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need a little help with BQ

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    need a little help with BQ

    Hi! i was wondering about BQ PvE potential , im fairly new to this character and i think i got the hang of managing both Gale and annihilation , i got elrianode equip +9 alongside void weapon etc.. , now what im here for is which skill is the best to invest in that will help me throughout every stage of the game from elrianode to rigmor , i haven't even done raids yet since im not prepared and im looking forward to it , just need general advice on what to look for and what El tear skill enhancers to get , General tips on how to improve my experience with BQ would be greatly appreciated !

    i haven't been doing much dungoneering per se ,i 've been farming add dungeon for the last week trying to get energy shards for the void weapon but i end up selling what i have and upgrading my armor instead , if i can be doing anything else better for ED income please do tell , im currently sitting at 243k Cp .
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    I haven't been keeping up with any of her changes but I believe the best El tears skills for her would be Brandish Breaker or Blood Storm.

    -Maintain Brutal Cutter and Shade illusion buffs.
    -[Mod] Blood Cutter is good for bosses larger than player size.
    -[Mod] Blood Falls for any boss fight, original for clearing.
    -Dread Weapon provides a lot of DPS while major skills like Brandish or Blood Storm are on cd
    -Like all elesis try to use Iron Body before using your major skills (mentioned above) when fighting bosses.
    -Shadow Edge can be used to heal yourself if an enemy is about to use a high damage attack while you're low on HP.

    Stuff you can sell for ED - Barrier Fragments from secret dungeons, Energy shards which you know of, Refined Magic stones from Elrianode weekly quest, Glaciem whenever you unlock Rigomor, Magic Crystals from dismantling gear (slow but it's extra ED that adds up and sells quickly) or El tears your don't need.

    Feel free to screenshot your gear here or in the General Discussion if you want tips on increasing your CP.
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      Hi thanks for taking the time to read & Respond!

      i managed to grind of some what you said and a little varn dungeons on the side , by far i have this setup with the help of some friends all gear and weapons are still +9 sadly


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