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    Question for Elsword users

    Whats currently the best elsword to farm in the long run? If possible can i get your guys' opinion on all 3 classes? Trying to get an insight on which elsword for me to play in the near future. Thank you.
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    When it comes to Elsword, at least as far as I know it tends to go more towards playstyle rather then a single character being the best overall. As Elboy is rather balanced all things considered.

    Knight Emperor: High burst single hit moves. Its kinda like a large windup to a big finish, but it does require some forms of gear. Its good with stage clear in the form of Armageddon Blade and Windmill, and against bosses it can be pretty ♥♥♥♥ strong. In PVP its also the one picked most I feel since if you combo correctly you can 1 combo KO someone.
    Overall Knight Emperor is burst heavy, high MP consumption but not so much with consistent damage. Thats where it falls short is consistent damage.
    (This is what I play currently as a main)

    Rune Master: Rune master at the current moment to me personally feels like a support type of class. A Rune master is typically taken in magic groups due to Rune Field being their biggest boon. It increases the magical damage your party who stands in it deals, and the damage the boss whos in it takes. I don't play this much so I can't really say for certain how good it is, but again it depends if you like being a supporting role towards others. Your first hyper active though is very strong and is quite the stage clear. With the reboot they did make it quite a bit better in terms of consistency but I still feel its more a supporting type.

    Immortal: Immortal is basically flinging swords left and right. Your constantly on the move doing something and it just doesnt stop. Immortal is quite strong for Elboy and can be quite the powerhouse endgame from what I have seen from a friend. As they put it, if you can time stuff correctly and get a bit lucky, you can potentially pump out massive amounts of damage with 1 move by spamming it like 10 times in 30 seconds. If that happens your burst potential is much higher then Knight Emperor.
    Overall, immortal is the class that has the consistent nature that Knight Emperor looks for, but lacks the heavy high burst damage that Knight Emperor has unless you get lucky.

    In the end all Elsword job paths are quite good. It more so depends on what you prefer more when it comes to your playstyle.

    Do you prefer being a heavy hitter in just a few moves during bosses that are only able to be hit for a certain time? Go Knight Emperor.
    Do you prefer being the supporting type to your fellow magic players? Then go Rune Master.
    Do you prefer being a consistent damage dealer? Then go Immortal.

    Like I said above, I play Knight Emperor currently since im not confident in being alive much, so being able to pump out big burst damage in one go is quite handy.
    However I do tend to switch over to immortal every now and then, I would play Rune master but I have no magic friends (Feels bad)

    I personally however do not play high end-game type of stuff. But I do know some stuff from what friends have helped me learn, from guides and from just playing these myself. In the end it might be a sort of situation where you would have to play each one yourself to figure out what you would like most. Each Elsword player has their preferences, I know my friend who does end-game immortal stuff cannot play Rune Master or Knight Emperor to save their life because it doesnt fit their style.


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