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    Sai's Guide to PvE Immortal

    Base Elsword is up-to-date
    (Feel free to ask questions though. I do have enough info for a q+a)

    (All images are either sourced from Elwiki, or are official Artwork. Except for Captain America. He's from Spider-man Homecoming)

    Table of Contents:
    Sheath Knight
    Infinity Sword

    If you just want to find good skills, ctrl+f “Sai-Approved

    I want to make sure you leave this guide with all of your questions answered, even ones that you didn’t know you had. Feel free to leave a question below though if you have anything that isn’t mentioned here!

    Without further ado… *grabs a chair*

    You decided to pick up Immortal.

    Why Immortal though? What does he offer that the rest of the Elboys don’t?
    1. He is the cutiest (waifus before meta, remember that guys)
    2. He has the strongest bossing out of all of the Elboys (Top tier bossing across the whole cast)
    3. Crits. Lots and lots of crits. Critical damage too. Immortal is nice on the sockets because you can get away with low critical due to his passives.
    4. Double Casting (free skill cast)
    5. CDR that you don't have to do anything to trigger (besides just regular skill spam)
    6. He gets sharper eyes and they look great. (fashion is true endgame)

    But like every character, he does have flaws
    1. Takes a bit to get rolling: His damage passive takes 25 seconds to get to max power
    2. A lot of passives to keep in mind
    3. A little RNG dependent (Cooldown reduction and critical passive is rng based, but procs off of skills)
    4. Little party contribution outside of crowd control. Your job is to do damage.
    5. Sorta MP-heavy? It really depends on your playstyle, but I find myself chugging a lot of pots (granted the people I run with don’t give me a chance to recover MP). I don’t think he’s as bad as most mp-heavy classes though since you are in Vitality very often and some of his skills have decent MP refund.
    6. His clear is :worry: (Ok so his clear isn't that bad, he has strong skills so he can kill things but he lacks range)
    But let’s set aside all of this Immortal specific stuff and discuss the basics.

    First things first:
    What is this “Way of the Sword” (WotS)? WotS is Elsword’s secondary system and allows him to cycle between “Vitality” mode and “Destruction” mode through the Special Action key (default: V).

    The WotS guage is composed of 10 bars that change depending on which skills are used. Vitality skills will convert blue bars to red, and Destruction will do the opposite.

    Bars Used:
    • Actives/Tenacity: 1
    • Strength: 2
    • Bravery: 3

    Skills will always consume bar regardless of what mode you are in, but it will only gain effects if you are currently in the same mode as the skill. Swapping has a cooldown of 1 second, and you can swap modes mid skill. (The skill will take the effect of the initial cast)

    Note: You only need 1 bar to get the full effect of the mode. Since actives give 1 segment for very cheap, actives can help with mode management.


    Your bar will glow blue, and you will have a blue aura.
    Skills in this mode will cost 30% less mp and all hits from Vitality combos and skills will have 200% mp gain. You will also gain a normalized 20% boost in Attack Speed, Movement Speed and Jump Speed.


    Your bar will will glow red and you will gain a cool red aura.
    Destruction skills will gain 50% more skill damage and combos will deal 100% more damage.

    When spamming skills, don't be too worried about missing out on vitality. Destruction mode is far more important due to the massive damage boost it provides to your most critical skills. Vitality mode is very useful for gaining MP from commands, however.
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    Ok so you made your character and blitzed through the tutorial. Welcome to Elsword! He's a good boi.

    • ZZZZ: Basic 4 hit combo. The last hit knocks down.
    • ZZZX: Same first 3 hits as the former, but the last one launches far away (it’s difficult to follow up)
    • XXX: Basic 3 hit heavy combo
    • XXZ: Same first 2 hits as the former, followed by an upwards slash that launches. You can catch after this.
    • ^Z: jump slash. It doesn’t knock down
    • ^X: overhead jump slash. This one does knock down
    • >>ZZZ: 2 Slashes followed by a lunge that crosses up enemies
    • >>X: A uppercut that launches foes similar to XXZ
    • >>^ZZZ: 3 midair slashes.
    • >>^XX: a heavy overhead slash, followed by a downwards cut that knocks down. (>>^X can be used to easily catch targets after a launch)

    SIMPLE LOOPS (with a lecture on knocking down and canceling):
    Before we discuss loops, we have to discuss canceling and knocking down. Many moves have a cancel point where you can dash in order to cancel an animation or combo. This is very useful in order to create combos.
    Knocking down (KD) is very bad since enemies will take reduced damage. While you don’t have to worry about this in Ruben and Elder, by the time you reach Hamel, enemies will be taking 60% less damage. It’s better to learn early not to KD.
    There is a KD value attached to all commands which will eventually KD an enemy, though this is largely irrelevant in PvE.

    Common Loops that will not KD:
    • ZZZ>>^Z
    • ZZZ>>ZZZ
    • ZZZ>>^X
    • XXZ^Z
    • [XXZ/>>X]>>^X
    • [XXZ/>>X]^Z

    Dash Canceling: Another vital skill to learn
    Do you remember when I said you can cancel stuff with dash? Well you can cancel a dash by tapping the opposite direction. Often times it’s written as >><> but it’s actually more of a [hold dash and tap the opposite direction]. Dash canceling can also be performed by dashing in the opposite direction and then pressing forward: <<>. This allows you to perform a core loop:
    ZZZ>><>ZZZ or ZZZ<<>ZZZ. This is basically the only loop you'll ever really use endgame since it's pure vitality and thus generates a lot of MP when in vit mode.

    These loops might feel a little awkward early game due to attack speed.

    ***Stats tip!!***
    Very early game, you want to build speed, especially attack speed, because it just makes the game feel better. This will speed up not just your command animations but also skill cast times. While this won’t actually increase your damage, it will definitely improve your experience. Since early enemies die like wet paper even to commands, and you likely won’t start skill spamming until endgame, you’ll want your commands and movement to feel as buttery smooth as possible.


    [LV. 1]

    [MEGA SLASH] - Tenacity
    A basic one hit slash. You can hold it for 0.5 seconds in order to boost the damage by 1.2x.
    [Enhanced]: Damage is increased by 1.2x
    100 MP || 6 sec CD
    2768% -> 3321.6% (phys) 4152% -> 4,982.4
    3321.6% -> 3985.2% (phys) 4,981.5% -> 5,977.8%

    • Light: MP usage decreased to 80%
    • Critical: Increase MP cost to 120MP, ignore guard and 50% defense
    Run light if you’re stingy on pots, otherwise, critical all the way.

    • Finishing off single/tightly grouped enemies
    • Dealing a decent damage to bosses for cheap
    While it KD’s and has limited range, its high damage makes it worth using early-mid game. I would approve it, but it is very easily replaceable. Good for variety though.

    [ROLL] - Flexibility
    A short forward roll that’s capable of crossing up enemies. Invincible until you hit the ground.
    [Enhanced]: MP usage decreased by 5
    30 (21) -> 25 (17.5) MP || 7 sec CD
    694% (phys) x 1

    • Persistent: reduce KD by 20
    • Regenerating (2): ⅓ chance of reducing cooldown to 0
    Since there’s little reason to reduce KD in PvE, might as well run Regenerating 2 since it’s better than nothing.

    • Cross-up
    • Cheap Dest bar
    • Dodging I guess????
    Bring it if you want a crossup on demand or really feel like dodging things. The damage is too low to be useful otherwise. It's also a cheap red bar, but it moves you so... I mean it's useful until you get better vit active.

    [LV. 5]

    [FLAME GEYSER] - Strength
    Strike the earth in front of you to create a pillar of fire that burns enemies.
    [Enhanced]: Increase damage by 1.2x
    150 MP || 7 sec CD
    490% x 7 (mag) = 3430% (mag) 5,145%
    588% x 7 (mag) = 4116% (mag) 6,174%
    Burn Duration: 3 seconds

    • Heavy: Increase damage by 1.44x, increase CD to 12 sec (5927% 8,890.56%)
    • Critical: Increase MP cost to 195MP, ignore guard and 50% defense
    This is purely a preference thing since while the heavy trait will make Flame Geyser hit very hard, the kind of enemies that you will use this skill on will likely have high defense.

    • Bossing
    • Destroying Super-Armored enemies
    Useful bossing tool and shredder of super armored enemies. Bring when needed. Mostly keep it around early-mid game. Don't worry about the magic trait, since all attacks will be converted into physical once you reach Sheath Knight.

    [LV. 10]

    [UNLIMITED BLADE] - Bravery
    Charge with a series of slashes followed by a magical eruption.
    [Enhanced]: Increase damage by 1.2x
    250 (175) MP , 16 sec CD
    651% (phys) x 6 = 3906% (phys)
    451% (mag) x 7 = 3157% (mag)
    781% (phys) x 6 = 4686% (phys)
    542% (mag) x 7 = 3794% (mag)

    • Light: MP usage decreased to 200 (140)
    • Heavy: Damage Increase 1.44x, CD increased to 19.2 sec (12,211.2% Overall)
    Light makes Unlimited Blade dirt cheap especially in Vitality mode. Heavy makes it hit even harder. If you’re mainly using it for the utility, bring Light. Heavy if you’re using it for the damage. If you’re unsure, bring Light.

    • Dest bar generation
    • Bossing
    • I-Frames
    Incredibly useful skill. High damage, long i-frames, a vit bravery skill which helps immensely with WotS management. This is a staple for a bravery build. You can bring this skill all the way to endgame. Sai-approved!!

    [LV. 15]

    [Dodge Slash] - Active
    It's a 50/40 MP dodge. It's a PvP skill I'm not even going to bother. Drop it as soon as you can. I guess you can bring it for evasion memes?

    [LV 20]

    [TRIPLE GEYSER] - Bravery
    [Enhanced]: 1.2x damage
    300 MP || 20 sec CD
    603% (mag) x 20 = 12,060% (mag) 18,090%
    723% (mag) x 20 = 14,460% (mag) 21,690%

    • Light: MP cost reduced to 255MP
    • Heavy: CD increased to 24 seconds, damage increased 1.44x (20,822.4%31,233.6%)
    Bring Heavy since it hits way harder.

    • B O S S I N G
    This skill does some nice damage and is your secondary bossing tool if you choose the bravery route. Its damage is immense even taking Immortal's entire bloated arsenal into account. Sai-Approved!

    [IRON BODY] - Active
    Locked behind “Basic Training Skill Quest”
    Gain Super Armor and increase defense and movement speed.
    [Enhanced]: Damage reduction is increased and will remove all debuffs upon activation
    75 MP || 20 sec CD
    Damage Reduction: 15%, 20%
    Movement Speed Increase: 30%
    Duration 7 sec

    • Killing Blow (1): Duration increased to 8.4 sec
    • Regenerating (1): 10% chance of regaining 50% of MP cost (37.5MP)
    The probability of regaining the MP is far too low for it to be reliable, plus, the duration increase is much more useful. Killing Blow (1) all the way!

    • Defensive tool to ignore hitstun/tank damage
    • Clear debuff
    • nyoooom
    (Master of Infinity gives this skill 3 seconds of cut tendon on commands and 3 seconds on debuff immunity. This is super useful in debuff-heavy situations such as Drabaki or Dark Elves’ Outpost.)

    While not the most useful early game, this skill is an amazing tool both defensively and offensively. The debuff immunity granted by Master of Infinity is far more useful than it may seem. MANDATORY END-GAME. Sai-Approved!!!


    Since this is a base class there isn’t too much to discuss. Just try to avoid launching too much and grit your teeth until you finish your job change quest. (dw his clear gets better)
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      Welcome to Sheath Knight, the Elboy with the best hair (fite me)
      After finding and making a contract with the magical Sheath Conwell, Elsword acquires the ability to summon swords and becomes a dual wielder.
      With these new abilities, he’s gained a few new combos.


      (all new and pre-existing commands receive a 1.05x damage increase)
      • XX~X/XX~Z: Repeatedly slash forward while in super armor. The final hit knocks away if you end with X, or launches if you end with Z. It does some pretty nice damage in dest mode if you want to command things to death.
      • >>ZZ: after the normal >>Z, use Conwell to stab forward. This doesn’t KD.
      • >>^ZZZ: After doing the standard >>^ZZ, the third Z will shoot 3 Conwells diagonally downward. The range on the Conwells start just behind Elsword, and can pierce infinitely. This command costs 8MP to use, but the projectiles have a decently high MP return if they hit enough enemies.

      Feel free to mix in >>ZZ and >>^ZZZ whenever you feel like it. >>^ZZZ pushes rather far so it can be used to group and to gain MP.
      XX~X can’t be dash canceled, but you can cancel it with an active. It still isn’t all that good so use it to mix things up. Your main damage comes from skills anyways.

      >>ZZ replaces >>ZZZ. Remember when I said that Roll would become more useful as a 1st job? This is why. You no longer have access to an easy crossover so bring Roll into any dungeon that you think that you might need it. It still is better to just jump over enemies though.

      I feel like the way base combos get replaced is why Immortal feels so different from Base Elsword. Starting with XX~X/Z and >>ZZ replacing base Elsword’s XXX/Z and >>ZZZ respectively.


      [LV. 15]

      [CRUEL SLAYER] - Passive
      Increase Physical attack power and changes all magical attacks to physical.
      • Lv. 15: 2%
      • Lv. 31: 4%
      • Lv. 39: 6%
      • Lv. 83: 8%
      It's free damage, and makes the geysers good. Neato!

      [SWORD SHIELD] - Active
      Summon 5 swords around you that have a chance to inflict bleed. Despite its name, it’s not actually a shield.
      [Enhanced]: Apply 3 stacks of bleed at once
      25 (17.5) MP || 12.5 sec CD
      107% x 3 hits per blade x 5 blades = 1,605%
      Duration: 12.5 sec (swords will disappear after they do 3 hits)

      • Light: reduce MP cost to 17.5
      • Persistent: Reduce 3 KD per hit
      No reason to reduce KD so just use Light.

      • Quick & cheap Dest bar
      While on paper this skill might not seem all that good, it's your quickest and cheapest way of getting a single red bar. Immortal has trouble gaining vitality so this is incredibly useful. Remember that only 1 destruction bar is needed to get the full effect. Sai-Approved!

      [SWORD FALL] - Special Active - Strength
      Summon 5 large swords and drop them in front of you
      [Enhanced]: 1.2x Damage
      200 MP || 14 sec CD
      661% x 6 = 3,966‬% (5,949‬%) per sword, 19,830‬% (29,745‬%) Max
      793% x 6 = 4758% (7,137%)per sword, 23,790% (35,685%)

      • Heavy: CD increase to 16.8 sec, damage increase 1.44x (6,851.52% (10,277.28%) Per sword, 34,257.6% (51,386.4%) Max)
      • Critical: MP use increase to 195, ignore guard and 50% defense.
      While Critical is nice to have, Heavy is too good to ignore. Absolutely take Heavy. If you have a second skill tree, consider running Critical there for more shieldy dungeons (aka: Rigomor)

      • Clear
      • Boss
      • Raining DEATH upon your enemies
      (note: this skill requires a floor to have an active hitbox. It will keep falling until it hits something. Keep this in mind for flying enemies. It also curves as long as the angle isn't too sharp)

      This skill is your strongest clearing tool as well as a very powerful bossing tool, especially for fat enemies. It doesn't knock down, it doesn't launch, it does, however, grant death to whatever it touches. Always run it. Sai-Approved!!

      [LV 25]

      [CRESCENT CUT] - Tenacity
      Do 3 cuts that sends rolling shockwaves forward.
      [Enhanced]: Speed and range of the shockwaves are increased by 1.3x
      100 (70) MP, 7 sec CD
      197% x 20 = 3,940%

      Useful: Damage decreased to 70%, max hits double to 40 (5,516%)
      Gigantic: Skill size increase 130%
      This really depends on what you are going to use Crescent Cut for. I prefer to use it to build Destruction quickly, and as cheap crowd control so I take Gigantic, but it will do a lot of damage if you run Useful. Keep in mind that Gigantic can hit both the platform above and below you. This choice is mostly preference, though more people will recommend Gigantic.

      Crescent Cut is another fun skill you get rather early on. This skill is great for building Destruction mode and for crowd control. The high hitcount is able to essentially ensnare enemies, and drag them along (though not enough to get full hits), making it decent for grouping. The [Enhanced] version actually averages at less damage than non-enhanced, but does make it group better. Later game it gets outclassed my Maelstrom Rage for grouping but it is still nice to have.

      This skill is great for WotS management, good for crowd control, and does pretty high damage (provided that you can get most hits in). Keep it in your skill slot until you unlock Maelstrom Rage which fills a similar role, but better. Sai-Approved! Albeit tentatively since it does drop off later.

      [LV. 30]

      [FATAL SLAP] - Active - Flexibility
      Do a single slash (slap) that has a chance to cause leg wound (it doesn’t cause bleed)
      [Enhanced]: Increase damage by 1.2x
      40 MP, 5 sec CD
      50% chance, 5 sec duration.

      Empowered: Increase damage 1.2x (1,635%)
      Killing Blow (1): Increase duration to 6.5 sec

      The debuff is useless in PvE (I think it quite literally has no effect on enemies) so might as well take Empowered.

      This skill charges Vitality. Simple as that. Run it if you need a Destruction charging active. Drop it if you don’t.

      Only run it if you are having trouble building Vitality.

      [MIRAGE STING] - Active - Flexibility
      (Locked behind “Intermediate Training Skill Quest”)
      Lunge forward and cross up enemies with summoned Conwells trailing behind you.
      [Enhanced]: Increase damage by 1.2x
      30 MP, 4 sec CD
      206% x 5 = 1,030
      247% x 5 = 1,235

      Critical: MP cost increase to 39%, ignore guard and 50% defense
      Powerful: CD increase to 6 sec, gain super armor
      This skill is too weak to make use of the Critical trait so run Powerful for a guaranteed crossup.

      Mirage Sting replaces Roll. It does more damage, travels further, and has more hits, making it better able to proc your passives. Though like Roll, it has little use outside of crossing up until you reach transcendence.

      (Endgame: This counts as a conwell active for Awakened Will: Infinity Sword, giving it 100% critical guaranteed and is able to instantly get 5 stacks on top of that)

      Mediocre early on, useful later. It’s a very quick cross up with a super armor trait, and the ability to proc a very powerful passive. Consider running it. Sai-Approved! (It’s a player-preference skill. I don’t run it all that much)

      [LV. 35]

      [FINAL STRIKE] - Special Active - Bravery
      Create a black hole to suck enemies in, then slash them again for the final strike (heh)
      [Enhanced]: Casting speed increase and the final hit does a large hitstun instead of launch
      300 MP, 22 sec CD
      702% x 9 (black hole) + 2688% (final hit) = 9,006%

      Useful: Max hit increase to 18, damage decrease to 80% (12,259%)
      Heavy: Damage increase 1.44x, CD increase to 26.4 sec (12,969%)
      This is really up to preference. Useful has higher MP refund and a shorter CD, but does a little less damage. Heavy does more damage, but has a higher CD. This really depends on how much you spam this, and if this is one of your main bossing tools. I prefer useful, but there are plenty others who prefer Heavy.

      Oh boy, another great skill. Pretty great early on for its suction and high damage. Incredibly useful after it becomes [Enhanced] because it no longer launches super far, and becomes an incredible grouper. Not only that, it mobs and bosses due to its high range and high damage. This skill is amazing. It drains Destruction/charges Vitality very fast so it's great for cycling between Destruction and Vitality.

      Like Sword Fall, this skill is a MUST HAVE. It does everything. Grouping, mobbing, bossing. Sai-Approved x 1001!

      [SUDDEN STRIKE] - Passive
      Your attacks have a chance to become all critical hits, and critical damage increases for 5 secs,
      Lv. 40: 5% chance, 5% crit dmg
      Lv. 46: 10% chance, 10% crit dmg
      Lv. 47: 15% chance, 15% crit dmg
      Lv. 93: 20% chance, 20% crit dmg
      5 sec duration, 8 sec CD
      This passive is amazing. It’s Oath of Ruin except you can proc it off of skills (and has a cooldown). This is one of the reasons why you can get away with running a very little critical hit rate.
      Keep an eye out for in your buff bar because once you see it, good things happen.

      For visual guide on how this works, and visual reinforcement of how good it is:
      No Gear:


      Sheath Knight starts off strong with come of this class-line’s best Bravery and Strength skills, though he runs into a problem that’s prevalent throughout the class: difficulty building Destruction. Crescent Cut and Sword Shield certainly do help, but neither can output the raw damage that Sword Fall and Final Strike can, making them start feeling like skills you use out of obligation rather than utility.

      Overall you should play around Sword Fall. Grouping enemies with crescent cut, >>^zzz, or maelstrom rage and then wipe them out in one go. Use Final Strike whenever available to wipe out a crowded, but scattered, screen.
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      • Class: {{esusrinfo_class354163}}
        Level: {{esusrinfo_level354163}}
        Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild354163}}


        Welcome to Infinity Sword! In a fit of sheer teenage edginess, he shaved off a good portion of his hair and replaced it with darkness. After killing too many demons, Elsword realizes that Conwell is starting to become corrupted and decides to take the darkness within himself. This gives him the power to summon far more swords than before. Perhaps even an infinite amount.

        Let’s talk about damage modifiers. Upon advancing to 2nd job and 3rd job, weapons and armor will now receive altered stats depending on the class. IS will receive a small boost in Magical Attack, a moderate boost in HP, and a huge boost in Physical Attack (the highest out of the Elboys). Weapons will also receive more Defense and HP boosts.
        Example: (ShK vs IM +11 r29)

        (All combos now receive a 1.1x damage modifier)
        ZZZZZ: After the first 2 standard Z attacks, go into a dual wielding combo. The fourth Z lifts slightly and the last Z launches far away. This replaces ZZZZ and ZZZX. ZZZ has a far nicer cancel point and feels more fluid than the standard ZZZ. It also does an extra hit.
        >>XXX: After the first launch, throw 3 Conwells diagonally upward and finish with a upward spiral. This has little use in PvE. It launches too high and far, and is generally slow. Only use it if you're going for some sort of style play since otherwise you're just going to irritate your party mates.
        >>ZX: After the first >>Z, cross up your enemy with a rolling cut. This is an amazing command. It’s a quick cross up and just feels great to use. Pair it with Phantom Sword to aggro everything around you. The roll has super armor frames so you can use it to avoid being knocked back.
        >>^XXX: After the standard >>^XX, do a roll similar to >>Z[X]. The second X does not KD anymore. The roll also has super armor >>Z[X] so you can use this in a similar way.

        ZZZZZ launches very far. There is little reason to the full thing outside of chucking enemies into a pit.
        I just want to reiterate how much better ZZZ feels.
        >>ZX can be used in a similar way to >>ZZ when it comes to WotS management.
        The ending lag of >>^X[X] can be canceled with a well timed (or mashed) Z, making ZZZ>>^XX a viable loop.
        Please never use >>XXX. You can sorta use it to snipe flying enemies, but use ^X or an aerial skill instead. (It does make for nice style though, ngl). It launches super high and far, and makes all of your teammates mad at you.
        >>XXX’s range is similar to >>^ZZZ except diagonally up instead of down. It also pierces infinitely.


        [LV 35]

        [PHANTOM SWORD] - Special Active - Bravery
        Summon a phantom sword (heh) that mimics your attacks. It also boosts your critical stat.
        [Enhanced]: Increase Critical Damage by 10%
        300 MP, 30 sec CD
        5,002% (summon)
        1.2*damage of activating hit (Phantom Sword’s mimic attacks)
        Crit Rate Increase: 20%
        Crit Dmg Increase: 10%
        Duration: 30 sec

        Killing Blow (1): Duration increase to 39 sec
        Empowered: Damage increase by 1.2x (6002.4%)
        Personally, I’d run Killing Blow (1) for its duration increase because it makes it easier to keep it permanently on. You definitely can run Empowered if you want the initial hit to better kill mobs. Remember that it only affects the initial hit.

        This skill is simply amazing, especially when it becomes [Enhanced]. The critical stat boost and the critical damage boost is amazing when coupled with all of his other critical passives. (It makes sudden strike even more amazing). Phantom sword also builds/consumes Vitality/Destruction in accordance to the attack that triggered it, making it very useful for cycling WotS. It is also able to proc passives, elements, and gain MP (though it does the last 2 at ½ rate). It’s a shame this skill costs so much since it’s vital in keeping your damage high. Note that the 10% critical damage boost is multiplicative, not additive. Your crits will go from 150% -> 165%.

        KEEP IT ON!! Great for WotS management, boosts your critical damage, helps proc stuff. Lets you be lazy with sockets. Sai-Approved!! (Black phantom sword where???)

        [HARSH CHASER] - Active - Flexibility
        Throw a sword at enemies which pulls them in.
        [Enhanced]: Increase damage 1.2x
        30 MP, 5 sec CD

        Critical: Increase MP cost to 39, ignore guard and 50% defense
        Regenerating (1): 50% chance of regaining all of the MP cost
        Pick whatever really. Critical is nice but this skill doesn’t do all that much damage anyways and Regeneration (1) is a nice, but inconsistent.

        This skill is a pretty decent Destruction active. At the moment of impact, the drag is actually an AoE attack with a deceptively large range. It’s useful to retrieve enemies that have been dragged away by Sword Fall.

        This skill is mostly a PvP skill. Run it if you really want a Destruction active and don’t like Fatal Slap, drop it otherwise.

        [BRUTAL SLAYER] - Passive
        Chance to burn MP from enemies, and reduce skill CD by 7 seconds
        Lv 35: 5% (activation chance)
        Lv. 51: 10%
        Lv. 59: 15%
        Lv. 92: 20%
        -10MP, 10 sec CD

        While the passive says that it doesn’t affect Special Actives, that’s a lie. It affects all skills except Wedding and Hyperactive. The CD reduction is absolutely phenomenal, and is one of the reasons why Immorta's bossing is very strong. Being able to machine gun sword falls is very, very nice. The MP burn is... there I guess. It's a PvP feature. TheMaster of Infinity passive (Lv. 90 transcendence passive) actually allows you to absorb the 10 MP that you burn which is nice. Free MP is always welcome.

        [LV 45]

        [RAGE CUTTER] - Special Active - Strength
        Summon Conwells from the ground which have a low chance to inflict leg wound.
        [Enhanced]: Increase damage by 1.2x
        200 MP, 15 sec CD
        608% x 8 = 4,864%
        730% x 8 = 5,840%
        2% chance of leg wound, Duration: 5 sec (irrelevant for PvE)

        Empowered: Increase damage by 1.2x (7008%)
        Critical: MP cost increase to 230, ignore guard and 50% defense
        While Critical is a good option to break guards, empowered is typically the better trait, due to its lower MP cost, and thus easier on the pots and better for cycling into Destruction. Though ultimately it's up to preference, and I prefer empowered.

        This is your mobbing skill along with Final Strike. Get to know it. It does high damage, is Vitality so it’s rather cheap, and has massive range (though it is deceptively smaller than the visual effects. It does not reach more than 3 platforms up). It does launch, however, so make sure the enemies you hit either die, are in super armor, or are ensnared in Maelstrom Rage. It can also take you from ~¼ Vitality into full Destruction. This is your second best skill if you're strength focused, hell you can treat it as your vit sword fall (that unfortunately launches ): ).

        Use it, love it. Treat it to dinner if you have the funds. Great mobbing tool and your best Vitality skill. Sai-Approved!!!

        [MAELSTROM RAGE] - Special Active - Strength
        Locked behind “Advanced Training Skill Quest”
        Summon a vortex of swords that ensnares enemies.
        (Can be used in midair)
        [Enhanced]: Each hit reduces KD by 2
        150 MP, 13 sec CD
        1023% (initial hit) + 94% x 20 = 3,467%
        Duration: 5 seconds

        Light: Reduce MP to 120 MP
        Evil: Burn 2 MP per hit

        No use in burning MP, so bring Light. It’s doubly useful since it’s Vitality, making it incredibly cheap to use.

        Maelstrom Rage. While its damage is kind of pathetic, its utility is amazing. Pair it with Final Strike to trap a huge amount of mobs. This skill prevents launches so pair it with skills like Rage Cutter or Flame Geyser for them to be used optimally. Be careful though; the skill does lift, so mobs such as the Ents in Elrianode City will instantly be knocked down. The lift can disable certain bosses such as Type-H or Chloe since they cannot react while pinned in midair. It also drags Super Armored enemies. On top of that, it is also a great builder of Vitality.

        This is your secondary Vitality skill. It’s very cheap, and has great utility. Use it to set up for Rage Cutter for a good time. Sai-Approved!!!

        [LV 50]

        [COMPACT COUNTER] - Active - Flexibility
        Counter with 2 swords.
        [Enhanced]: Damage increased by 1.2x
        10MP, 4 sec CD
        164% x 2 = 328%
        197% x 2 = 394%

        Light: MP cost decrease to 7
        Persistent: Reduce 7.5 KD per hit
        Light I guess?

        This is purely a PvP skill. Too little damage to be worth the MP, too little Destruction gain to be a Vitality charger. I guess you can use it for some counter jank on some bosses (i.e. Scar) but that’s only for style points really…

        Don’t. (The ding sound for a successful counter is super satisfying though)

        [LV 55]

        [SWORD BLASTING] - Special Active - Tenacity
        Stab forward with 3 Conwells following you
        [Enhanced]: Swords fire straight forward and can pierce 2 targets
        100MP, 10 sec CD
        603% (initial stab) + 704% x 3 = 2,715%

        Evil: Burn 5MP per hit
        Absorbing: MP gain increased 1.4x
        No reason to burn MP so might as well take Absorbing.

        Sword Blasting is… decent. It's a Destruction skill which means that it will do pretty good damage. The non-[Enhanced] version hits behind shields which is useful against the shielded Sander trocks. The [Enhanced] skill is actually quite good, but it's a Destruction skill and you already have too many of those.

        This skill is perfectly mediocre. Bring it against Sander shield mobs, splash it in for some variation. Don't use it otherwise.

        [LV 60]

        [SHARP SWORD] - Passive
        Commands and Actives have a chance of inflicting Bleed and also have a chance of ignoring defense for 10 hits.
        Lv. 60: 1.5%
        Lv. 66: 3%
        Lv 68: 4.5%
        Lv. 99: 6%
        Bleed Duration: 4 Seconds
        Ignoring Defense chance: 5%, 10 hits (inclusive)

        You are now a walking Wind attribute. Note: doesn't affect special actives.

        [LIGHTNING SURGE] - Passive
        Locked behind “Expert Training Skill Quest”
        Receive a increase in Attack Speed and Movement Speed. After dashing for 0.5 seconds (includes dash jump), receive a buff that increases your Critical rate and Maximize.

        Lv. 60: 3% Aspd, 6% Mspd,
        Lv. 67: 4% Aspd, 9% Mspd,
        Lv. 69: 5% Aspd, 12% Mspd,
        Lv. 99: 6% Aspd, 15% Mspd, 17% Critical, 17% Maximize
        Duration: 10 sec.

        Go fast, get higher crit and maxi. Another passive to justify having lower crit, and now you get to skimp out on maxi too. Just keep running when you've got spare time.

        [LV 65]

        [BLADE RAIN] - Hyperactive
        Locked behind “Ultimate Skill Quest”
        Summon your great sword which unleashes a torrent of Conwells.
        [Enhanced]: Damage increase 1.2x
        300MP, 180 sec CD, Use 1 El’s Essence (Acquired by right clicking on identified el shards. 3 per shard)
        586% x 63 = 36,918%
        703% x 63 = 44,289%

        Use it. No reason not to. This is the stronger out of your 2 Hyperactives, and is a screen wipe.

        Just do it. Sai-Approved!

        As an Infinity Sword, you have acquired most of the tools that you’ll need endgame. Your playstyle won’t really change all that much from here on out. Rage Cutter to cycle into Destruction, Sword Fall to instantly get into Vitality, Phantom Sword on at all times, Final strike to group/mob/boss/make dinner/do taxes. Get comfortable with your core skills and what skills do what, and how much WotS they charge. As always, keep an eye on your passives.
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        • Class: {{esusrinfo_class354170}}
          Level: {{esusrinfo_level354170}}
          Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild354170}}


          Through the power of the El, transcend into a greater form. Here, have some more free damage!


          [LV 70]

          [INFINITE CHASER] - Special Active - Tenacity
          Generate numerous Conwells that shot forward.
          [Enhanced]: CD decrease by 2 sec
          100 MP, 8 -> 6 sec CD
          70% x 31 = 2,170%

          Critical: MP cost increase to 120, ignore guard and 50% defense
          Evil: Burn 1 MP per hit
          No reason to burn MP so Critical it is.

          Fun skill. Shame it does so little damage. It buffs Infinite Flurry due to Master of Infinity (Infinite: Flurry’s CD is reduced to 2 sec, and MP cost reduced to 20 while in the range of Infinite Chaser), and Brutal Slayer (reduce CD by 7 sec). You can use it to kill things in weaker dungeons since its range is pretty good (It can hit 2 floors). Its super high hitcount will proc passives very quickly.

          Fun skill that isn't that good. Bring it for some variety if you want. Don't forget Infinite: Flurry.

          All Conwell commands and actives become Critical (except Sword Shield), and each successful Conwell hit will increase damage. Turn Flame Geyser and Triple Geyser into PHYSICAL attacks.
          Physical Attack Increase: 6% x 5 stacks = 30% max
          30 sec duration

          An amazing passive that can be a chore to keep up. >>ZX stacks it very fast, instantly granting 4-5 stacks depending on how many enemies that you hit. Mirage Sting also gives 5 stacks. While 30 seconds is a long time, it is very very important to keep this skill up in order to do big damage. Sometimes (aka: in raids) you might have to choose between losing ~1 skill worth of time, or refreshing your stacks.

          [LV 80]

          [INFINITE: FLURRY] - Active - Flexibility
          Batter your foe with 2 strikes
          [Enhanced]: Damage increase 1.2x
          40 MP, 6 sec CD
          595% x 2 + 149% x 2 = 1,488%
          714% x 2 + 179% x 2 = 1,786%

          Powerful: Gain Super Armor, CD increased to 9 sec
          Absorbing: MP gain increased 1.4x
          The skill won’t recover that much MP. Bring Powerful so it cannot be interrupted.

          This is a great destruction active that only gets boosted by Master of Infinity. If you bring Infinite Chaser, this active is a must. Outside of that, it’s not that useful. IS is already overflowing with Destruction skills, and doesn’t really need another clogging his slots.

          If you’re bringing Infinite Chaser, bring it. If not, then only bring it if you really need a Destruction active.

          [AWAKENED ONE] - Passive
          Locked behind “Sealed Power Skill Quest”
          Gain a 10% boost in Physical/Magical Attack, Physical/Magical Defense, and Base HP


          [LV 90]

          [BLADE CIRCLE] - Special Active - Strength
          (Can be used in midair)
          Create a circle of blades and and finish with a shockwave.
          [Enhanced]: Range increase 1.2x
          200 MP, 17 sec CD
          271% x 5 + 2,100% = 3,455%

          Heavy: CD increase to 20.4 sec, Damage increase 1.44x (4975.2%)
          Absorbing: MP Gain increase 1.4x
          This skill needs all the damage it can get. Run Heavy. The 20.4 sec CD is brutal though oof.

          This skill is so weak outside of Destruction that I don't like it but I can't deny that it's an excellent skill. Its range is immense, especially the final hit (which extends pretty far outside of the initial blade circle), and its damage is enough to kill most trash mobs. The [Enhanced] version can hit almost the entire screen. The damage is pretty good, but it's faaaaaar outclassed by Sword Fall (which is also costs less MP, mind you)

          Amazing skill. Amazing range. Great for mobbing. It's pretty much your destruction Rage Cutter. The damage is pretty nice too I guess. Sai-Approved (But that doesn't mean I’ll forgive the base skill for doing under 4k)

          [MASTER OF INFINITY] - Passive
          Locked behind “Power of Transcendence Skill Quest”
          Iron Body now makes you debuff-immune for 3 sec, all commands and actives while in Iron Body will cause Leg Wound (Leg Wound duration 5 sec, buff duration 3 sec)
          MP burn from Brutal Slayer is absorbed (+10 MP per proc)
          Infinite: Flurry’s MP cost will be reduced to 20, and its cooldown will be reduced to 2 sec.

          Wew lad that’s a lot of words. Basically the main takeaway is that Infinite: Flurry becomes very cheap, and has low CD while you are in Infinite Chaser, and that Iron Body now makes you debuff immune for 3 seconds. This can be useful in debuff-heavy scenarios such as in the Varnimyr raids (removing the flame debuff, and the 12-6 debuff temporarily), and in Drabaki (can delay mirror and silence).

          [LV 95]

          [INFINITE STRIKE] - Special Active - Bravery
          Charge forward summoning a torrent of Conwells behind you, lifting enemies into the air before slamming them down, producing a shockwave.
          [Enhanced]: MP cost decreased by 60
          300 MP -> 240 MP, 24 sec CD
          166% x 26 hits per pillar x 8 pillars + 116% x 10 (extra hits from shockwave) + 1,154% (shockwave) = 37,342%

          Haste: CD decrease to 21.6 sec
          Heavy: CD increased to 32.4 sec, damage increased by 1.44x (53,772.48%)
          Heavy makes turns this skill into a ever bigger monster. Absolutely run it. The cooldown increase can be mitigated by Brutal Slayer.

          Wait hold on where are the vitality skills?
          This skill…its damage potential is so high but it's pretty much impossible to get full hits. It's best to use this on Super Armored enemies since they won't be launched around (and accidentally instantly KD for one reason or another. Despite popular belief, the difference in damage between Super Armored enemies and non-Super Armored enemies is not all that different. (Super Armored mobs will still take more damage though). This skill requires proper spacing to get maximum damage. Basically just back away about a third of a screen, and then cast it. Like Triple Geyser, it takes massive enemies to take full hits from this skill, though this one even more so.

          Big Damage! Destroyer of large bosses. It can also be used for mobbing but it's rather slow and launches pretty high. Still Sai-Approved though! (Also it’s really, reeeeeally cool)

          This guy plays similar to non-Transcendence’d Infinity Sword except that you have another passive to look after, and have unlocked a niche against BIG bosses (which is shared by a lot of other classes...). Blade Circle is a must-have so find a way to shove it into your skill slot. Infinite Strike, while not as great, is a must-have against larger bosses such as the Nasod Carrier boss in Debrian Lab.
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          • Class: {{esusrinfo_class354171}}
            Level: {{esusrinfo_level354171}}
            Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild354171}}


            Welcome to the land of good hair again. After coming into contact with the Great El and becoming more powerful as a result, he is now dissatisfied with the regular Conwell. He condenses as many swords as he can manage into a single blade, creating a heavy black sword. With this new power, he gains a HUGE boost in Physical Attack due to a new and improved Physical modifier. With this newfound power, he gains a few new Commands… which don’t… use… black Conwell… at all…………..(why…?) (Also why is he called Immortal when he's the squishiest of the Elboys? kog pls)

            All Commands will receive a 1.15x modifier.
            >>XZX: After launching with >>X, lunge forward and throw 3 Conwells behind you. This requires that you do not hold any arrow keys, or the Z will be canceled. It's also really slow and bad. Don't use this.
            >>^ZXZ: After the standard >>^Z, throw out 3 Conwells and finish with a circular blast (think: last hit of blade circle, bit small).

            >>^ZX is very useful for stacking Awakened Will: Infinity Sword. It is the fastest non-crossup way to get full stacks instantly.
            >>^ZXZ functions very similarly to >>^ZZ[Z] except that the former has downward momentum while the latter stalls you in midair.
            There are less uses for >>ZXZ than there are for >>XXX. It's that bad.


            [LV 99]

            [INFINITE STORM] - Hyperactive
            Locked behind “Ultimate Skill II Quest”
            1,098% x 29 + 1,701% x 10 = 48,591%
            300 MP 180 sec CD

            It's worse than Blade Rain, barely outdamaging it even with full hits. The horizontal range is much longer so you can use it to clear, but even then it's slow and the tornado is rather weak especially since it doesn't get boosted by All Skill Damage.

            The quest is hard and tedious. Save yourself the trouble and stick with Blade Rain. Unlock it if you really want to. It does look really cool though ngl...

            [MASTER OF COMBAT] - Passive
            F R E E D A M A G E
            Conwell Skill Damage +27%
            Enemies hit by Conwell skills will receive -50% movement speed, and take 10% more damage
            5 sec

            F R E E D A M A G E.
            However, keep in mind what skills are Conwell skills and which skills are not. Sword Fall is a Conwell skill, final strike does not. Heavy Sword Fall does 12.4k with this passive, while Final Strike remains at 12.3-12.9k (depending on trait). Keep this in mind when choosing which skill to use.

            [MEMORY OF THE SWORD] - Passive
            Become so in tune with your inner sword that they start spawning out of nowhere (shut up Elesis, I don’t have a problem!!)
            Phantom Blade (upon 3rd Conwell skill use):
            462% x 6 = 2,772% (more than some Tenacities)
            Skill Damage Increase (after 2nd Conwell skill use):
            10%, 5 sec duration
            Conwell Summon (during Commands):
            1560%, 50% chance, 2 sec CD

            Keep an eye out for the afterimage. That’s your cue for the skill damage increase. The Cowell summon is also a free active that isn't all that relevant in PvE outside of a few very specific cases. It pierces infinitely, and does good damage though. (12-6: it's good for clearing grey spikes)

            [FORCE: SWORD FALL] - Special Active - Strength
            Summon 4 swords that fall diagonally towards you.
            200 MP, 10 sec CD
            1,684% x 4 = 6,740%

            Heavy: Damage increase 1.44x, CD increase to 12 sec (9705.6%)
            Critical: Increase MP cost to 260, ignore guard, and 50% defense
            260MP is way to high for its cost, especially for a pot-chugging class. Heavy absolutely.

            The hitbox is incredibly good for PvE, but the damage is actually slightly worse and it costs 50 more MP. The horizontal range extends further than the screen, and like normal Sword Fall, the blades will continue until they hit a platform, meaning that you can get full hits on an enemy directly below you if you position correctly.

            It’s a playstyle thing really. I prefer regular because I’m stingy with pots, while others will run this due to its superior hitbox. Sai-Approved!

            [FORCE: RAGE CUTTER] - Special Active - Strength
            Summon a smaller rage cutter in front of you
            200 MP, 15 sec CD
            478% x 15 = 7,170%

            Empowered: Increase damage by 1.2x (8,640%)
            Critical: MP cost increase to 230, ignore guard and 50% defense
            Keep what you already had. Again, I prefer empowered because I like my pots.

            Unlike Regular Rage Cutter, this skill has an instant start up and a long end lag, making it nearly impossible to follow up unless enemies are already pinned by Maelstrom Rage. That aside, this is a wonderful bossing move. It also charges Destruction better than regular Rage Cutter. The vertical range is lower, barely hitting 2 floors.

            This is absolutely recommended for bossing, and is far worse for mobbing. For this reason, I’d switch it in at the boss. It hits very hard, and charges Destruction very fast. Sai-Approved!!

            [FORCE: SWORD BLASTING] - Special Active - Tenacity
            Sword Blasting but 3 separate uses of 1 sword each.
            603% x 3 + 704% x 3 = 3,921%

            Evil: Burn 5 MP per hit
            Absorbing: MP gain increased 1.4x
            Same as before. Doesn't really matter either way *shrug*

            This skill actually does pretty impressive damage, however its damage comes out too slow for it to be too useful. It’s also a destruction Tenacity in a class that neither builds tenacity, or has any room for an extra Destruction skill. So while better than before, it's still rather mediocre...

            Nice damage, but pass.

            [FORCE: CRESCENT CUT] - Special Active - Tenacity
            Crescent Cut but without the shockwaves, and only 2 hits.
            100 MP, 7 sec CD
            1,167% x 2 = 2,334%

            Useful: Max hits increased to 4, Damage of each hit decreased to 70% (3,267.6%)
            Gigantic: Size increased by 1.3x
            If you’re going to run this pick Useful I guess…

            It’s Crescent Cut but strictly worse (at least in pve)

            It’s Crescent Cut but strictly worse.

            [FORCE: BLADE CIRCLE] - Special Active - Strength
            (Can be used in midair)
            Summon a ring of swords around you and then launch it forward.
            200 MP, 17 sec CD
            454% x 6 (The actual number of hits is currently unknown, but I know that it’s at least 6) = 2,724% (Note: It probably does more)

            Heavy: Damage increase by 1.4x, CD increase to 25.5 sec (3,813.6+)
            Absorbing: MP gain increase 1.4x
            This skill is really weak so you want to be running Heavy. But if you’re geared. Like really, really geared, then run Absorbing. This skill refunds a lot of MP.

            Oh boy this skill. Remember when I had problems with how weak regular Blade Circle was? Well, this is far weaker. However its ability to mob is amazing, if you’re geared. It shoots enemies far off screen, and drags them along, making it a good grouping tool (the suction does get negated by skill freeze, Super Armor, and lag though so be careful). This skill can hit 3 floors if used at the proper height (Think: the 3 floors of Elrianode City). If you can make this skill do damage (with stuff like El Tears, and Strength skill damage), you’ve got an amazing tool at your disposal.

            IT’S GOOD. Really, really good. But like only if you’ve got gear. Sai-Approved! (I GUESS…)

            [FORCE: INFINITE CHASER] - Special Active - Tenacity
            Regular Infinite Chaser, except it hits way higher, has a movement speed and attack buff, and is colored black now.
            100 MP, 8 sec CD
            56% x 31
            Damage Increase: 10%
            Movement Speed Increase: 30%
            (Only while in range of Infinite Chaser)

            Critical: MP cost increase to 120, ignore guard and 50% defense
            Evil: Burn 1 MP per hit
            Same as before, just keep crit.

            Wow this skill. It’s so cool, but it still isn’t all that great. The 10% damage buff is great in addition with his other buffs, but it comes at a cost of 100-120MP and only lasts 5 seconds. You’re also taking up a slot with a Destruction move that can be replaced with other skills. This skill is useful if you are stationary while bossing, and are not afraid to chug pots. It's a staple in raids though.

            Bring to raid. It's pretty good now, but not absolutely mandatory. Sai-Approved, but don't trip over yourself to get it... (But BY THE EL, IT’S SO COOOOL)

            [FORCE: INFINITE STRIKE] - Special Active - Bravery
            (Can only be used in midair)
            Dive down and strike you enemies ruthlessly.
            300 MP, 27 sec CD
            1,353% (dive) + 1,320 (strikes) x 7 = 10,593

            Haste: CD decrease to 21.6 sec
            Heavy: CD increased to 32.4 sec, damage increased by 1.44x (15,293%)
            Heavy turns it into an actual bravery skill so use heavy.

            This skill is alike normal Infinite Strike, but with less damage and no launch. It is also faster, making it better for mobbing. Since this skill is less disruptive to partymates while still doing a good amount of damage, it is definitely good alternative to regular Infinite Strike.

            It’s faster, doesn’t launch, and more consistent. It is also much weaker, and has a higher MP cost. Swap it with normal Infinite Strike for large bosses boss. Sai-Approved! (But only sort of)

            Additional Information:
            Congratulations! You made it to the end of the main part of the guide! Immortal plays like regular Infinity Sword but with way more damage. You get damage from natural class modifiers, extra Conwell skill damage, and a damage buff from [Force] Infinity Chaser! The main way your gameplay changes comes from incorporating [Force] Rage Cutter and [Force] Infinity Chaser into your bossing, and changes that naturally come from tankier endgame content. Crescent Cut and Infinite Chaser can no longer kill things without gear, and if you haven't already, change all your traits to heavy (except maybe final strike) in order to more reliably kill things.
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              What are the good skills?
              Sword Fall
              Rage Cutter/[Force] Rage Cutter
              Phantom Sword
              Phantom Dance
              Final Strike
              Blade Circle
              [Force] Infinite Chaser
              Infinite Strike
              Triple Geyser
              Harsh Chaser
              Assault Dash
              Sword Shield

              Strength or Bravery?
              If you’re just picking up IM, go strength. Bravery does have better bossing though.
              Strength IM boosts Sword Fall, Rage Cutter, and Blade Circle, 3 of IM’s best and most versatile skills. On the flip side, Bravery IM boosts Infinite Strike, Final Strike, and Triple Geyser. IM's best mobbing, and "bossing" (against large things only) skills.

              Strength IM is far, far more versatile, but bravery IM does certain things better.
              Strength IM's generally stack sword fall, with a tear or 2 in Blade Circle just so it can kill things. Strength IM has very low cooldowns due to Brutal Slayer and far faster skill cast times. (All of IM's bravery skills take a while wew).

              The Bravery IM experience heavily depends on what skill you stack. Infinite Strike stackers kill large bosses and kill them hard. A Final Strike is the more versatile of the two, being better at regular dungeoning, while losing out on a lot of bossing damage. (Bravery accessories will still buff Infinite Strike though so it's not the end of the world).

              The main difference Bravery IM over Strength is that while Strength in general better overall, its a jack of all trades that lacks a real niche where it can accel, while Infinite Strike Bravery IM is practically Min-Maxed for large bosses.

              Final Strike Bravery IM is better for regular dungeoning with weaker gear, while Strength IM is typically better with better gear as Blade Circle, and Rage Cutter begin to kill without skill tears, allowing you to focus more tears on Sword Fall.

              It's your typical deal:
              A/A top
              Party Phys/Boss Dmg bot
              ASD, gloves
              Boss Dmg shoes.
              However when it comes to shoes, if you're not running Boss Dmg:
              MPR and CDR are always good options, however strength IM doesn't need CDR.
              Skill Tears: Sword Fall if strength, Infinite Strike if bravery.
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                Reserved 1


                • Class: {{esusrinfo_class354174}}
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                  Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild354174}}

                  Change log:
                  9/5: Hello World
                  9/13: added some information to Immortal's Memory of the Sword (it's a guaranteed passive proc, and scales off of skill dmg)
                  3/15: Updated Base Elboy and Sheath Knight with colors, pictures, and up-to-date information. Beginning of overhaul and beautification.
                  3/19: Updated the rest of the guide with pictures and updated info. Updated MISC to be more detailed.
                  11/2: Updated Intro and Base Elboy for the reboot. Finally starting to work on it again lol
                  1/12: Began work on ShK (haha it's been a while...)
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                    Ok posting is open


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                      Yay I'm glad to see your guid; I like it very much. I have been wondering when will you decide to make an Immortal guide, seeing that you like Sheath Knight and Immortal path so much. I don't play as Immortal but I like you as a phorumer.


                      • SolaceLite-solace-
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                        Editing a comment
                        Tyty! I've been meaning to make a guide for a while now but the contest is what really made me do it.
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                      Bump! should be 100% up to date now. I might use nicer pictures, but consider it complete for now.


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                        Does Useful on Crescent Cut extend its range?


                        • SolaceLite-solace-
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                          Nope, just increases the # of hits. Giant is for range.
                      • Class: {{esusrinfo_class411790}}
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                        So with the KR Re:Boot, IM got a lot of nice changes. By nice changes, I mean nice changes. So OFC with these changes I will be updating the guide when it comes out in NA, as well as some other spring cleaning and redesigns. Look Forward to it!

                        If you want my quick thoughts on the matter, All of IM's new skills look good. Harsh chaser and Phantom Dancing looks amazing, especially phantom dancing with it's practically 0 cast time (given you have phantom sword). The assault dash skills is neat but it's a pvp thing so I don't have too many thoughts on the matter. The New sword fall is absolutely insane doing ~50k max hits,
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                          The best part about the new Way of the Sword is that you can stay in Vitality mode and not worry about commands draining the bar. The permanent increased MP gain from Z commands is great for conserving pots.

                          I'm still learning how to properly use Elsword's new system, but right now I treat it like the old system. That is, I spam Destruction or Vitality skills until the bar is almost full then switch to the other mode. Given that with a full MP bar (mine is 436), in Vitality Mode, you can cast Rage Cutter, Phantom Dancing, Light Unlimited Blade, and Crescent Cut without needing pots, it's pretty fun.

                          Testing in Free Training, the new Harsh Chaser outdamages Flame Geyser on a single Training Monkey. Phantom Dancing is busted if you can keep the enemy in place, and Reg. Sword Fall is now Immortal's best clearing skill.
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                            I highly suggest that you experiment with sword shield. You only need 1 tick in order to get the effects, and sword shield is the cheapes option (other than roll). In terms of clearing, try using harsh chaser any time there's a flat line/diagonal. You'll be surprised at the range.

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                            Harsh Chaser's effective range seems to be similar to Mod Blade Circle. Also, checking in Free Training I think the summoned blades don't pierce; they hit the first two or three enemies and only keep going when the first ones are dead.
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