Raven shoot a warhead diagonally 45 degree downward. Pressing X for another time will fire another shell. Keep pressing X repeatedly after that, and Raven will shoot multiple shells downward when in overheat mode. All warheads explode on the floor, bursting into flame and burning anything passing through it. The warheads having infinite piercing and range, they will disappear when traveling far enough but they're actually still present and traveling until they hit the ground or going out of the screen.

          The initial X costs 10 MP to shoot. You can shoot warheads even if you don't have the 10 MP, Raven will just do the motions of shooting it but obviously nothing was fired, keep mashing it and shells came after that costs nothing compared to the initial shot.

          ZZZXX: Like base's ZZZ, Raven then sliding backward while still facing enemy while shooting a warhead to cover his maneuver. When he's done sliding backward, he will shoot another shell.

          ZZZ (directional key, either > or <) XX: Like base's ZZZ, after that Raven will perform a roll maneuver while dealing damage, (at that time he will face the direction opposite with the direction he initially facing before rolling), he then attacks with his Nasod arm.


          + You can keep Raven on the air by repeatedly performing >>^ XX(X) before you fall into the ground, it will be better for DPS because you can deal more damage in the same amount of time, you won't waste time to jump up after already dropped onto the ground. The "copter" manuever can help too. It helps that first X will propel Raven upward a little.

          + ZZZ>XX or ZZZ<XX can help you pass through an enemy you can't jump over and getting to the other side of said enemy, e.g. maneuvering to attack its exposed back.


          Giga Prominence:

          Unlocked: Lv 35. Cost: 300 MP. Cd: 23 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Bravery).
          Final Enhanced Version: damage increased to 120%.

          _ Light: MP usage decreased to 80% (240 MP)
          _ Heavy: Damage increased to 144%, cd increased to 120% (~28 secs).
          Recommended trait: Either is good.

          _ Raven pounds the ground to make multiple huge fire pillars erupting from the ground around himself, dealing damage and launching targets.
          _ The fire pillars erupting on multiple platforms, so if you're near multiple platforms on different vertical levels, the fire pillars can erupt from platforms directly above or below the platform you was standing on.
          _ Overheating making a final, bigger explosion bursting out surrounding Raven when all normal fire pillars have erupted.

          _ The skill dealing great damage, but the damage is spread out and hard for it to deliver most of its damage to small targets. The bigger the size of targets, the more space they occupy and the larger number of fire pillars can hit it.
          _ The skill is useful when you're dealing with huge bosses/Raid bosses or monsters on multiple platforms. For example the stage of Solace's Fortress when you need to protect Herbaon, using this can hit multiple enemies spawning on multiple platforms and even if they're not dead, they will be hit and launched, incapacitating and preventing them from performing their attacks.
          _ For some reason, when using this on any of the "huge rotating gear" thing employed by Nasod Carrier in Debrian Laboratory, all of the fire pillars will manage to home in on that body part of it (when they're stationary, I don't say hitting them when it's rotating), allowing you to deal nearly 100% skill damage to the boss.

          (Here's how it dealing all of its damage to the 11-4 boss):

          _ Overheating this skill dealing negligible damage to yourself.
          _ Overall a situational skill, good in some situations but not staple, far from that.

          Breaking Fist:

          Unlocked: Lv 35. Cost: 25 MP. Cd: 4 secs. Skill type: Active.
          Final Enhanced Version: skill's range is increased to 130%.

          _ Light: MP usage decreased to 80% (20MP).
          _ Empowered: Damage of the skill increased to 120%.
          Recommended trait: Empowered (Light trait is bugged).

          _ Raven dashing fast forward to deliver a powerful punch while in super armor. Super armor don't activate immediately when you use this skill however.

          _ The skill dealing lower than average damage, so don't consider taking this. Its main use is in PvP for fast and cheap Super armor.

          Victory Survival Strategy:

          Unlocked: Lv 35. Skill type: Passive.

          _ You can now use Haze Explosion and Flame Sword on mid air, dealing an additional 20% damage when using these skills on the air. Also now the lowest limit for Overheating is 2% HP.
          _ Reducing several debuff's duration by 20% at max lv.

          Shooting Dash:

          Unlocked: Lv 40. Cost: 100 MP. Cd: 8 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Tenacity).
          Final Enhanced Version: MP cost decreased by 20%.

          _ Empowered: Damage increased to 120%.
          _ Regenerating (2): 50% chance of lowering cooldown to 60%.
          Recommended trait: Empowered.

          _ Raven fires a warhead while lunging forward. Press the skill key within 5 seconds to execute the skill again, maximum 2 additional times.

          _ The skill deals low damage and has no use in PvE.

          Ignition Crow- Napalm:

          Unlocked: Lv 45. Cost: 150 MP. Cd: 12 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Strength).
          Final Enhanced Version: skill casting speed greatly increased.

          _ Critical: MP usage increased to 130% (195 MP), skill will ignore guard and 50% of enemy's defense (25% in PvP).
          _ Heavy: Damage increased to 144%, cd increased to 120% (~14 secs).
          Recommended trait: neither.

          _ Raven releases a crow which leaving a trail of flame on its way. The crow doing separate damage, while the flame trail remains and dealing damage over time to targets passing through it, inflicting burn DoT.
          _ Overheating this skill double the travelling range of the crow and flame trail.

          _ This skill dealing average damage. The flame trait doing very weak damage.
          _ One its other notable feature to compensate for its lackluster in damage (this skill used to be one of the strongest skill in the game before it was nerfted however) is its MP gain amount. Advised to use against large and dense group of monsters, initial hit from crow giving 20 MP for each monster hit by it, and 4 MP for each flame trail hit per monster (assuming you have 30% in MP gain when attacking stat).
          _ Aside all of those, this skill having other useful features which will be supplied later on when you job advance again.
          _ Take neither of the trait, Critical is much pain little gain and Heavy increasing your cd duration, which hampering the usefulness of the skill unlocked later on when you job advance. The skill shouldn't be expected to be your damage dealer, but more of an utility skill.

          Ignition Crow - Incinerator:

          Unlocked: Lv 45 + Advanced Training Skill Quest. Cost: 200 MP. Cd: 15 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Strength).
          Final Enhanced Version: skill casting speed greatly increased.

          _ Absorbing: MP gain of the skill increased to 140%.
          _ Empowered: Damage increased to 120%.
          Recommended trait: Empowered.

          _ Raven releases a big crow which travelling forward, piercing through any enemy on its path, dealing damage to them.
          _ Any enemy hit by the skill will be inflicted with Incineration DoT debuff which no enemy in the game is immunized to, even against bosses/Raid bosses who normally can't be inflicted with any debuff. The debuff burning the HP of targets hit by it, and any enemy comes into contact with it will also being inflicted with Burn debuff too.
          _ Overheating this skill doubling the range the crow travels.

          _ The skill deals reasonable amount of damage.
          _ The skill yields 12 MP per target hit (assuming you have +30% MP gain when attacking). That adds up to the utility of this skill as a clearing SA and making up in terms of somewhat lacking damage comparing to nukes like Revolver Cannon and Harpoon Spear.
          _ The ability to spread its Burning status effect is especially helpful against Type-H: when under Incinerator debuff, any spore comes near it would be burned because of infected with status effect from Type-H and not able to heal the boss.

          Napalm Grenade:

          Unlocked: Lv 50. Cost: 20 MP. Cd: 3 secs. Skill type: Active.
          Final Enhanced Version: MP usage is decreased by 30%.

          _ Haste: Cooldown decreased by 50% (1.5 sec).
          _ Light: MP usage decreased to 70% (14 MP), 10 MP after Final Enhanced version unlock.
          Recommended trait: Haste

          _ Raven throws 3 incendiary grenades which dealing high damage to targets hit by it.
          _ If any grenade not hitting anything when traveling, when dropped onto the floor, it will burst into flame and leaving fire on the floor, dealing minor damage to any enemy pass through it.

          _ The skill damage plus its cost is nothing to sneeze at, however this skill is also one of the more overlooked skills of this path. I hardly see anyone use this skill in PvE, although it providing fast, cheap and strong projectiles.
          _ Can be spammed against targets from afar in a quick sucession if you chose Haste trait, combined with Core auto tracking you can dish out unbeliveable high damage.

          Rain of Fire:

          Unlocked: Lv 50. Cost: 300 MP. Cd: 22 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Bravery).
          Final Enhanced Version: damage increased to 120%.

          _ Light: MP usage decreased to 80% (240 MP)
          _ Heavy: Damage increased to 144%, cd increased to 120% (~28 secs).
          Recommended trait: Either is good.

          _ Raven shoots multiple incendiary warheads at the sky which explode, blanketing the air above in multiple explosions and dealing damage over a wide area.

          _ The skill is great in term of the potential amount of damage it can deal and also provides utilities. However it requires the target(s) to be big or numerous enough (and also spread out enough in an area), otherwise most of the skill's attacks won't be able to hit and your damage will be much lower. Moreover the hitboxes of the skill's attacks are high above the ground, so you need to execute the skill from below the target and from a distance so that the majority of attacks can hit.
          _ Rain of Fire also has high MP gain and Awk charge potential thanks to the large amount of attacks it deals.
          _ The skill also provides a handy (if costly) anti-air choice.

          Deadly Raid:

          Unlocked: Lv 55. Cost: 100 MP. Cd: 8 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Tenacity).
          Final Enhanced Version: damage increased to 120%.

          _ Regenerating 1: 33% chance of regaining 100% of MP used for casting this skill.
          _ Critical: MP usage increased to 110% (110 MP), skill will ignore guard and 50% of enemy's defense (25% in PvP).
          Recommended trait: Critical.

          _ Raven making multiple explosive punches with Nasod Arm in a succession, the last hit launches and KD enemy.
          _ Can be Overheat up to maximum 3 levels (mashing the skill key in quick succession). Overheating the skill more making Raven punches more and dealing more damage.

          _ The skill damage is very high, and for a surprisingly cheap MP cost.
          _ Though maybe not intentional by devs, the skill execution speed is very lengthy, especially with Overheat x3, so in the whole time Raven would be in i-frames and invulnerable to enemy's incoming attacks.
          _ The skill is cheap in MP cost, however caution that Overheating damage portion of this skill is extremely high, so you will find your HP bar being burned very fast because of its high damage.
          _ Don't over-relying on the skill, on the plus side it dealing very nice damage for its cost and lengthy i-frames bypassing almost every source of attacks with OH x3 (beware of Raid Boss Drabaki tho), but on the flip side Overheating dealing truckloads of recoil damage to yourself and its lengthy execution speed affecting your DPS very much, preventing you from attacking more in the same amount of time and MP conserved offset by the fact that in the meantime you can't just attack normally to get MP at the first place.
          _ It depends on when and where to turtling and not risk being attacked by boss's attack patterns which filling the screen, or being free to attack normally and using larger quantity of skills with faster execution speed for better DPS.
          _ You can stop Deadly Raid from launching enemies, here's how: when Raven was about to deliver his last punch, you can press > Z (when facing right) or < Z (when facing left), Raven will immediately slash forward and enemies will be hit by that attack and instead of being launched, they were stopped by that attack (credits to Ankokou for discovering it).

          Mercenary Survival Strategy:

          Unlocked: Lv 60. Skill type: Passive.

          _ When Raven's HP is below 50%, increasing Resistance and Physical/Magical Defense stats. At max level increasing Phys/Mag Defense by 18% and all elemental resistance by 100.

          Overheat Mode Activated!:

          Unlocked: Lv 60 + Expert Training Skill Quest. Skill type: Passive.

          _ Increasing damage and duration of Overheat status effect (buff). At max level increasing duration to 18 seconds and damage to ~16.5% overall (from initial damage increase of merely 5%).

          Burning Burster:

          Unlocked: Lv 65. Cost: 300 MP. Cd: 180 secs. Skill type: Hyper Active.
          Final Enhanced Version: damage increased to 120%.

          _ Mukuro's Genju Mugaia Raven releases a murder of crows (murder = flock of birds, but only applying to crow) which crashing downward from the sky and exploding, he then punches an explosive hit with his Nasod Arm, and releases a huge pillar of flames surrounding himself.
          _ Consuming 1 El's Essence item per use. Requiring as least 1 in inventory to activate the skill.

          _ The skill damage is actually the highest in term of %damage of all character's second job change in this game.
          _ It's hard for the skill to do 100% of its damage against a single target, unless the target is big enough so all of the crow can hit it, they spread too far from each other.
          _ In Transcendence, Flame of Victory passive can reduce the CD duration of this skill by 33%, combined with Archangel Blessing item reducing its CD by a further 60 seconds, so VC is the only character in this game can have ~60+ seconds cd Hyper Active.
          _ Recommended to use on a somewhat higher vertical attitude than your target so more crows can hit it.
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          • Class: {{esusrinfo_class236348}}
            Level: {{esusrinfo_level236348}}
            Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild236348}}

            When your Vetran Commander has reached lv. 70, you can job change him to Veteran Commander Transcendence. Go to Lanox, opening quest menu and choosing the quest with "Transcendent" in it:

            You need to clear these 5 consecutive quest stages:

            1) Clear 5 dungeons within your level range.
            2) Collect 5 drops of Very Small Goddess's Breath Fragments by clearing any Lanox dungeons.
            3) Collect 5 drops of Tiny Goddess's Breath Fragments by clearing any secret dungeon.
            4) Collect 3 drops of Big Goddess's Breath Fragments by clearing any secret dungeon.
            5) Clear 20 secret dungeon.

            After completing them, return to Lanox and you will automatically job change to Transcendent Veteran Commander, congratulation and thanks for having stayed and going this far.

            Alternatively you can buy Item Mall's job change item "Book of Transcendence: God's Will ". After buying you will immediately job advance to Transcendent Veteran Commander.

            Transcendent Veteran Commander:
            Artist: @Henrya__
            "The First Axiom of Victory is to be other than where the enemy desires you to be. The First Axiom of Stealth is to be other than where the enemy believes you to be. The First Axiom of Freedom is that justice without force is powerless; force without justice is tyranny." - Corvus Corax, Axioms of the Legiones Astartes, Raven Guard Legion.

            "A battle can be won with brute force, or random luck. But a war? A war is won with cunning and waged without mercy. For the noblest of goals one must sometimes commits ignoble acts. So ask me not to justify the Raven Guard's ways. The carrion worlds in our wake should make a statement eloquent enough." - Corvus Corax, speaking at the Eurydicus Hearing.



            Unlocked: Lv 70. Cost: 100 MP. Cd: 8 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Tenacity).
            Final Enhanced Version: skill execution speed increased to 130%.

            _ Useful: Max hits increased from 4 to 9, damage of each hit decreased to 80%.
            _ Ruthless: Skill will cancel manabreak, cd increased to 200% (16 secs).
            Recommended trait: Useful.

            _ Raven releases multiple destructive surges of energy around himself.

            _ The skill deals good damage, but short in ranges.
            _ The skill casting speed is somewhat lengthy, so you can activate it and having i-frames for a while too.
            _ Taking Useful trait, nearly doubled its damage, Ruthless is for PvP.
            _ Like Deadly Raid, you can stop the last energy surge from launching enemies when the last surge was about to be released, you can press > Z (when facing right) or < Z (when facing left), Raven will immediately slash forward and enemies will be hit by that attack and instead of being launched, they were stopped by that attack (credits to Ankokou for discovering it).

            Awakened Will: Veteran Commander:

            Unlocked: Lv 70. Skill type: Passive.

            _ Adding (?)% chance of increasing damage by 5% and 20% chance of (?)% maximization stat activation when Overheating.

            Flame Sword: Flurry:

            Unlocked: Lv 80. Cost: 40 MP. Cd: 7 secs. Skill type: Active.
            Final Enhanced Version: Range of the skill increased to 120%.

            _ Persistent: Decreasing KD of the targets hit by this skill by 25.
            _ Regenerating 1: 50% chance of regaining 50% of MP used for casting this skill.
            Recommended trait: Regenerating 1.

            _ Raven coating his blade in flame and performs a flurry of fiery slashes which bursting into explosions while moving forward.

            _ The skill damage is just average.
            _ Useful for moving enemies to places, for example cornering them to near a wall. It used to be much better because of Super Armor, but now this utility would be much less effective because without Super Armor, you can be easily interrupted.
            _ Combined with when used inside IC-N with Flames of Victory decreasing MP usage by 50% and Regenerating 1 trait giving 50% chance of regenerating 50% of used MP (20 MP), making this skill extremely cheap to use.

            Awakened One:

            Unlocked: Lv 80 + Sealed Power Skill Quest. Skill type: Passive.

            _ Increasing these stats of Raven by 10%: HP, Phys/Mag attack, Phys/Mag Defense.

            Bursting Blade:

            Unlocked: Lv 90. Cost: 200 MP. Cd: 15 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Strength).
            Final Enhanced Version: Damage of the skill increased to 120%.

            _ Useful: Max hits increased from 11 to 18, damage of each hit decreased to 80%.
            _ Haste: Cooldown decreased to 80% (12 secs).
            Recommended trait: Useful.

            _ Raven coating his sword in flame and performing multiple fiery circular slashes which bursting into explosions on the air.
            _ The skill can be used on mid air.

            _ This skill dealing only average damage amount for its cost, that was already accounted for Useful trait - which already boosted its damage.
            _ The skill's saving grace are that its range is large and can be used on the air, easier to hit and dealing damage to targets (VC's path used to be the path which most emphasized upon and most rewarding mid air combat abilities and effectiveness, but then it was shuffled and RF/RH path became that instead), it hitting many times so a little MP and awk charge regain, reasonable i-frames length.

            Flames of Victory:

            Unlocked: Lv 90 + Power of Transcendence Skill Quest. Skill type: Passive.

            _ When using Ignition Crow - Napalm or Ignition Crow - Incineration skill, decreasing all Special Active's cd duration by 33%, MP gain amount stat increased by 15%, 10 seconds cooldown between each cd reduction time.

            _ This is a very valuable asset to this path of Raven's overall performances, to the point of game-changing. The most valuable aspect it does is that it reducing straight to cd of Special Actives by a whooping 33%.
            _ That ability to reduce cd alone helps boosting DPS greatly in a way that you can cast more skills in a succession, and can take more Heavy trait which increasing damage but increasing cd as well.
            _ Note that there is now a 10 seconds time gap between each time you can reduce skill cd, or in other words the feature for reducing cd also having cd of itself.

            Ifrit Flame:

            Unlocked: Lv 95. Cost: 300 MP. Cd: 22 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Bravery).
            Final Enhanced Version: skill execution speed increased to 130%. Range increased to 150%.

            _ Killing Blow 1: Skill's debuff duration increased to 130% (Hellfire status effect lasts 6.5 secs).
            _ Heavy: Damage increased to 144%, cd increased to 120% (26 secs).
            Recommended trait: Heavy

            _ Raven releases 12 crows which flying forward and dragging any targets hit by them on their path and at the same time exploding violently.
            _ Each crow can pierce only maximum 2 targets.
            _ Inflicting Hellfire status effect which burns enemy's HP, decreasing enemy's defense by 15% and all elemental resistance by 250 for 5 secs.

            _ The skill deals better than average damage and the defense decrease comes in handy,
            _ Much like IC-I, the crows appear behind Raven's back, so it's advised to stand at the middle of groups of monsters to maximize range. The enemies hit by crows will be lifted onto the air and able to get additional hits from exploding crows when being dragged, which normally could be a miss if the crows only flying on a linear trajectory after launching.
            _ The crows not having infinite piercing like IC-I however, so they're not very interchangeable. Moreover compared to IC-N and IC-I, the crows don't follow the curved parts of the map, if the path is curved the crows will fly out of the map.
            _ The fact that the crows pushing enemies help clustering them together for you to nuke them easier later, given they survived the crows attack.
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            "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


            • Class: {{esusrinfo_class236349}}
              Level: {{esusrinfo_level236349}}
              Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild236349}}

              *Nova Imperator is one of the few class names which KoG didn't manage to screw up when naming third job classes.

              Both "Nova" and "Imperator" are in Latin, Nova means "new" (the mundane usage of astronomy term nova means "new star" was in fact derived from the full term of "nova stella", stella means "star") and "Imperator" means "(triumphant) commander".

              So the term of "Nova Imperator" does fit this path's characteristics, having proper meanings and relevant to this class previous job name "Veteran Commander" => "New Victorious Commander" / "Nova Imperator".

              At lv99, your Transcendent Veteran Commander can become Nova Imperator. Go to Elrianode, choose job change quest with "Nova Imperator" in it. You will need to clear 5 consecutive quests:

              1) Clear Forgotten Elrian Sanctum (11-6) once.
              2) Clear Forgotten Elrian Sanctum (11-6) five times.
              3) Kills 20 Skin Splitter monsters, can be found in 11-2 and 11-4 dungeons.
              4) Kills 2000 Henir Mutated Monster, can be found in 11-3 (costing EDR tickets, so not advised) and 11-4 (preferred).
              5) Kills 30 Spatio Reaper, can be found in 11-3 (1 per run) and 11-5 (in random number).

              Return to Elrianode. Congratulation you have become Nova Imperator! Thank you for your service and getting this far.

              Alternative you can buy Item Mall item "Fire of Retribution " and you will automatically job advance to Nova Imperator.

              Nova Imperator: .
              Artist: Yumuto.
              “Victory is twice itself when the achiever brings home full numbers.” - Leonato, Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare.

              ”The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” - G.K. Chesterton.


              XvXX: (v = downward button on keyboard) Like WT's X, after that Raven dropping 3 grenades while backflipping backward and finally firing another warhead.

              >>^XZ: Like VC's >>^X, Raven then diving diagonally 45 degree downward.


              [Mod] Harpoon Spear:

              Unlocked: Lv 99. Cost: 200 MP. Cd: 14 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Strength).
              Final Enhanced Version: n/a.

              _ Heavy: Damage increased to 144%, cd increased to 120% (~17 sec).
              _ Ruthless: Skill will cancel manabreak, cd increased to 200% (28 secs).
              Recommended trait: Heavy.

              _ Raven shoots a big warhead diagonially downward, which explodes into a giant explosion when hit the ground or any target, launching and knocking them down.
              _ Can only cast on mid air.

              _ Compared to vanilla Harpoon Spear, it dealing less total damage, but it's extremely easy to to deliver 100% of its total damage now.
              _ Useful in situations when you think it can deliver more damage than vanilla Harpoon without dealing 100% of its damage.

              [Mod] Revolver Cannon:
              Unlocked: Lv 99. Cost: 150 MP. Cd: 7 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Strength).
              Final Enhanced Version: n/a

              _ Heavy: Damage increased to 144%, cd increased to 120% (~8 secs).
              _ Critical: MP usage increased to 130% (195 MP), skill will ignore guard and 50% of enemy's defense (25% in PvP).
              Recommended trait: Heavy.

              _ Raven shoots 4 warhead. Overheating making him shoots 2 more warheads.

              _ Compared to vanilla Revolver Cannon, the warheads when shot having zero piercing ability. The total damage looks higher than Revolver Cannon (which is already absurdly high) on the paper, but without ability to pierce, it may deal less damage simply because with piercing ability, warheads can hit multiple enemies and multiplying the damage.
              _ Note that the warheads will explode upon contact with enemies, or having traveled its maximum distance, and the explosions created by warhead is much bigger than vanilla's (think Revolver Cannon - OP Bomb - a deleted skill), so it should be taken into account when considering AoE of the skill too.
              _ Recommended for bossing because most of the time there is only one boss so you don't need vanilla version's piercing ability and each warhead having more damage. Henir is another story, many bosses can appear in the same stage.
              _ It's said above that mod Revolver Cannon can't pierce enemies so it's a disadvantage when dealing with multiple enemies, but considers that the explosions from warheads are bigger so enemies close together can be hit by explosion compared to vanilla's piercing.
              _ Alternatively, bigger damage from mod version making each warhead kills individual enemies faster and clearing way for the next warhead to land a hit on enemies, it mowing down monsters very quickly and works fine that way without ability to pierce.

              [Mod] Bursting Blade:

              Unlocked: Lv 99. Cost: 200 MP. Cd: 15 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Strength).
              Final Enhanced Version: n/a

              _ Haste: Cooldown decreased to 80% (12 secs).
              _ Useful: Max hits increased from 2 to 4, damage of each hit decreased to 80%.
              Recommended trait: Either.

              _ Raven coating his sword in flame and performing multiple circular slashes on the air. After usage, granting buffs of 20% command damage increase, 10% additional damage and 10% critical damage stats increased for 10 seconds
              _ The skill can be used on the air.

              _ Hitting less times than vanilla version, otherwise the damage is somewhat weaker and with additional buffs.

              [Mod] Hellfire:

              Unlocked: Lv 70. Cost: 100 MP. Cd: 8 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Tenacity).
              Final Enhanced Version: n/a

              _ Useful: Max hits increased from 2 to 4, damage of each hit decreased to 80%.
              _ Ruthless: Skill will cancel manabreak, cd increased to 200% (16 secs).
              Recommended trait: Useful.

              _ Raven releases 2 big destructive surges of energy around himself.

              _ Compared to original Hellfire, Raven releases 2 bigger surges of energy compared to multiple smaller surge.
              _ This is mostly a PvP skill, the bigger AoE helps Raven hit enemies farther away from him and he would cancel the last animation to slash enemies hit by the skill to catch them. Otherwise its damage is lower. So I think this skill is worse than its original version in PvE.
              _ Like Deadly Raid and original Hellfire, you can stop the last energy surge from launching enemies when the last surge was about to be released, you can press > Z (when facing right) or < Z (when facing left), Raven will immediately slash forward and enemies will be hit by that attack and instead of being launched, they were stopped by that attack (credits to Ankokou for discovering it).

              [Mod] Giga Prominence:

              Unlocked: Lv 99. Cost: 300 MP. Cd: 23 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Strength).
              Final Enhanced Version: n/a

              _ Light: MP usage decreased to 80% (240 MP)
              _ Heavy: Damage increased to 140%, cd increased to 150% (~28 secs).
              Recommended trait: Light.

              _ Raven pounds the ground to make multiple huge fire pillars erupting from the ground in front of himself, with the direction from near to far from him.
              _ Overheating making additional bigger explosions when all normal fire pillars have erupted.

              _ The skill's damage is greatly reduced compared to the original Giga Prominence in exchange for easier to deliver full damage of the skill to enemies.
              _ However the skill still dealing comparable damage to original Giga to enemies behind or after Raven when he casting it, so I don't think this is a good mod skill.
              _ The skill's range is quite low so it's advised for using this for bossing only, compared to Giga Prominence which can be used for both bossing and clearing.

              [Mod] Ignition Crow - Incinerator:

              Unlocked: Lv 99. Cost: 200 MP. Cd: 15 secs. Skill type: Special Active (Strength).
              Final Enhanced Version: n/a

              _ Absorbing: MP gain of the skill increased to 140%.
              _ Empowered: Damage increased to 120%.
              Recommended trait: Empowered.

              _ Raven releases a crow which flies in circular trajectory around himself, hitting and then exploding, damaging enemies surrounding Raven.
              _ The enemies hit by the skill will be inflicted with the Incineration debuff.

              _ The damage is slightly higher than vanilla IC-I, however, following the pattern of this path's Mod skills, its range is too limited hence it's not worth using in PvE.

              [Mod] Breaking Fist:

              Unlocked: Lv 99. Cost: 25 MP. Cd: 4 secs. Skill type: Active.
              Final Enhanced Version: n/a

              _ Light: MP usage decreased to 80% (20MP).
              _ Empowered: Damage of the skill increased to 120%.
              Recommended trait: Empowered.

              _ Raven throws multiple punches while in super armor.

              _ The skill's damage is good, and it also has super armor, so it can be viable in PvE. However compared to other Actives such as Shadow Step, Flame Sword or Haze Explosion, this skill can'tbe used in the air or providing as much in terms of utility as those skills, so I don't think this Active worth a skill slot.

              Last Resort:

              Unlocked: Lv 99. Skill type: Passive.

              _ When Nasod Core is present and Raven runs out of HP, he absorbs Core to immediately revive and regenerates 2% HP per second for 20 seconds. Can only be activated again after 90 seconds, moreover Raven's debuffs at the time will be cleansed.

              _ After having revived, you will have to avoid getting killed off again, because it does not come with lengthy i-frames duration like when you're knocked down or revived with resurrection stone, so you have to be careful, consider dodge, using a skill with i-frames, or consuming consumables to restore HP.

              Master of Warfare:

              Unlocked: Lv 99. Skill type: Passive.

              _ Increasing all commands damage by 10%.
              _ Granting Heat Detection buff when Overheating skills, maximum 5 stacks. Each Heat Detection buff stack increases your critical rate stat by 5%. Moreover you can only gain an additional buff stack each 5 seconds since the last time you have gained a stack.
              _ Heat Detection buff having a maximum duration of 20 seconds, renewed with each additional stack.
              _ When Heat Detection reaches 5 stacks (maximum number of stacks you can reach), Raven regenerates 20 MP per second for 10 seconds.
              _ Increasing max MP by 100.

              _ Since you can only gain maximum 1 stack every 5 seconds, Overheating skills which lasts more than 5 seconds giving 2 stacks per use, for example the cases of Deadly Raid and Hellfire Gatling.
              _ After having reached 5 stacks, it will regenerate HP/MP and countdown towards 0, you won't be able to stack anymore until it counts to 0 and you stacking from 0 stack all over again.
              _ It only heals for 10 seconds for a total of 20% HP and 200 MP, you have to wait for 10 next seconds to stack Heat Detection buff again.
              _ The max MP increase comes in handy when it allowing more MP gain from consumables which replenish MP by % of the whole bar, and allowing you more options when you can store more MP, especially in case of this path which relying on using skills for damage, survival and utilities.

              To the Gates of Hell:

              Unlocked: Lv 99 + Ultimate Skill II Quest. Cost: 300 MP. Cd: 14 secs. Skill type: Hyper Active.
              Final Enhanced Version: n/a.

              _ Raven unleashing multiple XBox Hueg crows to crashing down from above, suicide bombing the enemies to Hell (literally!).
              _ Enemies in range will be inflicted with Power Stun debuff before the crows starting to dive down.
              _ Consuming 1 El's Essence item per use. Requiring as least 1 in inventory to activate the skill.

              _ The total damage is lower than Burning Burster, but considering that every enemy in the vicinity will be inflicted with damage and can take full damage from the attack, compared to near impossible to deal full damage to bosses because many crows will miss, but the range is twice as big as Burning Burster.
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              • Class: {{esusrinfo_class236350}}
                Level: {{esusrinfo_level236350}}
                Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild236350}}

                Gears of war:

                Artist: Rikuresia.

                Skill slots:


                You start with 8 skill slots (never mind the Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, C, LShift and Space indicators, they're custom keys I assigned and can be changed, so it's irrelevant in this part about skill slot expands):

                If your character having unlocked Trans jc then you will automatically unlock 1 slot at this position (marked by red arrow):

                Note that it does not require you to unlock 4 other skill slots beforehand so after Trans jc you will unlock that skill slot. Nope, so long as you unlock your character's Trans jc, you will unlock that slot for sure.

                The other slot is unlocked by this item:

                + Skill slot change medal (Transcendence) - the newer, 230 KC one.

                * Note: the slot you unlock by reaching Transcendence and the slot unlocked by "Skill slot change medal (Transcendence)" item having another special feature: it can randomly resetting the cd of the skill placed on that skill slot, or if the skills on those slots are not in cd at that time then when you cast it, they will do 20% more dmg. You will know when there are additional glowing effect on those skill slots, but it only active for a limited time, tho the cd reset effect will last even after the skill slots stop glowing, unless you used the skill once more so it would be in cd all over again and no cd reset this time, ofc.

                + Force skill slot: 3rd jc giving you 5 free skill slots, however you can only assign a number of specific "Force skills" to these skill slots. They're completely NOT interchangeable with the skill slots listed above in any way. Also please note that "Mod" skills are also technically "Force" skills, however they should be treated like the rest of the skills and can only be assigned in the "Normal" skill slot. Press "ESC" while in town, choosing "Set Custom Keyboard" and assigning this to the key you want to use to switch between Force skill slot and the normal one.

                Assigning Force and Mod skills:

                (click them again to stop using these Force/Mod skills).

                Force skill slot in UI:

                (Here I assigned "T" key for changing between normal skill slot and the Force skill slot).

                Secret dungeon sets:

                SPOILERThere are 7 SDG types. They are in no way an end-game tier or even standard sets for you to grind late dungeons or PvPing in high tier with. They are best used to equip while grinding for better gears. In other words, their usefulness is similar to Internet Explorer, which is the best browser... for downloading a better one with.

                Their set effects are described briefly below:

                + Mechanized Mk-5:

                _ Mainly boosting your defense capabilities. And 10% increase to your maximum MP bar too.

                => It's only average, many of its set effects only matter in PvP. If you want to survive a little better, take this, but I don't advise to. There are many ways to survive and better in shrugging off incoming attack damage is just one of it.

                + Dragonic Fear:

                _ Providing a proc attack, and enhances your attack capabilities when you awaken.

                => It's also only average. Most of the effects only last for a brief period of time after you just awaken. With this class you are advised to usually awaken only when having 3rd bead, and so you're supposed to awaken and stay awakened in 3rd bead as long as possible. That makes you awakening less times than other classes and characters who having no extra benefit from 3rd bead awakening, if any. So it's kinda self-defeating, unless you're RF, Add, Ain...

                + Alterasia Type-S:

                _ The set is all about proc. Proc which giving MP, proc which increasing attack speed and MP gain when attacking (un-normalized), increasing Elemental proc chance by 5%.

                => Another mediocre option. The elemental proc chance stat is overall negligible in PvE. Not to mention NI path is not having good proc capabilities. The MP from proc is in no way as good as ANG set.

                + Glitter Warlord:

                _ Another proc-heavy set. Two quite good proc attacks (the thunder proc attack one is useful in PvP too).
                _ Having a proc chance which increasing the size of your character (and increasing the range of your character's attacks) and crit chance.
                _ Having a small proc chance to boost your defense up to eleven when being attacked for a short period of time.

                => First decent set for PvE. It giving good set effects overall which increase your effectiveness in PvE. The downside is that increasing the size of your character can make monsters to land attack on you easier too, and defense proc rate is extremely low compared to defensive sets such as Mechanized Mk-5.

                + Ancient Noble Guardian:

                _ This set giving good procs with high chance: proc which increasing your attack, another proc increasing your defense. The last proc giving you 2 MP per second for a long period of time.

                => This is the best set which is good all-rounded and arguably the vanilla choice of SDG sets. The proc which giving MP per second is extremely easy to proc and so long as you keep attacking, you can maintain it constantly. This set giving the highest and most stable MP gain of all SDG sets.

                + Sand Tempest:

                _ A set which giving proc which can induce debuff which making targets can not move and increasing the damage dealt to the target with that debuff, for a short period of time. Another proc which increase your movement and attack speed (they're normalized however, compared to Alterasia set). The last proc is an attack.

                => The set effect is only average. The restraining and increasing damage to targets is maybe the best set effect it have to offer, it helps you and your teammates to
                incapacitate and kill monsters faster, especially in Heroic Hell where monsters (and bosses) are literally harder, better, faster and stronger.

                + Dark Force Slayer:

                _ What is does is mostly involving the usage of Demonic Energy Beads. They're generated when you attack with your commands and Actives 7 times. There is a cooldown interval between gaining Demonic Energy Beads, it's 10 seconds until you can gain another bead since you last gained a bead. You gain 10 MP every time you gain 1 bead. When you cast a Special Active, you will fire those beads as attacks together with whatever SAs you was casting with. Those beads having homing capability too. Consuming each bead reducing cd of the skills which proc it by 7% per bead.
                _ It also increasing 10 to your max MP.
                _ This video demonstrating what it's about better than my words:

                => It's only average. The MP gain capability is poor compared to ANG set. The main problem is the 10 seconds cd thing.

                Henir set:

                SPOILERObsoleted information, will update the new set later This is one of the better set in the game. It giving you tons of pure stats which can't go wrong in any mode, compared to SDG sets. It also giving 3 Unidentified stats per piece, so if you're rich you can re-identify your pieces until you got the ideal results from RNG. Finally you can extract socket special effects from Heroic gears to migrate those special effects (gained by random when you first identify the Heroic pieces and will stay no matter how many times you re-identify it) to slap them to your Henir pieces (again, there is a chance that the "migration" will fail).

                Note that you need the weapon of Henir set to complete the set effect, and the 5pc Henir set effect matter very much, so if you're aiming for using other weapons different than Henir set effect, consider getting other sets.

                It is better for PvP, in PvE it got outshone by sets with Skill damage stacking gloves.

                Heroic sets:

                SPOILER+ Heroic set: the official name of the set is "Wrath" or "Vision" or "Wisdom" + part (e.g top, bottom, gloves...) - the Elite ver, and "Heroic" + "Fury" or "Vision" or "Wisdom" + part - the Unique ver.

                _ Their raw stats is random, depending on an unidentified stat called Heroic Presence, which can only be discovered after you identifying that piece, but the first result will stuck there and no matter after how many times you re-identify that piece, you will get the same "Heroic Presence" result. The Heroic Presence can vary from 1 to 30, with the rule of thumb that around lv11 will give that piece the raw stats approx the raw stats amount of the corresponding piece of any present Enhanced SD set, but the HP will be much lower, requiring around lv16 Heroic Presence to be equaled to Enhanced SD set's corresponding piece.

                And atm 4D set piece having approx raw stats of the corresponding piece of lv85 Enhanced SD set's piece, if not for having more HP, so you can imagine the ratio of Heroic Presence the "Heroic" Hell piece needed to get stats comparable to 4D's raw stats (hint: approx lv11 to get comparable mag/phys defense/atk, lv18/19 to get comparable HP). Needless to say, expect upcoming lv 90 4D raw stats to be very high and maybe you will need lv20+ to get comparable raw stats and max lv Heroic Presence to get comparable HP.

                _ Next, there will be one PvE only identified stats, for example Item Drop Rate +9% (Dungeon).

                _ One random skill's dmg increase, except that this time it isn't even limited to your character/class, but chosen from a pool of 12 characters and 37 classes in the game, and you can't even re-identify it.

                + Set effects:

                _ "Heroic: Wrath" giving up to 15% skill dmg increase (5ea) (any skill), "Heroic: Wisdom" giving up to 15% MP cost decrease (5ea) (any skill), "Heroic: Vision" giving up to 15% cd decrease (5ea) (any skill).

                Moreover the 5% mag & phys atk boost for any set above (2ea), so it actually giving you much more flexible choices for your set, e.g some meta builds involving "Heroic" Hell sets:

                _ 3ea of one "Heroic" Hell set + 2ea of 1 of 2 other "Heroic" Hell sets left, so you surrender the 5ea set effect (10% of skill dmg or MP cost or cd decrease) for 5% phys & mag atk stat and 5% of another set's benefit. The 3ea giving you +5% each of crit & max & maximize.

                _ 2ea of one "Heroic" Hell set + 2ea of 1 of 2 other "Heroic" Hell sets left, like above but you can get Weapon of your choice and surrendering 3ea set effect, lucrative if you have a superior weapon like Legendary Raid weapon, which giving you +10% phys & mag atk, much better than 3ea set effect, provided that you have that weapon.

                _ 3ea of one "Heroic" Hell set + 2ea of Enhanced SD set of your choice, with one piece of Enhanced SD set is an accessory,a dn one superior weapon like Legendary Raid. This way you don't have to surrender 3ea "Heroic" Hell beefy set effect stat increase, plus 2ea Enhanced SD set of some SD set of your choice, Mk-5/ANG giving more stats, Dragonic/Glitter/Alterasia/Dark Force are secondary, avoiding Sand Tempest 2ea set tho.

                + All skill damage:

                _ Very straightforward, increasing all skill's damage by a certain %.

                + Skill damage stacking:

                * As of now you can't gain Specific skill category (Flex, Tenacity, Strength or Bravery) stacking damage, your option is getting All skill damage instead. This section will explain Skill stacking if you still had them before you couldn't gain more of them but allowed to keep the ones which you already got.

                _ This is what makes Heroic and Elrianode sets truly desirable (in PvE) compared to Henir set. It allowing you to increase the damage of a specific type of skill damage category (Flexibility/Tenacity/Strength/Bravery) by a large modifier. It is an identifiable stat which can only found in gloves piece alone. Another note that it only affecting PvE.

                If you find a gloves piece with identified stat resembling this: Upon using Flexibility/Tenacity/Strength/Bravery Skill, Flexibility/Tenacity/Strength/Bravery Skill's Damage for 10/15 seconds for 6%/7%/8%/9%/10% (5 stacks) (only 1 skill damage and time limit and % damage increase per stack be identified per gloves piece, I wrote like that to show what variants you could encounter).

                _ What it does is increasing the damage of the skill damage category by x% per stack, up to 5 stacks. You gain stacks by using Flexibility/Tenacity/Strength/Bravery skills in a succession before the last stack's duration ran out. You stack Flexibility damage by using Actives. Bravery stack having 15 seconds duration compared to all other skill damage category.

                _ Note that the skill damage stacking only increasing the damage of the corresponding skill at the point of the latest stack, meaning that for example you're stacking Strength skill damage, you're having 3 Strength damage stacks and using another Strength skill increasing the number of stacks to 4, said skill damage is only modified by the 3 Strength damage stacks before, the 4 stacks only affecting the damage of Strength skill used after it was gained.

                * Since this path of Raven benefits the most from Strength stacking build, only getting gloves with Strength stacking damage.

                Elrianode set:

                SPOILERI don't think I'm able to to write a better guide in the context of this Nova Imperator guide about Elrianode equipment than this one:

                Please read it if you care about Elrianode gear. My only note is that getting the socketing only blue El tears for set effects or consider Purple if you main PvP. on your Elrianode gloves.

                Apocalypse Type -Void Weapon:

                Current Strongest weapon in the game, with superior stats to every other things and you can even unlock more stats by upgrading it through 15 crafted stage disks, and enhancing it from lv9 upward will also giving extra stats. The weapon is so overpowered, but requiring you to grind a hard dungeon several thousands times to collect Energy Shards to craft 15 stage disks, and a blatant P2W aspect when the higher the enhancement level, the stronger it becomes.

                Only consider getting this if you can afford a good weapon already to grind this dungeon (Add's Energy Fusion Theory) everyday for more than half a year.
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                "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


                • Class: {{esusrinfo_class236351}}
                  Level: {{esusrinfo_level236351}}
                  Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild236351}}

                  Gears of war (continue):

                  Artist: Dane of Celestia.


                  SPOILER+ IM accessories:

                  _ Flexibility, Tenacity, Strength or Bravery rings. Each increasing damage of a specific skill type by 20%! Flexibility increasing actives skill’s dmg by 20%. Tenacity increasing MP1 tier Special active by 20%, Strength – MP2 tier SA by 20%, Bravery – MP3 tier SA by 20%. Read about Special Active skill’s tier here:

                  *Note: it is advised you take either Ring of Strength or Ring of Bravery since they're the most beneficial.

                  _ Ring of Fury: granting you an extra 1/2 of Awk bar in PvP at the beginning of the match, and increased awk charge in both PvE and PvP by a large amount (20% awk charge).

                  _ Magic necklace: increasing MP gained when attacking and attacked stats by 30%.

                  * Note: +30% MP from Magic Necky is enough to pump Raven's awaken in 3rd bead MP gained per hit from 5 MP to 7 MP, a sizeable amount in both PvE and PvP!

                  + Boss drops:

                  _ Kelaino accessories: giving 7% add dmg set effect, plus 6% HP of the arm accessory piece alone.

                  _ Scar’s accessories: giving 13% add dmg totally.

                  _ Ignia accessories: giving 4% phys atk and 4% mag atk set effect, plus 2,5% crit. Don’t laugh at the merely 4% yet, the dmg increase is calculated like this:

                  _ Maya's accessories: a blowing 7.5% crit and 7.5% add, plus 2% phys and 2% mag atk. They don't have random identifying stat tho, so the potential % stat maybe lower than Scar's, but you don't have to buy scrolls to re-identifying stats, and the random identified stats may not satisfying for you.

                  _ Solace's Dark Red sun set.

                  _ Nocturne of Hernia.

                  _ El's Aspiration.

                  _ Corrupted Elrianode set, 3% crit, 3% max, 3.5% phys and 3.5% mag damage.

                  + SDG's accessories:

                  _ You can actually getting a SD 5ea set effect plus another 2ea set effect on the same character, by wearing 4 pieces of a SD set plus an accessory of the same SD set, plus 1 piece of another SD set and an another accessory of such set. But Elder, Velder and Sander sets can't be mixed with each others, the same case of Hamel and Altera set, while Bethma set can mix with any other set. Simply because in those sets, they using the same SD accessories slots (Elder, Velder and Sander all having SD accessories of Face Accessory (Middle) slot).

                  _ Utilizing that, you can use a weapon not of any SD set but still having 5ea set effect of that SD set (4 armor pieces plus 1 accessory, and an another weapon).

                  + Sinister intent control set:

                  _ For when you can't afford to break set effects. This set having 8 different accessory for 8 slots, so you can make any combination and filling in the blanks after already having the ideal accessories with set effects and having spare slots to fill but not having any other accessories set which using these slots.

                  + Ereda Accessories:

                  _ Good set effects, and the Tenacious Warrior’s chronicle is the best weapon’s accessories, increasing damage for a specific type of skill. You can just take the chronicle and Necklace, the other pieces may not be worth it over other accessory sets, especially the ring.

                  + Wyvern's accessories:

                  _ Ugly looking, meh stats, and needing too many pieces for set effects, you have been warned.


                  SPOILERRead Elwiki for more detailed title's effects, how to unlock and obtain them, I'm not going to repeat the obvious which was wrote on the site, and remember that first step to success in a game is often: to find the game's wikia page about it and read from it:

                  Some recommended good titles:

                  + Stopgap titles: these are only good for when you're leveling up and will be obsoleted later to better titles, or only matters in PvE.

                  _ Super Sonic(Altera): Easy to unlock and get, the speed boost can come in handy when you lvling your low lv characters and having to frequently switching gears so socketing is a waste.

                  _ Knight Rescue Party(Hamel): +10% HP, that's a lot of stats.

                  _ Deep Sea Diver (Hamel): 250 Water resist and 1% water proc rate, all you need is to go to Noah's Grave, step underwater and stay away from monsters, idle for some minutes, then when you died from suffocating, press X to return to town, then find 1 Deep sea fish in Hamel's Dungeons to kill.

                  _ Harpy Harpy (Sander): clear 8-2 3 times and get 200 Wind res for free.

                  _ I like fish! (Ⅱ) (Lanox): +30% HP (PvE only) - ultimate title for surviving in PvE and you have not already reached HP limit.

                  _ The Rules of the Jungle (Atlas): great title for grinding dungeons, +10% EXP and ED is very handy. Also with +20% HP (PvE only).

                  + Dedicated grinding titles: these will be harder and more grindy to get, but have not obsoleted so far. These only include titles which I think can benefit VC the most:

                  _ Guardian of Secret Closed Space: increasing XP by 20% (great for El Resonance XP grind), dealing extra dmg to boss monsters, bonus when unlocking titles... Exchanging for the title with Ariel by 300 El Reward (gained when clearing daily and weekly SDG quests).

                  _ Passion Pay (Lanox): +1000 mag and phys atk, which is a large amount if you have weak weapons/gears.

                  _ Ancient History (PvP): kill Apple (Epic NPC) in Arena 11 times to obtain this. She only appeared when you're on A rank, so don't rank up from A until you got the title. You will totally love it, +20% dmg for Actives, which helping you to capitalize on VC's set of Actives which maybe one of the strongest/most cost-effective set of Actives of all classes in the game, not to mention Overheat (buff) and Veteran can easily increase their dmg even further.

                  _ El Search Party Valedictorian (PvP): like above, only requiring you to kill Lowe 8 times. Stay in A rank until already got it.

                  _ Tactician of Ereda (Ereda): clear Ereda for 751 times, not matter if you win or lost, just until the tower was cast down by any team then you would get 1 more clear count to obtain it.

                  _ Resistance to Destiny: it giving extremely good stats, one of the best in the game.

                  _ El Tear Fragment Collector: 15% drop rate bonus. Nuff said.

                  _ Pierce the Heaven: if you can manage to fund for Elrianode Defense Ticket, it can be worth it. Recommended to go with powerful team member and being strong yourself too, so you can kill more monsters because you only having 5 minutes to kill monsters before boss.


                  tl;dr, in PvE using either Wind or Water or a combination of both. Light is a big no, it's too disruptive unless you're Freyja who can proc it so fast monsters can rarely breaking out of petrifying. Dark was too nerfted and monsters having quite high Dark resistance, Fire and Poison DoT is not high enough for it to matter + you're supposed to kill stuffs so fast, with mostly SAs so monsters won't survive long enough for the DoT to do enough damage or even if you have time to stack those debuffs on monsters to begin with.

                  + Inflicting a burning effect on the enemies which directly reducing their HP with the only way to reduce the damage is Fire resistance. Lately it got updated and double its DPS and much easier to stack it. Also burns MP, ideal for forcing people to manabreak. The DoT dmg bypass enemy's red dmg stats and every dmg reduction status effect and defenses but Fire resistance.

                  + Inflicting a frozen effect which reducing the enemy’s attack speed and their defense by a large percentage. It is great in PvP, though expect the enemies to stack Water resistance heavily. After revamp its defense reduction got nefted a bit and replacing movement/jump speed reduction with attack speed reduction. In PvE it’s the same, most monsters having high Water resistance because it’s so dangerous. However it's still arguably the best element in PvE for solo bossing.

                  +Inflicting DoT damage like Fire, and reducing enemy’s movement/jump speed. Harder to stack, half DoT DPS compared to Fire, but 3 times longer duration. After revamp increasing its DPS and duration. The DoT dmg bypass enemy's red dmg stats and every dmg reduction status effect and defenses but Nature resistance.

                  **As of 13/7/16, nature resistance will lower the duration of Slow debuff.

                  + When proc -10 to enemy’s KD count, helping you to dish out longer combos. It also adding an attack equals to 40% of your average of phys and mag attack, which pass through all defenses. It also making the attack proc it bypassing defenses too (note that Actives can proc it, so if you spam Active much and not having/eschewing Critical trait then stack Wind is very suitable). Anyway, longer combo is always welcomed, even in PvE because knocked down monsters will having like 70-80% extra defense when in that state. The Wind dmg bypass enemy's red dmg stat.

                  **Stacking Wind resistance will also reducing effectiveness of Bleeding debuff inflicted upon yourself.

                  + After revamp making it much better. It petrify monster/people when proc, rendering them immobile and can't attack. It also applying decreasing damage debuff, so don't use your most damaging skills until the debuff wore out. You can see runners and skills abusers using them so you will be stopped by their projectiles while chasing them, now it's much worse when it making your attacks weaker too.

                  **As of 13/7/16, light resist will lower the duration of Stun debuff.

                  + When proc, stealing some of enemy’s HP and MP. Can be useful if you play as multi-hitting combo VC. In PvP it’s one of the most useful attribute and expect people to stack against it heavily too. Ater revamp it was nerfted. In PvE it’s just average, because you already having consumables and many other things to clock MP and HP more effectively, and monsters also having Dark resistance.

                  ** Note:
                  + Fire, Water, Poison is one group, and Wind, Light, Dark is another group. When attributing such elements on Armor or Weapon, you can only equipping 2 elements at most, and they have to be from 2 different groups, e.g no Fire and Poison on the same Weapon/Armor piece.

                  For detailed stats those elements can inflict, I recommend reading Elwiki:
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                  • Class: {{esusrinfo_class236352}}
                    Level: {{esusrinfo_level236352}}
                    Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild236352}}

                    When your character reached lv99, you can unlock El Resonance System. You only need to unlock it once by any character and all your characters can use it from that point onward. All your EXP gained by lv99 characters after having unlocked El Resonance System will be used to level up your El Resonance levels instead.

                    Press "L", choosing the quest "Another Power! El Resonance!", you just need complete this very simple quest:

                    _ Clear all variants of region's Secret Dungeons once.
                    _ Having 1 El Resonance Device in the inventory of the character who doing the quest, can be bought from Ariel NPC for 10 million ED .

                    After having completed quest, you will be given a [COBO] El Resonance Book to unlock El Resonance System. Alternatively you can unlock it immediately by buying Item Mall item "El Resonance Book ".

                    El Resonance System:

                    "Our Presence Remakes the Past!" - the Banner of Macragge, Ultramarines.

                    El Resonance allowing all your lv99 characters to grind for the El Resonance exp table, with max lv is 999. Good luck, because the first levels would be very easy to reach, but from lv99 El Resonance onward it will be a grindfest with like 1 lv a day, using all of your Stamina. So if you can, grind on multiple lv99 characters to mitigate Stamina limit.

                    Another note is that the effects of El Resonance Points will be 100% in PvE but only 40% in PvP, because balance.

                    Below I will list the choices I think will improve VC's performances in PvE the most, the first three are best choices so you should consider distributing points to them the most:

                    All skills damage increased by 0.35% per level, max lv 100.
                    _ The best choice! Increasing the damage of all Raven's skills but excluding Hyper Active's damage.

                    Polarize, increasing attack/attacked damage by 0.15% per level, max lv 50.
                    _ Raven dealing more damage while also at the same time taking more damage.

                    Increase damage done to boss monsters by 0.3% per level, max lv 50.
                    _ Take this if you Raid often. Otherwise prioritize All skill damage and Polarize first.

                    MP cost -0.2% per level, max lv 100.
                    _ Reducing the cost for any skill which consuming MP.

                    All skill cooldown decreased by 0.2% per level, max lv 100.
                    _ Boosting your DPS, which is already excellent. Choose this if you feel like you're having more than MP you can spend in time (which is almost never the case, like I said VC is very MP hungry).

                    Increase Elemental Resistance (all elements) by 5 per level. Max lv 50.
                    _ Remember that VC having passive which when he's under 50% HP, increasing all elemental resistance by 100. So make sure don't stack Light resistance to be larger than 390, because after the +100 elemental resistance, you will take hitstun from skills which inflicting Stun instead of just ignoring Stun.

                    Increase Adaptation by 0.07% per level, max lv 100.
                    _ I advise against taking this.

                    Max HP +0.5% per level, max lv 50.
                    _ I advise against taking this as well.

                    Max MP +2 per level, max lv 50.
                    _ Don't take this, not worth it.

                    (Phys/Mag attacks stat +10 points per lv) and (Phys/Mag defense stat +10 points per lv).
                    _ What the heck, who would take these? Note that Phys/Mag defense is heavy normalized when >50%, so stop dreaming to reach 100% defense from that. Do I need to mention you that all Raven already having 600 freebies Phys/Mag attack stats increase, and VC having 20% Phys/Mag increase when below 50% (again, normalized).

                    Next is the category of side-grade, not enhancing your strength, just making playing PvE more rewarding:

                    Increasing XP gained by 2% per lv, max lv 100.
                    _ Most used for alt characters to grind for El Resonance exp.

                    Item Drop rate increased by 2% per level, max lv 100.
                    _ This is most often used when you're farming for drops, especially Elrianode Defense Request (EDR). Since you need large amount of EDR for 3rd jc quest and 3rd jc's HA unlock, and if you play multiple characters, you're gonna going to grind for these in a very long time in Elrianode region's dungeons which drop them. This helps you get more EDR in the same amount of runs.

                    Increasing amount of ED gained in PvE by 2% per level, max lv 100.
                    _ If you're extremely OP and can clear 11-4 for a short time for example, it can add up to a big sum of ED gained from playing dungeons alone.
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                    • Class: {{esusrinfo_class236353}}
                      Level: {{esusrinfo_level236353}}
                      Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild236353}}

                      Recommended builds:


                      Skill tiers, the higher up the rank the more useful the skill:

                      Skills which are useful and should be taken most of the times aka staple skills:

                      Good skills which should be taken but can be less useful:

                      These skills having good damage and providing utilities which are good for some special situations, so more situational and less ubiquitous than skills listed above:

                      Usable but not encouraged, they're either too low in damage and/or not providing much utilities as the skills already recommended above:

                      Everything else are trashes in PvE at the time I just finished writing this line.

                      + Notes:

                      _ Napalm Grenades damage is very high for its cost, however compared to Flame Sword which can be used on the air and giving awk charge, and Haze Explosion which can provide debuffs which affecting you and your team members, Napalm Grenades is a pure damage skill, so I ranked it lower than these Actives.

                      _ Cannon Blade and Bursting Blade + [Mod]Bursting Blade are that high on the rank because their damage can be not very cost effective, but providing utilities themselves, also mostly because they're viable Strength skills, and matters if you're account for Strength stacking build. If you don't follow Strength stacking build in PvE, you are free to exchange them for other skills which you can think are more damaging or whatever.

                      _ Hellfire Gatling damage is good, but because it's a Bravery skill and you're suppose to prioritize Strength stacking build so it's that low on the list.


                      + All skill damage socketing:
                      _ Increasing all skill damage, not skill stacking anymore. Compared to Strength stacking build, your Strength skills can potentially dealing less damage, but not needing to maintain stacks and boosting all skill's damages.

                      + Strength stacking build:
                      _ Giving huge amount of damage which making it superior to Henir gear in PvE.
                      _ Getting Heroic Gloves with Strength stacking effect or socketing Elrianode gloves with Strength stacking El tear.
                      * As of now you can't gain Specific skill category (Flex, Tenacity, Strength or Bravery) stacking damage, your option is getting All skill damage instead.

                      + Ring:
                      _ Ring of Strength, Ring of Bravery or rings which you can craft in occasions which increasing your strength or bravery skill damage.
                      _ (Optional) Ring of Fury, giving large amount of awk charge which freeing up sockets for socketing other stuffs. Also giving free 3 awk beads when enter dungeons.

                      + Stats:
                      _ Strive for 20% in Movement/Jump and Attack speed stats.
                      _ Getting as much Critical and Maximize stats as you can. Preferably each to 70-80%. Prioritize Critical than Maximize however, Critical is more useful because it is affected by some damage modifiers which Maximize is not affected at all (e.g Awakening's 20% damage boost). Moreover Maximize is a stat which affecting damage of your Weapon only, you gain Phys/Mag attack stats from multiple other sources too, which Maximize not affecting them at all.
                      _ (Optional) Awk charge if you feel not able to constantly awakening by 3rd bead. Raven benefits greatly from awakening in 3rd bead.

                      + Elements:
                      _ Water and/or Wind. Water helps reducing monster's defense, it help you and your teammates dealing more damage to monsters being induced with Water debuff. Wind making the attacks proc'ing it ignoring all enemy's defenses, including Commands and Actives.

                      + El Resonance Points:
                      _ For combat performance, order of priority: All skill damage => Polarization => Boss damage => cd reduction.
                      _ You may consider getting Item Drop rates or EXP if your character is already strong, clearing end game dungeons effortlessly in a short amount of time and needing EDRs or EXP to lvling your ERP levels itself.
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                      • Class: {{esusrinfo_class236354}}
                        Level: {{esusrinfo_level236354}}
                        Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild236354}}

                        Auxiliary resources (consumables/buffs...):

                        "An army marches on its stomach." - Frederick the Great.

                        Here lists the resources which are expendable, for example when they are items which can be consumed and it will be gone, or have a duration and can expire (in cases of buffs/elixirs etc.) etc....

                        They're similar to your equipment in the aspect of increasing your character's performances. They're different than your equipment in the aspect of compared to equipment, you have to manually consuming items for you to get access to benefits provided by them, and each item is one use only, when used they're gone for good, compared to equipments (gears) which will last forever.

                        (Hence I categorized them as rather apt term of "auxiliary resources", to emphazie that they're different from "standard" equipments when you equip them and making use of them all the time).

                        You can complete this monthly quest to expand your Quick Slots (from 3 to 6):

                        Self-benefiting consumables:

                        (Most of these are affected by Guild's skill Alchemy Specialist which boosting their effectiveness by a maximum modifier of 1.25 times increase).

                        Beginner's/Intermediate/Advanced/Premium Mana Potion: replenish 75/125/175/225 of your MP when used / Cd: 30 secs. Can be bought from Alchemist NPCs in towns.

                        Beginner's/Intermediate Mana Potion/Advanced/Premium HP Potion: replenish 56600/94300/132300/190000 of your HP when used / Cd: 30 secs. Can be bought from Alchemist NPCs in towns.

                        Corrupted Beginner's/Intermediate Mana Potion/Advanced/Premium HP Potion: replenish 40%/60%/80%/100% of your MP and reducing your HP by 5% when used / Cd: 30 secs. Can be crafted at Alchemist NPCs in towns.

                        Mana Elixir: replenishes 100% of your MP bar when used / Cd: 30 secs. Can be bought from the board/crafted through Alchemist profession, various events giving them out.

                        Hard-boiled eggs: replenishes 100% of your MP when used / Cd: 30 secs. Can be bought from Hotspring Phorus at Hot springs. They sometimes appear for a peroid of time, clicking on the panel brought by them and you will be able to buy them. Each click yielding 1 egg.

                        Spirit Tea: recovering a minuscule amount of HP and 100 MP / Cd: 30 secs. Can be crafted by Alchemist NPC "Echo" at Elder's town area each 3 of both Stella's Powder and Aqua item drops.

                        Vigor Potion: recovering 30% of your MP and 100 MP / Cd: 60 secs.

                        Complete Recovery Potion: recovering 100% of your HP and MP at the same time / Cd: 30 secs. Can be bought from the board, reward from burning Ice Burners, exchanging Event Dungeon's drops for them at Ariel, events giving them...

                        Organic Apple: recovering 50% of your HP and MP at the same time / Cd: 30 secs. Can be exchanged with alchemists NPCs by paying AP (gained when playing Arena mode), buying from the board, exchanging with NPC Stella from Bethma town with Stewardship coins (3 apples for each coin).

                        Special Sweet rice drink: Giving you 3 Awakening beads/ Cd: 60 secs. Gained from winning Rock-Paper-Scissors mini game with NPCs at Hot springs.

                        Pain au Chocolat: Recovering 75% of your HP and MP at the same time/ Cd: 30 secs. gained by exchanging "Suspicious (?) page" (drops from Velder Academy Library event dungeon) with NPC Ariel.

                        3-Layer Lunch Box: Recovering 75% of your HP and MP at the same time/ Cd: 30 secs. gained by exchanging "Velder Academy Baton" (drops from Velder Academy Athletic Meet event dungeon) with NPC Ariel.

                        Elrios Sports Drink: Recovering 75% of your HP and MP at the same time/ Cd: 30 secs. gained by exchanging "Velder Academy Concert Bracelet" (drops from Velder Academy Concert event dungeon) with NPC Ariel.

                        Chocolate Ganache Cake: Recovering 75% of your HP and MP at the same time/ Cd: 30 secs. gained by exchanging "Dessert Café Receipt" (drops from Dessert Café event dungeon) with NPC Ariel.

                        Basic Warrior's Potion: recovering 15% of your HP and 100 MP/ Cd: 60 secs. Gained by exchanging with alchemist NPCs with AP.

                        Immediate Warrior's Potion: recovering 50% of your HP and 100 MP/ Cd: 60 secs. Gained by exchanging with alchemist NPCs with AP.

                        Throw Consumables:

                        There are many throw items, instead of benefiting you, it will affect the environment and can affect you, your teammates and monsters. I will only list the most used and useful ones:

                        Wind Orb: exploding and monsters within range will be slightly damaged, having their Phys and Mag defense stats reduced by half for 15 secs. Cd: 30 secs. Can be crafted at alchemist NPCs by Wind El shards or bought from the board.

                        Light Orb: throw it and it will release a sphere of buff zone, like when you pick up Illipa's Touch, regenerates HP of you and your teammates for 4% of your total HP every second for 5 seconds. Cd: 30 secs. Can be crafted at alchemist NPCs by Light El shards or bought from the board.

                        Water Orb: throw it and it will deal damage to targets within range, and freezing them, making them unable to move or attack for 4 secs. Cd: 30 secs. Can be crafted at alchemist NPCs by Water El shards or bought from the board.


                        You can craft elixirs at alchemist NPCs by using Darkness Soul drops from Gates of Darkness. Using them (by right click on them while they were in your inventory) will give you a buff for a duration of 30 minutes.

                        I will only list the elixirs which I found to be most useful:

                        Fairy Baby Cradle: Regenerates your HP and 30 MP every 10 seconds. You're gonna burning a lot of your own HP to Overheat, so this helps you survive better.

                        Giant Potion: your character will grow in size and increasing their attack's AoE, plus increasing Critical hit rate by 10%.

                        Tracker's Soul: automatically generates homing beams when you attack monsters and dealing damages to them.


                        _ Hot springs buff: there are 2 Hot springs in total, one located at Ruben, the other at Lanox. You can also travel to them by COBO Express.

                        Idling at Hot Spring having the benefit of converting Rest EXP to your character's EXP bar when lvling up until lv99. Moreover it providing a buff status effect of increasing your character Add damage, Critical, Attack speed and Maximization by 5% (PvE), and EXP gained by 30% for 30 minutes.

                        _ After clearing Gates of Darkness, granting buffs of:

                        + 50% discount on repairs
                        + Special Active Skill Damage increased by 50%
                        + Hyper Active Skill Damage increased by 10%
                        + Movement Speed ​​+10%
                        + MP Regen +5 Per Second

                        For 30 minutes.


                        El's Essence: serving as requisite to cast Hyper Actives. Consuming 1 item per use of HA skills. Gained by right click on elemental El shards to extract them (excluding Mysterious El Shard). 1 elemental El shard can yield 3 El's Essence.
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                        • Class: {{esusrinfo_class236357}}
                          Level: {{esusrinfo_level236357}}
                          Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild236357}}

                          Strategies and other information:


                          + Chaining together skills with i-frames to survive:

                          _ One of the common ways to play while not actively dodging is using multiple skills with long i-frames in a succession, so that when the previous skill's i-frame duration is over, you will be under new skill's i-frame duration. Achieve by mashing a skill's key when your character is still performing a different skill, so when he finished performing that skill, he will perform a new skill as soon as possible.

                          _ This method requiring you having a large amount of MP to use skills. Moreover continuously using Overheating skills also reducing your HP. Though later in the game you unlock Master of Warfare which compensates for continuously Overheating. Useful in Heroic Dungeons when monsters and bosses are much faster and you don't have time to even effectively dodging their barrages of attacks and they only needed to hit you once, your option left is just pressing onward.

                          _ Most useful: .

                          _ Note that many of these skills can't be chained in a quick succession as the cases of some characters such as Ara who can chain skills as a default mechanic, or Innocent path can chaining skills smoothly because of little time gap between previous skill done with animations and the subsequent skill hasn't been activated yet. *Note: Recent updates have lengthened skill's i-frames, i-frames will last until the skill having been done executing.

                          + Veteran and Mercenary Behavior:

                          _ When <50% HP, damage increased by 30% and not losing HP to Overheating when <40% HP. You should preserve the most damaging skills to use when under 50%, and using other Overheating skills but with weak damage at high HP to get your HP to below 50% and using the more damaging skills.

                          _ For example skills like IC-N and IC-I are only moderately damaging, you should using them soon to reduce HP to <50%. After that (assuming you still have enough MP) you can use Revolver Cannon and Harpoon Spear. IC-N is recommended because it's more of an utility skill which increases the effectiveness of other skills, and yielding high MP so you can use it for more damaging skills later too.

                          _ You can abuse this further by entering a dungeon when you're <50% HP (reducing your HP at a field beforehand), therefore you already gain access to 30% damage increase at the start of the dungeon. This technique was exploited by many speedrun NI/Vc players you can encounter on Youtube.

                          _ The problem is mundane consumables also increasing your HP together with MP, so when getting your hp <50%, you may not even having enough MP left to cast skills, while consuming consumables to replenish MP can also restore HP to be higher than 50% HP threshold, so that's the "Catch-22" you may find yourself often running into when trying to exploit Veteran's damage increase.

                          + Maintaining buffs and buff stacks:

                          _ Including Overheat buff stacks, Strength skill damage stacking buff stacks (obsoleted), Master of Warfare's Heat Detection buff stacks.

                          _ To maintain Overheat buff stacks (2 stacks maximum), beside overheating skills, you can use various commands which triggering Overheat like >>^XX(X) or >>ZZZ(Z) when the duration is about to run out. When you have to wait in dungeon, using these commands alone can help maintaining Overheat so you don't have to start Overheat when running into monsters for real (like when waiting to clear the stage's barrier, after breaking down door and waiting to change rooms...)

                          Since Strength stacking was removed, this only applies if you still retain your strength stacking gloves back from before it was removed:
                          (_ To maintain Strength skill damage stacking buff, keep using Strength skills in a succession. Wisely wait for the right timing to use, if you don't have much MP then don't use Strength skills one after another too quickly, wait for the 10 seconds stack duration was about to be over then using them. It's also okay to "whiff" skill (whiffing is using a skill without actually hitting any targets) when your skill damage stacking buff stacks duration is about to run out when you have a high amount of stacks of skill stacking buff already, rather than having to stack it from the ground up. It's up to you to decide which is more costly and effective, whip out some MP through whiffing to maintain stacks or using that MP later to use a skill which actually hit something but without the skill damage stacking buff stacks.)

                          _ Maintaining Master of Warfare's Heat Detection stacks by using skills with Overheat until the duration expires. this can overlap with maintaining Strength skill damage stacking buffs, but not all Strength skill damage having Overheat which can increase Heat Detection numbers of stack and not all skills which can Overheat are Strength SAs either.

                          + Flames of Victory:

                          _ This gets its own section, because it's a game-changing passive. It also helping you to achieve 3 strategies mentioned above more viable and efficient, mainly through reducing your skill's cd time, you can reuse skills more often and most of the strategies above requiring you to use skills to achieve the desired results.

                          _ You may consider putting IC-N or IC-I in Transcendence skill slot, so that the skill can has its cd reset once in a while and you can use it more, to benefit from their Special Active cd reduction. I can even occasionally use IC-N to reduce the cd of IC-N itself, thanks to Transcendence skill slot's skill's cd reset.

                          + Using the right skills and with the right timing:

                          _ When encounter a large group of enemies concentrated on a single platform, it's better to use IC-N before, not after using other SAs to clear. It deal weaker damage than more damaging SAs - you can reduce your HP to below 50% by Overheating using least damaging skills (to benefit from Veteran passive), providing utilities which boosting skills used after using it, giving large amount of MP initially and over time and when there are enough enemies, pays for itself in term of MP. If you used a stronger skills first, some enemies would perish so you wouldn't get as much MP back from using IC-N after that, and IC-N can't boost skill damage if used after you use these skills. Also Master of Warfare benefits you when you use more Overheating skills compared to using less Overheating skills, so even if you can wipe out most of enemies with a single strong SAs, it may not be more desirable than using 2 weaker SAs, for example.

                          _ Consider using Actives to mop up a few monsters left after you used SAs to wipe out most of the group, lone monsters scattered here and there, or flying monsters. That would be more cost effective, as the Actives damage haven't been buffed for a long time compared to SAs.

                          _ Revolver Cannon vs Mod Revolver Cannon: above sections also describing and instructing their characteristics and usages, and as you can see, each are good in some specific situations. You can consider switching between them when in the middle of dungeon when situations arise, by accessing the Force Skill tree and toggle the Mod Revolver Cannon to be on before bossing, then toggle it off to use (original) Revolver Cannon for clearing, for example.

                          + When to and NOT to use skills which pushing enemies:

                          _ Several skills of this path can push enemies. It can be helpful and harmful (mostly affecting your teammates). These include:

                          _ When your teammates are about to cast their attacks, if you push enemies, their attacks having a high chance to miss entirely or at their best, not able to deal most of their damage. So if you think your teammates are about to hit some enemies, don't use skills which pushing them. It can be frustrating and counter-productive.

                          _ There are multiple cases when moving enemies around by pushing them can be profitable: to gather enemies before you to be near each others so you can nuke them later and easier for delivering full damage, to restrict and controlling their movements, to corner them to near a wall so you can be more safely attacking them...

                          + Knowing when to manabreak:

                          _ There are times when manabreak in time is preferable to be attacked to death, and your last line of defense. When enemies are attacking you and you're being stunned and/or under hit-stun and you are about to take truckloads of damage without able to do anything, manabreak. When the AoE of the boss's attacks is too big and you have no where to run and can't activate any skill to alleviate the damage (like boss of 11-6 casting debuff making you can't use skills to dodge with i-frames), manabreak.

                          _ It's especially important for this VC/NI path to be know when to manabreak, because one weakness of you is that you're staying at low HP for buffs and Overheating self-damage so when attacked you are easier to die compared to other characters who not needing to be constantly at low HP.

                          Necessary information:

                          _ Flame Sword and IC-N having Raven swinging his blade circularly so the initial hit from both of these skills can also hitting targets right behind him.

                          _ After having used Flame Sword on the air, Raven would free falling down to the ground without able to perform any further action until he hit the ground. However you can actually still use Haze Explosion or Harpoon Spear, Raven would perform those skills and after that, he can act normally while falling down to the ground.

                          _ Napalm Grenades is good at proccing Elemental status effects, because there are 3 grenades so the skill hits thrice. There are various cases when I managed to proc lv 3 Elemental status effect on enemies from a single use of the skill, as if each grenade adding 1 level of Elemental status effect. The time it takes for haste Napalm Grenades to finish cd without further cd reduction from various sources (like ERP, Heroic gears, Flames of Victory...) is enough for Core to regenerate and launching it every time Napalm Grenades finishes cd and being used immediately.

                          _ Every once in a while, you bump into the stats which stated "+X% chance of inflicting Y effect" or "+X% chance of auto-casting an elemental effect" (affecting all elements), with Y is one of the six elements. There was an old legend that it wouldn't increase element proc chances if you used 2 elements on one weapon.

                          But actually it was the opposite, it would still increase your elements proc chance of such specified element. The descriptions are false!These people already proved it:

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                          "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


                          • Class: {{esusrinfo_class236359}}
                            Level: {{esusrinfo_level236359}}
                            Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild236359}}

                            Tactics when dealing with specific dungeons and/or bosses:

                            Gate of Darkness:

                            _ Nuke it with SAs, skills with big AoE and/or piercing multiple enemies. If you're strong, rush to the gate to kill any monster and demon commander comes out of it. If you're weak, tread gradually with bot allies. Press 1/2/3 keys to summon them. Stick to the commanders on your side because they regenerate your HP when you're near them.

                            _ Using commands such as >>^XX(X) for damaging, piercing projectiles and safer when being far away from the monsters you're attacking.

                            _ Don't wear Wyvern weapon accessory which allowing you to summon special ally units. The default option of charging MP is a much better option.

                            Secret dungeons:

                            In SDGs, elite monsters dropping HP beads which recovering chunks of your HP when killed. So you should really concentrate on killing monsters as fast as possible and paying less attention to your HP, you can just heal yourself by doing more damage in a shorter period of time (by killing monsters and them dropping HP beads).

                            Bosses like Bone Dragon debuffing you with Burn status effect which burning your HP, so dodging all of his attacks wouldn't keep you from harm forever, the Burn debuff would burn your HP anyway. The only way to alleviate is stacking Fire resistance on your armor.

                            Same as Alterasia Type-H boss stage, when the time counter run out you will be inflicted with Poison debuff which burns HP. The only way to alleviate is to stack Poison resistance on your armor.

                            One of the rule of thumb when a cutscene plays is pressing ESC to skip it, saving you and your teammates time.

                            Luto mode:

                            _ Monsters will be much stronger and tenacious. Play with caution.

                            Wally's Underground Laboratory:

                            _ The stage having some troublesome enemies, most notably the elite crossbowmen. They have ranged attacks, can shoot very fast volleys in a succession and hitstun you. Also if they have any buffs like elemental inducing, they can proc it and you can lose chunks of HP to them if you're careless. So proceed with caution, using Shadow Step/ ZZZ>XX command to get behind them and kill them as fast as possible. Skills with long i-frames like Deadly Raid, Revolver Cannon is also preferable to nuke them. It's also okay to hit them from above with Harpoon Spear, or commands like >>^XX(X).

                            _ In the stages at the sewer section of the dungeon, there will be multiple elite enemies swarming, you may want to group them together by goading them together with light, feint attacks, then nuking them at once, which can be more cost effective, time saving and less worried about situations where enemies intervening when you're attacking the other enemies.

                            _ The boss is big, so you can land your attacks with more accuracy. You can us ZZZ>XX command or Shadow Step to roll behind boss to attack it when it facing you.

                            _ You may want to pick a position eaiser for you (and your party member) to attack and defense, mainly choosing the place where there are multiple layers of platforms for you to jump up and easier for maneuvers. When you run away from the boss, it will chase after you, and it can make the position to have more advantages or less disadvantages.

                            _ The boss attack patterns are easy to read and dodge enough. When at a certain HP threshold, it will restore HP while changing the type of attacks which dealing more damage to it (Magical or Physical). About this I don't know how best to deal with when the boss is resistance to Mag while vulnerable to Phys damage when most of your attacks are Magical. If you bring Physical dmage dealer party member then it will be their time. Overall just deal damage to pass that threshold until everything is back to normal/boss more vulnerable to Magical attacks.

                            _ When boss shoots projectiles on the air and they are dropping down from above, you can either disengage to the far sides of the stage to dodge them, or using skills with long i-frames to brave through it.

                            _ At low HP, the boss will go berserk, which increasing its damage and speed.

                            Dragon Nest: Abyss:

                            _ The stages are quite short, but note that some parts of the stages are curved. The elite lizardmen (the melee ones) can also pack a challenge, they have bursts of increased attack speed, having ranged attacks by throwing their kukri, can jump up and attack you, some of them are also tanky. So I advise to play cautiously against them. Jump/roll behind their backs as often as you can, when they activate stoic when you attacked and hit-stun them, you can be kd, so don't engage them too recklessly after standing back up from the ground.

                            _ Bring skills which can be activated on the air, there are flyers which are not too terrifying strong or durable, can still slow your clear speed, because attacking them with commands are not fast enough, they can fly and you have to chase them. I advise to use Flame Sword against them, the initial damage alone is not even guaranteed to kill it, but the lingering fire clouds left behind can still kill it gradually after. Bursting Blade is also good against groups of them too.

                            _ The boss attack patterns are easy to read and dealing with. Being nearest to the boss is often the safest place to dodge its attacks. When it's about to use its head to throw you away, activate Shadow Step or skills with super armor/i-frames can help you not being thrown.

                            _ When the boss is about to use its strafing attack (flying, vomiting and leaving flame trails on the round), you're supposed to run to the farthest left platform, where is still safe when the boss strafe from right to right to left, then when flame on other platforms expire, run to the farthest right platform as the boss will come back to strafe and vomiting flame from left to right instead. It should be noted that the middle platform having hazard which randomly erupting and you can be hit and flinched with it and further hit with attacks from boss itself.

                            _ Note that if you can't run to the farthest left platform quick enough (like trying to run but hit with hazard fire early on and so the dragon caught you...), it maybe wiser to reserve course and running toward the farthest right platform, if you calculate that by the time you had reached farthest left platform, it wouldn't be safe anymore because the boss will attack it first time when it strafe from the leftest side of the map and the fire from farthest right platform which was the point being attacked first, the flame trails at that place would also the first to be extinguished.

                            _ Know when to manabreak: when boss vomiting a stream of fire at you and you're being flinched by it, manabreak. When hit by the constant flame trails next to the farthest left platform, manabreak, roll away while still in i-frame duration and jump to safety at the platform.

                            _ When at a certain HP threshold, boss can induce you with burn debuff which burns your HP over time and at the same time healing itself. Distance yourself from it and ceasing attacking it can make the debuff expires over time. It's advised to increase your attack's intensities and using consumables to replenish HP being repeatedly reduced by the debuff. Attribute fire resistance on armor helps decrease the damage from debuff too.

                            _ After having killed the boss, stay at the far right or far left platforms, as the hazards on the middle platform (lava) are still active and can finish you when you're left with little HP after having killed boss.

                            Transporting Tunnel: CA:

                            _ In this stage, you will want to clear it as fast as possible, because it has a countdown counter, and if it counts to 0, you will be debuffed with lethal poison over time.

                            _ Fortunately the mobbing stage is short and simple enough, the monsters having little gimmicks to boast so you only need to destroy them as fast as possible and takes less efforts for self-reserving.

                            ._ The bossing part is the harder part however. The boss is only player-sized, and he can dish out interrupting attacks with time freeze effect similar to player characters (and player's time stop from casting SAs and awakening not affecting dungeon's bosses), which incapacitating player characters and dealing damage to them at the same time.

                            _ To add insult to the injury, the boss's stalling attack patterns are augmented by the environment: there are Alterasia spores dropping from above from time to time, and they moving toward the boss, and the boss when not being attacked/attacking player characters, will rush toward them and they will recover its HP. If it took too long, the countdown counter will run out and you will debuffed with poison over time.

                            _ The spores will stop spawning after a while, so if you can't kill boss fast enough, don't panic.

                            _ Fortunately VC/NI having good skillset to deal with situations when bossing: he has several skills (Cannon Blade, Power Assault, Deadly Raid, Flame Sword Flurry...) which can push enemies, you can push boss to a wall and prevent it from running away to eat spores and recovering HP. IC-N leaving flames on the floor so spores passing through it will be burned. IC-I's debuff can spread to nearby mobs like spores and burning them before it even reached the boss to heal it. Skills with lengthy i-frames like Deadly Raid can both pushing boss and bypassing the boss's Arma Blade and Storm Blade.

                            _ When you're being attacked by Storm Blade, it's recommended to manabreak because even though it not dealing severe damage, you still need to destroy spores to prevent them to heal bosses.

                            _ If you're out of MP, shooting the boss from afar by >>^XX(X) command is quite safe an option compared to melee it and suddenly it pulls out Arma Blade/Storm Blade/Wind Blade and the whole team can be flinched by its attack, which is one of the worst scenario in this dungeon.

                            Velder's Hallucination:

                            _ The mobs shouldn't pack many problems themselves. Remember to pick up elixirs and the stages became easy. Break the coffins as soon as possible to prevent it from spawning zombies over time. Bring anti-air skills like Flame Sword/Haze Explosion/Bursting Blade... to deal with wyverns.

                            _ The bossing part requiring some tricks. The damage of boss Joaquin's attack's is not too threatening, but its stalling tactics can make the clear time much longer if you can't deal with its tricks.

                            _ One important note is that at the start of bossing stage, don't use attacks which launch or push the boss away. Because boss will likely having constant super armor and shield later on, you wouldn't be able to move it later on. If you happen to launch it at the higher and extremely narrow platform behind Joaquin, if will hamper your attacks and many of your and your teammates won't be able to deliver full damage or even landing a hit at the first place. Because the platform is so narrow, Joaquin can occupy it by itself and you can't stand on the platform to attack it.

                            _ One of the most annoying move of the boss is casting a defensive magical shield around him when reached a certain HP threshold which reducing damage done to it by a large percentage, while he drinking potion to recover HP. Don't use Haze Explosion, its effect can make Joaquin becomes slower and maintaining the shield much longer.

                            _ On a similar fashion, Light elemental weapon attribute is not encouraged here, it making the Joaquin petrified and maintaining the duration of shield.

                            _ Don't attack with damaging and costly skills when Joaquin's shield is up, it is a waste. Rather, attacks with commands primarily to build up MP (and awk charge) to nuke Joaquin when his shield is down.

                            _ One of the more nefarious attack of Joaquin inducing debuff on a random party member, making their attacks can also hitting other members. When in doubt whether you're under that debuff, don't attack near your party members. Moreover there is a bug that if you was affected with that debuff, even when it wore out, the zapping attacks from 3rd bead awakening can still hit your party member.

                            Temple of Trials:

                            _ This SDG having one of the longest clearing phase of all SDG before you reach the boss, with its cutscenes and number of phases you have to go through.

                            _ The mobs are weak, but beware of the monsters which holding you at the same place, wasting your time. Pressing <> keys to shake free of its grip ASAP. One of the more annoying environmental hazards include the stage where the statue hammering you if you stay too long on a platform, which KD you immediately. The last platform having an elite monster on it, making taking it out difficult thanks to its tankiness and the hammering from the statue which only affect player characters. You will want to attack it from afar with your attacks such as IC-I, Mod Revolver Cannon (the blasts from Mod version make it easier to land a hit compared to vanilla version when you almost need to be the same height of the mob so you can hit it with this skill) your ranged commands such as >>^XX(X). If you're lucky, you can push it from that platform, far away from the hammering range of the statue.

                            _ The mini bosses (Guardian and the Magician) are strong, fast and can easily flinch you, so be cautious.

                            _ The bossing is pretty straight forward. It's preferable to corner him to near a wall. His attack patterns are easy to read and the stronger attacks having warning signs so you can have an easier time dealing with them. Most of the times you just need to run away from him, for example when he's about to use Pain of Caladbold, or firing red homing missiles.

                            The Rage of Behemoth:

                            _ The monsters are not threatening at all, kill everything on the screen to clear it. Note that the stages with the Caluso Tribesmen fighting trocks on the background can reduce your fps because of that much activities hapenning at the same time.

                            _ The bossing phase, a few attack patterns to notice: the boss will always stand on the middle and can attack with a large range attack which wiping the area either on the right or left side of it. It will have warnings and signs (the side from which the boss chooses to attack from will glow on the farthest right or left, then the attack approaching from that position towards the center of the stage). Sometimes it will attack both side simultaneously, so ducking below the platform to dodge.

                            _ One of the boss's attack, a makeshift prison of curved arches erupting from the ground can entrap and immobilize you and your teammates. Which combined with the attacks from the boss like mentioned above can prove to be fatal to you, because you can't run away from these attacks when immobilized. Attack with your commands and Actives to break it ASAP, then maybe using SAs to both attacking boss and help your teammate breaking their prisons at the same time.

                            _ Another attack pattern of boss is disappearing when you can't attack it at all, releasing doppelgangel enemies, then controlling Behemoth to slam you with its head. There would be signs of glowing where the Behemoth would slam at, running away from it as fast as possible.

                            Grand Cavern: The Source of Demonic Energy

                            _ This SDG is notorious for its hazards (lava floors, collapsing floors...), which generating as much danger as the monsters, and you should remember to recognize and avoid these hazards in time.

                            _ Bring skills which can be used on the air.

                            _ The clearing phase include a stage which there would be Spheres of Darkness appearing gradually over time. If there are 5 Spheres such as those appearing in the stage, it will form the Dark Star and boosting the damage of mobs inside the stage for a period of time, then disappear. You can destroy the Spheres so there would be always less than 5 Spheres in the stage. After a while you would be allowed to pass the stage.

                            _ The boss shouldn't pack much problem against you, however be cautious to the environmental hazards when bossing like the lowest floor is lava (literally!), stay on platforms so you won't suffer more casualties than needed.

                            _ Boss can turn into invulnerable at times, so you can't attack it, wait for it to become vulnerable to nuke it again.

                            _ The boss having one attack which shooting a big beam toward you, you need to jump to the highest platform to dodge it. It also having homing orbs combined with smashing ground to create waves to attack you, so prepare your Shadow Step to bypass them.

                            Heroic dungeons:

                            _ Heroic dungeon is a mode which randomly throwing you at different regular dungeons but with much "harder, better, faster, stronger" versions of monsters you normally can encounter in these dungeons.

                            _ The main strategy is in stark contrast with Secret dungeon. You should prioritize your surviability first compared to Secret dungeons where it's just plain easier to survive.

                            _ Why, you ask? First, mobs/bosses will be extremely strong and fast, can and will 1-shot you, and you can only use 3 Resurrection stones, and mobs not dropping HP beads at all. Break any supply crates/containers you can find and collect the drops, you will need them.

                            _ Try to stay alive at any cost, you will be a burden to your team if you're dead too soon, play carefully. Clearing the dungeon is your main source of getting Heroic gears, because it allowing you to complete quests which reward random gears and Heroic invitations. Moreover you need 2 heroic invitations every time you attempt to clear Heroic dungeons, so if you fail, you will waste your teammate's Heroic Invitations too.

                            _ Skills having high or moderate i-frames (for example: ​ ) are advised when you can't dodge effectively or at all, even if you're low on HP, entering i-frames can keep you alive a little bit longer for your consumables to finish cd and you can use them, mere seconds like that determining the matter of dead or alive.

                            _ Haze Explosion ​ is useful for cutting down enemy's movement and attack speed, preserving yourself and party members.

                            _ >>^XX(X) command is safe when you don't want to risk attacking enemies at mélee range.

                            _ If your party member is primarily ranged characters, they would prefer to stay behind, you should stay at the front, stalling and keeping enemies away from your teammates because they're vulnerable up close. Keeping your party members alive is very important, especially if they can easily outdamage you.

                            _ Learning to detect upcoming natural hazards and avoiding them.

                            _ Bringing many consumables with you, getting many buffs beforehand, better safe than sorry.

                            Henir's Time and Space:

                            SPOILER Atm there's quest which allowing you to get "Refined Time and Space crystals" without having to clear Henir Challenge mode, so if you can't clear Henir Challenge, you're still able to craft your Henir gears eventually.

                            _ General tactic against a large amount of mini bosses (4-5 enemies at a time): getting them close together and on a single platform, using IC-N and IC-I on all of them for great MP and awk charge gain, and for buffs which reducing skill's cd, then using skills which can hit them all at the same time (Revolver cannon, IC-I, Harpoon Spear...), and repeat.

                            _ In Henir challenge mode, you can't use consumables, so use Overheat sparingly and when you knows you can recover from (like already broke the crates of the stage and it dropping food which recovering HP). Break all crates you found in stages, it drops items recovering your HP/MP and other benefits. Making use of Master of Warfare HP recover too. Also reserving Core so when Awakening mode duration ceased, it refunds up to 100 MP.

                            _ Against Berthe, don't use any Bravery skill on it. Berthe will roar in i-frames and nullify the skill completely wasing MP, plus the roar will deal heavy damage to anyone near it and harming your team.

                            _ Against Magmanta, it has a mechanic of when reached a certain hit threshold inflicted upon Magmanta, it will retreat to the background and attacking players from there, very time consuming, to say the least. So you shouldn't use multi-hitting skills/commands, especially if they also dealing weak damage per hit ( >>^XX(X) command especially its flame trail, Flame Sword's flaming cloud, Haze Explosion, Deadly Raid, Hellfire Gatling... you name it) and using skills which hitting the smaller number of times and dealing as big damage per hit (Revolver Cannon and its mod, Harpoon Spear, Mod Bursting Blade...) the better.

                            _ The stage with Succubus Erilot, Dark Wing Okypete and some other land mini boss, attack these flyers with skills and commands so they will drop down to the ground, then nuke them, otherwise they are a pain to deal with and surviving until you have outlasted other land mini bosses. Get all your aerial skills, Haze, Flame Sword, Bursting Blade. If you're debuffed with Erilot skill which making all your skills became on cd by realeasing 2 types of homing heart-shaped projectiles, touching the red hearts will cure the skill cd reset, touching the purple will induce your skill cd duration.

                            _ Against Ran, you may want to attack him from a distance by skills/commands, such as >>^XX(X), Revolver Cannon, IC-N, IC-I... When Ran activating his anti-gravity dark magic which making players before him floating upward (skills with i-frames will be stopped immediately when inside the vincinity, you will float too), your should attack with ranged skills, such as Haste Napalm Grenades, combined with attacks from Core proc'ed by the hits from Actives, can rack up a very large damage amount and refunding MP from core attacks and the Nades are dirt cheap in term of MP cost. Outside of his anti-grav skill, you should abuse skills with i-frames because Ran is dangerous in general, not to mention he's a smaller target than most bosses.

                            _ Against Karis normal form (which is arguably harder to deal with than Karis true form), abusing skills with lengthy i-frames, like Deadly Raid, as Karis can fly, can trigger stoic, having many annoying attacks which can hitstun you, or raining damaging void ball from above which are hard to dodge, and there are 2 of her at the same time in henir.

                            _ Against CODE-Maya, watch out for her attacks which can throw you out of the stage into the pits on the far right and left corners of the stage. She can also teleport, so skills which are more accurate and with big AoE such as IC-I, Bursting Blade and its Mod version... should be prioritized, they hit in front of and behind you with a wide range, and in case of Bursting Blade, i-frames. Reading the pattern of Mya when she's about to launch attacks which sending you flying toward the pits and counter with Shadow Step or a skill with i-frames. When she's down to 15 HP bars, she will activate super mode and an attack which sucking players hovering toward her, dealing damage to them. Run the opposite direction and if you're being sucked toward her vacumm attack, mana-break in time will save you HP. Maya is also can't be debuffed, the first Atlas/Elysion boss enemy to have this trait.

                            _ Against Herbaon, he's not that threatening outside of this one attack: he will summon constructs to fill the screen with laser beams, you have to learn the attack patterns and remember to retreat to positions where the beams leaving gaps, then finding a different position as the beam attacking the place you was. You don't have to deal with this if you can nuke Herbaon when he's in Iris Blade and there will be instruction on the screen to nuke him, if you have done enough damage, Herbaon will fall to the ground and invulnerable for a few seconds, otherwise he will become invincible and triggering the attack mentioned above. Herbaon is also immunized to debuffs.


                            In Elrianode bosses can't be debuffed (unless IC-I's status effect) so debuffing skills like Haze not worth a skill slot, imo.

                            Debrian Laboratories:

                            _ Bring Giga Prominence. The dungeon having many areas with multiple layers of platforms, you can hit multiple enemies with this. Moreover the skill is especially useful against boss, as mentioned in the instructions regarding this skill mentioned in its own section above.

                            _ When boss appears in mid stage, if you're strong enough to defeat it in time, it will collapse the bridge and shortening the stage, otherwise you have to clear the dungeon fully and this is also one of the longest and tedious to clear dungeon in the game at this moment.

                            _ Sometimes some mobs will be stuck on the background and you can't kill them to pass the stage, if you don't have teammates with homing skills to off them then you have no chance to clar the stage.

                            El Tower Defense:

                            _ In the first stage, it's recommended to use skills which can penetrate multiple enemies so you can strike at Hennon when his goons got on the way. Unless if you're farming El tears, then delaying hitting him and killing mobs to gather tears. IC-N and IC-I's cd reduction effect comes in handy here.

                            _ Second stage, you can actually move Hennon away by Cannon Blade, use it wisely. From this stage onward, it's advised to use Mod Revolver Cannon over the vanilla version, because of higher damage output and no need of piercing anymore.

                            _ Third stage, chaining SAs and utilizing i-frames to survive is how should clear it.

                            Forgotten Elrian Sanctum

                            _ When bossing, the boss can disable your skills, then attacking you with attacks which killing you. Then it requires you to "knock it down" (but visually it will not be knocked down at all) by using commands with high cd such as ZZZXX. If you can't knock it down on time, prepare to knock yourself down instead, by manabreaking. Holding the manabreak, when the boss finally attacks, you will be knocked down and in i-frames for a brief period of time, quickly using a consumable item to restore your HP bar to full and maybe you can tank through the subsequent attacks from boss.


                            In general:

                            _ The dungeons inflicts a permanent debuff, cutting your Attack/Defense and HP stats by 30%!

                            _ Giga Prominence is especially useful in three first dungeons so far. It providing lengthy i-frames duration, having large AoE and can travel to/hitting multiple platforms at once, which also can hit enemies who constatntly moving around like the Dark Elves minibosses, there are many big bosses and minibosses which can take full damage from this skill...

                            Labyrinth of Ruin:

                            _ The enemies are geometric monsters, so first impression is Henir likes geometry. The Chaos Square attacks by spinning and hitstun you, and can teleport to you no matter the distance, so long as it has spotted you, it will eventually catch up to you. Imo it gives you chance to finish it sonner, not needing to run around to find it and kill it. The same thing can't be said about the next monster tho.

                            _ The Chaos Triangle attacks while moving and hitstun you, so the best approach is ranged attacks, limiting usage of melee attacks, unless supported with i-frames. It has a tendency to move to the farthest side of the stage, making you having to chase after it while if you was careless, you would be hitstun and inflicted with heavy damage. Very annoying indeed. Using ranged SA(s) like IC-I, IC-N, Revolver Cannon and its mod... command such as >>^XX(X) to deliver ranged attacks to it.

                            _ Chaos Circle attacks when stationary and shooting homing attacks at you. This is much less annoying than the Chaos Triangle, so just blast it with big AoE SA(s).

                            _ If you ran into multiple platforms, using skills which having big vertical hitboxes such as Giga Prominence, IC-I and Bursting Blade and its mod.

                            _ The boss is a Henir whale, so it's legal whaling without violating the laws indeed. When it hovers above the platforms at the far right and far left of the stage, using Giga Prominence on the platforms can deals full damage to the boss, because the boss hovers above the ground and the fire pillars can hit it while erupting on the platforms. You can whaling with Harpoon Spear on the platform too, delivering full damage thanks to the boss hovering instead of standing on the ground.

                            _ Outside of platform, you can shoot at it with mod Revolver Cannon, IC-I and Bursting Blade.

                            _ The boss often retreats to the background and brieftly plunging at the stage and then out of the stage into the background again. It's advised you dodge them, but if you want to attack them then use IC-I and with perfect timing, can hit it when it briefly enters the stage.

                            _ The boss can cast an attack of dropping giant crystal into the stage. Dodge them when they were dropped, but don't destroy them. They are where you can hide from boss's screech attack, similar to Stage 2 of Perkisas. When it performs that screech attacks, it retreats to the background, screeching and inducing Silence debuff on the player, so you can't cast any skills, then shoots a beam which will surely kill you. So hiding at the place of crystals it dropped before was the only way to survive it.

                            Guardian's Forest:

                            _ The dark elves enemy can teleport to your position, be ready to counter with Actives such as Haze Explosion to both damage and slowing them down, then finish them.

                            _ The dark elf miniboss is extremely dangerous, not only she is extremely strong (can kill you in 1-2 hits), she also moving very fast in many directions, jumping up and down... so your attacks can miss completely, not to mention she's extremely tanky, and with super armor 100% of the times. I suggest using skills with large AoE such as IC-I, Bursting Blade, even Giga Prominence would be a preferable choice when she's still in range, most of the attacks will miss, but you temporary having i-frames and preferable to use a strong, overheated SAs only for it to miss completely thanks to the dark elf's movements.

                            _ The bosses having a quirk: if you kill one of the 2 bosses sooner than the other one, and you didn't kill the other one fast enough, the "dead" boss will revive itself after having healed a sizeale chunk of HP. So don't kill each of them separately, getting one down to low HP (0.5 bar of HP left), then kill the other and return to finish the one with low HP left quickly, otherwise the one which still alive can revive the "dead" one infinitely.

                            Dark Elves's Outpost:

                            _ The hazards including dark elves ballista machines which automatically shooting columns of many arrows, you should dodge the arrows by running the opposite direction, then when the barrage was over, quickly rushing forward to behind the machines and destroy the, as they can only shoot at one direction. It's advised to use Shadow Step.

                            _ Against large enemies (the black sabertooth, boss), it's advised to use Giga Prominence, again with profits such as long i-frames, slowing them down, more flame pillars will hit it.

                            Forsaken Spirit Asylum:

                            Add's Energy Fusion Theory:

                            _ Similar to Heroic mode, you're only allowed 3 Resurrection times per run.

                            _ The title "Guardian of Secret Closed Space" increasing your damage against boss enemies, which can be exploited in this dungeon because it helps you dealing more damage against all enemies (technically it doesn't affect Alterasia spores and the smaller enemies summoned by Assaulter Crash) in this dungeon.

                            _ IC-N and IC-I should be spammed because it can shortening your skill's cd with Flames of Victory passive and there are tend to be many enemies on the same stage, so that can give you large amount of MP and awk charge back for you too. Haze is also useful against large amounts of enemies.

                            _ The stages also having a "fun" feature: after a set period of time, if you haven't cleared a stage, the enemies in that stage would become stronger, and so on, so if you can't clear a stage fast enough, the enemies will be too hard to handle and you wouldn't be able to advance.

                            The stage with 3 Berauk:

                            _ This is one of the hardest stages to pass for some classes in the game, because they leave you no place to run and stun lock you with their lightning attacks. Luckily you're playing as Nova Imperator, class path which offering many options such as skills which having lengthy i-frame duration and attacks which can pierce multiple enemies at once.

                            _ You can try to take out 3 of them at the same time, with attacks which hitting all of them, for example IC-N, IC-I, Revolver Cannon, Bursting Blade, Giga Prominence (this requires you to run to the position of the Berauk in the middle and casting Giga).

                            _ If you're short on MP and waiting for cooldown duration of consumables to pass, using skills with lengthy i-frames such as Deadly Raid to buy time while dealing heavy amount of damage at the same time - even taking out 1 of Berauk will decrease the amounts of attacks they can commit and you can actually running around to dodge them. Using Shadow Step for dodging is okay too.

                            _ If you can afford it, using Orbs such as Wind Orbs (decreasing defenses) or Water Orbs (freezing them for a brief period of time) can help you taking them even faster and/or safer.

                            The stage with Valak, Q-PROTO and Edan:

                            _ These enemies do not have equal amount of HP and attack strength, so don't be surprised when Valak will usually be the last one to die. HP amount: Valak>Q-PROTO>Edan. Valak is also the most dangerous and annoying to deal with, you should concentrate your most damaging attacks and/or stun-locking Valak over 2 other enemies.

                            _ Haze Explosion is advised for easier time catching and hitstun them.

                            _ Try to attack 3 of them at the same time. However Valak having a tendency to use his jump and slash command, so attacks which you use on the ground may miss him completely when he jumps. He may even jump to a different platform and you have to chase him down. He can also manabreak very often when being attacked too.

                            _ They all having devastating "Roar" attack, which activate when you're a far distance from them, which deleting your MP, damaging and knocking you down. So don't run too far from any of them, instead try to group them together.

                            _ Valak having attacks such as Wild Charge, which he comes abruptly from a distance and smashing into you. Try to anticipate it because it's dangerous.

                            _ If Valak is the last survivor, you should catch him, then comboing with commands combined with damaging Actives (Haze Explosion, Flame Swords, Napalm Grenades) before he manabreak. I think that's the most cost effective way to deal with him when 1v1 against Valak.

                            The stage with 2 Alterasia Type-H:

                            _ Refer from the guide when fighting against boss in the subsection of "Transporting Tunnel: CA" above. Using skills which piercing and with big AoE such as IC-N to scorch the ground and burning spores which healing the bosses. Try to corner them to either of the farthest side of the stage so you can control the situation easier and preventing spores from reaching the bosses more effectively. Deadly Raid is useful when you're short on MP and/or Type-H is using Storm Blade and its hitbox is big enough to hit right behind the Type-H and destroying the spores coming from that direction.

                            _ Attacks from your character can still hit the Type-H even when they were using Storm Blade. Manabreak if you're hit by Storm Blade, if you're incapacitated when under hitstun by the skill, you can't stop them from healing by spores.

                            The stage with Assault Crasher (official name Energy Frame: Type Bug Walk):

                            _ This is pretty simple. You nuke the boss, of which attack patterns are easy to read and dodge. However the boss can summon minions which can bring chaos, if you're hitstun by them and can't break away then considers manabreak, sacrifice some MP is still preferable to losing big chunks of HP before being knocked down or even being punctured to dead.

                            _ Using Haze Explosion can slow them down and helps you better controlling the situation.

                            _ Large group of monsters are juicy targets for your IC-N and IC-I with so much MP to gain.

                            The stage with Ultron Pepsiman Apocalypse Type - Void:

                            _ Because the boss's name is so long so I will call it as Pepsiman for short. Pepsiman should be easy to read and dodge, just need to know when to stop attacking and dodge it in time.

                            _ If Pepsiman activates the attack which releasing a column of energy surge, manabreak in time and you may survive.

                            _ Its other attacks including releasing energy surges around it which knocking you away, hitting before it with electric shocks (can be nasty if it suddenly and quickly teleport to you and attacking with that attack when you decide to attack it from a range to be safe from the column of energy and energy surge around itself mentioned before). So I advise to attack its back when you're at melee ranger, using command such as ZZZ>XX to roll pass the boss.

                            _ Pepsiman's dangerous attack other than column of energy is its EMP field, which covering most of the stage, so if Pepsiman is near any of the side of the screen and about to activate it, run toward the opposite side of the screen. When you're caught in the range of that atack, manabreak. If you anticipate you won't be far enough to dodge when it activates that attack, using a skill with lengthy i-frame duration, such as Deadly Raid, to attack the boss and i-frame through the duration of EMP field.

                            _ When Pepsiman is activating its EMP field, it will take reduced damage from you. Skills which can reach Pepsiman when you're outside of EMP field's AoE including Revolver Cannon, IC-N, IC-I, Ifrit Flame.

                            _ Pepsiman having high health so you should take it out quickly, the longer you let it lives the more dangerous it becomes.
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