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What's RM's best clearing skill?

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    What's RM's best clearing skill?

    Title, basically...

    If forced to pick only one, which of Rune Master's skills would you consider his best mob clearing skill, and why?
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    Only one ?
    Lodestar : It does more damage, reach basically the same or even higher than overgeyser, travels roughly the same. Cons : It's slow.
    Or maybe giant potted mod phoenix talon... hmm.

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      Originally posted by Niwatari-solace- View Post
      giant potted mod phoenix talon
      ... and I completely agree with that choice, tbh
      P.Talon[Mod]+Giant Pot gets me so many quick, linear kills on my 11-4 marathons!
      It used to be one of my go-tos for 11-3 as well, but like you said -- Lodestar, man. Sheesh! It just fricken shreeeeds! Love using it there and on Drabaki.

      Other RMs in-game have had varying opinions, so I thought I'd ask here as well just for the heck of it.
      Dang, now I'm feeling like I shoulda made this a poll thread...
      • Most have stuck by tried-and-true Sword Fire
      • A couple believed that Overs was the obv. choice
      • One old-schooler still swears by Rising Slash, but with the stipulations of <Gigantic> trait, Giant Pot, and a +10 Void or higher to guarantee kills for Elrianode and beyond, and even had two of his Destruction tears set at R.Slash +12 (but that kinda turns me off on the skill if I gotta do all that for it to be a valid clearer, but that's me...) ​​
      Appreciate any and all input.


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        Mod P.Talon for speed and range when you just want all the trash out of the way. Also refunds a ton of mp given the right conditions.

        Lodestar if you want everything extra dead. It's also a rune skill so it benefits a lot from all the passives. Top choice for me.

        Overs Geyser if you want something in between. It's also more consistent than Lodestar since its damage doesn't fall off with range.

        Personally I like sitting in the middle of the map on 11-3 and just throw Lodestars to the sides nonstop because it will reach the edges. Can boss, can clear, good range, spammable, instant cast, unconditional good damage and situational high damage. It's probably the most versatile RM skill atm.
        That and triple casting Lodestar from all the CD reductions just feels so dirty lol.
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