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    Class change?

    So I’m thinking about changing my Nisha to either EtW or RaS? Which one should I go for? I’m more of a hybrid player and want to play a fun class~
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    I mean, fun is personal. I find Nisha and RaS more enjoyable to play than current EtW, meanwhile other people like EtW better. We can't really help about that.
    RaS if you want a supportish playstyle and EtW if you want to deal more damage, in the end, choice is yours.

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      The choice is yours, everyone's definition of "fun" is different.

      Personally, Nisha is the most fun and best for me. Love her blackhole skills and tankiness, considering I am still waiting for a better PC and that I kinda suck at evading. Her damage output isnt too bad either. Somewhat chuggy though.
      Eternity Winner route if you want to play the strong character. By far the strongest character in the game. She's more of a glass canon, and I like her skills so far, I'm just a Rumble Pumn. Her "short" range is kind of inaccurate though, since many skills have a fairly long range. She has this system for some skills where you press a skill button which consumes mana as normal, but it gets registered to a special separate skill slot. From there you have 60 seconds to use the skill one or twice by carrying out a certain combo, depending on the skill and this consumes no mana. I find this kind of awkward, so this is something you need to get used to if you plan on switching.
      Radiant Soul if you enjoy being a support class. I'm only a Shining Romantica so far, don't know about Radiant Soul but she's really mana hungry. As for the "fun" factor, her skills are great and adorable, though I'm not a big fan of the sound effects. Still raising one as an alt since I've never been a support class before.

      You can make 2 Laby alts, one for each route and test then out until around level 50-60 ish, second job and choose one you like, or keep Nisha. This shouldnt be a problem since Laby levels up really fast. Though keep in mind, since RaS is magical and NL physical, you need to make some changes in your gear.
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