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    About IB's...

    I "main" Innocent and i want to at least start buying an IB set, so i ask, What IB i would buy? I play casually, so i'm not very invested in the weaknesses of the class, so i don't know what stats i should focus more (i don't care about the fashion aspect, the set would be ugly [Removed], but if it's stats are good, i would buy and wear it) and i'll bought the pieces separately. Thanks in advance
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    Not specific for innocent, but some sets that come to the top of my mind are:

    Shaviana Truffles 5/5 and 3/4
    • 5/5 gives ASD 8%
    • 3/4 gives 2% phys/mag attack power and 8% critical damage
    • the 3/4 you want to get the Weapon, Top accessory (Desert Night), and earring (Desert Moon)

    Black Mass 4/5 or 5/5 and 3/4
    • 4/5 gives 8% critical damage
    • 3/4 gives 8% all skill damage
    • for the 3/4 you want to get the weapon, top accessory (Coat), and Earring

    Dawn/Dusk Sovereign 5/5 and 2/4
    • 4/5 gives 7% crit damage
    • 5/5 gives a buff with each skill, when buff is stacked 5 times, get a speed buff and +100 mp
    • 2/4 gives 5% all skill damage

    Nereid 5/5
    • (this isn't available in our server yet until at the end of Decemeber)
    • 5/5 gives 7% all skill damage and -5% cooldown reduction

    Salvatore Rosso 5/5
    • 5/5 gives 7% all skill damage

    Mariposa Requiem 5/5
    • 5/5 gives 7% all skill damage

    ST 5/5 and 3/4 would probably be the best overall out of these above mentioned sets. ST 3/4 is the strongest weapon/accessory combo yet due to the 2% attack power and the fact that you only need 3 pieces for the essential set effects so its flexible to use with Raid accessories and essential accessories that give adaptation. But the 3/4 is really expensive.

    I personally use ST 5/5 and D/D 2/4 on my Innocent as the D/D weapon + dial combination is cheap well it took me a while to find a dial for Ciel and allows just as much flexibility with more adaptation accessories as the ST weapon, top accessory, earring accessory combo. Its a little weaker, but not by too much.

    I don't know if you are using elrianode armor, and if you do I don't know how much critical damage you have built up on it; but assuming you have a lot already, since Innocent gets more critical damage bonuses than the average class (23% with Killing Blow 2 Aura of Punishment and 40% from Communication - Duet at max stacks), try focusing on IB costumes have All Skill Damage bonuses for better damage increases. Stacking more critical damage when you already have so much will give diminishing returns.


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