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Haven't played Code: Esencia in forever...

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    Haven't played Code: Esencia in forever...

    I'm not sure what her new skill meta is, what elrianode equipment that Esencia even could benefit from (She's got a mix of phys and mag. skills so I'm not sure which sets I should get, blue or red?) I should get and what I should even socket for to make my Combat number thing higher. I could really use some help in this department! Thank you so much.
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    Well I'd say it depends on what you're wanting to stack; Blue set will stack Tesla Flare, Red set is either all Genocide Ripper or Genocide/Riseon Pride mix. I'm not sure for the red set, but I do personally do the Blue set. And for socketing if you have to much crit or maxi, then just put some boss dmg sockets in. Also! If you haven't mystic stoned your void weapon with Power stats like Matk or Patk Lvl or % then that will also help increase CP.


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      most esencias ive been have a mix of magi/phys (like a red set with a magical bottom + stacking a magical skill) and an all out set of one attack type (red/phys bottom/phys skills)

      red/physical is better overall for field clearing and normal dungeons because you have heavens fist sweeper and then you get genocide for bossing

      blue/magical is better for bossing (especially raid) because tesla flare hits like a truck

      the main thing you want in your weapon is attack power / level. I personally use a mix of magical and physical mystic stones but many people would recommend just going for one attack type :>
      socket crit/maxi and boss damage as holytato has said
      162/200 erp, lazy grind |s>et3 eve 4/4


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        really random question but.. so if im running blue set and tesla stack, should also be focusing on tenacity instead of bravery stack on chronicle? or did they change the stats now to ASD only.

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        Tajiringer-solace- ereda chronicles are still one skill tier. If you stack tesla, id recommend that. If you mean like elrianode/el tear stacking, tenacity isnt so expensive but itd only affect one skill vs asd affecting all your 10 slots.
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